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A Day by the Pool

My second story




It was a nice warm spring day so I decided to put my bathing suit and spend some time relaxing in the back yard. We had a pool built a few months ago that has a waterfall running into it, and the landscaping was recently redone with lush tropical plants and large trees strategically placed to obstruct the neighbors view.


I was laying alone in one of the lounge chairs just enjoying the solitude for approximately thirty minutes then my suddenly wife entered the yard wearing a short red baby doll dress. She is an extremely beautiful Asian girl, with a model type face, long black hair, and has a petite sexy body that any woman would envy.


She was carrying a small gym type bag and when I stood up to greet her she unexpectedly offered me her hand then in a manner as if we had never met before introduced herself by saying, “Hi I’m Lia, sorry to disturb you, I didn’t think anyone would be here.”


Assuming she was just having fun, I played along and while shaking her hand replied

  “Nice to meet you Lia my name is Lewis, Do you come here often?” She politely responded with “Nice to meet you too” then began explaining that she lives down the street and sometimes comes over to swim and sunbathe at our house when nobody is home.


I was really curious what Lia was up to, so I continued to indulge her little game and told her that she was more than welcome to stay, and that it would be a pleasure to have her company. She simply said “Thank you” then put her bag down on the lawn ,removed a towel from it, and spread it out on the lounge chair that was next to mine


As she was getting comfortable I asked Lia   if she would like some wine and it shocked me a little when she answered “That would be nice,” because I have never seen her drink alcohol before . I presumed she was joking though, so I did not comment about it and just went inside to get a bottle and a couple of glasses.


Upon my return I poured us both a glass and handed one to Lia not really expecting her to drink it. To my surprise she did and after casually chatting for awhile and consuming a few more glasses, she picked up her bag and while searching for something in it announced “I think I’ll go for a swim”


A few seconds later Lia looked at me with a slight grin on her pretty face and said

“It seems I forgot to bring my bikini, do you mind if I swim in my underwear?”   I really didn’t give it much of a thought and replied “That’s fine with me.” Lia immediately stood up and slipped off her dress, then with only a pair white thong panties and matching bra covering her gorgeous body proceeded to get in the pool


I just quietly sat there drinking my wine admiring her beauty as Lia splashed around and after about ten minutes of swimming she exited the pool.   I tried not to stare but it was hard not too ,because the water made the thin materiel of her bra and panties transparent, so the outline of her pussy and hard nipples were now clearly visible as she walked towards me.


She pick up the towel and dried off ,then while spreading it back on the chair abruptly said “When I'm here alone, I like to sunbath nude, would that bother you?”   Only an idiot would say yes to that so I simply answered “Not at all ”


Within seconds of hearing my answer,   Lia got completely naked and laid face down on the lounge chair with both arms outstretched over her head . I was beginning to wonder about her strange behavior , but was also enjoying it, so I just calmly got up and poured us some more wine then sat back down in my chair.


There was a few minutes of silence then Lia asked “Lou, will you do me a favor and put some lotion on me? There’s a bottle in my bag.”   It was a perfectly normal request so I got up and while retrieving the lotion from the bag replied “I’d be happy to”


I leaned over her and began rubbing lotion on both arms then her shoulders and as I started doing her back Lia told me “Try not to miss any spots, I don’t want to burn.” Upon hearing that I squirted more lotion on my hands and rubbed it all over her cute little butt cheeks then continued down her silky smooth legs.


Before I could say a word Lia flipped over on her back and in a very sensual way said “Thanks, now do this side” The site of her naked body always gets me excited and I’m am not sure if she noticed, but my cock instantly started to grow as I began applying lotion to her chest.


I’ll admit I took my time rubbing lotion all over those gorgeous breasts making the nipples rock hard.   I then did her flat little tummy and when I begun rubbing around her neatly trimmed bush, Lia spread her legs giving me a unobstructed view of her lovely pussy ,and in soft sexy voice said “Don’t forget my inner thighs.”


The lips of her pussy glistened in the afternoon sun , making it obvious she was getting aroused, and the wetness seemed to increase as I applied lotion to the inside of her thighs and the rest of those fabulous legs.


My cock was fully erect at this point and when I straightened up it made a huge bulge in my suit. Lia immediately focused her eyes directly on it and in a soft sexy tone said

“That looks interesting.”  


I quickly responded by asking “Would you like to see it?” and although she did not verbally answer me, the mischievous grin that appeared on her pretty face indicated that she did.


Without hesitation I took off my suit and stood beside her with my eight inch circumcised cook sticking straight out. Lia reacted like it was the first time she’d ever seen it ,and in an enthusiastic tone said “Wow, that’s a really nice dick...”


I could not help but smile and in a very seductive way she slowly slid a hand over her pussy and asked “Do you want to watch me play with myself? ” I’ve tried to persuade Lia to masturbate for me in the past, but she always declined ,so I eagerly answered “Oh yes”


Lia just laid there staring at my cock so I thought she was just teasing me , then to my delight moments later she slid her index finger between the lips of her pussy and began lightly rubbing tiny circles around her visibly swollen clit .


She looked sexier than I could have ever imaged, and after a short time of watching my beautiful wife pleasuring herself, I could not resist the urge to touch my throbbing cock .

Pre-cum had begun to drip from the tip and as I wrapped a hand around the head of my cock Lia cried out " Oh yes,   stroke that big dick for me "  


Without delay I began stroking it from the head to the base in a slow steady rhyme. Lia kept her eyes focused on my cock and while continuing to rub her clit with one hand, began sliding the middle finger of the other in and out if her pussy


It was a extremely erotic atmosphere and after a few minutes of masturbating together Lia suddenly blurted out “I want to suck your dick.” That was a pleasant surprise, because she rarely volunteers to give me a blow job, so I instantly stopped jacking off .



Then next thing I knew Lia got up and poured a glass of wine all over my cock, then quickly got down on her knees and began licking it with her warm wet tongue. She licked up and down the length of my cock a few times as if it was a giant lollypop, then she stopped and said “Talk dirty to me.”

I assumed she was drunk because Lia usually doesn’t like me to do that, so I took advantage of the opportunity and told her “Suck it baby. Suck my big cock”. She looked at me with a big smile on her pretty face and asked “Like this?" them leaned forward and wrapped her luscious lips around my rock hard cock.



She began sucking on just the head at first then little by little more of it, and before long my entire cock disappeared into her warm wet mouth. Usually she can only manage to get a few inches of my think shaft down her throat, so I was absolutely amazed and not being able to conceal my excitement I cried out “That my sexy girl, suck that big cock ”  


I'm not sure if that gave her encouragement but she started sucking my cock in a manner that would rival any porn stars performance, and I must say it was by far the best blow job I've ever gotten.


  It took only a few more minutes of her soft lips sliding up and down on my cock to make my balls began to tighten up.   I knew what was about to happen ,and knowing she does not like me cum in her mouth I told her “I’m going to cum”


Lia immediately stopped sucking my cock , then started stroking it with both hands,   and right on cue as she enthusiastically said “Cum for me ,Cum for me” I grunted sounds of pleasure as my cock erupted and squirted cum all over   her gorgeous tits.


She continued holding my cock in her hands and while squeezing the last few drops of cum out of it asked “Did you enjoy that?”   I thought it was a silly question but answered

  "Very much   " and with a look of accomplishment on her pretty face she replied " Me too, I love watching a guy get off " then she released my cock and grabbed her towel.


Completely exhausted I sat down in my chair as Lia stood up, and since she was facing my direction her pussy was directly in front of me.   I could stop staring at it as she cleaned off her tits and Lia must have noticed because she inquired “Do you like the way my pussy looks?”


I kept my eyes still focused directly on it and answered “Yes, it’s a beautiful pussy.” That made her giggled a bit in and a cute shy way she asked “Want to lick it?”   Lia has never asked me that before so I instantly replied “I’d love to” then suggested we might be more comfortable in the house.


Lia simply said “OK” then proceeded to go inside and from the way she was waking it was obvious the alcohol had taken an effect on her.   It took me a short time to gather our things and when I entered our room Lia was already lying comfortably on the bed with her silky smooth legs spread wide apart.



Without delay I put our stuff down on the floor then quickly crawled in between them and buried my face into her beautiful crouch. Lia usually doesn’t like me to perform oral sex on her but this time the instant my tongue touched her delicate pussy she cried out “Oh yes, lick me, eat my pussy .”


Her pussy tasted delicious like always and when I began rapidly flicking my tongue across her swollen clit she immediately started softly moaning.   I was ecstatic to hear she was actually experiencing pleasure from my tongue and I eagerly kept licking her clit for awhile longer then began gently sucking on it.


Lia responded by lightly grinding her pussy into my face and I alternated between licking and sucking on her sensitive clit for several more minutes.   Her body then suddenly began trembling so I knew that meant she was about to have an orgasm, and within seconds she confirmed it by screaming out “I’m Cumming” “I’m Cumming”


I just kept licking her pussy lapping up all the sweet juices that was flowing out of it until she was lying still ,then rose up on my knees between her outstretched legs.   Before I could say anything ,a big grin appeared on her face and she told me “That was fantastic".


That was the first time she has ever had a orgasm from me eating her out , so I just smiled then got up, and after pouring us both another glass of wine ,went back and sat down on the edge of the bed next to her.


I handed her a glass and as she drank it because of the way she was positioned some of the wine dribbled onto her gorgeous breast.   I took a few sips of mine then put it on the night stand ,and as I was looking at her beautiful tits, Lia unexpectedly poured the rest of the wine all over them and in a slightly demanding tone said “Suck on my Nipples”


Thrilled that she was being so nasty , I just bent over and started licking the wine off those beautiful tits for a short time then one by one began sucking on her hard nipples. I know she likes having her nipples sucked and I continued doing it for about ten minutes then Lia suddenly gripped my cock and said “Put this big dick in my little pussy”.


She has never been this sexually aggressive before and just the thought of fucking her made my cock become fully erect. I mounted her in a matter of seconds and the instant my hard cock penetrated her extremely tight pussy Lia once again acted like it was the first time and cried out “Oh my god your dick feels so good.”


I slid it completely in and remained still for a bit enjoying the sensation of her pussy squeezing my cock then began fucking her with slow steady strokes. Lia was soon moving her hips in rhyme with my cock and after a few minutes of it sliding in and out of her wet pussy she told me “Faster, fuck me faster”


More that happy to oblige I started rapidly pumping my cock into her pussy and kept fucking her like that for several minutes then she urgently asked “Can I be on top?”

She always has an orgasm that way ,so I did not bother wasting time to answer and just stopped fucking her then rolled over onto my back


Lia quickly squatted over me and began sliding her pussy up and down the length of my cock for then suddenly she straddled me and with my cock now entirely in her pussy started rapidly rocking back and forth. Her pussy was getting increasingly tighter around my cock and I could tell that she was going to have an orgasm soon so I told her “Cum for me baby” and within minutes she was moaning very loud and a gush of warm wetness flowed all over my cock


Lia then collapsed on top of me with my hard cock still inside her throbbing pussy and we began passionately kissing for awhile then I really wanted to fuck her again so I whispered in her ear “I want to do you from behind” and without saying a single word she proceeded to get onto her hands and knees.


I immediately got behind her and placed my hands on that firm little ass of hers.   Lia reacted by asking “Do you like butt ?” and   I instantly answered “Oh yes, it's beautiful." I then began playfully squeezing   it and as I slowly slid my hard cock into her tight pussy said “I love fucking you, your pussy feels so good   ”


Lia quickly replied “Yes, fuck my pussy, fuck me with your big dick.” I fucked her non stop for about ten minutes then pulled my cock out and as I began rubbing it against her pussy lips she immediately told me “Don’t stop, keep fucking me.”



  I had every intention of fucking her more and when I once again began sliding my cock in and out of her tight pussy she told me “Harder, fuck me harder. ”   I grabbed onto her hips and started thrusting my rock hard cock deep into her pussy.


She soon began making very erotic moaning sounds as I continued vigorously fucking her ,and a few minutes later it was clear she was having another orgasm because her pussy got extremely wet and once again had a tight grip on my cock.


It felt amazing and I could not hold back any longer so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and as it was squirting cum into her petite firm butt she cried out “Oh yes, cum on me .”

Lia stayed still for a moment then she got off the bed and with a big smile on her pretty face walked towards the bath room and asked “Do you want to take a shower together?”  


It sounded like a good idea to me so I went to join her and when the water hit my face, I instantly woke up to find myself once again lying on the lounge chair. At that moment I suddenly realized it was all just …..A Dream…..






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