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A friend, A colleague, and Then a Little Bit More

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I had been working for this printing company for about a year and a half, and I had become dangerously close to getting comfortable. It paid well enough to cover all my bills, gave me a fair amount of disposable income, and more than enough to put away for a rainy day. It wasn’t too taxing and it was a stone’s throw away from my apartment. But it was never really what I wanted in life.

I always envisioned myself having a career in something, making decisions, getting promotions, and generally just being somebody, and it was becoming clear that I was stuck in a dead end job with no hope for a future, just a clearly laid path to mediocrity and familiarity.

I had already trained to be an electrician when I was in my teens, so I always had something to fall back upon, even if I hated the work. I always wanted to be a games developer. So I plucked up the courage to enrol at the Open University for four years training, got a job back at the local council testing circuits in empty properties, and had my notice typed up, enveloped, and in my hand.

I’d requested earlier to see my director, Gary, one to one for a few minutes, which was accepted, and when he called me in I felt a mixture of relief and guilt. It wasn’t the job I felt guilty about it. It was him. He’d always been a fantastic boss. One I could have a laugh and joke with, never busted my balls for being late on the odd occasion, and always let me have holiday time, no matter how little notice I gave him. I was only 23, but from stories from my mates and family, it sounded like he was one in a million, and I was genuinely going to miss the guy.

As I walked in he greeted me with an enthusiastic handshake, that trademark toothy grin and casual ‘You alright, Andy, how’s tricks?’

This was going to be difficult.

I sat down at one of the seats around the corporate table after we’d exchanged the inevitable pleasantries and banter. He was a big Arsenal fan, and after their recent demolishing at the hands of Liverpool, I couldn’t help but rub some salt in some quite obvious gaping wounds, as he normally wore one of his Gunners ties to work. On this occasion he had gone with a mustard yellow number, something else I picked up on and gave him some stick for.

Being so engrossed in this banter I had completely failed to notice that we weren’t alone. Sitting next to him, looking at me with a friendly smile was a beauty I had never seen before, and I felt the colour and smile drain from me immediately as nerves set in. I couldn’t tell if it was the fact that she was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen, or the fact that he might know what I’m about to do, and already replaced me with a piece of eye candy that the whole office was sure to love.

Gary yanked me from this trance.

‘How rude of me, Andy, this is Dannii, she’s a new face here and is joining your team! I had her in here as I want you to take her under your wing, I’m sure you won’t mind, and by the looks of it, she won’t either!’

Gary never had a way of being tact with these sort of things. He knew damn well she’d be the talk of the lads at lunch down the pub, and I had a funny feeling the girls were going to hate her. She blew them out of the water on looks alone, which always seemed enough for the girls to bitch.

She stood up and walked over to me to shake my hand, with this angelic smile crafted on her face. It was only now I had the chance to fully drink her in.

She must’ve been about 5 foot 8”, with long brown hair that glistened in the sunlight being let in from the corporate room’s window. She was clearly of mixed race which made her complexion a gorgeous light mocha colour. Her eyes were deep green and her lips were naturally full and ruby.

She wore a stunning red tight summer dress, which accented every curve and wave of her womanly figure. It perfectly complemented her tiny waist and perfect tits, which must have been 38d at least, but it was her ass that really had me sweating. Even through the dress, you could clearly see the arch and ampleness of each cheek.

My mind was racing as she took my hand and introduced herself. I quickly put on a forced smile and exchanged pleasantries. All I was focusing on was keeping the blood flow away from my already rising cock. I barely knew this girl's name and she already had me in a state of euphoria. In that moment I realised I had to get to know her, and I had to have her.

Again, it was Gary’s voice that pulled me back into reality.

‘So what was it you wanted to see me for, dude?’

‘Oh, it was just some of the numbers on your worksheets don’t add up. Just wanted to let you know before you send it off to HQ and they have guts for garters. Swear you should pay me more for this kind of shit, Gary.’

‘Ha Ha, cheers, Andy, nice one. And the envelope?’

The envelope! I had it in my left hand the entire time. Shit!

‘What? This? Oh just a contract for Rob in Sheffield, got to post on the way down to the pub, you coming?’

‘Nah, too much to do, it’s called work, Andy, you should try it sometime. Pride in your work and all that!’

I gave him the bird as I Ieft the boardroom, allowing Dannii to proceed through the door I opened for her. She thanked me and made some remark about being so honest with the boss, which I could only smile at and make some nervous macho laugh, which only made me cringe on the inside.

Over the next few weeks, I trained Dannii from the other side of the desk, not wanting to risk her clocking my huge erection every time I saw her get up to get some faxes or talk to a colleague. During this time I got to know her extremely well, and she was something I had never imagined. Usually the pretty ones are always bitchy, have some mega rich older man supplying their need for overpriced jewellery and fancy cars, or just generally horrible people.

She wasn’t like that at all. She lived with her mum to help her pay the bills while she was on long term sick with glandular fever, her biggest love was the gym and her pet puppy, and she just didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. She was loved in the office by all, even the girls, who she went out clubbing with every weekend since she joined. All the lads wanted her, and about eight of them had asked her out, only for her to say something like ‘I’m really flattered, you’re so handsome and nice, but I’m not really looking for anything but friends. I’m so sorry, can you forgive me?’

She seemed to have this way of rejecting tonnes of men but they all still loved her to bits!

I hadn’t made a move on Dannii as I didn’t want to become another rejected statistic. Although I know I’m a fairly good looking guy, there were other lads in the office I thought were on a different plane to me and they all got shot down. Plus, I was really chuffed at how close me and Dannii had got as friends, as she was genuinely the most wonderful person I’d ever met. She always sat next to me at team meals, always asked me for help first, I even fixed her car when she was having trouble starting it.

One night we were out for a night on the booze. The others had skipped on ahead to a different part of town and it was just me an Dannii who had been left behind in the previous bar. Thinking we should catch up, we grabbed a taxi and set off to the next club.

‘Andy, are you attracted to me?’

My heart froze. I literally felt my hands getting moister with sweat in an instant. I was hoping this moment never came.

‘No, sorry.’

What the fuck had I just done?

‘Oh.’ She looked crestfallen. Had I really just blown it?

‘Here’s the thing,’ I tried to backtrack. This wasn’t going to end well, seeing as all the girls and lads in the office knew I was practically in love with her. ‘You are literally the most wonderful person I know and I value your friendship more than you will ever know. You’re absolutely stunning, the sexiest woman I know, but you just don’t do it for me.’ It was only later I realised how stupid that sounded.

‘Awww, Andy! You’re such a cutie! Look when tonight’s over, you wanna come back to mine, we’ll order pizza and watch trashy TV? You can stay if you like?’

‘Yeah sure, better than waking up with a hangover alone I guess!’

I had just friend-zoned myself. I could have quite happily blown my brains out in the back of the taxi, right there. So we danced the night away, getting a twinge of jealousy every time she took my hand to get a drink at the bar and seeing all the guys eyeing her up and down, nudging their mates to point at her ass or tits, giving me that fake smile and nod, knowing exactly what they are thinking.

So we ended up back at hers, on the couch, laps covered in pizza, cheese dough balls and Ben and Jerries slowly melting at our feet as we tried to scoff down the takeaway, laughing at the jokes about fucked up orders or creepy guys and birds at the clubs.

‘Would you mind if you cuddled me in bed? I always sleep better when someone cuddles me.’

I stupidly agreed.

I climbed into bed, pulled the duvet over me and stripped down to my Calvin’s. As I pulled my t-shirt over my head, I caught a glimpse of Dannii undressing in the doorway. She made no effort to conceal herself as she let her zipped up dress fall to the floor, allowing me a perfect view of her back and her heavenly ass, which was enclosed with black lace French knickers, and as she turned I could see she was wearing a matching bra, with one strap sexily fallen off her shoulder, and her long curled brown her lightly covering her tits. God she looked fantastic.

It was only then I noticed she had her hands on her hips, her smile curved upwards on one side and her eyes burning into mine.

‘What?! I thought you didn't find me attractive, you horrible man!’ she teased.

‘I also said you were the sexiest woman I know, didn’t I, you muppet!’ I said, throwing a pillow at her to try and hide my face for a split second; it all helped.

She picked up the pillow, hit me with it and climbed into bed.

‘Night, gorgeous.’

‘Night, muppet.’

What the fuck was I doing? I was cuddled up to the girl of my dreams, and I was going to do nothing?! The feel of her flat stomach and soft skin on my hands was driving me crazy and my dick pressed against her amazing arse was electric. I couldn’t stop it as my 8 inch dick started to throb and rise. I tried pulling away but it was far too late for that.

‘Andy? I thought you just wanted to be mates?’

She turned over to face me, her sexy eyes quizzical as she looked from my face to fully hard dick.

‘I lied, I want you like crazy. I just didn’t want to be another guy who hits on you cause of your looks. I didn’t want to be another friend where it’s too awkward to talk to you cause you rejected me. I genuinely want you, you’re fucking amazing, and I’m ridiculously lucky that you’re my friend.’

‘I knew it.’

And without warning she climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately. For a few seconds I had no idea what to do, then instinct and emotion took over. I gently grasped the back of her head and kissed her back, my tongue exploring every inch of her mouth and she reciprocated. My hands searched down her back and grabbed her ample ass, and my cock seemed to grow.

‘I’ve wanted you from day one, Andy, and now you're going to fuck me.’

She wriggled slowly down my body, kissing me chest and abs and she made her way to my cock, gently lowering my boxers, enjoying the relief of allowing my prick to spring to spring free. The fact I couldn’t see her under the duvet made every touch, lick and kiss she gave me electric.

She suddenly through away the duvet. I looked down as she stared into my eyes and took my whole length down her throat, and I was in heaven. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft in a slow, mesmerising rhythm as enjoyed the view of her pert arse sticking up in the air behind her. I knew I would last long with her tongue lapping away on my cock. She seemed to know I was getting close to shooting my load down her throat.

‘No not yet! I’m not done with you by a long shot.’

She rose up and knelt with me between her legs, reaching back an unclasping her bra, she let it fall to the bed and leant over my face, allowing me to suck on her juicy mocha tits. Her nipples were stood to attention and I gave them my full attention. My hands roughly grabbing every inch of them I could find whilst I hungrily sucked away, loving every minute and enjoying every groan she gave me.

My animal instincts took over as I pushed her off me, spread her legs and ripped off her panties, exposing her shaven pink pussy. I could feel the wetness as I threw her underwear to the floor. I dove into her pussy like an untamed beast, lapping up her sweetness as I tongued her clit and lips. She pulled at my hair and clawed at my neck as I explored every inch of sweet pussy my tongue would reach. Hearing her scream my name was the most erotic thing I had ever heard and drove me to explore further, as I used my thumb to flick her clit as my tongue dove into tight her cunt.

‘I'm cumming… Don’t you fucking stop, don’t you fucking stop!’

I kept lapping away until I felt her sweet juices run all over my face, the aroma and wetness making my cock twitch on the mattress, I had never been so hard in my life.

I sat up and spread her legs again, positioning my cock ready to plough into her sweet hole. Her eyes locked on to mine, begging me to fuck her. I couldn’t hold out any more and plunged into her pussy, letting my head roll back as I felt her tight walls encase my cock.

I began to pound her in long hard strokes, the sound of her ass clapping as I fucked her pussy drove me wild. She grabbed her tits and bit her bottom lip as she begged me for more. I had to have her from behind. It was all I ever dreamt about.

I flipped her over, and she instinctively got on her knees.

‘Yeah, you love my ass. I’ve seen you stare as I go to the water cooler, as I bend over Sarah’s desk. Go on then, fuck me.' 

I positioned myself behind her, admiring the perfect view of her arse, and rammed my cock into her sopping cunt. She moaned and turned her head towards me, panting and moaning, and I kept switching views between me disappearing in her pussy to her gorgeous face, eyes shut tight and mouth wide open as my cock explored her pussy. I knew I was going to blow my load. I couldn’t hold back much longer.

‘I’m gonna come, Dannii!’

She pulled away and let my cock spring out of her cunt. She pushed me flat on the bed, knelt up, and positioned her tits over my throbbing dick. She the wrapped her gorgeous 38D tits around my cock and began to thrust my prick between them, I was in heaven again. Seeing my cock consumed between those tits took me over the edge.

I leant my head back as I blew my load, feeling stream after stream of come shoot from my prick and as I looked up I could see her with her mouth open, catching my come. The sight of her swallowing my load and licking the remnants off her tits was incredible.

She snuggled up next to me.

‘We should do this more often, if you wanna make it official.’

I wasn’t going to protest.

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