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A Friendly Massage

Tension between two friends becomes too much to handle
Several years ago I met a woman named Amy through some friends and we hit it off immediately. We shared a love for all things living and the sciences in general. She was quite bored and lonely due to her husband being overseas fighting in Iraq so we started spending most of our days together, she not having a job and I working nights. Our relationship was strictly platonic and our connection was purely mental, at first.

As we grew closer our conversations lost all boundaries and we would talk about everything from the details of our sex lives to religion. We also lost most physical boundaries and we would cuddle on the couch watching Blue Planet or some other nature program. I began, slowly but steadily to fall in love with her. I went on dates with other women, even fucked a few during our time together but that was simply to keep up appearances. I ached for the time I would get to spend with Amy.

Early on in our friendship we discovered a mutual love for back rubs and before we parted ways we would always make sure to work out any knots that had built up in the others back. As my affection for her grew I took more and more pleasure in this massages, my hands running up and down her back and neck, kneading and caressing her firm muscles. I became more bold with my massages, working my hands up her legs to her thighs and on occasion, claiming some excuse like, "This knot goes all the way up your leg," I would grip her perfect round ass in my hands, squeezing it as I pretended to be working out said knot.

She didn't seem to mind all, so I continued my full body massages until one night I was straddling her buttocks, rubbing my fingers into her shoulder muscles when she let out a little moan. I felt an erection building in my pants. Sitting on her like I was there really wasn't any way to hide it so I just kept massaging hoping to distract her from my quickly growing cock. I moved off her ass and began massaging her legs as usual but something took over in me. I was too aroused by her to stop as my hands rubbing her calves, up her legs to her thighs. Looking at her crotch I could see the faint cleft of her pussy. Holding my breath I slid my hand up between her legs and pressed my hand against her labia, undulating my fingers against her.

To my surprise the cloth of her jeans was moist. She moaned again, louder this time. I bent over her to whisper in her ear, "You like that?"

"Yes! More!" She replied.

Amy rolled over and grabbed the back of my head pulling me down to kiss her, our lips meeting for the first time in a hard, passionate kiss. As we kissed I hurriedly unbutton her pants and stuck my hand under her panties to caress her soft, shaved pussy. She let out a sigh as my fingers parted her vulva and I slipped two fingers inside her dripping canal. I worked them back and forth inside her while tracing circles on her clit with my thumb.

She pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, quickly throwing both into the far reaches of the room. "Your turn," Amy said as she began pulling my shirt over my head.

I reluctantly withdrew my hand from her pants and took my shirt off. As I pulled it over my head I was just in time to see her wriggle out of her pants and panties. Shirtless I just stared at her naked body. It was gorgeous, pale and curvy as I had always imagined it as I thrust into some harlot. As I appraised her she dove for my belt, unhooking it and tugging my pants down revealing my incredibly stiff dick. Now I don't have the longest penis in the world, it's only about six inches long, but it's nearly full inches wide so I've never heard any complaints.

Amy looked at my hard cock with a smile, "I wondered what you be like," she said to it.

I laughed and pounced on her, pushing her against the bed and holding her down as I kissed and bit her neck. She groan in approval, digging her nails into my back. I kissed down her throat to her full breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking on it, then giving it a gentle bite. I worked my way down her stomach, then to her hips. Amy ran her hands through my hair as I moved lower, kissing her pubic mound. I spread her legs and kissed up both of her inner thighs until I was almost at her pussy, then moving my kisses to the opposite leg.

Finally I lowered my lips to her pussy, I parted her vaginal lips with my tongue, exploring all of her womanhood. She was drenched, juices flowed like river out of her and I began lapping it all up. I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could, rocking my head back and forth while I rubbed her clit with my hand. In less than a minute I felt her tense and shudder, her moans becoming screams as the first of many orgasms shook her body. She pulled me up by my hair and into a kiss. Amy groaned as she tasted herself on my lips. She quickly licked all of her juices off my faces as she could.

"Now fuck me," she said, still gripping my hair firmly in her hand.

I obliged, entering her tight warm pussy felt better than anything I had felt before in my many encounters with women. I kissed her as I began thrusting in and out, taking my time, sliding my cock all the way in and nearly all the way out each time I pumped my hips. The smell of her juices was overwhelming, her moans so loud I was sure we would wake the neighbors. I thrust faster, and faster, soon I was pounding against her. Her kegel muscles flexed around my thick cock as fucked.

Again she shuddered, arching her back and biting into my shoulder to stop herself from screaming as an even bigger orgasm took her. She panted for a moment, then, quickly regaining her composure she told me to get on my back. We rolled over, my dick never leaving her warm confines. She pushed me against the bed and started grinding her hips against mine in quick jerks while she swirled her hips around in a circle.

The sensation was indescribable as waves of pleasure washed over me. She moved her hips faster and faster and I could feel my own orgasm building quickly. I started playing with her clit as she rode me, our groans coming together faster and louder.

"Fuck!" I yelled as I felt my body jerk uncontrollably, the same moment she yelled, "Oh god yes!" Our bodies shook like an earthquake as we came together. She collapsed onto my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.

"I've wanted you for so long," Amy said, kissing me and looking into my eyes.

"Same here," I smiled.

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