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A Favour For A Friend Part 1

A wife is tempted by her best friend to seduce her son, and is so aroused she is desperate to fuck.

It was late afternoon on one of those rare days in late July in northern England when it was warm enough to sit outdoors until late in the evening long after dusk had fallen. Anne and I were sitting in companionable silence on the patio of our friends Ellen and David with a glass of a nice chilled white wine in our hands. Our two teenage girls were knocking a shuttlecock back and forth on the lawn, their laughter mingling with the melodious sounds of nature. David had been fiddling with the barbecue for what seemed like ages – I had often told him to buy a gas one, as they were relatively cheap and much easier to use, but he claimed that charcoal added a richer flavour to the food. As there was nothing I could do to help, I let him get on with it, and looked over to admire Ellen who was gracefully stretched out on a lounger beside us.

Suddenly, Ellen turned to us and said in a voice little louder than a murmur, “ Oliver is coming home next weekend for a couple of weeks between university and starting his new job in London, it would be very nice if you could give him a specially good time whilst he is here. ”

Oliver had just graduated with a good degree from Bristol University, which was by coincidence the university where I had obtained my first degree. As an only child he had a very close relationship with his mother, as often happens in these circumstances, and my first thought was that she would want to spend as much time with him as possible before he ventured out alone into the big bad world of adulthood. I therefore dismissed her remark as a mere pleasantry and thought no more about it.

In truth, we had seen very little of Oliver even before he went to university. My personal recollection was of a rather serious and quiet boy with a pale complexion and a shock of blonde hair, and even though Anne had seen a little more of him when she went round to Ellen's for a gossip after work or at weekends, neither of us really knew much about him.

However, what had seemed to me to be just a casual remark had planted a very naughty idea in my wife's mind. In the short term the consequence of decision she made at that moment would merely be a few hours of intense sexual pleasure for her and Oliver. In the long term, however, it would have a profound effect on our all our lives, although we were not to know that at the time.


At this stage I feel that I ought to tell you a little about us. Anne and I had met at Manchester University where she was in the first year of training as a speech and language therapist, whilst I was studying for a doctorate in neurophysiology. We were immediately attracted to one other, and after dating for a few months decided to get married, rather rashly in some people's eyes, as we had very little money to live on. By the time she graduated Anne was already pregnant with Gemma, our first daughter, and just over a year after Gemma's arrival our second daughter Nicola was born.

For the next eleven years Anne concentrated on being a housewife and mother, but when both girls were at secondary school she found a job at a special school for profoundly deaf and autistic children. At the time about which I am writing we had been married for just over twenty years. Anne was approaching forty and I was a few years older at forty-five. I was still at the university, where I had recently been awarded the chair in Experimental Neuroscience.

It was through Anne's job that we had come to know Ellen. She was in charge of events and fundraising at the school where Anne worked, and the two women hit it off from the start soon becoming firm friends. Our two families lived quite close by in a village on the edge of the peak District. It was inevitable, therefore, that Anne and Ellen could often be found at one or the other of our homes with a cup of coffee, or depending on the time of day, something stronger, talking about work, or just gossiping about the world.

We didn't see as much of David, Ellen's husband, as he often had to travel abroad for his work as an international patent lawyer. He was a rather serious man, but with a twinkle in his eye, and he was unfailingly courteous in his dealings with all of Ellen's female friends, which I know that Anne found rather charming.

In my eyes Anne, with her short red-blonde hair, shapely figure, and nice firm breasts and bottom, would always be the most beautiful woman in the world. Ellen, who was about the same age as me, was a little more voluptuous, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, but she had an air of sensuality about her that made her attractive to most men. As I got to know her better our relationship became more than a little flirtatious, even naughty, but that is the subject of another story, and there was never any question of risk to our marriages.

As a result of our wives' close friendship it was inevitable that David and I would also get to know each other well, and on Saturday mornings when he wasn't away on business, we would often play an hour or two of squash at the local courts. In all honesty, it must be said that we played energetically rather than well, although it did keep us fairly fit, and served to prevent the more serious consequences of a shared liking for good food and fine wines. However, neither of us could be described as hunks, just a couple of reasonably attractive middle-aged men.


Now that I have told you a little about us it is time to resume my story of that evening, and all that followed from it.

After our meal, as we sat under the stars with our postprandial brandies, Ellen returned to the subject of Oliver's pending visit. She explained that he had been a little down recently despite the excitement of graduation day, which had ended with a splendid champagne and strawberry tea on the lawn of one of the halls of residence overlooking the splendours of the Avon Gorge. Even the anticipation of his new job in London, with a good starting salary and excellent prospects of promotion, did not seem to excite him very much.

It turned out that his girlfriend, with whom he had been in a relationship for the last two years at university, had abruptly dumped him without any explanation straight after finals, leading to the cancellation of their planned trip to Venice.

“Thank God she did it after he had finished his finals, ” said Ellen, “Otherwise I dread to think what would have happened, but it was still a bit of a bitchy thing to do; and she was such a pretty girl too. ”

Then a sudden thought seemed to strike her, although in retrospect I don't think it was that sudden.

“Why don't you come round to dinner next Saturday night, you can meet Oliver, and I am sure he would like to meet your two girls again, they are quite grown up now. ”

Gemma and Nicola were seventeen and sixteen respectively, so rather young for a young man of nearly twenty-two, but I was too polite to point this out.

Ellen turned to David, who was by then quietly dozing in his chair, nursing his empty glass on his chest.

“That will be all right, won't it darling – Anne and Bill and the girls can come to dinner next Saturday night can't they? ”

David sleepily mumbled his agreement, as he roused himself for a moment from his daydreams, before sinking back into that pleasant torpor which commonly follows a nice meal with plenty of alcohol.

So it was that the following Saturday we found ourselves again at Ellen and David's house. Before dinner the party split up on gender lines, Anne and our girls went off to help Ellen in the kitchen, whilst David, Oliver and I went up to his den where he took great pleasure in showing us the latest additions to his rather magnificent model railway layout – Ellen always called it his boy's train set, which really didn't do it justice – and demonstrating how he could control it all from his iPhone, which I thought was a bit nifty.

Oliver, however, was a revelation. Gone was the gawky and rather shy boy, and in his place was a tall and very handsome young man. I had remembered him as being rather skinny, but he had obviously kept himself fit, his bare forearms below the sleeves of his sweat shirt were nicely muscled, and as he moved there were hints of the firm body beneath his clothes. During our conversations about his time at Bristol, I learned that he had played both hockey and tennis for the university, although he said that sport had necessarily taken a back seat in the run up to finals, and that he really needed to get back into training.

“What a foolish young woman his girlfriend was, ” I thought, "To have thrown him over in the way she had. He would certainly be a hit with the ladies in our circle, it was just a pity he was only going to be around for a couple of weeks. ”

I knew that Anne was going to have a lovely time over dinner flirting with him, she had often said that having a young admirer did wonders for an older woman's self-esteem, particularly at that time of life when the children were almost grown up and the imagined terrors of middle age beckon.

I suggested to Oliver, “If you want to indulge a bit of sport whilst you are home, one of our friends have a private tennis court in their back garden which I know they would be pleased to let you use.”

I then had a bright idea, “ Why don't you ask Anne to have a knockabout. She doesn't get much opportunity to play these days, and I know that she would enjoy playing with you. I am a lousy partner for her. I was never very good at ball games as I was more of a runner when I was younger.”

Dinner was a great success. Ellen is a great cook and over the years David had built up a rather splendid cellar. Anne had been placed by Ellen next to Oliver at one end of the table, and she spent her time finding out all about him. She talked very little, but listened avidly to everything he had to say, whilst looking deeply into his eyes in blatant adoration – I am told that this always works with men. Smile sweetly and let them think they are the most important person in the world and they will tell you all their deepest secrets and desires, and Oliver was no exception to this rule.

Anne is an expert at making men feel special, so by the end of the meal I am sure that Oliver was more than a little in love with her. This gave me a definite thrill since I was the man she would be going home with at the end of the evening.

I didn't have too bad a time, either, as I was seated opposite Ellen, which gave me every opportunity to admire her rather magnificent breasts as well as engaging in a little playful teasing. We talked about the things we enjoyed doing, and of course, I took every opportunity to let her know how much I appreciated her culinary and other skills. Meanwhile our two girls were quite happy gossiping about their friends, whilst David concentrated on the serious business of wine appreciation.

After dinner Anne devoted herself even more to Oliver, as Ellen had requested she was trying to give him a really good time. They sat cuddled together on the sofa, her hand gently resting on his thigh, as she asked him about his future plans and his expectations of his new job. I also overheard her rather sweetly encourage him to find a nice girl to settle down with.

“It is so much nicer to share everything with a loving partner, ” she murmured, “And finding out all the intimate secrets of someone of the opposite sex is so much fun. ”

As we made our farewells at the end of a delightful evening, rather than just a peck on the cheek, Anne leaned up to Oliver and kissed him lightly on the lips. As she did so I noticed that she pressed her body against him slightly longer and more firmly than might be normally expected in such circumstances, and just long enough for him to become aware of the warmth and softness of her breasts and the scent of her hair and body.

A few minutes later, when we got into our house Anne went on through to the kitchen whilst I turned to the girls and asked them if they had had a pleasant evening.

“Oh yes," they chorused in unison, “and isn't Oliver a hunk?” added Gemma.

I chuckled and said that I thought he was a bit too old to be interested in her, but I agreed that he probably was a hunk, although I was not the best person to make that judgement. Nicola, our younger daughter, chirped up that it wasn't fair that mummy had monopolised Oliver during the evening. I replied that he had had a bit of a tough time recently, and that Aunt Ellen had asked mummy to be particularly nice to him, and to buck him up a little before he went off to London to start his new job.

I then told them both that as it was late it was really time for them to go to bed, giving them both a hug and a squeeze, before they disappeared up the stairs to their bedrooms.

As they went, Anne came out of the kitchen with two mugs of hot chocolate, handing one to me as she reached my side. When I turned to go into the sitting room, however, she called me back in a way that started a stirring in my loins as she said in a low sexy voice.

“Let's go straight upstairs, we can take our chocolate with us, but I feel so... horny, and I need to fuck really badly. I can't wait to get your clothes off and ride your lovely cock until you beg for mercy.”

Well that was an invitation I could hardly refuse, and in seconds we were in our bedroom with the door firmly locked behind us. I didn't even have time to sip at my chocolate before Anne pulled me roughly to her for a passionate kiss, one hand fumbling with my belt, the other firmly clutching my balls through my jeans.

“Careful," I said, “You'll make me spill my chocolate.”

“Well put it down on your bedside table, and get your kit off so that I take advantage of you, ” she replied in a voice made husky by desire.

As soon as I was naked she pushed me backwards onto the bed, unzipping her dress to let it fall to the floor at her feet. As she stood before me in just her bra, knickers, and stockings I revelled in her beauty which still excited me even after twenty years of marriage. Her bra followed her dress revealing her wonderful breasts the nipples erect, and I totally forgot Ellen's equally lovely pair which I had been ogling over dinner. I was even more excited by the large damp patch on the front of her knickers, evidence of her high level of arousal.

Anne then started to tease me, undulating her body seductively as she slowly lowered her knickers before dropping them over my face. I breathed in deeply to take in the delicious scent of her arousal, and then pushed her knickers away so that I could take in the full glory of her nakedness.

“O God, what a delicious pussy,” I thought, as my cock swelled and rose to its full length in anticipation of the delights to come.

Beads of liquid from her cunt glistened on the soft curls that framed her labia, the inner lips already swollen and open like the petals of a flower. The head of her clitoris poked through its hood, and I knew that there was no need for foreplay this night, Anne was more than ready to be fucked, almost desperate for her journey to the land of delight.

Without a pause she climbed up onto the bed and straddled my hips, and to hold of my cock in her hand. She started to rub the head against her clitoris and labia to prepare it for entrance into her welcoming cunt.
In all the years we had been making love I had always found the moment when my cock first penetrated the entrance to her cunt one of the most exciting and beautiful moments of intercourse, almost as good as the orgasm that was its ultimate goal. This time was no exception. Anne then gently lowered herself until my whole length was enveloped in her velvet depths, the cheeks of her bottom gently caressing my balls. I was in seventh heaven.

Anne rested for a moment to savour the exquisite sensations radiating throughout her body from her loins. She moaned with satisfaction and pleasure before crying out, “Oh yesss, I have been longing for this all evening – God how I want to be fucked.”

Leaning forward she kissed me passionately, parting her lips to plunge her tongue into my mouth in a frenzy of lust, her breasts pressed hard against my chest.

Things soon became a lot more frantic. Anne started to ride up and down my shaft with increasing speed, at the same time squeezing the muscles of her vagina. At the end of each downstroke she wriggled her bottom to increase the sensation on her clitoris, which she rubbed hard against the bones of my pelvis. At the same time she reached back with one hand to squeeze my balls as if she could milk them of all their semen.

I clutched the cheeks of her bottom in an attempt to control her passion, but in just a few minutes she sat up and arched her back, imploring me to pinch her nipples hard before screaming out loud in ecstasy as she began to come. This drove me over the top, and I thrust upwards with my hips to drive my cock even further into her body as my own orgasm overwhelmed me.

The exquisite feeling of my climax, almost painful in its intensity, rose up through my cock until all sensation became focused in its head. Intense waves of pleasure then radiated back down into my loins and into the rest of my body, causing me to shake in spasms of inexpressible joy. I could feel my cock pumping the contents of my balls deep into her vagina, the head of my cock pushing hard against her cervix.

This caused Anne to rise to even greater heights of pleasure, and she began to quiver uncontrollably. She was by now beyond conscious thought, consumed by the sensations wracking her body. Incoherent with pleasure, the only sounds to come from her mouth were squeaks and moans as her climax mounted to its peak. Finally, she began to relax falling slumped against my body, and as she lay there, tears of joy streamed down her face, and a look of utter bliss gradually spread across her face.

Our passion spent, we both drifted in a timeless world of indescribable feeling, aware only of the pleasure we had shared. Eventually we both began to return to full consciousness, and Anne drowsily moved sideways a little so that I was no longer supporting her whole weight. We cuddled together, her left leg across my thigh, and my hand resting lightly on her bottom. I could feel the lips of her pussy and her soaking wet curls pressed against my groin, our combined juices drying on our skin. One arm around my waist, the other caressing my left cheek, she murmured her love and thanks for taking her once again to the edges of eternity. In return I stroked her head, tangling my fingers in her hair with my free hand, and told her of my everlasting devotion to giving her pleasure.

As we lay there in post coital contentment I whispered, “Gemma told me that she thought that Oliver was a hunk, but I am willing to bet that you were even more attracted to him than she was. He certainly seems to have turned you on, you naughty minx.”

She said nothing, but just giggled.

Teasingly I went on, “In fact I suspect that you were thinking about him rather than me just now, perhaps imagining that it was his cock inside you.”

She pondered for a moment, but what she said next came as a complete surprise.

“It wouldn't surprise me if Gemma wasn't lying in her bed right now playing with her pussy dreaming about Oliver, probably using that nice little vibrator that I gave her for her birthday.”

I said nothing as I struggled to digest what she had just said. To be honest I had never given a thought to my daughters’ sexuality; they were still my little girls.

After a few minutes in which she appeared lost in contemplation, Anne continued. “Yes, it ’ s true, I would love to play with Oliver's nice young cock before letting him fuck me. It would really turn me on to feel him pump his fertile seed deep into my cunt, and I know that I could show him a really unforgettable time. Ellen told me in confidence that sex with his girlfriend had all been a bit perfunctory and unsatisfying. It would be so nice to show him what heights of ecstasy can be reached with a loving partner.”

I just lay there with Anne in my arms, excited by the thought of what was might happen before very long, and hoping that I would be able to watch her mating with Oliver.

Slightly worried by my silence, and thinking that I might be jealous, Anne continued, “Whatever happens, you will always be my favourite lover. However many men may take me, it will never the same as it is with you. I really enjoy fucking, but with us it is not just lust, but a union of our souls.”

I kissed her hair softly, and murmured, “I know that you love me, and I have no fears that you would ever leave me. All I want is for you to be happy, and I enjoy sharing you with other men. Watching you ascend to heights of sexual bliss is beautiful, and never ceases to arouse me.”

Anne then moved from my side and squatted on her haunches in front of me, her thighs parted so that I could see her pussy lips and clitoris coated with our dried juices, a trickle of semen still running down from her cunt towards her anus.

She spread her inner lips lasciviously and purred, “Come on, before we go to sleep why don't you clean me up with your wicked tongue, and I if you are good I might just give you a nice blow job when you’ve finished.”

Needing no further encouragement, and excited by Anne's confession of her lust for Oliver, I quickly turned over and slid up the bed so that my head was between her legs. I started to lick her pussy, sucking her engorged lips into my mouth before flicking the tip of her swollen clitoris with my tongue. She soon started to writhe and moan as new waves of pleasure washed over her. As she started the build up towards her climax, I inserted my index finger into her cunt to make sure it was fully lubricated and then gently pushed it passed the resistance of her sphincter muscles into her anus, inserting my thumb into her wet and slippery cunt.

The combined assault of my tongue and fingers quickly drove Anne over the edge into another orgasm, not as violent as her earlier climax but longer lasting, leaving her utterly sated. She lay back on the bed with a look of utter contentment and bliss on her face. She murmured words of thanks and love, as I looked on in complete adoration for this wonderful woman who was my soul mate and the centre of my existence.

As she returned to earth, Anne remembered her promised to complete my evening with a blow job. She pushed me back onto the bed and gently took the head of my cock between her lips, stroking the shaft with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. She then slowly licked up and down the shaft whilst squeezing the head of my cock just below the glans, before taking my balls into her mouth and sucking them as she wrapped her hands around my cock, sliding them up and down with increasing frequency. I started to thrust my hips up and down in time with her hands, and as I neared my climax she took the head of my cock into her mouth again, swallowing all of my come as I spurted again and again, exquisite sensations flooding my entire body as I floated in a sea of inexpressible joy.

Our lovemaking complete we snuggled together under the duvet, our bedtime chocolate forgotten as we drifted off into sleep together, one in our abiding love – the true union of souls.

To be continued.

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story, so I hope my readers will be kind in their judgments. This has turned out to be very challenging, as the style and format are very different from the kind of dry scientific writing with which I am familiar, and I have never tried to write dialogue before.

I have also studied the stories of two of my favourite UK based writers, Jennygently and Angieseroticpen. This is just the build up, don’t worry; there will be plenty of torrid sex to come in later instalments.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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