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A Good Idea (Chap 1)

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A Vet finds himself back home and lost. Co-written with a friend a while ago.
It sounded like a good idea at the time. But now she wasn’t so sure. She met Nick online, on one of those dating sites, and they had met a few times and she was definitely attracted to him and the feeling appeared to be mutual.

As she was new to dating once again, having taken about a year off, she wanted to move slowly, not interested in just jumping in the sack. First, she wasn’t on the pill and getting pregnant at 37 was the last thing she wanted to deal with. Second, by her calculations, August was the month that made her a virgin again! Well, okay, not really, she laughed to herself. But amongst friends the line was going a year without sex made one a “virgin” again in at least some sense of the word. And having that badge of honor, albeit, not really one she could brag about was something she wanted to hold onto for a bit.

And just because she was a virgin in being with another man, that didn’t mean she had completely closed off her sexuality. The last year she had explored her body more and more, really finding out what she liked, what turned her on, what brought her to climax, what aroused her. As she worked with her hands, her vibrator and one or two other toys she had purchased but never used before, she found ways to bring her body to the brink and then….to pull back, driving herself crazy until her hand worked her clit into earth shattering orgasms that left her bucking on the bed and her legs shaking and weak.

She hoped one day to be in a relationship where she could explore all of her new found knowledge with a partner and maybe try new things, but until then, the time spent learning about herself was invaluable and built a new self confidence in herself and her body she had never had before.

But, back to Nick. They had met and gone out a few times. He was tall, muscular, with a deep voice that held a slight drawl, the tone and pitch of which hit her low in the stomach and aroused her in ways she hadn’t been in awhile. They had kissed and boy, had they. His lips were soft, his tongue gentle, probing. Their few make out sessions had left her breathless and her body tuned sharply to the need that was growing inside of her. But she held off. She held off.

Because other than a strong physical attraction that sent her to bed wet and caused her to pleasure herself to new heights, she realized their lifestyles were too different and what he was looking for wasn’t the same as she.

He was just back from a year in Iraq and had come home to find his live-in girlfriend shacking up with a new guy, leaving him homeless and forcing him back home with his parents to figure out next steps. He had quit his job as a prison guard and had no desire to go back to that kind of work so was now working as a service manager at a local motorcycle shop as he sent in resumes to the local police departments and CHP who were desperate for new officers. He knew he’d get a job eventually but working through the bureaucratic maze would take time.

While she liked him physically, she realized his place in life at the moment called more for focusing on his immediate needs with his career, dating women just to take his mind off his situation and frankly, just having fun for awhile after having been burned in a bad breakup.

So the night they sat at her kitchen table, having a beer and chatting seemed destined to have happened in some way. She knew it was just physical attraction, knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere….They were chatting about his living situation and how bad it was and how he was trying to find someplace to live that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

“Yeah, my sister was going through the same thing. So for awhile she was going to move in here,” she said.

“Where? This is only a 2 bedroom,” he said.

“Oh, the garage. It’s converted into a room.”

“Shut the FRONT DOOR! Seriously? I gotta see this.”

“Yeah, completely remodeled. Just using it for storage now,” she replied.

So out they went to look at the room. Painted a nice color with hardwood floors. It was a free standing garage with windows and it’s own private lock. As well it was just steps away from the back door and right inside the back door was the half bath.

Nick was amazed. “How much were you going to rent it out for?”

“About $500 bucks,” she had replied.

“I’ll take it,” he said only half jokingly.

She didn’t know what to say as they headed back into the house to sit back down to their beers.

They chatted some more about this and that and as they did her mind was racing. What if he did move in here? Well, number one that would mean an end to their ‘dating’ as it were. That would have to be clear. And it would be nice to have someone around. She had been thinking about getting a roommate, just to take some of the loneliness away with her son gone to school. While she didn’t need the money to live it would be nice to have some help with the rent. And it sounded like it would only be temporary, until he got a job with the police department and then he would move on.

They talked about it some more and she said, “Well, you know if we did this it would change the dynamic of our relationship. We’d downshift into being friends,” she said.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right,” he replied as if figuring that out for the first time.

“Honestly, it would be nice to have somebody around, keep an eye out for each other and stuff,” she said.

Maybe it was the beer talking or the fact that once she realized she had her out she relaxed and was really herself with him. She suddenly took the pressure off herself and didn’t have to censor herself as to the right thing to say and what not to share, those rules we apply to each other when we’re doing the dating dance.

By the end of the night the decision was set. As crazy as it sounded, he was moving into her place within a week. He was thrilled and excited to finally be out of his parents house. But when she woke up the next day she remembered what she had forgotten the night before.

She was very sexually attracted to him. She looked at him and imagined him doing things to her that she hadn’t had in a long time. She knew he would be a good lover, stimulating her, driving her crazy. The fact that he was a police officer had its turn ons as well, as much as she hated to admit it.

She woke up the next morning wet from her erotic dreams of their sexual play. He the dominant, taking her, she the submissive, fighting him off but giving in to the pleasure. She dreamt of his mouth, his tongue, his cock as it fully entered her leaving her gasping and pulling him to her so she could feel every thrust as it slammed again and again into her wet pussy. The aftershocks of her dream state orgasm still stayed with her and as she rolled out of bed, she wondered if she would be able to live in such close proximity to him without giving in to her desire.

When they had parted the night before they had been clear on their new relationship, at least she hoped so. Even so, he had left her with a kiss that had rocked her to her toes and she felt herself leaning into him, circling his neck as his hard body pressed against hers. His mouth left a trail over her lips, face, neck; his hand sliding up her side to cup the underside of her breasts. Oh, god. Yes, that would have to stop. That would have to stop.

What had she gotten herself into?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After 15 years in the United States Marine Corps, a year in Iraq, a purple heart, and several disciplinary actions, Corporal Nicholas Tattinger left the service gladly. He had served as a squad leader in the ‘Suni triangle’ northwest of Bagdad and had seen plenty of action. He’d lost some buddies, killed the enemy, and been hit by a piece of shrapnel that left a thick, rope-like scar across his right pectoral and gave the military a reason to discharge him. He’d seen a lot of things that had fundamentally changed the way he saw the world, things that would often come calling on him in the dead hours of the night, leaving him disoriented and screaming in a cold sweat despite the safety of a bed far away from the sand and dust of Iraq.

The Marines left Nick with money for an education that he’d probably never use - books had their place, but he was more about action than contemplation. They left him with enough money to live on the cheap for a year without working. They left him longing for the company of women - not so much the idle chit-chat as the feel of skin and the taste of sex. Luckily, the Marines had left him in good shape to lure them in. With a nearly perfectly toned physique, at 5’ 11”, 190 pounds with only about 5% body fat and almost no body hair he could have been a swim suit model except for his scar and less-than-progressive attitude about male models. He kept his brown hair short though it always seemed to be a bit of a mess. He was fastidious about shaving despite the thick beard that began to reassert itself on his square jaw every evening.

Nick had always wanted to become a cop and he now figured that with his military experience and a few college courses that he’d be a shoe in for a job at a local sheriff’s office or town police force. Despite his roots in Virginia, he relocated to the edge of the Bay Area in California. This had been largely motivated by the desire to make a completely fresh start when he’d come ‘home’ to Virginia to find his girl friend of 4 years shacked up with some prick of a lawyer. He’d submitted several applications and was living in an extended stay hotel for the first several months of his stay in northern California.

For the first few months he’d gotten his fill of meaningless sex by trolling local bars and fucking any woman who fell into his bed. After nearly 15 months without sex, surrounded by young horny men who spoke of nothing but sex, he had turned into a machine with a seemingly unlimited urge for sex. The first woman he bedded, a twenty-ish, blonde with big breasts and a small ego had left his bed the following morning barely able to walk. She’d never been fucked (there was no ‘making love’ that night) five times in one night, each time faster, harder, and more aggressive than the last. She’d enjoyed the first couple times - his cock was deliciously thick and he used it, and every other bit of him, from tongue to toes, superbly. The third and fourth times were tougher for her as she was fatiguing and the drunk that she’d put on earlier in the night was turning to a hangover. When he started on the fifth time that night she began to worry - he was a very strong man and his dominance over her during their encounter wasn’t unwelcome but she was physically exhausted, and the condoms, despite being lubricated had gone from chaffing to burning her. How many times would he want to do it? Thankfully he fell asleep after the fifth time and she took the opportunity to gather her clothes and leave.

He’d been surprised by that encounter as much as she had. Before the Marines he’d always considered himself as a completely normal guy so the mild dominant streak that expressed itself was something he hadn’t known before. That he had taken the blonde five times that night was also completely unexpected but had relieved an itch that had been building for a long, long time. He didn’t even think about the fact that she’d left him in the middle of the night - in fact at that time it came as something of a blessing.

His next several encounters were more ‘normal’ though he did find that he liked being in control. After a few months of purging the pure sexual energy that had been pent up in Nick for well over a year he ended his trolling. He began to focus on his job applications and found himself thinking that a relationship with a woman would be more preferable than the progressively more emptying sexual encounters he’d had. He put an ad online and met Sara.

Switching gears down into a ‘relationship’ of any sort was difficult for Nick. Sara turned out to be an incredible kisser, a ‘soul stealer’ he’d once heard such a kisser called. It was obvious that she was looking for more relationship than Nick could give her but he really enjoyed her company, and one night over beers she half offered him a room in her house and he half took her up on it, and before either of them really understood it he was ready to move out of his hotel and into her place.

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