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A Fun Holiday Party

A fun evening visiting a friend's house
It’s Saturday evening and we’re getting ready to head over to a friend’s house for a holiday party. As you’re getting ready, I ask you to wear the red sweater that I like so much.

You smile and say, “You just want me to wear it because it’s so tight and low cut.”

With a wink, I respond, “No, of course not, that’s not the reason. It’s a holiday party and red is festive.” After coming up behind you and nibbling on your ear, you hear, “Well, it is pretty hot too.”

We finish up getting ready and start to hear out the door as you grab the housewarming gift and you see me grab a small bag and put it in my jacket pocket.

“What’s that?” you ask.

I just smile and say, “It’s nothing, let’s get going.”

We hop in the car and head over. We are a little late and the party is in full swing. We split up a while and chat with other people, we both have a good bit to drink. As you’re chatting with a couple of your friends, your phone buzzes and you look down.

The text says: I’m so horny, meet me in the bathroom in 5.

You blush a little as you read it and hope no one beside you was able to see what it actually said, now a bit distracted because I normally don’t text with something that direct and straightforward. Your mind races awhile and then you see me walk by you. A second later, your phone buzzes again.

The screen says: Now.

You see I’m heading to the bathroom and you start to follow. I go in and leave the door open and let you follow in behind me. As so as you get in, I close the door and lock it, then turn you around and give you a passionate kiss, deep and hard.

I take your hand and put it down between my legs and say, “Look what you and that sweater is doing to me.”

I feel your hand rub me and I gently push your shoulders, as you realize what I’m wanting. You go down to your knees and I unbuckle my belt. I pull down my pants and let the erection hit the cool air. “I want you to blow me right now.”

You start to work your magic as I lean back against the sink to help with my balance as your talents make my legs wobble a little. You always do a great job, but the alcohol and the friend’s bathroom add to the excitement.

You’re shocked when I pull your hair back sharply and quickly. Not enough to be painful but enough to get your attention. As I lean against the sink, I look down and demand, “Look me in the eye as you suck me, it’s such a turn on.”

I hear you moan as I say that and can tell you’re turned on too because you start to get more into it and more intense. After a few more moments of your ability, you feel me start to tense up. Normally you enjoy the act all by yourself, but this time, you feel my hands go on your head, pulling you a little tighter and you realize that I want you to finish me like that. My hands add to the excitement as I pump a little more and you feel the climax building and finally erupt.

As soon as I finish, someone tries to open the bathroom door. I’m spent but giggle, “Boy that was close,” as I start to zip up and buckle up.

As you stand, I give you a kiss on the cheek and whisper, “God babe, that was so hot. Let’s go back to the party.”

We leave the bathroom and see a few people notice we walk out together, but most of them are pretty drunk and don’t say anything. We head back out and I go to the bar and get you a drink and we continue like nothing happened. After a while, you do notice I’m talking to your friend Jill a lot and laughing and having a great time. I’ve always talked with her, but you realize this time it’s a little longer than normal.

About an hour later, your phone vibrates and and it reads: I’m in the mood to be really bad and naughty, you game?

You look at the phone a second and respond: What do you mean?

A second later: Not saying, in or out? I’ll make it worth your while.

You see me across the room, watching you, with a naughty smile and you reply: Ok, in.

Grabbing two drinks and I come over and say, “Do you mind I if steal this lovely lady for a minute?” and lead you up stairs.

As we are out of earshot, you ask, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it," is my response and we continue upstairs until we are in the master bedroom of the host’s house.

I shut the door and lock it then push you against the wall and start kissing and nibbling on your neck from behind. You feel my hands go over your ass and hips and then up to your breasts from behind. I whisper, “I felt bad I got all the enjoyment in the bathroom, your turn,” and I continue to ravish you from behind, pinned to the wall. As we’re there, you feel my hands come around and undo your pants. I push them down and quickly have your panties around your ankles.

I take your hand and have you step out of them. You lean in to kiss me but I keep it very short and then take you to the bed and push your head down. You’re now bent over the footboard of the bed. You feel my fingers tease your wetness for a few seconds but then hear me start to unbuckle.

“I wish we had more time here, but I need this bad,” I say and you feel me enter you quickly from behind. Normally, there is more foreplay and tenderness, but this one is more raw and passionate as you feel my hands on your hips and I continue going in and out. The pressure from me is pinning you against the bed as the rhythm picks up pace.

After another a minute, I can tell you’re getting close, so I start going faster and harder. As you start to tighten up with the climax, it turns me on and about 2 seconds after your finish, you feel me finish inside you. My weight goes against you as we are both spent and then we start to hear someone on the main floor.

“God that was so hot,” I mumble as I button up. I go over and grab your pants and panties and come back over. You’re still a little in shock over what just happened as you rest against the headboard. I go to my knee and help you put on your panties then your pants over your ankles. I then stand up.

Starting to pull your panties up, you notice something. “Hey wait, these aren’t what I was wearing.”

I stand up and quickly help you pull them up with your pants and comment, “Hurry, someone might see us leaving here.” I go to the door and start to open it.

You get nervous and try to stop me with, “Wait, wait,” but I open it slowly, making you put on your pants and panties quickly. I head downstairs a few steps ahead of you, making you try and catch up.

As we get back to the party, you feel different in the panties you are wearing, not the same fit as you normally wear. We get back to the party and you’re slightly flustered from what just happened. You’re surprised I initiated it and you can feel the remnants of just what took place upstairs between your thighs. Your mind races a little between the different feel of the panties and stickiness of the climaxes.

You talk to your friends Jill and Ally and by this time, everyone is pretty hammered. After a few minutes, you’re completely caught off guard as you feel something start to move and vibrate between your legs. You almost drop your drink and they ask if everything is okay.

Stunned, you respond, “Umm, yes, just got a chill.” And for the next 20 seconds, you feel a vibration on your clit and pussy and you get totally distracted. You start looking around the room for me and then your phone vibrates.

It says: Remote control vibrator in your panties. Enjoy. Then you feel it hit you again, this time with more strength and a little longer. You excuse yourself from the conversation and go to the bar as it continues. You realize then that I must have planned this all out, get you out of your panties, and get the other ones on without you knowing. You look over at me and see me smiling wickedly.

The phone vibrates and reads: Go back by Jill and Ally now, you’re gonna come standing right next to them. Go.

You are very nervous but you see me watching and you stand up and go over to them. As soon as you get there, you feel the vibration again on your clit. Your mind races, do they hear the sound, do they smell the sex from earlier, do they have any idea what is going on. You try to keep up with the conversation but struggle. Then you feel it go into high gear against you and your body starts to tense up as you know what’s coming.

Ally asks, “Is everything okay?”

A little breathless you stammer, “Fine, fine, just distracted a little.” Then you reach down and press it a little against you to get more friction and the vibration has you climax again.

As soon as you do, you see a new text: God that was so frickin hot.

After being a bit spent from the additional climax I come over to join you and the girls. By the time I get there, it’s you, Jill, Ally and Lisa. I bring you each a drink and comment, “God, I’m the luckiest guy here, surrounded by four hot women.”

They all giggle and say things like 'thanks', 'what a suck up' and 'so sweet'. We’re all a bit drunk and I say to the group, “Do you mind if I ask an off the wall question?”

All of you look at me and Lisa says, “Sure.”

“Well, you all four look so hot and sexy tonight, have you ever thought about being with another woman or have you done it before?” You turn beet red because you know we’ve talked about your fantasy before and I joked about bringing it up sometime, but you never thought I would in a million years.

Ally laughs loud, “God you horny men and your fantasies.”

A big laugh comes over me and I say, “Well, I might be a horny guy, but was curious. I read something that about 40% of women have at least kissed another woman and three quarters of them have thought about going further.” I take a drink and finish, “So since there are there are four of you here, which ones of you are in the majority,” and laugh and the rest of you laugh by how I positioned it.

Ally turns red and won’t say anything and then Lisa says, “I did kiss a few girls in college and it was pretty hot at times.”

Jill, the hostess, adds, “I never did anything but if I had enough to drink, I might be convinced.”

Laughing, I joke, “Let me run to the bar for shots,” teasing Jill on her response.

Still surprised I asked the question, I add, “Well, looks like Ally is a no, Jill and Lisa are a yes. If that statistic is correct, it looks like it’s you, Jill and Lisa in the 75%,” as I playfully wink at you.

Still in a little shock, you playfully add, “You and your fantasies, so cute.”

We chat some more and the party is winding down and a few people are leaving. As we are finishing, we come up to thank Jill for hosting and I say, “Where’s Steve?”

She laughs and says, “He passed out over by the sofa 20 minutes ago, lightweight.” She then adds, “I don’t think you guys are sober enough to drive home. Lisa is crashing here too, you can have the guest room.”

We are pretty drunk so we agree and head up to the bedroom. We lay there chatting and teasing each other about what we did tonight. After a few minutes, we start to hear Lisa and her hubby going at it in the next room. You giggle and move closer to the wall to listen. I tease you about being such a voyeur and playfully caress and tease you as they go at it. It doesn’t last long and then they go quiet and I head to the bathroom.

I come out laughing saying, “Look what I found” and show you a sleep mask that was in the guest room nightstand. I playfully put it over your head and eyes and then start to kiss your neck and shoulders. You scoot down and lay flat on the bed, letting me know you like it. I spend the next fifteen minutes letting my hands and mouth work all over your body. Nothing extreme, just lots of caresses, fondling and kisses. You feel me crawl on top of you as I kiss up chest and neck. Then you feel me kiss up your arm to your hand and then feel something go around your wrist.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

I just kiss you and say, “Shh.”

You ask again and I ignore it again and continue to work on your wrist. After a minute, you’re guessing it’s from the robe that was in the bathroom. You feel it get tight on one wrist and then I adjust and move to your other arm and pull it above your head and start to fasten it to the other wrist. My erection is grinding against you as I do it and then move off to the side. You pull your arms a little and see there is some slack but they are staying above your head.

Smiling but still blindfolded, you comment, “I can get out of this if I want.”

Leaning in and kissing your ear, I say, “I know you can, but you don’t want to, and if you do, everything will stop, I promise that.”

All of a sudden you notice I move on the bed and dive down between your thighs. I’m usually slower and gentle at first but this time it’s faster and more aggressive. I do it for a while until I think you’re turned on enough, then come up to my knees and grab your knees and start to bend you over at the waist. I get your legs up to your head and start to enter you. With my weight helping with the penetration you’re completely open and exposed with your legs in that position.

You start to make more noises and I say, “Shh, don’t want others to hear,” and I keep going harder and faster, trying to get you to make more noises. As I get close, I pull off you and come up and kneel next to your head.

“Get me off with just your mouth,” I tell you as I put the tip on your lips, letting you go by touch since you’re still blindfolded. I hold your head and start to fuck your mouth as I’m very turned on. Normally, you’re more in control when you give oral, but with your hands tied and blindfolded, you lose some of the normal power you have. I get close and you feel me tense up and then feel the orgasm hit your mouth and you use your mouth to get it all from me. You can tell how turned on I was by the amount, especially for the third time today. You feel me roll off the bed.

After a few minutes, you wonder where I am. You call out for me as you’re still tied and blindfolded. You’re a little pissed I’m messing with you but then you feel the bed move again and this time your knees are pushed apart and feel a mouth go down between your legs. You open wide as you love it so much and feel a tongue start to work on you. This time it’s a lot different, a lot softer. You enjoy the feeling and move your hips and legs to get a better position and then you feel something against your thigh that feels like hair. Then you move other leg and feel hair on that thigh too.

You blurt out, “What the hell, who is this?”

Still in the dark, my voice says, “Shh, enjoy it.”

Your mind starts to go a million miles a minute and you start to pull your hands, trying to get undone. You feel hands push yours back and then hear me say, “If you undo this, it will all stop,” and then you feel the tongue start to work wonders on you. From me holding your hands and the difference in the technique, you realize it’s not me.

The tongue starts to go wild on your slit and the teeth nibble your clit, taking you to the edge and then using fingers to cause you to explode. The body moves from your thighs and you’re surprised by a soft kiss on your lips. You’re guessing it’s a woman and say, “Who is this?”

A few seconds later, your pussy feels a tongue on it and my voice comes from your thighs. "God you're so wet, looks like I need to lick you dry or you'll stain the mattress." My tongue works on you for a minute or so and then you hear, "Looks like you have something to lick dry too," and you feel someone around your head on the bed and then feel the warmth of a wet pussy on your mouth.

"It's time for your fantasy to come true," I add, "Lick her pussy like you want."

"Who is it?" comes from your mouth and then you feel her pussy go down and cover and mute you.

"Don't worry, just enjoy it," is my response. I keep working on your pussy as I look up and watch her grind on your face. Her ass is so hot, wiggling and pushing as your pussy gets wetter and wetter. It doesn't take long as her legs tighten around your face and you've just experienced giving a woman an orgasm with your tongue the first time.

The bed moves as they leave and I say, “Don’t worry, they didn’t want you to know.” You ask again but this time I grab your hips and flip you over on all fours and start to enter you from behind. I hold your hips and you feel me really into it. “God it was so hot watching that, I can’t believe it actually happened.”

Again, I hear, “Who was it?”

I spank your ass and say, “I will never say. I will say I told her of your fantasy and she was intrigued but didn’t want you to know, so we planned it like that.”

You’re like, “God, you have to tell me.”

You feel your ass spanked harder and I say, “No, just enjoy the feeling and memory,” and then I go harder and faster. The bed is moving and the bodies are in action. “God, I bet everyone can hear you getting fucked right now,” I say and go harder and faster. I hold your hips tight and feel me explode into you. I fall off to the side and then undo your hands and blindfold and fall asleep.

The next morning, we go downstairs and see everyone a bit hungover and tired. The minds start to race, wondering who was involved and who heard what. As we leave, the girls smile and say, “God that was a fun night, need to do it more often,” and you wonder who it was.

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