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A Different Part of Town

I track down my husband while he's on the job.
My cunt is sopping wet and I can’t think of anything but my throbbing clit. It’s been swollen and aching for hours, getting tweaked every time I walk or move. I can’t even pee without quivering from the warmth of my piss flowing over my erect bud. I’ve been dripping all day, and am shuttering at the thought of finally meeting up with my husband. He recently started working nights, and I work during the day, so our “quality time” has been limited these last few weeks. I haven’t felt his rock hard cock inside me in so long… I just need him to fuck me again. We aren’t scheduled to have any time off together for another few weeks, but I can’t keep going like this.

I’ve been sending him dirty texts all day, and I know he’s horny too. I know he wants to feel the warmth of my pussy all over his dick, it’s just that we can’t seem to find time. I’ve thrown around the idea of lunchtime quickies, and bathroom rendezvous, but it never works out. He’s never in the same place since he’s a cop, and his availability is unpredictable. I’m desperate without him though, and all I can think of is getting his attention by surprising him at work. I don’t want to fuck him in the cop car or anything, but I’m thinking about running into him as a “citizen” in his district. He’d never imagine I’d meet him somewhere on that side of town, and I think it would buy us the time we need together....

So here I am in my sluttiest of outfits, my tallest fuck-me boots, and my make up just the way he likes it. I’m blonde, 5’6’’, a little on the plus size side, but full in all the right places. My plump ass fills out my short denim cut-offs, and my shirt is so tight, my puffy nipples can be seen from a mile away. I’ll fit right in with the tramps he normally arrests, and I’m even wetter with anticipation thinking that he might finally use his cuffs on me! It’s 2am, bars are just letting out, so my time to act is now. I know where he normally peruses at this hour, but I text him as if I’m going to bed so I can figure out exactly where he is.

“Headed to bed. Miss you and am thinking about you,” I say. “Where you working at this hour?”

“Lurking at Greenville and Main, looking for drunks. Miss you too babe, and can’t wait be with you again soon,” he writes.

That’s what I needed to know! Off to Greenville and Main I go, dressed like a whore, and sure to get the attention of my husband. I park the car out of sight, and begin to walk the corner, faking a stumble here and there, seeing if I can’t make a little scene. It’s not long before I see him blacked out in a parking lot, and I begin to yell at passers-by, throwing myself loosely at strangers. After a few minutes of this, I see him pull out of the parking lot and head my way. I pretend not to notice him and continue acting like I’ve had a few too many. But out of the corner of my eye, I notice something that I hadn’t counted on. He’s got a drunk college kid locked up in his back seat! “FUCK,” I think. “What should I do now?”

But it’s too late because he’s got the spot light on me, and is getting out of his car. He’s going to know it’s me any second! And that’s when I hear it; “Hey, miss, put your hands up against the wall and face away from me.” I freeze and don’t move an inch, and he commands again, “Hands on the wall! Now!” I do as instructed this time, and he approaches from behind, still unaware of whom he’s talking to. I hear him on the radio, and then feel his big, gruff hands as he pats me down briefly. I shiver, and as he turns me around, the look on his face is priceless…

“What the fuck, Jenny?! What are you doing HERE, dressed like THAT??” he gasps. Caught, I coyly smile and don’t say anything. He takes one look at my short shorts and my erect nipples, and suddenly he gets it. He forces my hands above me, pushes me backwards into the wall, and leans his body into mine. In a gritty whisper, he tells me what he thinks about my charade; “You came all the way out here, dressed like a dirty whore, just so I’d see you, didn’t you? How dare you come here while I’m on duty just because you’re tired of getting yourself off? This is my fucking job, Jenny. It’s not a joke!”

Then he turns me around, jerks my hands behind my back, and puts the cuffs on me! I moan and protest, partially because I’m glad to be touched at all, and partially because I’m scared. I never even thought that he’d get mad! He searches my pockets more thoroughly, for effect I guess, and his hot breath dances across my cheek. “I don’t know what to do with you, you fucking slut. All I know is that you’re going to get what you deserve!”

With that, he throws me into the back of the car, next to the drunken kid, and starts driving. I don’t know where we were going, but about ten minutes later, he pulls into a hotel parking lot. I hear him radio in that he needs to be out of service for a bit because of a personal issue, and then he goes inside. My mind is buzzing with possibilities, still horny as fuck, but scared that’d I’d really screwed up. As I ponder how I got here, he returns with a key and orders me and the college kid out of the car. He takes us into a room, sits the kid in a chair, and loops his cuffs through the side so he can’t move. Then he looks at me with anger and lust, and pushes me onto the bed still cuffed. I can see is engorged dick through his pants, and I realize that my outfit has worked a number on him.

The outline of his eight inches throbbing against his pant leg makes me desperate for his cock. But I dare not say a word because I’m not sure what’s going to happen next. He starts talking to me again, saying awful things that shock me, but turn me on. “I can’t believe I’m married to such a wannabe whore! You can’t even go without sex for three weeks, can you bitch? Well, I’ll remind you of what sex is like. I’ll fuck your slutty cunt. I’ll show you how whores get fucked since you want to dress like that and parade around on my street corner. What a show you put on, dancing your tight ass around in those boots, for everyone to see. You have no idea what’s coming to you now, you dirty bitch.”

I can’t take in everything that is going on, and as I try to comprehend his words, I don’t even notice that he’s handcuffing me to the bed. I fight against my restraints, but tugging only makes it worse. As I apologize for my actions, I hear his belt hit the floor and his zipper come undone. I look up at him and know that I am in for the night of my life.

He strokes his cock as he looks me up and down, and I have no idea what he’s going to do first. Eventually, he unzips my boots, slides them off, and starts working is way up to my shorts. The college kid comes around a bit, and asks what the fuck is going on. I know better than to say anything, and my husband yells for him to shut the fuck up. Before I know it my shorts are off, and my juicy cunt is exposed for my husband and this kid I’ve never met! I try to close my legs, but he pulls them apart and warns me to behave like a good slut. I bite my lip and deal with the embarrassment. After all, I asked for this.

I relax just as I feel my husband get on the bed between my legs, and I know what is next. He slowly begins smacking my swollen, achy clit with his giant dick. He knows this drives me nuts, and I yell out in pleasure. He pulls the lips of my snatch far apart, making sure each smack brings his head down right onto my little pulsating bud. He reaches up, pulls at my shirt, and ends up ripping it off me. Now, my tits are exposed too, and my nipples are brownish red, huge, and sensitive. He runs his thumbs across each one, pressing too hard, and then pulling even harder. I moan because it hurts, but also because it makes me leak even more juice from between my legs.

Then he moves up, sits on my chest, and thrusts his dick into my face. “See if you like the taste of your cunt, since you’re such a whore now. Swallow my cock and see how you taste!” I can’t guide his dick into my mouth since my hands are cuffed above me, so I grope with my tongue, trying to get a hold of his purple head. He leans forward, shoves his dick into my throat, and pinches my nipples hard while gagging me a little. Surprisingly, I like the way I taste, and lick my fluids from his cock like it’s candy.

I moan between gags and try to be the best mouth-fuck he’s ever had. I love taking his shaft into my mouth, and try to bury my nose into is pubes. He keeps fucking my mouth and squeezing my tits, and his dick it still getting harder. I know he likes treating me like a fuck toy, and the mess I’m making of the sheets confesses that I like it too.

Not wanting to blow his load too soon, he gets off my chest and goes over to the stunned college kid. He looks at the kid and says, “Hey, you like what you see here?” pointing to my pussy. The kids nods, not sure what to say. My husband asks if he wants a turn to fuck me while I’m still fresh, and the kids eyes get huge.

“Uh, yes sir, I would like to, but…”

“But what?” my husband growls!

“But, I’ve never had sex before…” the kid squeaks out.

“Well,” my husband says, “there’s a first time for everything kid, and if you don’t want to be in trouble for drinking, you’re going to fuck my wife as hard as you can! Don’t be a pussy. My wife’s a good fuck, and she’ll show you what a naughty little slut she is.”

Stunned, I can’t say anything, and I just look at my husband pleadingly. I’ve never had sex with anyone but my husband, and I can’t believe he wants this kid to do me!? I don’t know what to think, I'm nervous, but all I can feel is my pussy aching to be fucked. My husband uncuffs the kid, and I see him quickly undress, his long, lean member at full attention before he even gets near me. I know he’s never seen tits or a cunt in person before, and I know he’s not sure what to do. My husband instructs him to get on the bed with me, and I instinctively take over from there.

“Hey there,” I say in the sexiest way I can muster. “I want you to fuck me for as long as you can. My pussy is really wet because I haven’t had a dick in weeks, and I want you to keep going no matter what. Don’t cum until I say you can, okay kid?” He nods and looks at my gaping, dripping hole, and I can tell he’s nervous. “Go ahead,” I say, "just put your dick in there.”

He puts his sweaty hands on my knees and slowly shoves his dick into me. He looks like he’s about to cum instantly, but regains his composure and begins to slide in and out of my pussy. I scream out because it’s been so long, and my husband loves how much I’m enjoying this. He watches from beside as this 18 year old fucks me, in and out, in and out, in and out. My husband flicks my nipples while I’m getting fucked, and the kid is beginning to sweat. I know he won’t last long, but I encourage him to keep going no matter what.

His pace picks up, his thrusting gets deeper, and my husband can't get enough of watching his wife deflower this kid. I know this kid’s going to blow his lid soon, so I tell him to put his hands on my tits while he pushes deeper inside me. He moans and grunts and I know his seed is coming in just a few seconds. My husband furiously strokes his own tool and whispers, “Go ahead kid, blow it in her. She’s on the pill, just fill her up with your virgin cum.” With that, the kid rips into my hot cunt and lets loose rope after rope of cum. I feel it hit my cervix over and over, and I lose it too. I cum, leaking all over the kid’s balls, quivering on his softening dick, and milking his cum from him with my orgasm. He pulls his flaccid dick out, panting for air, and my husband sits him back down, cuffing him back up.

I try to catch my breath because I know my night isn’t over. My husband comes over beside me, strokes my hair, and asks if I’m still enjoying being a whore. I nod, and see him reach down to pick something up off the ground. All the sudden I realize he’s got his baton, and I ask him what he’s doing. “You want to be a slut,” he says, “I’ll fuck you like a slut!”

Then he shoves his cold, metal baton into my pussy and I gasp out in pain. It’s deep in me a few times, but quickly it’s gone, and I’m not sure what to think. Then I feel it pressing up against my puckering little ass and I yell, “Oh! Oh! Baby, please go slow baby!” Before I know it, my tight, brown hole is being stretched with this object, and my plump ass is full of steel. I can’t believe I'm taking this right now, and the poor kid doesn’t know what to think. As the pole makes its way in and out of my asshole, I grunt and gasp, trying to adjust to the sensation.

My husband knows I love anal, and that I can cum just from it alone, but we’ve never done it like this before. He smiles as he pole-fucks me, and then tells me to beg for his cock. I moan and whine for it, begging him to leave the baton in my ass, and to fuck my pussy with his hard, thick dick. “Please, baby, pllleeeeeeasee! Fuck me now, baby, I’ve needed your cock for so long! Please don’t make me wait anymore! Just shove that stick in my ass and put your dick deep into my cunt baby!”

I guess that’s what he wanted to hear, because he pulls me to the edge of the bed, rams the baton deep into my rectum, and shoves his bulging head through my soaked vagina. I instantly scream, cumming from the fullness in my ass and pussy. He continues to fuck both my holes, and I beg for more and more. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, and my plan has worked. Here we are, my husband fucking the shit out of me- finally- and me getting to cum for him while he's on the clock! He bangs me for at least ten minutes, ravaging my cunt with his raging cock.

I feel like he’s going to split me in half, and just as I begin to cum again, he sprays his warm milky semen into what feels like my stomach. He keeps the baton in me just for torture, and asks again if I like being his dirty street whore. I nod, out of breath and oozing, hands still cuffed above my head. The kid is still watching me, dick hard again, and I know what he wants.

“Her cunt’s had enough,” my husband tells him, still slowly baton-fucking my dirty hole, “but she hasn’t swallowed anything tonight. Go fuck her face and fill her throat with your load.” I hear the cuffs drop to the floor, and this time, the kid is much less hesitant. He approaches me, stopping first to rub the head of his cock on my huge, stiff nipple a few times. Then he jumps right atop my chest, straddles my shoulders, leans his dick into my mouth, and proceeds to fuck my face as he was told. Tired and sore, I let him fuck my mouth, but don’t do much more. My wrists hurt from pulling against the cuffs, and the only thing I can think of is swallowing this kid’s jizz and going home. Feeling more comfortable I suppose, he talks to me while he fucks my face.

"Oh, lady, your husband's right! You are a slutty bitch. Uhhhh, yeah, eat my dick. Take it all the way in. Oh, lady, I've never had a blow job before either. I didn't know it was like this! Uggh, yeah, do that again with your tongue! Oh my god! I'm going to cum again soon! Oh you cum whore, I'm going to blow in your mouth!"

Just then, out of nowhere, I feel my husband’s dick in my pussy again, baton still planted deep into my butt. This time he’s softer, and more sensual with his cock. I moan through a mouthful of teen cock, suck like I’ve never sucked before, and cry out as my husband puts his thumb against my clit and massages me. I quiver from it all, and have the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. My boys cum shortly thereafter, and I fall asleep right there, handcuffed, naked, sticky, but satisfied.
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