A dirty bike ride!

By solabubbles

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Countryside bike ride turns into some dirty sex in the woods.
Blue skies, warm sunshine, the perfect day for a bike ride and the perfect time to try some alfresco sex.....

My husband and I have been camping several times and this time we were on a trip to Devon. Sex when camping is always interesting, normally a quickie in a tight space therefore unadventurous and a quiet affair. This can be a problem for me as I tend to be quite loud during sex, showing my appreciation for the pleasure I am receiving. The sex so far on this holiday had required some restraint and had not been fully satisfying.

On a particularly nice day we planned a long bike ride across the Devonshire countryside. We packed up our bikes and set off for the start, none the wiser of the pleasures that lay ahead. The route was not an easy one, we were soon cycling up steep hills and even having to push our bikes over rocky, steep patches. I could feel the sweat prickling my skin, between my breasts and on my brow, it was thirsty work.

A bit of exercise always makes me feel horny, the combination of feel-good endorphins, sweaty skin and slightly raised heartbeat. I was also enjoying the view of my husband's tight backside as we cycled along. It seemed this feeling was mutual and my husband commented on how much he was enjoying the view of my bum in my tight white trousers as we cycled uphill.

'I keep thinking about sticking my cock in you,' he whispered as he cycled past. I laughed, dismissing the comment but it had made my pussy tingle at the mention of his cock. Naughty ideas and images began to enter my thoughts and my pussy started to twitch with excitement. I began to notice the pleasing pressure of the saddle as I cycled along. The front was pressing on my pussy lips, I wiggled around causing friction on my clit and was beginning to feel very horny.

My husband had clearly been getting excited too, 'My cock is getting like a rock thinking about fucking you, we may have to do something about it.'

My mind began to whir, we had seen a few people on the track but it was fairly quiet, maybe a quick blowjob/wank somewhere hidden.

'I want to stick my cock in you,' I hadn't previously considered us both being relieved but with the dampness between my legs, the idea of some outdoor sex was very appealing.

We started scouting out a suitable spot, I was starting to worry about someone seeing us but my husband assured me if we climbed up through the woods no one would see. 'You will have to be quiet though, no screaming in pleasure!'

We found what seemed a good place to dump our bikes and then climbed uphill into a wooded area. We could still see the path but were fairly hidden by trees, both of us were ready for action and didn't want to delay any further.

My husband began to kiss me deeply and slowly, rubbing his hands around my neck and down over my breasts and bum. I could feel my nipples tingling in response, going hard and my breasts swelling at his touch. I could feel his hard cock pressing on my stomach. There is nothing that turns me on more than the feel of his hard dick, I am rarely able to resist it and love the power I have to make it twitch with excitement.

I reached down and started rubbing his swollen cock through his jeans then turned him so his back was towards the path and unzipped him. His cock quickly sprang out his boxers when I pulled them aside and I lowered myself to give it a deep suck. I felt his cock respond in my mouth and started running my tongue up and down its full length. My husband loves it when I deep throat him and as I did this then, sliding my lips down to the base and my tongue all the way up the back to the tip I tasted some of his salty juices escape. I looked up at him as I again lowered my lips down his enlarged penis and knew he was trying hard not to shoot his load.

I lay a jumper on the ground and lay down with my husband next to me. As he stuck his tongue deep into my mouth, his hand slid down, undid my trousers and slipped inside my knickers. As his fingers reached my clit my husband groaned at the wetness he found and I moaned into his mouth at the relief of him hitting the spot, I had been craving to be touched.

He rubbed his thumb over the clit feeling it swell and respond. I resisted the urge to moan out loudly, in the back of my mind thinking someone would come along and see or hear us. My clit was getting really big and it was feeling so good but my pussy hole was begging to be filled, my husband soon realised this and plunged two fingers into my hot wetness. This will normally make me orgasm fairly quickly and with the excitement of being outside, the risk of being caught and the long build up I knew I wouldn't take long. I could feel my pleasure building and my husband could tell I was close. Circling my clit and pushing his fingers in and out of me, I grabbed onto his shoulders, looked up at the sky and bit down on my lip and came like a train. My whole body shook as the waves of the orgasm spread out from my pussy and down my legs. My pussy clamped tightly around his fingers and my nipples went rock hard. As I bucked and writhed around my husband continued to tease my orgasm out until I begged him to stop.

He then quickly climbed on top of me and slid his cock straight into my waiting wet hole, I nearly came again at feeling him fill my swollen pussy. He started pumping his cock in and out as I wrapped my legs around his back pulling him in deeper and harder. It was feeling amazing.

'Turn over so I can do you doggy style,' my husband demanded and I was happy to oblige. I rolled over, pulled my trousers right down and thrust my bum in the air ready to take his red swollen shaft.

I felt him thrust it in quickly, his balls slapping on my bottom as he began to fuck me hard. It felt so good, my pussy was really tight at this angle and I moaned into the ground as I could feel an orgasm building again.

'Fuck me harder' I whispered urgently and he responded enthusiastically. As my pussy contracted, he shot his cum deep inside me, we both groaned loudly and collapsed onto the ground.

We lay there for a few seconds dazed with pleasure. Then laughed at how we had no tissue to clean up or what if someone had heard our last passionate moans. We used the jumper on the ground to wipe up best we could, my pussy was dripping with his cum and my pussy juices were all over his fingers and crotch.

My pussy felt swollen and sore as we remounted our bikes and headed back down the path. It had certainly been well used and it was the best sex we had had on the holiday. I could feel my wet knickers as we cycled back as both our juices trickled out of me, reminding me of the naughty session.

It was great fun and very satisfying. We don't know if anyone did see or hear us as we were having too fun much to notice. I look forward to our next outdoor session and would highly recommend it!

I hope you enjoy my first story!