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A Day in the Life

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A true story of a good time with some good friends!
The day started like any other. Woke up at 7 am, wearing nothing but my favorite old Florida Gators jersey that I usually sleep in, when deciding not to sleep naked… It was a cool morning by Florida standards, and the material of the jersey didn’t hide this fact very well as I noticed my hard nipples in the mirror of my bathroom. I turned the shower on and removed the jersey, pausing for a moment to admire my 36DD-26-36 figure and long, dark wavy hair before the mirror fogged up. I cupped my tits and pinched my hard nipples a bit thinking how horny I was this morning.

My cell on my bed side table chimed as I got a text message. I was about to step in the shower, but decided to check who it was before soaping up. Looking at the text I had just received, I felt myself getting a little damp between the legs. It was my friend Chris, sending a picture of his stiff cock with the caption, “Morning sweetie”. I smiled and returned to the bathroom, cell in hand. Just before hopping in the shower, I snapped a quick photo of myself in the mirror, my naked body, a smile, a wink, and sent him a happy reply.

The water was warm. It cascaded down my body. I just stood, letting the warm water massage my neck, I watched as the little beads of water ran from my shoulders over my large breasts and down my belly. As the water reached my clit I became further aroused. Turning and facing the water, I leaned back against the shower wall letting the beads hit right on my clit. I let out a light moan, leaning my head back against the wall. Pinching my nipples with one hand, I began rubbing my fingers over my clit with the other. I ran a finger up and down my slit, spreading my pussy lips open slightly. The warm water felt amazing on my body. I then inserted two fingers up to the knuckles in my pussy. Bringing both hands to my pussy, I rubbed my clit while simultaneously fingering myself. I was getting really into it now. I fingered myself faster and faster, moaning loudly over the noise of the falling water. I finger fucked myself, wanting to touch every inch of the inside of my steaming pussy. Both hands were a blur now, moving all over my sweet little pussy. Just then I felt my knees shake, my back contort and a powerful surge of pleasure explode from the depths of my body. I screamed as fingered myself to a massive orgasm.

Now off to work at the sexy lingerie store.

Work was fun; being a bisexual girl working at a Victoria’s Secret definitely has its advantages. All through the day, I chatted up sexy college girls looking to buy something naughty for someone special, or someone random, depending on your level of sluttiness. All the while receiving text messages from Chris, and my friend Michelle. Mostly just pictures of various body parts. Chris would send me a picture of his nice cock, Michelle a picture of her delicious body as she sunbathed nude. Work was fun, but I was really looking forward to getting off. Of work. Then getting off. Again.

I got done work at 8, having to stay late to cover for another girl. This put a small damper on my plans of meeting Chris and Michelle at Michelle’s place for dinner and movie night, but I’d still be in time for the movie.

I pulled up to Michelle’s apartment around 8:30. Still wearing my work clothes, pencil skirt, tight button up blouse that nicely accentuated and showed off my round tits. Michelle greeted me at the door in very short cut off jean shorts, a tank top and (obviously) no bra. The tank top clung tightly to her gorgeous C cup tits. Michelle was gorgeous entirely. Beautiful girl with auburn hair to her boobs, tiny waist and a round ass that while wearing those jean shorts made my panties very wet.

“Hey babe! Glad you could make it!” Michelle said as we hugged and gave each other a peck on the lips.

“Hey Silvia!” Chris called from the living room.

I came inside and shut the door. My feet wear soar from my heels, but I liked the way they looked so I kept them on.

Chris was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else. He had a great body and didn’t mind showing it either.

They had finished dinner, and all I wanted was popcorn, so we settled down on the couch to watch the movie, Chris of course taking the seat in the middle between Michelle and I.

The movie was a slasher film, and as soon as the first sex scene appeared on screen, I couldn’t focus on whatever plot there was at all. The wet patch between my thighs was drawing my attention elsewhere.

I turned to look at Chris. The large bulge in his shorts told me his thoughts were on the same track as mine.

I began snuggling up to him, pressing my tits into his bicep. He smiled, and put his hand on my thigh. I was so excited. I looked around Chris towards Michelle, she was also curled up to Chris, her beautiful tits pressed to his body, her arm around his waist.

I decided to take hold of Chris’s wrist and begin slowly guiding his hand up under my skirt. I was biting his ear and began breathing a bit heavier as his finger tips reached the edges of my panties.

Michelle saw Chris’s hand up my skirt. My skirt hiked up to my waist, his hand now rubbing my pussy over the top of my wet panties. She grabbed his cock through his shorts, stroking it slowly. He was so hard.

Chris hooked his thumbs into his waistband and pulled off his shorts and boxers, his cock springing to attention. He was easily 8 if not 9 inches long, and nice and thick. Michelle leaned down to his dick and began running her tongue up and down his shaft, swirling around his head as she reached the top of his cock before going back down. She grasped his cock and took him into her hot mouth. Her hand followed the movement of her mouth as she took his cock almost fully into her throat, and then back up. I sat up, kissing Chris and pushing my tongue over his. He squeezed my tits through my shirt before tearing it open, breaking 2 of the buttons, exposing my large tits and lace bra. I knelt beside him, unhooked my bra and tossed it to the floor. He squeezed and kissed my bare tits, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting. Michelle sucked his cock, out of the corner of my eyes I watched her head bobbing up and down over him.

I stood up, unzipped my skirt pushing it to the ground. I left on my panties and heels, I wanted to feel a little like a slut.

Sitting back on the couch, I pulled Michelle’s head off Chris’s cock and passionately kissed her, tasting Chris’s pre-cum.

“I wanna taste you.” I whispered to Michelle. She replied with a moan of agreement.

I laid down on the couch, and spread my legs, rubbing my pussy through my panties which were now soaked, I gave Chris a look which told him everything he needed to know.

Chris knelt down between my legs, kissing up my thighs he passed over my wet pussy, blowing lightly on the wet fabric covering me, sending shivers up my spine. He kissed my belly button, and slowly made his way down, teasing me. It was agonizing; my clit was throbbing for attention.

Michelle had removed her shorts and tank top, she was now completely nude. (I guess she hadn’t had panties on either). She straddled my face. I stared up at a view that resembled heaven. Her big tits, and a deliciously wet pussy inches from my mouth. She then moved, pressing her dripping lips onto mine. I grabbed her ass with my hands, pulling her towards me even more, my tongue sinking deep into her hot, wet hole. Michelle reached down, rubbed her clit as I felt Chris press at least three fingers into me, while sucking my clit into his mouth, his tongue dancing across it.

“Mmm fuckkkk!” I moaned.

I felt Chris changing positions, and his cock head sliding up and down my slit, spreading my lips as it searched for my entrance.

Michelle was nearing her first orgasm of the night. She supported herself on the back of the couch as my tongue swam inside her soaking pussy. She rubbed her clit almost violently as she moaned at the top of her lungs, I felt her cum fill my mouth.

“Oh my goddddd!” Michelle yelled.

As I swallowed all of her juices, Chris pressed his cock into my tight pussy. He slid all the way in with a large moan. My pussy grasping his cock, his cock pushing against my walls. His balls rested on my ass as he filled my pussy with his cock.

Michelle moved, laying on top of me our tits pressed together, we locked tongues and kissed passionately. She moaned into my mouth as Chris began fingering her, while fucking me. Chris’s thrusts were getting quicker, my breathing getting shallower, I moaned in delight. Michelle rose up off of me suddenly in a quick, sharp movement. She wasn’t expecting Chris’s finger to press into her virgin asshole!

She looked into my eyes. So surprised, and in such pleasure.

“How is that?” Chris asked her.

“Fucking amazing!” She replied.

I couldn’t take any more. Chris’s cock pounding into my tight wet pussy, together with the gorgeous girl above me in immense, brand new pleasure, I moaned loudly as my juices flowed from my pussy, and I came all over Chris’s cock.

“Hmm I think Michelle could benefit a little from that cock…” I said.

Chris pulled his cock from my pussy, it glistened in the light from the movie still playing.

“I think your right” Chris said to us both.

Michelle and I kissed hard, our tongues everywhere in each other’s mouths.

Chris then sank his cock into Michelle’s dripping pussy. She moaned into my mouth, our tits pressed together, her hands gripping the couch. He pumped her hard and fast. I could see his hand still working her tight asshole, and by Michelle’s closed eyes and open mouth, I knew she enjoyed every bit.

I watched from below Michelle as Chris pulled his cock from Michelle’s pussy, rub her asshole a bit more, and then press the head of his cock into Michelle’s ass!

“Wait! I’ve never had a cock in my ass before!” Michelle protested.

“I’ll go slow babe, I promise. I swear you’ll like it.” Chris told her.

“Babe you really will.” I told her and kissed her again. “It will hurt for just a minute, then it will feel so amazing…”

She moaned and we kissed again.

Chris slowly pressed into her tight ass. Michelle’s knuckles were white as she gripped the couch. Inch by inch Chris’s cock disappeared into her ass. Michelle’s jaw was clenched tight.

“Fuuckkkk” Chris said under his breath as he bottomed out his large cock into her ass.

Michelle’s eyes opened and looked into mine, her jaw, and entire body relaxed as she became accustomed to the size of the cock in her tight butt.

Chris slowly began moving in and out slightly, letting her get used to the new sensations. Then, he picked up the pace. Michelle moaned loudly in pleasure. He was fucking her ass now. Their bodies slapping together. Michelle completely collapsed under the pleasure of it all. Her head next to mine on the couch, our boobs pressed tightly together. I could feel her clit rubbing on me, just above my own. I could hear each of her little moans that she let out in unison with Chris’s thrusts into her.

I watched as Chris’s face began to tighten and I knew he was going to cum.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” Chris shouted.

With that he came inside Michelle’s ass, unloading what seemed like a ton of his cum deep inside of her.

He slowly pulled out of her ass. Cum began dripping from her ass, down her leg and onto my belly.

“Mmm, you were right” Michelle said into my ear. “I loved it.”

We kissed again.

“You girls are the best” Chris said as he sat back on the couch.

I looked at the TV, the ending credits rolling up the screen.

“Good movie” I laughed.

We all went and showered together. Chris and I got dressed and left, going our separate ways after kissing Michelle good night and thanking her for a wonderful evening. I got home, stripped down to nothing, put on my favorite Florida Gators jersey and went to bed to do, hopefully, it all again tomorrow…

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