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A dirty night in

Some wine, some porn and some great sex
My boyfriend's parents were going on holiday, this meant one thing for us, we would have the house to ourselves. This also meant we could have sex somewhere other than his small bedroom.

Whilst he was out at work, I had a day free from university so I made the preparations. I cooked a romantic meal, shaved myself clean, put on some lacey underwear and covered the sitting room in candles. I found a porn dvd we had bought on a recent trip to Amsterdam and put it in the tv, then lay down some duvets on the floor in front.

When he returned home, he glanced in the living room and laughed, 'looks good!'

We enjoyed our romantic meal, drank down some wine and headed to the living room for some fun. We put the dvd on, it was a typical porn film, no real story but soon some muscular guy with a huge dick was bouncing a hot girl up and down on his shaft. We sat on the sofa watching and kissed each other deeply as we kept glancing at the dirty action on screen.

I felt down to my boyfriend's growing bulge and as the girl on the film began sucking on the guy's large cock, I freed my boyfriends dick and began sucking down on it. His cock swelled as I licked it, he moaned as he pushed my head into his lap telling me he was enjoying watching the porn whilst I was sucking him off so well. I glanced at the screen and timed it so I was sliding my lips down his shaft at the same time as the girl on the film. I started to tickle and rub his balls, cupping them in my hand and squeezing the base of his cock. I ran my tongue up and down his veiny dick and tasted his pre-cum escaping.

'I don't want to cum yet,' he said as I was getting into the blow job. He pulled my head up and kissed me hard. He lifted my top over my head and started rubbing my breasts through my lacey bra. He got off the sofa and pulled me onto the duvet on the floor, his hands were quickly unzipping my jeans and rubbing on my lacey knickers.

The porn had got me really hot and horny and I knew I was dripping wet. I was so wet my knickers were sliding into my slit and it was going to be hard not to cum quickly. On screen the girl was now getting her pussy licked and my boyfriend was quickly getting to work on me, he pulled my knickers aside and was sucking and flicking my clit with his tongue. His tongue then worked down and started pulsing in and out of my warm hole. I watched the girl on the tv, imagining they were in the same room, hearing her moans as she was being licked out and matching them with my own groans of delight.

'I can't take much more,' I moaned and rolled over and stuck my bum in the air.

My boyfriend grabbed my hips, pulled me onto his cock and it popped into my tight hole. In this position we were both facing the screen and as he fucked me doggy style, we were watching the couple on tv fucking hard. The girl was on top, her tits bouncing up and down and they kept zooming in on his fat dick sliding in and out of her horny cunt.

My boyfriend was slamming his cock in hard and I turned to look at him, showing him how much I was enjoying this. He reached round and started rubbing my clit as he banged into me. He then reached up and felt my large breasts as they bounced back and forth as he slammed into my begging pussy.

The porn session on tv was making us extra horny but the scene was ending, the guy pulled his large cock out and was wanking into the girl's mouth.

My boyfriend pulled out, flipped me over and starred into my eyes as he shoved it straight into my wetness right to the base. I could feel my orgasm building straight away, I reached down and as we starred into each others eyes, I rubbed myself to climax whilst he fucked me slow and hard. I pushed my heels into his arse cheeks, forcing him in nice and deep. We orgasmed at the same moment, never losing eye contact, both of us shuddering at the force of it.

As he pulled out I felt our juices run down my thighs and lay down to recover. We made good use of his parents absence to have sex in other rooms of the house but those are other stories!

As we discovered that night it's always nice to use a bit of porn to spice things up!

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