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A Good Hard Lesson

A Catholic schoolgirl gets an extra special lesson from her teacher

Mr Collins hated Mondays. It's well known that most people hate Mondays but Antony Collins loathed them; it meant the start of another week teaching rebellious, ignorant, hormonal teenage girls. Everyone had told him that teaching at a Catholic school would be a dream, but clearly they'd never taught at St Anita's. He was sure they were worst than any public school girls. On this particular Monday it was raining, not uncommon for December but it meant all the girls would be moaning about their hair and make up running - even though the school expressly banned make up. Antony sighed and got out of bed and examined his face in the mirror, his tired blue eyes stared back, looking totally disinterested and unimpressed with their own reflection.

"I'm only 26 yet I look so tired," thought Antony to himself sadly, before turning round and getting dressed for the day. A clean white shirt, dark trousers and a red tie, the standard outfit that would no doubt be crumpled, covered in ink and sweat by the end of the day. Slipping on his scuffed black shoes and grabbing a coat and umbrella, he braced himself for the day ahead.

After grabbing a coffee and pastry from the coffee shop over the road, Antony turned glumly towards the school building before him. It was big, brick and boring, like most schools, but the grey clouds and rain made it look even more ominous.

Hoards of girls ran past him, barely acknowledging his presence and almost knocking his coffee out of his hands in a bid to get inside as quickly as possible. Antony walked behind them into the building and into his classroom. He never mingled with the other teachers, few of them did talk to each other unless forced. Sitting down and taking a sip of coffee, he examined his lesson plan for the day and groaned; he had to teach Shakespeare to the 6th formers last thing in the day. Despite the fact that they'd chosen to study english, the 6th formers were no better than any of the year seven classes with attention, apart from the group of girls who sat at the back silently, which had always unnerved Antony greatly. They sat and took notes dutifully but they also tended to stare at him, especially Alex, who was known amongst the staff for being a very dutiful student but a bit lax with the rules around uniform. She'd been told off more than once for too short a skirt or for not wearing her tie. A huge uproar had been caused when she dyed her hair ginger; the headmistress had only allowed it because it was a natural-looking ginger and her grades were impeccable.

The school bell clanged loudly, bringing Antony back into the room and back as Mr Collins. He tried to ignore the fact he'd just spent a good 10 minutes thinking about a student and how she looked.

The day dragged, as Mondays always do, and 4pm rolled around, bringing with it the 6th formers. It wasn't long before Antony noticed Alex intently staring at him again, and that she wasn't wearing her tie and that her skirt was far too short. Without realising, Antony also noticed how Alex's shirt buttons were undone at the top, one too many it seemed, as he could see a good portion of cleavage and the hinting of a red lace bra poking out the top. His eyes trailed down further, noticing the lean calves crossed under the desk, with a pair of black dolly shoes at the end.

"Alex," he said, his voice slightly hoarse he found to his embarrassment, "see me after class please." He said simply, trying to keep his sentences as short as possible.

"Why, sir?" Her voice replied, low but clear in the silent classroom. Everyone was quiet whenever she spoke, which was rarely in his class.

Turning to face the board he replied to her, too worried to look again. "You're in violation of uniform rules again Miss Archer." he said, his voice, mercifully, a little stronger now.

"Oh, that again, Mr Collins. I suppose I've got some minutes to spare for you." She purred and her friends around her giggled. Antony shrugged his shoulders uncomfortably and started to write on the board.

"Romeo and Juliet is our play for today," he said and turned around, purposefully not looking at Alex. "Open your texts to page 75 please," he said, and looked down and tried not to groan. It was the scene where Romeo and Juliet consummated their marriage; he knew this was bound to cause some trouble. Some in the class seemed to know the scene already, probably from Leonardo Di Caprio, and started giggling.

"Now who knows what this scene is about?" He asked hesitantly.

"Sex!" A girl in the middle shouted and the class started giggling. Antony saw Alex roll her eyes and raise her hand, her chest moving slightly further out the tight school blouse she was wearing, unhindered by a tie.

"Yes Alex?" He said, still not looking at her fully, as the class fell silent.

"It's actually about Juliet's inner turmoil over consummating her marriage to someone who has killed her cousin. It's about whether to pick love over family, whether she should give herself body and soul to him completely." Antony noticed the accented words and swallowed hard, feeling something else paying attention to the girl, but not to what she was saying.

"Yes, that's it," he said quickly and went back to the board, writing down some of what she'd said and continuing the lesson.

The hour from 4-5pm dragged more than the whole day had, but when the bell rang Antony groaned silently; he still needed to talk to Alex. Alone. Everyone else ran out excitedly, glad the day was over even though the world was dark and wet outside. Alex moved to the front of the class and sat on a desk, legs crossed elegantly, leaning back slightly, chest out.

"You wanted to keep me behind sir?" She said, smirking a little. He hadn't looked at her since the start of the lesson and she knew why.

Antony shuffled his paperwork and looked at her and his breath got stuck in his chest, seeing her leaning back with so much exposed. She raised an eyebrow at him, encouraging him to speak, but he couldn't and he was glad to be sat behind his desk. She sighed and hopped off the desk and walked towards him and lent over his desk, exposing even more of her chest to him, "Come on sir, what's up?" She asked him innocently but the wicked grin on her face showed that she had fully meant a double entendre.

Antony looked down, took a breath and spoke. "Once again Miss Archer, you are in violation of school uniform rules. Good grades does not mean you can break the rules as often and when you please." Alex giggled and moved round the desk so that Antony could see all of her.

"What exactly is wrong sir?" She asked, standing with her legs a little open, one hand on her hip and standing tall so everything was in full view. She moved a little closer and sat on the desk next to him, "I'm wearing a skirt and blouse, I couldn't find my tie this morning. Don't you get sick of wearing a tie all the time sir?" She asked, taking his lightly between her fingers and pulling it out a little, meaning Antony had to look up at her, once again taken aback by her sultriness.

He knew exactly what she was thinking and he was thinking the same. But she was his student, and although she was 17 he still couldn't touch those lean legs, he couldn't rip that shirt open and expose those beautiful breasts, he couldn't kiss those lips that were red and smiling at him sexily.

"Don't you get tired of following rules?" The lips he'd been staring at asked him.

"Yes." He found himself saying breathily and Alex smiled and hopped off his desk and went to get her bag off the floor. With her legs slightly crossed she bent forward at the waist with her back to Antony, making sure he got a full view, the skirt rose a little more and Antony saw a hint of red lace pants, the same as her bra. His trousers were suddenly extremely tight and he felt as though he may explode.

"Miss Archer." He said, his voice coming out low and almost as a growl.

Slowly and purposefully Alex stood up and turned to look at him, "Yes sir?" She said.

"You know the school code covers underwear as well?" He said, barely believing the words were leaving his lips, "And I clearly just saw that yours are not to code."

Alex flashed him a wicked grin and leaned back against a desk, "Are you quite sure sir? Don't you think you should look a little closer to make sure?" She said, uncrossing her legs invitingly, "I don't like to be called a bad girl without a good reason." She purred.

Antony got up and walked towards her and before he could change his mind he put a hand in between her legs and raised her skirt. Sure enough there were red lace pants, although they were barely there. He stroked the inside of her leg and she gave a little shiver of pleasure and he heard her breath become a little shorter and he smiled.

"Those definitely are not regulation pants Miss Archer. I'm afraid you're going to have to remove them at once."

Alex smiled and lifted her skirt up and pulled the pants down slowly, teasingly, exposing her pussy bit by bit, Antony watched every moment of it until the shaved body part was on full show and the pants were round her ankles.

"Now what are you going to do, sir?" His student asked him, "I'm afraid my bra isn't regulation either, sir." She started undoing her shirt until the matching bra was exposed to him, "shall I take this off too?" She moved her hands behind her back to remove it but Antony stepped forwards so that she was pinned between him and the desk and held her arms behind her.

She could feel his hard throbbing cock under his trousers and she looked down at it smiling and then looked back up at him. She opened her mouth to say something but Antony covered his mouth with hers, hard and unyielding, causing her to give a little moan.

"I think you need a good hard punishment, it's the only way you're going to learn to respect the rules." He said when he pulled away, he held her arms behind her still but with one hand and used the other to feel her pussy; it was wet and smooth and he teased her clit, feeling her shiver again under his touch.

"Yes." She said breathily and he smiled. He was in charge now. He bent down and kissed her again, his finger continuing to circle and tease her clit. He released her arms, which wrapped tightly around him, pressing her supple and young body up against his. Her tongue pushed beggingly against his lips and he opened his mouth, greeting her tongue with his. She continued to give little moans and pulled away till her mouth was against his ear.

"I think a good hard lesson is just what I need and only you can give it to me," she whispered, her hands moving down to his black trousers and beginning to undo the belt that held them there and contained his throbbing cock. Quick as a flash she undid them and he let out a gasp of his own as her hand wrapped around his shaft and gave a little squeeze.

Antony lifted Alex so that she was sitting on the desk, her legs either side of him, he pulled his trousers down properly, removing her hand from his cock. As he bent down to remove the trousers he lowered himself to his knees and, before she could stop him, buried his face inside her wet pussy, using his tongue to lick up all her cum. He buried it deep inside her causing her to moan and sudder, he came back out and flicked it over her clit and put two fingers in and out causing her to buck violently. He kept teasing with his tongue and fingers until he heard her shout loudly and felt a rush of liquid over his fingers.

Slowly he stood up and smiled at her. "Was that enough punishment?" He asked. She was still shaking but her smile was still there, teasing and wanting. She stood up and kissed him, licking her cum off his lips, and took his cock in her hand and start to slide it up and down his shaft.

"I think I need another lesson still yet, it hasn't quite gone in yet," she said in between kisses.

With a wicked smile, she pushed him towards his desk and onto his chair. Without hesitating she straddled him and took his throbbing cock inside her. It was tight and wet and Antony felt ready to explode as soon as he entered her, but he made himself hold on. Alex started to move against him, up and down his cock, covering it in the juices he'd just got out of her. Antony put his head back and moaned, he wanted to cum inside her, inside this young, sexy, woman who was pleasuring him. As if reading his mind she leaned forward, pressing against him and whispered in his ear.

"Cum inside me and punish me hard."

Antony locked his eyes with her and saw the lust in them, grabbing hold of her hips he kissed her hard and started moving himself in and out of her, moving her up and down his shaft hard. He could hear another loud moan building inside Alex and knew that she was going to cum again and this time he let himself at the same time.

The room became full of loud moans and both of them released over each other hard and fast before collapsing. Alex's head rested against his shoulder, her breathing rough and fast, an echo of his own. Without saying a word, she released herself from his embrace, picked her wet pants up from the floor, put them on and sexily did up her shirt while retrieving her bag. She walked towards him, looking flushed but pleased and gave him one last long hard kiss, a last sexy smile and left him wondering if anything would happen again.

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