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A Fantasy Acted Out

Lowri's quiet day in work was about to change.
Lowri had only been texting Jack for a couple weeks, having met him out on a works' do, but things had already started to move fast. They talked for hours on the phone each night about their past and their hopes for the future, and ventually each conversation would turn sexual. Lowri started to confide in her new love interest about her sexual fantasies and they talked for hours about possible scenarios in which these fantasies would work well.

Throughout these discussions, Lowri would become extremely horny. She was unable to prevent her hand moving to her sensitive nipples and rolling them between her fingers making them harder or sliding her hand down into her panties. Sensing the effect these stories were having on the young woman, Jack started to formulate a plan in which to surprise Lowri with her greatest desires.

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon in work, Lowri had handled the busy flow of patients in the morning and now had the opportunity to catch up with some paperwork. Looking around the GP waiting room, she was pleased to see it deserted. Lowri was busy typing up some amendments to a patient’s medical file when she heard someone clearing their throat. Slowly glancing up, she took in the image before her. In a fine tailored suit, his face with designer stubble, the person she had come to love was standing before her. She blushed as she asked the reason for his visit, noticing that grey tie she had read so much about in a blockbuster novel.

‘I’m here to make your dreams come true princess’ Jack plainly stated.

Samantha, Lowri’s fellow receptionist, appeared holding a cup of green tea next to Lowri, wearing an identical pattern blouse to that of Lowri’s. Sam knew the reason for the call, having been friends with Lowri for many years, she was well aware of Lowri’s fantasy of having sex in the work place. They spent many nights in the local pub, having had far too much wine, giggling like schoolgirls over each other’s darkest desires, In fact, it become tradition.

"Dr. John is off today. Why don’t you talk in her room?" Samantha remarked with a cheeky grin, a similar to the one that Jack wore.

Even though Lowri had fantasised abpiut this for years, now that it was about to happen she was filled with nerves that she never realised she could have. As she stood up and walked towards the door to meet Jack in the corridor, Lowri could feel her knees knocking together and that her lips were dry. As she opened the door, she managed a nervous smile and they entered Dr. John’s room together.

"So, what.." Lowri started to say, but before she could finish her question, Jack had pushed her against the office wall and kissed her hard on the lips. It took the petite blonde girl by surprise, as she was only 5'3" and Jack towered over her at 6', His physical strength far outweighed hers with ease.

Within seconds of the initial kiss, the receptionist became accustomed to the situation and started to relax. Her mouth parted and the couple spent time passionately kissing one another. She noticed that his kissing was far more aggressive than before, and with his body pressed tightly against hers, sandwiching her against the wall, Lowri started to feel Jack’s penis harden against her leg.

Jack broke off the kiss and looked Lowri in the eyes. Her piercing blue eyes looked back at him.

"I am in control. Do exactly as I say, or you will face the punishment."

Jack’s voice was cold, having practiced this role for a considerable amount of time. Lowri merely nodded, awaiting further instruction.

"Kneel down and take off my belt," Jack instructed.

Lowri did as she was told. As the belt buckle was dropped to the ground, Lowri reached out to unzip the suit trousers. Jack quickly grabbed hold of her wrist and looked squarely into her eyes.

"I did not mention anything about the trousers, did I?" Jack asked.

Lowri shook her head in response.

"Stand up and bend over, with your hands on the bed."

Lowri took her stance, legs spread, hands placed firmly on the patient’s examination bed, and waited. It was something they had introduced into their relationship fairly early on. Jack lifted up Lowri’s designer pencil skirt (he had always admired her fashion sense) and slowly removed her sexy black knickers. As the black lingerie fell to the floor, Lowri stepped out of them. Jack stood back and admired the view. There she stood, bent over, in black high heeled shoes, black stockings and with her tight tanned ass being displayed. It was a sight to drive any man crazy.

Lowri stood there, the cold breeze on her uncovered buttocks, anticipating his next move. Thinking of their previous experiences, Lowri bit her lower lip with excitement. It felt like an eternity for the young receptionist, and then she felt it. A hard sharp pain spread across her right ass cheek as Jack’s large palm made contact with the soft skin. Lowri looked back just in time to see the palm make contact with her delicate ass cheek again.

Lowri caught his gaze, and licked her top lip in an attempt to tease her lover. Jack spun the young receptionist around and forced her to her knees. She waited as he furiously unzipped his trousers and pulled down his boxers, revealing a large erect penis. Lowri had come to love this tool in the recent weeks and was eager for all eight inches to be shoved deep in her mouth.

The room was filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning as Lowri expertly sucked the suited man’s cock. She looked up his torso, past the grey tie and to Jack's face.

"Oh, that’s it. Suck it deeper, girl. Yes, like that. Oh, you are such a slut."

Lowri continued to suck Jack off whilst she moved her hand to her panty-less crotch, finding her clitoris and rubbing it gently. The feeling was electric for Lowri loved only one thing more than Jack sticking his manhood down her throat, and she knew she wouldn’t have to wait long for that.

"Urgh, yeah,. keep licking that head babes. Fuck, I am close! Urgh, urgh. Yesssssss!"

Jack sent wave after wave of cum down Lowri’s throat. She had a hard time to swallow it all with a little seeping from the side of her lips. She used an index finger to capture the runaway semen and put it back in her mouth.

The receptionist was lifted to her feet and the pair exchanged kisses. Lowri started unbuttoning his shirt, displaying his well-toned body. Lowri once again bent over for Jack and this time he hungrily started to eat his lover’s pussy. The blowjob had clearly aroused the young girl, as she was extremely wet at this point. Jack continued to lick and tongue her pussy, whilst inserting a finger simultaneously. Lowri was experiencing some of the best oral of her life and slowly she started to build towards an earth shattering orgasm. Jack was well aware of this and once it became evident from her moans that she was close, he stopped in his tracks.

"Oh, that’s so nice, Jack. Oh, please. Yes. Oh, that’s it…. Oh, you bastard."

"I told you I was in control. You will orgasm when I say, not a second before," Jack announced.

As Lowri started to come down from the excitement, Jack started once more to lick her moist warm pussy. This cycle continued for some time. Just when she thought she could no longer take any more of the sexual torture, he stood up. With Lowri still bent over, he slid all eight inches deep inside her pussy.

"Oh, yes, babes, that feels so nice. Fuck me hard, fuck me… Please, fuck me. Faster, faster!"

The room was now filled with the sound of moaning, Jack’s balls slapping into Lowri and Lowri’s ass being slapped repeatedly by Jack. It is hard to believe that no one in the surgery came to investigate the noise.

Lowri was now extremely close to her orgasm and Jack decided to let her finally enjoy it. Lowri’s head started to spin, her legs started to shake as she lost control. Had it not being for Jack holding her up, Lowri would have been a ball on the floor. Jack’s hard cock was still inside the blonde receptionist. After a few moments, once Lowri had regained composure, he started to slide his cock in and out of her once more.

Just a short moment later he said, "Oh, I’m going to cum. I’m ready to cum."

"Cum inside me, babes. Please let me feel it inside of me."

Jack grunted as he sent his seed deep inside his lover. Lowri looked back at Jack, smiled and gave him a wink.

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