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A day at the lake.

An erotic day on the water.
Taking the boat out for the weekend and hanging out with friends at the lake is always a good time, but much sweeter this time since you're there with me. Tying up to a few other boats we start drinking shortly after 9:00am, cause that's how we roll on the weekends. Hahaha... Letting down our inhibitions just enough to attract a little bit of attention from other boaters, and swimmers floating in the water. Occasionally jumping in for a swim ourselves. Playful kisses, and touching beneath the waters surface where no one can see just builds the anticipation. Out of the water I have a few more beers with friends on the boat while you and a couple girl friends soak up the sun on the bow of the boat. You girls rubbing each other down with tanning oil gets a few comments from passers by. Even more when you take off each others tops, and rub in some more oil. Laying back on the bow you look amazing. Smokin hot with your tan body, and perfect curves. Your tit's shiny in the bright sunlight, not caring who's watching, or taking pictures. It turns me on so much to know that you're mine, and I can't wait to spend the evening with you!
After dinner with everyone we look for a quiet cove to anchor in to spend the night. Finally finding a somewhat secluded place we park, and jump in the water. Continuing our playful touching and kissing from earlier in the day. I tell you over, and over how hot you looked sun bathing today. How bad I wanted you the entire time. As we swim I see you fidgeting in the water as you slip out of your suit, and fling it up onto the boat. Kissing me and tugging at my trunks, I do the same. My hands on your waist as you reach down to feel me. Swelling in your palm you push me back toward the boat.
I sit on the swim platform off the back of the boat while you stay in the water. My shaft still swelling, lays against my leg. Pushing my knees apart you slide your head to me. Taking me into your mouth and holding me there as I finish growing. Pushing your lips open as I fill your mouth with my rock hard cock! Slowly you slide your lips up and down on me. I can see myself disappear into your mouth over, and over again. You look so good with your wet hair pulled back, and over your shoulders as I reach down and place a hand on your head. Feeling the rhythm or you sucking on me. All the way out as you suck and lick on the tip. You can taste the sweet drops forming on the end. Circling the head with you tongue as you open wide and go down on me again. Drop after drop they become more, and more, and you know that I'm about to pop. Calling out your name you take me all the way in. I can feel the back of your throat, and you can feel every vein in my shaft with your tongue fill up as I get ready to unload for you. My cum filling your mouth completely before you swallow me that first time. Holding still so you can feel it rushing over your tongue, and down your throat. Making sure that you've sucked me completely dry and swallowed every last drop before ever taking your sweet lips off my exhausted cock. You are so good!
Looking up at me you see there is an intense desire in my eyes to return the favor. Trade me places plz...... Kiss me baby.... Now with you sitting up there I can please you. Kissing your inner thigh as I begin to push your legs apart. Working my way closer, and closer to you. You running your fingers through my wet hair as you instruct me what to do. I love it when you're controlling me. Scooting you to the edge I can see your swollen lips glistening in the moonlight from your excitement. just begging to be kissed, licked, and sucked on. Starting with one side and then the other. Taking one of your lips between mine and sucking on it. Pulling on it a little bit and then letting it pop back into place. With you legs over my shoulders I can reach around and part your walls, and see into you. So wet already, and wanting me so badly! I lean in and aggressively plunge my tongue into your wait hole. You let out a moan of delight as you arch your back, no longer able to watch me in fear of snapping my neck with your firm, strong thighs. Sucking on your hood, and flipping your clit with the tip. Then holding firm pressure against all of you as my tongue works it's magic. Driving you to the edge, I can feel your grip tighten on the back of my neck and with my lips sealed against yours you begin to fill my mouth as your sweet cum flows from you. Returning the favor I wait until you've completely finished and you can hear me swallow you again, and again. By this time, my cock has enough rest, and is swelling again. Raising up on my arms to kiss you with a little bit of aggression you look down to see my excitement, and you realize that I am so ready to fuck. Mmmm.... You can't wait to get me inside...
Leading me onto the boat we stop topside and you push me back on the cushion. My shaft sitting straight up in the air with an open invitation. As you climb on top of me I can still see a little trickle of your cum running down your inner thigh. You catch me smiling at the sight of this. Knowing that it's going to be so easy to slide into you. You lower yourself down until you can feel the tip. Kissing me passionately as you lower yourself onto me. The head parting your lips and gliding along your walls with such ease. Deep inside you I can feel myself touching everyone of your nerves and driving you wild! Rocking your hips back and forth forcing the top side of my head to rub on your g spot with just the right amount of pressure. I can feel you continuously getting wetter, and wetter. I feel you start to squeeze me. You lips tightening around my shaft as you cum again. Holding still to enjoy the pleasure as we kiss deeply, and forcefully.
I stand up with your legs wrapped around me and me still inside you. I carry you down below to the bed. Wanting me to cum inside you, you eagerly accommodate my wishes of letting me in from behind. With your face laying on the pillow, you're on your knees as I stand behind you. You sweet little ass parked up in the air for me to see. I reach down and grab myself as I pull the head between your lips. Up, and down. Parting them, but not entering you, yet. Just a little more force each time. Leaning into you until the tip finally penetrates you and I fall into you. My skin is so warm against your smooth ass. Hands on your cheeks, with the occasional light smack on the ass. Leaving a faint hand print as I pound you from behind. Seems as if I can't slam into you hard enough. The more aggressive I become the louder you seem to scream for more. Your hair flinging back and your back arched. Rolling your hips you tell me that you're cumming again. As you bite down on the pillow in ecstasy. This time I don't stop to enjoy your pleasure. I'm on a mission to get mine, and not stopping until I explode inside you. The slapping of my skin against yours echoes through the cabin. Running a hand up your back to grab your shoulder in an effort to give you just a little more with each thrust. I can feel you pushing back against me with perfect timing. And before you know it... There it is baby. Get ready. Can you feel it? Here it comes! You feel my fluid rush into you. Calling out your name as I fill you up on the inside. Collapsing on the bed, and curling up behind you as we fall asleep still joined together.
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