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A Fishing Tail

Fishing trip turns into sexual adventure
A few years ago, I had been dating this girl, Linda, for a few months, and we had been getting along real well, but although she seemed to like me, we kissed, a little bit of tongue, that was as far as she had let it go. I was getting a little bit frustrated to say the least.

One day I asked her if she would like to go fishing in my boat. I have a 23 foot Pro-Line cuddy cabin which is set up for off-shore fishing. To my surprise she said she had never been and she would like to try it. I picked her up before dawn and we drove to the launching ramp, at Matheson Hammock Park. After we launched we drove across Biscayne Bay, and I showed her how to steer the boat and how to control the throttle and gears. We stopped on the grass flats near the finger channels and anchored. After putting out a chum bag, I handed her a small spinning rod, showed her how to bait her hook and cast and she was in business. She started catching small blue runners, and after I showed her once how to take them off the hook and put them in the live well, she did it on her own. I was sitting behind her rigging the trolling rods and admiring her nice tight ass in her skimpy bathing suit. Imagine a sorority girl from the The U, who baits her own hooks. I was starting to like her even more. After we had enough baits, we took off for the Gulf Stream.

Once we were in the Gulf Stream, south of Fowey Light, I put out the trolling rods with live baits. I showed her how to put the trolling rod in the gimbal on the chair she would be using. While showing her how to pump and reel, a fish struck the rod she was holding, and line screamed off the reel. From the way the rod tip was vibrating I could tell she had a small tuna or bonito. As she was trying to reel in the fish, her feet slipped on the deck and her body slid forward on the chair and came to rest with the rod butt up against her pussy. The rod was shaking and must have felt like a vibrator against her pussy. After gaffing her fish, I looked back at her and her face was flushed, and a quick glance at her crotch showed a wet spot on her bathing suit.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked her innocently.

"That was very exciting, do you think we can catch some more?"

"These types of fish tend to run in schools." No sooner had I said that, than the other rod sounded off! I handed her the rod, and as she was fighting this fish, I could tell it was bigger than the first. I looked back at her, and damned if she didn't have her pussy jammed up aginst the rod butt again. This could very interesting, I thought to myself. I was at the steering wheel chasing her fish, when, after several minutes of fighting the fish, I heard her moan. Suddenly she shuddered, and let out a squeal. She was coming just from the vibration of the rod against her pussy! She managed to get the fish to the boat without dropping my rod. After I put the fish in the boat I took the rod and put it aside. I took her hands and pulled her body to mine, and kissed her. I ran my hands down her back and clasped her ass in my hands. Amazingly enough, she didn't remove my hands. I pulled her tighter to me, and she wrapped her arms around my waist. I felt my dick start to grow against her pussy, and I thought for sure she was going to push me away. (By the way, for those of you wondering, the boat has an auto-pilot for when I fish alone).

Taking a chance, I ran one hand inside her bathing suit and held her nice, firm ass cheek. When all I got was her tongue in my mouth, I reached out and killed the engine, and then pushed her backward into the cuddy cabin. I laid her down on the v-berth and began to run my hands over her body. Soon, I pushed her top up off her tits, and I must admit they were every bit as nice as I had imagined them to be. I began to suck on her nipples, and gently squeeze her tits. As she was gently moaning, I took my other hand and slid it down her belly, and over her pussy. I massaged her pussy through her suit, and she started pushing her pussy up against my hand. She still hadn't said a word since I had started to kiss her on deck.

As her moans got louder, she reached down and pushed her suit bottom down over her hips. I was more than happy to assist her, and slid her suit down off her legs completely. I discovered that she had a neatly trimmed landing strip of pubic hair above her pussy. I began to slide my hand back and forth over her pussy, and as I felt her lips start to part, I felt her cunt become very wet and slick. I slid my middle finger deep into her cunt, and slowly began to pump it in and out of her. Her body started jerking back and forth and I quickly slid another finger into her, and rapidly curled them up to hit her G-spot. She screamed so loudly that I was glad there weren't any other boats nearby. She clamped her legs tightly on my hand and I felt her cunt start to spasm and hot juice squirted out against my hand. As she relaxed, she finally spoke, saying "Oh my God, that was fantastic!"

"Linda, I must admit, although I like you a lot, I wasn't sure you really liked me. I mean, you've let me kiss you, but every time I've tried to go further, you have politely stopped me. How did this change come about? Now, without even saying a word, here we are, and you're letting me finger your pussy. Believe me I really enjoyed it, and I would like more, but...?"

Linda put her finger on my lips and said, "Shhh. Mike, I really have started to like you, but until I was sure I liked you enough, I wasn't going to simply flop over on my back and spread my legs like a lot of my sorority sisters do. Some of them don't think they've had a good date until they have come running out of their pussy. Even on the first date with a guy. I've liked you from our first date, and I most liked how you were a gentleman, weren't pushy, stopped when I said stop. Now, I will admit that first fish caught me by surprise when my body slipped up against the rod. The second time, I did it on purpose, and it really turned me on. Now you've turned me on, and I want you to do it again. By the way," she laughed," you can close your mouth, unless you can think of something better to use it for besides catching flies." Having said that, she spread her legs and pushed my head down toward her waiting cunt.

I promptly spread the lips of her pussy open and gently began to lick up and down between her gorgeous lips. I licked from her ass to her clit. When I got to her clit, I took my thumbs and spread her cunt, popping her clit out, and began to nibble on it. She began to pump her cunt against my mouth, harder and harder. "Mike, stick your tongue in me, as far as you can! Fuck me with your tongue!" As I licked and sucked, I tasted more and more of her sweet nectar. Suddenly, I felt her start to tighten her legs around my head, and I grabbed the nub of her clit between my teeth, and gently nipped at it. "Oh my God, Oh my God, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Suddenly, I felt a tremendous gush of pussy juice in my mouth. It tasted sweet and a little acidic at the same time. I tried my best to swallow it all, but there was too much. I slid up on the v-berth with Linda, and began to kiss her. "I'm sorry. I meant to warn you. I squirt when I come. The harder I come, the more I squirt."

She placed her hand on my crotch, and felt my erection beneath my shorts. She said, "Do you think I should return the favor?" 
"I certainly wouldn't mind," I answered, as she undid my shorts. She promptly leaned forward and swallowed my dick to my balls. Obviously, this was not her first blow job. I couldn't believe the suction she applied to my dick. It felt like I had stuck my dick in a vacuum cleaner. It took her about thirty seconds to have me thrusting my dick as far as I could down her throat, blasting thick ropes of hot come down her throat. What was incredible was that I think if my dick had been six inches longer, she still could have handled it with ease. She is the only woman I've ever been with who could give that great a blow job.

After I caught my breath and my eyes uncrossed themselves, I got up to see how the boat was doing since we were simply drifting. I asked her if she wanted to fish, or go for a swim, while we got ourselves together. She said let's swim, so I told her we would run in towards shallow water where we could anchor. As I cranked up the motor, she came out from the cabin, without a stitch on. It was easier to see in the sunlight, that she had very few tan lines on her body. I realized that I was standing at the helm, with just a shirt on, so I took it off. Linda came and stood next to me, and as we started to go a little faster, slid in between me and the wheel. She put her hands on the wheel, and told me to help her steer, so she could learn how to do it. As she did this, she pressed her ass up against my limp dick and gave it a little shake.

"Is this going to bother you while we drive?"

"Linda, this would never 'bother' me. But it is starting to cause a reaction."

She looked up over her shoulder at me with a grin and said, "Good, I was hoping it would. Can you steer from that seat?" I sat on the helmsman's seat, and adjusted it backward. Linda got up on the step in front, and leaned forward, opening up her pussy lips and ass cheeks. She then sat on my awakening dick, and the combination of the vibrations from the engine, and the vibrations from her ass, got my dick up and stiff in a hurry. I could feel that her cunt was already wet with her juices, so I lifted her up slightly and placed my dick against that hot, wet, opening and felt it slip right in. Linda did a little shimmy with her hips and my thick, seven inch dick was as deep into her as it could go.

I had never fucked a woman while actually running the boat. The vibrations, the up and down bouncing of the hull over the small waves, combined to give us the best combination fuck and masturbation I have ever felt. I didn't have to move my body in the slightest, and neither did she. In no time, she was screaming in ecstasy as she climaxed over and over. I could feel her pussy juice running down over my balls and down my legs. I couldn't get any coherent words out of my mouth, just moans and grunts, each time her cunt slapped back down on my dick., Finally, even though I had just come a short while before, I couldn't hold on any longer, and my sperm jetted deep into her cunt. I couldn't have pulled out of her, or lifted her off my dick, even had I wanted to. As Linda felt my load fill her up, she started crying out,"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Oh God that's fantastic, fill me up," with each bounce of the boat, each shot of my sperm deep into her beautiful, hot cunt.

Fortunately, there aren't that many boats on the ocean that you really have much danger of running into another one, because I damn sure wasn't paying much attention! After we caught our breath, I let my dick slip out of her cunt, and I wrapped my arms around her and said "that was fantastic!" We cruised another fifteen minutes until we got to shallow water, and I showed her how to anchor the boat. Once we were set, I asked her, "Swim or eat lunch?"

"Mike, can I just stretch out on the floor, and relax for a little while?"

"Linda, you can't stretch out on the floor, but you can stretch out on the deck. Would you like a drink? I've got sodas, beer, and water. We can make sandwiches later if you like."

"I didn't see any drinks, where did you hide them?"

"This boat has ice boxes, fish boxes and storage all over it. You would be surprised at what I've got on this boat. I was hopeful, and I'm maybe being a little presumptious, but I did pack enough food, and some sheets, that we can spend the night out, if you want."

"Mike, let's see how things go. You might be able to tempt me."

We rested for a little while talking about nothing much, mostly just being companiable. She was resting face-up on the deck on her towel, with a boat cushion for a pillow, and I was sitting in the helmsman's chair. I asked her if she needed some sunscreen or lotion, but she said no, because the Bimini top and her natural coloration was all she needed. After a while we dozed off, then awoke about an hour later. 

"Mike, I'm hungry. Show me what you've got to eat and I'll make some sandwiches." When I opened the built-in ice chest, she saw the sandwich stuff, but she also saw the two steaks I had brought, just in case. "Mike, I've never been out on a boat like this before, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a stove where you can cook steaks."

"You're right, there isn't one, but remember I told you I was hopeful of spending the night. If we do, we'll be tied up to a dock, or anchored close to shore, where we can grill them. Under the berth up front, there is a small grill and charcoal."
"That is so neat. I don't know why nobody has ever asked me out on a boat before. I am really enjoying myself. This is so different from an ordinary date. Where would be be spending the night?"

"See that small island right over there? It's called Soldier's Key, and it has the remains of an old stone dock. If nobody beats us to it we can tie up there. Unfortunately, there are no 'facilities' available. This boat does have a porta-pottie on it, in the cabin. You're other choice is to run down to Elliot Key on the bay side, and they have a park with bathrooms, etc. They also have more boats and people. If you don't like either of those options, we can go back home."

"Mike, let's go check out Soldier's Key. I think I would like to try that. I guess we could always go to Elliot Key if we have a problem, right?"

"Yes we could. Let's go and see if anybody is at Soldier's Key."

After a short run, we arrived at Soldier's Key, and found that the island was deserted. We tied up at the dock, and carefully walked around on the island. If it weren't for the roughness of the coral, the walk would have taken about three minutes, but because we had to be careful, it took about ten.

We swam in the shallow water near the boat, and used masks and snorkels to observe the life under the surface. Strangely enough, something else Linda had never done, even though she had been in Miami, going to the University of Miami for two years. I was amazed at the lack of self-consciousness that Linda showed. We swam nude, and I thoroughly enjoyed the vision of loveliness that swam next to me. Her beautiful tits were magnified by the dive mask that I wore, and I couldn't resist reaching out to grab her ass as we swam. She pushed my hand away and told me "later." After swimming for an hour or so, we climbed back onto the boat. I took out the grill and charcoal and set it up on land and started the fire. I offered Linda a beer and had one myself. After cooking the steaks and having a nice dinner, we relaxed in the chairs on the boat, watching the sun slowly set over the mainland. "Linda, there's a water hose in that back compartment. I've got twenty gallons of fresh water, that we can use to rinse the salt off. You have to use it sparingly. but you'll feel better in bed without a salty body. When you get tired, we can go to bed."

She grabbed the hose and told me to rinse her off. I did and then I rinsed myself off. After drying off, we sat and looked at the stars, and finally Linda said, "It's later. Let's go to bed."

After checking the mooring lines, we went into the cabin and I took out the sheets, but Linda told me to set them aside. She put her arms around me and said, "Remember, I squirt. We wouldn't want to sleep on wet sheets would we?" We laid down on the berth, and I started fondling her tits and her ass. Her hand promptly went down to my dick and started stroking it up and down. As I stiffened, Linda turned around and slowly, exquisitely slid her warm mouth down over my dick. I was in heaven. I slowly started to pump my body, driving my dick deeper into her mouth. This time she gently sucked and licked my dick, pulling her mouth off of me and sliding it back down.

I took her body and swung it over so that her cunt was right above my mouth. I tried to be as gentle as she was being, and slowly licked her cunt, from her clit to her nice little puckered asshole. I separated the lips of her cunt, and slid my tongue deep into her. I pulled my tongue out and I could see the shiny nectar seeping from her lips. I licked up every drop I could. As I licked, I could hear her moaning around my dick. She began to speed up the bobbing of her head, and would slide my dick as far down her throat as she could. I was amazed, she had absolutely no gag reflex.

"Stop, Linda. You're going to make me come too quickly." As she lifted her mouth off my dick, I started lashing her cunt and clit with my tongue as hard and fast as I could. As I did this, she was snapping her cunt against my mouth, and she started moaning and quietly screaming, "I'm going to come, Oh God, I'm going to....I'm coming, I'm coming." Once again, my mouth was flooded with her sweet nectar. I had never been with a woman, who came as hard as this one did. She collapsed across my body, and I rolled her off of me, and stood up, then put her on the edge of the berth on her hands and knees. I took my dick and began to rub it up and down her slit, slowly pushing it in an inch then pulling it back out. I did this until she was crying out for me to fuck her. I rubbed the head of my dick across her asshole, and she jumped! "What are you doing?"

"Have you ever had a man fuck your ass?

"No, and I'm not sure I want to!"

"Let me try, and if you want me to stop, I will. Reach under yourself, and play with your clit." As she did that I continued to rub against her and slowly push the head of my dick against her tight anal muscle. I kept rubbing my precum and slowly she relaxed her ass, and the head of my dick popped into her ass. She let out a small squeal as I went into her. "Am I hurting you? Do you want me to pull out?"

"Stop, but don't pull out. It hurts a little, but it's starting to feel better." After a minute, she said, "Go slowly, I'll see if I can take you." I started pumping slowly with short strokes, and I could feel her ass start to loosen up. As it did she moaned, "That feels better, keep going." I lengthened my stroke and in a couple of minutes, I was balls deep in her ass. I kept stroking and then she told me, "That feels real good. You can go deeper."

"Linda, I've been as deep as I can go for a little bit!"

"In that case, I'm glad I decided to let you try. Go faster."

I started pumping faster and harder, and Linda was rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt as I stroked. She was moaning loudly, and grunting with every stroke of my dick deep in her ass. I felt my balls start to tighten and I shouted, "Linda, I can't hold out. I'm going to come!" "Fuck my ass, harder, harder, fill my ass up with your hot come!" I pushed one final time deep into her ass, and held her by her hips against my body. I could feel my hot, thick, come shooting into her bowels and coating them with my seed. I fell onto her body driving her into the mattress on the berth We were covered with sweat, and panting like to dogs in the sun. After, I got my breathing under control, I told her, "You are the most incredible lover I've ever been with. I don't think I'm ever going to let you go."

"You're not so bad yourself, Mike, but maybe we should just see how things go. We've only been going out a few months." After spending the rest of the night in each others arms, and a quick swim in the morning, we went back home.

It turns out that my ideas were better than hers. I still have the boat, it has the name "Fishing Tail" painted on the stern, Linda and I still go out fishing and do some overnights in the boat. The only difference is she's changed her last name to mine.

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