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A Girl's Fantasy Before Bed

What I fantasize about when I masturbate
I run my hand through my boy cut short black hair. It's always unkempt and has a faded bleach streak in front. I pull my hood up over my head and suck in another drag. I hold it in, close my eyes and imagine you standing there looking at the stars with me on the top of a nearby mountain, on a hike we had been on together recently. I exhale, smoke and hot air comes billowing out, wispy and white.

It’s December and it’s about 40 degrees out. I spend a lot of time out here in my backyard thinking about you. I pull my sleeves over my hands, leaving just my burning cigarette sticking out, and cross my arms tight across my small chest, pressing in on my soft breasts.

I’m wearing onesie pajamas, the sort you put babies in. At only 5 feet tall, I purchased some out the kids section at Target. I’ve got a hoodie on over my onesie and the cement is still hurting my feet through the thin fabric with its cold.

I take another drag. Damn. I am thinking about you again. I can already feel myself getting wet. I sigh, put out my smoke and head for bed. I hop in bed and pile 5 blankets on top of myself. I close my eyes and let my hands wander. I run my hands over my small b cup breasts, pausing to press my nipples, they immediately perk up. My fingers find the zipper and slowly unzip my pajamas all the way down to my bare pussy. I never wear underwear to bed.

I slip my fingers between my pussy lips. I'm already so wet. I gently rub my clit in small circles with my right hand while my left is still teasing my nipples. A small moan escapes my lips. I imagine you on top of me, kissing my neck, stroking my hair slowly moving your hands down to my breasts, pinching my nipples and rolling them between your fingers.

Your mouth moves up my neck, pausing to give small kisses until you reach my mouth. You push your tongue into my mouth and press your hips into mine. I can feel your erection through your pants. I run my hands from your elbows up your arms, feeling your broad shoulders. I run my fingers through your hair tugging at it lightly.

Our breathing intensifies. I reach down and began fumbling with your belt. The anticipation of seeing your cock for the first time is only making me more horny. I finally get your belt off and unzip your pants. I’m staring at the bulge just beneath your underwear.

I shove your pants down over your hips and you kick them the rest of the way off. You grab both my wrists and press them roughly into the bed above my head. You bend down and take my nipple in your mouth sucking so hard it almost hurts. I gasp and begin moaning, wiggling my hips towards you. Gyrating. You continue sucking my nipples, biting them now and then, until I think I might go crazy if you don’t fuck me soon. My pussy is on fire and I need release so badly.

You let go of my wrists and stand up, your cock is rock hard. I immediately get on my knees taking you in my mouth, sucking slowly at first. You moan and put your hand on my head, guiding me to go faster. I pick up speed, swirling my tongue around the head, my hand stroking the shaft.

You moan louder and push my head harder on your dick, your cock sliding further back in my throat. You are moaning so loud now. I love it; the sound of your pleasure turns me on so much. I'm nearly gagging as I take the whole length of you in my mouth, again and again. I take your balls in my hand gently rubbing them. I feel your dick stiffen as you near orgasm. You press my head into your body and shoot hot strings of cum into the back of my throat. I swallow it all and smile, looking up at you with my dark brown eyes.

Your body looks great to me, I can’t stop staring at your perfect chest and stomach. Your hair hangs around your face as you look down at me still kneeling on the ground. You put your hands on my shoulders and push me onto my back on the floor. You push my legs wide open and immediately begin to lick my click, small little flicks of your tongue and very quickly I am moaning and my body stiffens from the pleasure as I rock my hips into your face.

You take a finger and part my lips, pushing it inside me. Pleasure explodes through my body as you press on my g-spot. I’m lost in pleasure, screaming as you suck my clit taking all my juices in your mouth. I am so close to orgasm grinding my sopping wet pussy against your face. You put two more fingers inside me, spreading my pussy wide open. Pumping fast and hitting the g-spot with every motion. I spread my legs wide and my entire body stiffens as I orgasm.

I lay back panting, still experiencing waves of pleasure. You are not finished with me yet. Your dick is hard and begging for attention. You flip me over on my knees and push your stiff cock inside me. Grabbing my hips and rocking so hard I can hear our bodies slap together.

You are enjoying it, I can hear you grunt behind me with every thrust, your hands getting tighter and tighter around my hips. You watch yourself pumping in and out of me, your member gleaming with pussy juice. I look back at you staring at my ass. All of a sudden you are cumming so hard and I can feel you throbbing inside me. Your body collapses forward and you are resting on my back panting as you recover.

At this point my fantasy has caused me several orgasms, I still have four fingers inside myself and am recovering from my third orgasm, my pussy still spasming from the pleasure. I lay there panting in the dark, until my breathing slows, and my body relaxes. My cheeks return to their normal tone. My eyes flutter and drop and my breathing slows, my mind racing off into dreams about more sex with you.

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