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A Day at the Beach with Her

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A day at the beach between two impossible lovers gets exciting
The hot sun, burning on the sand. My feet are burning too. The ocean, clear blue as the waves glistens in the air. In the water I see her. This girl who I've shared many stories with about my escapades. She shared some with me. But we, the two of us, haven't had any of our own.

"Would we?" I wonder to myself.

We've talked about doing things before, but I just think it's all talk. I watch her this girl as she swims in the water, a big smile across her face. She starts heading towards me, as I enjoy the sun. Her skin shining in the heat wave across the sand. Her chocolate brown skin barely covered at all, only a blue bikini top and bottom holding her sweet goods together. As I stare, I realize that her body is like an hour glass. She stands at about 5'4", maybe a little taller. The top holding her 34 B tits, down to her flat stomach and slim waste. But her ass, there's none like it. Could probably fit a set of cups on it.

As she gets closer, I lean back on the blanket that I brought and smile because it's a wonderful day. Even though this girl isn't mine, we enjoy our time together. A little about me, not much to say except that I stand around 6'0", a skinny but athletic body build, nice six pack and a decent size seven inch dick. Thoughts of her on top of me as she steps closer creeps into my head. Taking her down on this public beach excites me. It might or not might happen. Only she can control this. She steps in front of me, smiles, then sits in between my legs and leans on my chest.

"Ahh, this is nice Prince. The water felt great, you should've come in," she said.

I wrap my arms around her, "Next time, little lady," I responded.

Suddenly, she bit my cheek, and said, "Don't call me that, you know I hate that," and proceeded to put on a pouting face.

I whisper in her ear, "I'm sorry princess, how can I make it up to you?"

I nibble on her lobe, then kiss her cheek, down her neck and swirl my tongue around.

She giggles and moans, "Mmm... just make this day better."

I look around the beach, no one was around at all. Thoughts fill my head. Is she just using me? Or will I be the one using her. Either way, I'm taking advantage of this situation. I move my right hand down her stomach to the top of her pussy, and grab her crotch through her bikini. I continue to suck on her neck as I slowly slide my finger into her pussy. I push my finger deeper inside her, causing her to moan sharply. She was so tight and wet, I keep my finger in deep before pulling it out and make her taste her own juices.

I whisper in her ear, "Do you like the way you taste?" she just nods as she kept sucking on my finger.

I take my finger out her mouth and put it back in her pussy, this time with two fingers. I start to fuck her fast and deep. She puts her arm around my neck as I lean in and start to suck on her nipple of her right breast. I swirl my tongue around it and suck on it as it got harder in my mouth. I can feel her pussy getting wetter from my assault.

This went on for about five minutes, "Mmm prince, I'm going to cum, uh uh uhh!"

I can feel her pussy tighten up as she cums hard on my fingers. I pull them out and put them in my mouth.

"Hmm, you do taste good," I say, as I kiss her deeply, making her taste her own juices again.

I lay her back and stand up to strip naked. The lust in her eyes burns holes through my body as I pull down my shorts and reveal my big dick in front of her. I start to twist her left nipple and play with her clit.

"Prince please, put it in me." I get on my knees and on top of her as I line my dick up with her opening.

Without warning, I jam it in hard and deep. She screams out and grips the covers. I grab her hands and put them above her head as I start to stroke her nice and slow, continuing to go as deep as I can. I stare at her face, watching her feel the awe of my dick.

"Go harder please, I wanna feel all of you."

She wraps her legs around my waist as I start to fuck her faster. The sun burns my back as I felt a breeze blow on my neck. The outdoors vibe just adds more to my lust. It's such an exhilarating feeling of the potential to be caught. While all this runs through my mind, I fuck Shanice as fast as possible. Her moans just kept getting louder and louder. I felt my climax approaching and it was going to be a big one.

"I'm about... to cu... cu... cum!" "Yes! Oh fuck!"

I explode inside her, causing her to cum at the same time. I keep my dick deep inside her as my dick shoots rope after rope of semen inside her tight pussy. I can feel our juices mixing together and falling down my balls. I kiss her deeply before I fall on top of her.

"Oh my, gosh. Prince, I want more. Please," she pleads as she gets on her knees doggy style.

I stare at her as I grab her ass. I get up and move behind her, lining up my dick before sliding it in, slowly.

"Mm ya, that feels good," she whispers quietly.

I run my hands up her back as I fuck her slowly. My right holds onto her waist, my left goes through her hair. I put my right on her shoulder and grip her hair with my left as I start to pick up the pace, fucking her hard but at a medium speed. I pull her hair back, going in deeper. The sounds of my balls hitting her clit and me driving into her pussy ring out. So wet, but still so tight. This feels like nothing I ever felt before. I wrap my right hand around her neck, choking her a bit, but not too hard.

Her back is against my chest as I begin to talk dirty in her ear, I whisper things like, "I bet you love my dick," and "I'm going to make cum again and again and make you addicted."

I could see her lick her lips and nod her head, too lost in the pleasure I was giving her. I push her back down, still holding her hair as I start to pound harder and harder.

"Oh yes, right there. Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!"

I can feel her cum again, so hard that my dick almost comes out. Her body starts to shake as she collapses on the cover. I leave my dick inside, as I roll her onto her side and hold her leg to my chest and continued to fuck her. I can feel my climax approaching. Shanice is out of breath and her eyes shut as she's still riding high off her orgasm. I press and rub her clit. Her pussy clamps hard on my dick causing me to cum again. I just kept going in and out of her hard as I keep cumming. After about a minute, I collapse next to her, out of breath. I stare into the sky and pass out.

After some time, I don't know how long, I awake with Shanice laying on top of me.

"I just have to say, that was Amazing! So what's next? Hehe," she laughs with a smirk to match that evil laugh.

I just keep my head back and smile to myself and think about what she said. What's next?

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