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A day on the ranch

love can be found when you least expect in strange places

A day on the ranch


Dust rolled up from the pick-up tires as it tugged a rusted horse trailer down a winding South Dakota back road. The sun was already high in the sky as the rancher headed out to check the water supply and some fences in the north pasture. As the truck bounded across another cattle crossing, a late model red mustang convertible came into view parked to the side of the path, top down and empty. He stopped to see if he could find any sign of the occupant or occupants. This was not an every day occurrence, no more that 20 or so vehicles ever used than road a year, and most of that traffic would be found during hunting season. Everything seemed in order, neat and clean, except for a crumpled up receipt for a bottle of Chardonnay and some small flashlight batteries.

He quickly jotted the license plate number on the back of a feed receipt, planning on calling the local sheriff later in the day, and went about his business. He backed his buckskin horse out of the trailer and rode over the hill to check the first creek bed for its water supply. As he weaved his way though the spruce he spotted a glimpse of color near the water, slowing his mount he worked his way closer. Then taking his binoculars from the saddle bag found a nice vantage point on a near by rock out cropping. The view was breath taking, there on a blanket next to the creek bed was the most beautiful lady he had every seen. H er auburn hair glistened in the sunlight and her flower patterned blouse and hot pink shorts gave color to the bland landscape. She appeared to be writing something , a letter perhaps or a story. She would write for a while, and then she would gaze off in the distance. He watched wondering what she could be possibly writing about.

She poured a glass of wine , put it to her lips, taking a small sip and began writing again. Pausing she unbuttoned her blouse exposing her large full breast as she dipped her finger in the wine and slowly caressed the nipples till they stood firm and proud. Then she began to write again only to pause again but this time to slip her hand into the hot pink shorts. He could only imagine what her fingers felt as they slid over her soft moist pussy lips or possibly the ball of her finger rolling back and forth over the sweet hot clit. But he did know what he was feeling, the discomfort of the large tight lump in his tight wranglers and the deep yearning in the pit of his stomach.

Again she took the pen and began to write, her thoughts and feeling coming to life on the paper. He watched in earnest and again the pen fell to the ground and she pushed off the pink shorts and panties. Spreading her legs wide as she leaned back taking her vibrater from her bag and slowly stroking her wanting wet crotch. Her beautiful body glistening in the sun light as the tip of her toy hummed over her clit, her body arching to meet it as she drove it deep. Her head thrust back as she stroked in and out faster and faster. Her soft moans could be heard over the still hill side as he watched and tried to steady the binoculars with one hand as the other began to rub up and down on his hard cock compressed to tight in his tight Wranglers. He watched as her body trembled as she reached her ecstasy her beautiful figure stretched quivering at the waters edge gave him feeling he had never felt before, he found himself rubbing the hardness in his Wranglers. The deep aching inside told him he had to meet this lady, so he mounted his trusted steed as she dressed, circled the hill, and rode quietly up the creek bed.

She gasped as she looked up from her note pad to see the towering figure of a large man on horseback before her. “Am I trespassing?” She asked as she looked up at his weather beaten face.

A smile broke through his soft, slightly graying whiskers and one finger pushed his Stetson back. “No ma’am, it’s quite all right. Mother Nature should be enjoyed by all. What ya writing if I may be so bold” he asked as he stepped down from his mount.

“Just a story of fantasies,” she answered. ” I love to write.

“Do you mind if I read a bit?” He asked.

Blushing, she slowly handed him the manuscript. She watched as the faded blue denim beneath the large silver buckle between his leather chaps began to tighten.

“Dreams like these should be lived my dear,” he mumbled as he read her story.

“I am just the cowboy to make them happen.” He said with a smile.

Kneeling, she reached up, flipping the buckle open and tugged the zipper down.

Reaching in she freed his large cock from its confinements.

“My god” she thought, ”He is much larger than my husband, hell, he’s larger than most men!”

Kneeling before him, she stretched her moist tongue out to taste. The hard purple head covered with precumm, was so sweet to her lips as she held his shaft and licked softly. The manuscript fell to the ground as his hands held her face next to him.

“Is this better than the story?” She asked, looking up as her hands continued to stroke his hard manly cock. “Oh yes,” he moaned “and we should bring all your dreams of this story to life,” he said as he knelt beside her and began to unbutton her blouse.

Their eyes met again as his lips met hers. Tasting his manlyness on her lips as their tongues danced together, his hands pushing her shirt back over her shoulders. She felt her body tremble as his soft whiskers slid over her shoulders and his lips caressed her soft skin. Her hand still stroking his hard cock as his lips moved over her breast. His tongue tracing circles around her nipples as they hardened to his touch. She felt her body arching up to him as his lips covered her breast , sucking and licking. His large strong hands tugging at her shorts as she squirmed to help him, freeing all of her sweetness for him to enjoy. She felt her legs uncontrollably spread and his hand slid up her soft thigh and his palm covered her sweet wetness. His palm rocking back and forth over her as his fingers softly wisped over her soft outer lips.

She griped his cock harder, stroking faster, as his finger dipped deep into her , sliding up over her clit , rocking back and forth. He heard her moan as he dipped his finger deep again feeling all her wetness as her pussy muscles griped him. He took his finger from her pussy wiping it gently over her nipple then tasting it with his lips. The sweet taste and fragrance drove him wild, as his tongue left a moist trail over her soft tummy to her pussy.

His tongue licking and probing as she moaned and rose to him. She felt her body tighten as his tongue rolled back and forth over her clit, licking and sucking. She felt her body beginning to explode as his whiskers , wet with her juices , rubbed against her thighs. As her body shook and trembled, he licked harder and faster. The sweet taste of her juices on his lips drove him wild as she begged for his hard cock.

Hooking her legs on his shoulders he moved up on her , rubbing her hot wet clit with the precumm covered throbbing head of his cock. Then with a mighty lunge , drove it deep into her, holding it in for just a few seconds as she griped him. With her ankles on his shoulders as he drew back and lunged in again and again , faster and faster with every stroke. Better than anything she had ever felt before. Beads of sweat formed on his chest and dripped over her breast exciting her as he continued pleasing her in such an aggressive fashion. She felt her body erupting again and again in a great orgasm as her fingers griped into his skin. With a mighty lunge he felt as if lightening had struck his body as his cock jumped and throbbed inside of her , filling her with all he had to give. His body trembled as her legs slid down and wrapped around his waist , holding him in her as their eyes met again with a sweet smile.

With out a word they dressed, the cowboy mounted his horse tipped his hat to the lady and smiled.

“I’ll be writing another story next Thursday” she said.

“I’ll be checking the water supply,” he said with a smile.

Tipping his hat to the lady with a smile he quietly rode off and disappeared in the pines.


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