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A Good Time to Get Off

Leila tries to escape the summer heat, only to get all hot and bothered.
Leila raced down the stairs, hoping for some shelter from the blazing New York sun, only to be enveloped in the fetid mugginess that is the subway. She swiped her way onto the platform hoping desperately that her train would arrive quickly for fear that she might just melt.

“The next uptown, local one train will arrive in seven minutes”, announced a booming voice over the loudspeaker, as Leila dug in her bag for anything that she could fashion into a fan.

Failing to find anything useful Leila glanced around the platform taking in the characters that she saw; a blue-haired old lady, a family of tourists trying to read the map, a young woman struggling to remain standing in her sky high heels, a business man looking directly at her.

Leila was startled by his stare and quickly looked away from his piercing gaze. She could feel his eyes on her back and she tried to occupy her mind with something else, but she couldn’t stop thinking about his eyes and how cool he looked despite the heat. His tie was ever so slightly loosened from around his neck and his graying hair evoked that silver fox taboo that Leila had to admit she fantasized about.

“There is an uptown, local one train approaching the station”, the loudspeaker informed the passengers, breaking Leila from her thoughts.

The train came screeching to a halt and Leila could tell how full the car was before the doors even opened. She braced herself to push her way into the car. The doors opened and Leila quickly moved herself into the crowded car not bothering to notice who was surrounding her. She was able to positions herself within an arms distance of a pole, in case she needed it for additional support. She allowed herself a moment of relief to feel the cool air blowing through the car as the wheels started turning and the momentum pushed her right into the person behind her. She felt their hands grip her waist as she regained her balance.

“Oh sorry!”, she said, looking back at the person who had caught her, it was the businessman who had been watching her on the platform. He didn’t take his hand off of her.

“You should probably hold on to something, darling,” his voice said in her ear, “There might not always be someone there to catch you.”

Leila shivered from the feeling of his breath tickling her ear and neck, and he released her form his hold. She looked around, shocked that nobody had noticed the strange interaction that had occurred between the two of them, but New Yorkers weren’t really ones to ask questions.

The train had reached the next station and the doors opened once more allowing even more passengers onto the crowded train. Leila tried to make herself as small as possible, holding her bag tight to her side. She was pushed back by the crowd and was now unable to reach the pole that had the very important role of keeping her standing.

The train started rolling again, and once again the momentum pushed her off balance and she stumbled back into the grasp of the businessman.

“If you ask me, I’d say you liked being in my arms,” he whispered to her again, moving his hands from her waist down to her hips.

She knew she should have said something to him, or resisted, but she found herself pushing her hips back at him. Maybe the heat of the summer was getting to her, or she had a case of sunstroke, but she kept pushing out her ass until it made contact with what she could only guess was his bulge. The rocking of the train kept pushing her into him and she could feel him pushing back against her now. She could feel the telltale sign of her stomach tightening as she was getting more turned on.

The businessman’s hands continued to caress her waist and hips but one had now found their way to the bottom edge of Leila’s dress.

Snapping herself out of her growing excitement she grabbed his hand to stop him from doing anything more.

“Someone will see us,” she hissed back in his direction. “The last thing I need is to be arrested for public indecency.” She added as an afterthought.

“Take a look around,” he whispered calmly, “Nobody is watching us.”

This was true. It was so crowded in their car, and they were positioned with just the right amount of people around them that she probably could have stripped out right and nobody would have noticed.

He moved her hands from where they were holding his to her stomach, and he held them steady with only one of his large hands. His other hand returned to the hem of her skirt, hiking it up just enough to let his hand caress her thighs.

This was too much for Leila, and she had to suppress a moan in order to maintain their covert status. His hand roamed from thigh to thigh, gently passing over her dampening panties. Leila spread her legs, encouraging him to continue, and losing her balance once more, only this time not because of the moving train. Her knees grew week and threatened to give out on her as he transferred his focus from her thighs to her now throbbing clit. His grip on her remained strong, keeping her upright and pressed into him, hard. The squealing of the trains wheels could not have come at a better time as Leila all but screamed in pleasure.

“This is 72 nd street,” the conductor said through the loudspeakers.

“It’s time to get off,” the businessman said to Leila, guiding her out of the train on her unsteady legs.

Leila wasn’t supposed to get off for another 6 stops and her brain started to protest, but then the beating of her heart that she could feel deep in her loins was quick to remind her that this was as good as any place to get off.

The two of them emerged back into the sun, and Leila squinted at its brightness. A sheen of sweat broke out on her chest as her body reacted to the heat rising up from the sidewalks. The businessman took Leila’s hand and swiftly walked with her the three blocks to his apartment building on 69 th and Central Park West. He brought her inside and Leila could have sworn she saw the doorman wink at the businessman as the elevator doors were closing.

The elevator doors opened and the businessman gently pushed Leila into the hallway before unlocking the door to his apartment and grandly sweeping it open. Once again he guided her through the entryway in to the most lavish apartment Leila had ever seen.

She barely had enough time to gaze around at his lush décor before she found herself taken back outside in to the sun, and onto on an even more extravagant balcony that was overlooking central park.

“Oh my goodness,” she mumbled under her breath as she made her way to the edge of the balcony.

The view was unbelievable and it overlooked the entire lower part of the park. Leila almost forgot why she was here in the first place as she was lost in the scenery.

“It’s spectacular isn’t it?” the businessman’s voice said against Leila’s neck as his hands found her waist again.

He guided her away from the edge of the balcony and up against the wall. One of his thighs moved into position to spread her legs expertly while one of his hands gripped both of hers and held them above her head. His lips found her neck and he kissed his way down to her collarbone, while the nimble fingers on his free hand hiked up her dress to find her pert nipples. How desperately Leila wanted to rip his tie from his neck and unbutton his shirt, but she was pinned to the wall, helpless, with her arms above her head. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, and in response to the pleasure radiating from her nipples and her throbbing clit she began to rub her wetness against his thigh. She is lost in sensation when, all of a sudden, in one expert move he manages to remove her dress from over her head, keeping her hands in his control and utterly useless. He then deftly removes her bra, leaving her exposed to the park and the summer heat. Her pale skin, a contrast between the dark gray walls on which he holds her locked in ecstasy and his dark suit, still maintaining his ever-present coolness.

The businessman still stands fully clothed in front of Leila who now is only clad in her mint green lace panties and summer wedges, which she was so happy to have bought. She can feel his mouth moving back up her neck and his tongue begins to trace the side of her jawbone before stopping at her earlobe. Leila opens her eyes and begins to moan, grinding harder into his thigh and letting him know how hot she is for him.

“Somebody is getting naughty,” he whispered into her ear, sending chills down her spine, and a flush to her cheeks.

Leila couldn’t believe that this was happening. Sure she’d had her share of one-night stands, but that was after a night of dancing, and drinking, and talking. Evaluating her current situation she realizes that she is almost completely naked, on a balcony with the summer’s sun beating down on her skin, grinding into a man who she had not even known for an hour. A man who’s name she does not even know!

Amidst her thoughts the businessman removed his thigh from in between Leila’s legs, causing Leila to groan.

“No don’t,” she said weakly, keeping her hips gyrating as if trying to convince him to give her his thigh back.

Instead, he took the hand that was fondling her breasts and slid it down her belly, with his palm against her skin. He stopped just above the waistband of her panties and looked into her pleading eyes before teasing her by rubbing his ring and middle fingers over her now very damp crotch. Her hips jumped when he made contact with her clit and her back arched against the wall behind her. Leila tried to push herself into his hands by bending her knees, but his hold on her arms above her head was strong and kept her locked in her position. He was teasing her and frustrating her at the same time and a sly smile spread across his face.

“Oh please!” she said desperately, looking into his calm eyes as he continued to tease her.

She wanted him to put his fingers inside of her, or fuck her, anything but leave her hanging!

Leila began to think that she was going to cry out of frustration, and resorted to begging for the release that she so desperately needed.

“Please put your fingers inside of me. Oh please! God I want it. Please!” She yelled, not caring who might hear her.

“Oh you want these fingers,” the business man said, bringing the fingers he had been using to tease her up in front of her face. He put them deep into her mouth.

“Yes,” Leila tried to say while his fingers almost gagged her.

She had never felt so vulnerable as she did now, and she couldn’t believe how horny he was making her. She could feel her stomach knotting up in anticipation as she greedily sucked his fingers into her mouth.

He took his fingers out of her mouth and pulled her arms, which were still above her head in front of her, making her walk to the edge of the balcony. He positioned her in front of the glass barrier, putting her on display for the entire park to see her gleaming, pale skin. He put her hands against the edge so that she could hold herself up and he stripped off her panties before spreading her feet wide.

Leila pushed her ass back, encouraging him to take advantage of her, and hoping that he would take the hint. The businessman knelt in between Leila’s legs and plunged the fingers that Leila had just sucked inside her hot wet pussy. He could feel the walls of her cunt closing in on his fingers in anticipation and he began to stroke her, getting her ready for the orgasm she so desperately wanted.

It was a good thing that the businessman had positioned Leila’s arms so that they would old her up, because she was already feeling an orgasm building and she didn’t think that her legs could hold her up for much longer.

“Don’t stop!” Leila tried to command the businessman as he expertly stroked her throbbing pussy. She was lost in bliss and could manage only a moan instead.

Faster and faster the businessman worked on Leila’s pussy until she couldn’t stand it any more. Her hips pressed against his hand and her legs started to spasm as wave after wave of her orgasm wracked her body. She cried out, not caring who heard her and fell to her knees.

Leila remained there on the ground of his balcony, spent from the incredible orgasm she had just experienced, but not knowing that the businessman wasn’t done with her. His fingers had slowed during her climax but now they regained their movement with an intensity that wasn’t there before. He pulled Leila up onto her knees and reached one hand around to stimulate her clit while his other hand continued pumping into her pussy.

“Oh my god!” Screamed Leila as she felt another orgasm building up inside of her.

She gyrated her hips into his skilled hands and tilted her head back against his shoulder. She closed her eyes against the bright sun shining down on her. A flush spread across her chest as she began to cum again, this time squirting onto the businessman’s fingers. Her hot fluids covered his hand and dripped down her widely spread legs before landing in a dark puddle on the concrete ground of the balcony. The businessman, apparently satisfied, removed his fingers from Leila’s wet cunt and brought them up to her mouth one last time. His other hand remained positioned against her ultra sensitive clit, massaging it gently. Leila trembled at his touch.

“I’m so glad you could come,” he whispered slyly into her ear.

Leila laughed, and relaxed her weight into his strong hold. She closed her eyes and allowed her naked flesh to absorb the warmth of the sun while she thought of how grateful she was for summer, and the lack of inhibitions that came with it.

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