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A Great First Date

Alex Ryan’s body recoiled as the gloved fist drew blood with the third hit to his face. The screaming of his coach to keep his guard up and the yelling crowd dimmed as Alex’s mind started to fade out. The other fighter whose name would soon be lost in the fog that was spreading through Alex’s brain sensed his advantage and took it, delivering a right hook making a large cracking sound as it connected with Alex’s jaw.

The fog flooding Alex’s brain thickened with the impact of another right hook, his head was now spinning and his legs weakened underneath him. The final hit striking the underside of his nose knocked all of the conscious sense from him. His legs failed him and his body crumpled to the ground. There was a general groan from people watching, no one likes to see a boxer knocked out in the first ten minutes.

When Alex woke up he groaned at the shooting pain in his jaw and surveyed his surroundings. Clean, clinical, cold. Alex despised the hospital. The nurse walked in a moment later. She was hot, even in the horrible scrubs that they wear she looked it. She had long light brown hair that was up in a ponytail and her pale green eyes glittered irresistibly.

“Hello Mr Ryan.” She said, the impossibly cute Texas twang making it impossible for her to sound as clinical as the rest of the hospital.

“Hello,” he replied, trying to open his jaw slightly and involuntarily wincing.

“You have a very bruised jaw there. I wouldn’t try to talk too much.” She explained, smiling.

'Hmm what a cutie, what’s he doing beating people up for a living,' Jessica Thompson thought to herself as she automatically performed the tasks she had been taught to do to check on a patient. Her mind was elsewhere, thinking about the cruel sport of boxing that had landed this guy here and she hated it.

“Why boxing?”

Alex laughed. “Why not? I can’t do anything else well so why not?”

Jessica smiled “Yeah it sure looks like you’re amazing at it.” She replied with a hint of sarcasm.

Alex laughed again, “So why nursing then?”

Jessica looked into his eyes intently and said the words, “Why not?”

Both now smiling, Alex and Jessica carried on talking for a while and Jessica left the room smiling widely while Alex sunk back into his pillows confused.

He had felt something with her that he didn’t have with any other girl before. Some sort of a spark, he knew it was corny but he had felt it and he wondered if she had also felt it. She had, he was on the back of Jessica’s mind all day as she worked on patients. He was an addictive thought to her.

Jessica went back to her apartment alone and slept peacefully carefully considering what to do tomorrow, when he was due to be released. Usually once a patient was released she hoped never to see them again but this patient was different. Jessica wanted to see him again even though every part of her told her that it was stupid.

When she walked into work the next day she hurried into his room and found him sat up in bed reading a book. She hurried over just as he looked up and leaned down capturing his lips with hers for only a few seconds.

“Call me.”

She said pressing a piece of paper with her number on into his hand. He nodded dumbly before his face split into a smile. Jessica walked out quickly and Alex sighed happily. He picked up the piece of paper and grinned at it, putting the numbers into his phone.

After Alex was released he was back home and bored he had no job and spent all day training but he couldn't . Lying back on his bed he looked at the phone number he had input just yesterday, he wanted to call but he thought she’d still be working so he finally texted HI ITS ALEX. He leaned back and went back to reading his book but he constantly checked his phone to see whether he had received a message back from Jessica.

His phone finally beeped with a text and he picked it up, his heart lifted when he saw that it was from Jessica. HEY YOU CALL THIS A CALL? ;). He laughed slightly and pressed call. Jessica grinned when she saw the caller ID and immediately picked up the call.

“Hello?” She said.

“Hey,” Alex replied, “Is this a good enough call for you?” He asked jokingly.

“Hmm it’ll do.”

Alex laughed, “What do I have to do to impress you on the phone?”

“Well…” she said, dirty thoughts flooding her brain, her pussy was aching for attention and she knew she wanted him to help her out.

“Well what?” Alex asked, suddenly curious.

“Well I don’t know,” She laughed knowing full well what she’d like to say right now but couldn’t.

The phone call carried on like that for a while. Then they both had to go so they could eat dinner. They had planned a date for the next night. With Alex having no money and Jessica the same they had decided on a date with less expense. Jessica was going to cook for him in her apartment.

That night Jessica laid there in her bed. She was thinking of him, his voice and the opportunity she had missed. She thought of Alex as she moved her hand into her panties. She thought of him as she rubbed her hard aching clit. She knew he was the reason her womanhood was so wet. She thought of him more as she slid her slender fingers in and out of herself, moaning his voice involuntarily as she came…

Alex while lying in his bed moved his hand down into his boxer shorts as he thought of Jessica. He wanted her in a way he hadn’t wanted anyone for a long time. He thought of her as he stroked his manhood, hardened by the erotic thoughts of being able to please Jessica. The thought of her riding his hardness invaded his mind as he came…

The next evening, Alex made his way over to Jessica’s apartment. He was wearing a button-up shirt and jeans. He knocked on the door and Jessica answered. She was dressed in a short black dress that showed her long toned legs and her hair was down in soft waves over her shoulders. She smiled dazzlingly at him and he smiled back. He stepped towards her, kissing her on the cheek and handing her a small bunch of flowers.

“You look beautiful,” he told her. Jessica smiled more and thanked him, inviting him inside. Her apartment was nice, cozy and lit by candles. The soft light danced around the walls.

He walked behind her into the kitchen and talked to her as she prepared the meal. When she leaned down into the bottom cupboard to get a bottle of wine, Alex got a glimpse of her black panties.

“Nice panties,” He said before he could stop himself. Jessica turned around and looked at Alex’s red face. She smiled, putting the wine down on the counter and stepping towards him. She pressed her body to him and leaned up whispering in his ear.

“The bra’s matching…if you behave maybe you’ll see more.”

Alex looked down at her and took her chin in his hand. He tilted her head up and kissed her.

“I’ll behave,” He promised. Jessica giggled. The kisses he gave her had a strange effect on her.

She carried on cooking as they talked and laughed. After they ate, they sat together on her couch. Alex leaned into her pressing his lips to hers softly and quickly. He leaned back slightly and looked into her eyes.

“So did I behave well enough Jessica?” She felt a cold chill up her spine as he whispered her name into her ear

She leaned back into him. She kissed him, her arms wrapping around his neck. He leaned back more so that she shifted closer to him. His mouth connected with hers and he pushed hers open slightly. Jessica responded, opening her mouth more and sliding her tongue into his mouth. His tongue met hers and they danced fiercely together in his mouth.

His arms were around her waist with one of his hands in her hair. Her hands were pressed to the top of his chest. As his mouth pressed to her neck a moan was released from Jessica’s lips. He sucked on the side of her neck as she undid a button on his shirt. Alex reacted with excitement, tracing his teeth against her neck.

Jessica moved her hands down undoing the buttons one by one. She pushed him completely down on the couch, leaving his shirt open. She bit her lip looking at his muscly torso and leaned down kissing his neck.

Jessica shifted so that she was straddling him, her legs either side of him. Her hands were exploring his torso, followed by her lips. She kissed down over his abs and to his waistline.

She rose up again, standing up. Alex looked at her as she slid the straps of her dress off of her arms. She slid the black material of her dress slowly down her body. Alex bit his lip as she revealed her black lacy bra and then the black lacy panties that he had seen earlier.

Alex looked at her closely, from head to toe. He could not believe his eyes that she could look this sexy. Her hair hung down to just past her black lacy bra which held in delectable looking large breasts. She had a voluptuously curvy waist and a naval piercing that was a light pink colour. Her black lacy panties went over a large toned ass which dropped down into toned long legs. Her creamy skin colour contrasted perfectly with the colour of the underwear.

Alex stood up taking one step towards her. His heart was thumping hard in his chest and he stood in front of her.

“Wow.” He said, unable to use any more sophisticated vocabulary.

Jessica’s heart was racing at the look of desire in his eyes, she longed for him to touch her. Alex kissed her, sliding his hand under her hair around her neck. Jessica’s arm reached around him and held onto him as his hands then found her round ass cheeks. He took them in his hands and massaged the flesh.

Jessica’s hands gripped Alex’s messy hair as he moved his hands upwards towards her breasts. His fingers slid into her bra and pulled the material down gently. He massaged her gorgeous breasts in his large hands. Jessica reached back and unhooked her bra. Alex slid his hand up and pushed her loose bra straps off of her shoulders. Her bra fell into his hand and he threw it aside. He turned her back to the couch again and stepped towards her so she sat down again.

Jessica grabbed hold of his face and kissed him hard. Her bare breasts pressed against his chest and she pushed his open shirt off of his torso. Alex leaned her back but she held onto his face again taking him with her. Their tongues were still entwined. He leaned forward and took her lower lip between his teeth, pulling back only a little. She moaned slightly and Alex then descended on her breasts.

He took the flesh in his mouth his tongue playing with her hard nipples. She moaned pushing her hair back out of the way. Her body squirmed slightly in pure pleasure at the sensation Alex was causing. Alex now kneeled before her, her large breast still in his mouth and her fingers entangled in his hair.

Jessica opened her legs allowing Alex to get closer and with that he replaced his mouth with his hands and kissed her with a deep want. Jessica moaned into their kiss and felt her pussy get wetter. Alex moved his body up and started to grind his obvious bulge against her pussy with only their clothing between them. Jessica moaned loudly and tipped her head back, Alex kissed all over her breasts again as the convulsing rise in Jessica’s back caused by pleasure pushed them into his face.

Jessica pulled Alex upwards onto the side of her and straddled him again, as she kissed him Alex’s hands pulled her panties down and one of his hands started to rub her pussy. He could now feel how wet she was and Jessica moaned into his mouth as he rubbed her excited clit. She stood up slightly and stepped out of her panties, Alex moved forward and pushed her down on the other end of the couch, her legs opened for him he slid his fingers in her tight opening and tasted his fingers tasting her sweet juices.

Jessica rested her legs on his strong shoulders and he leaned down and started to suck on her clit. Jessica moaned loudly and Alex began to lick her pussy, tasting the sweetness. Her hands were in his hair as his mouth slid back up to her clit and sucked harder making Jessica moan louder. Alex was enjoying this as he slid his fingers back in her. But he needed more relief.

He stood up and Jessica instantly reached out undoing his belt, biting her lower lip as she pulled his jeans down. She rubbed the outline of his hard cock through his boxers tentatively and then she reached inside his boxers pulling out his rock solid dick. Alex leaned down again and pushed the head into her tight opening. Jessica moaned, her arms wrapping around his neck. Jessica moaned his name as his manhood entered her pussy inch by inch. Alex’s mouth met hers again and his hand held her thighs helping him as he settled into a rhythm pushing his dick in and out of her pussy.

Her pussy was so wet he had no trouble in doing it, his dick slid in and out of her with incredible ease. Alex’s hand went down to her clit and he started to rub it, he was getting her so close to cumming. Jessica was moaning his name over and over again, telling him how close she was. How she needed to cum. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she clung on hard as she came, her juices freely flowing onto Alex’s thick manhood.

Alex turned her over holding her against the couch arm, he held on to her juicy ass cheeks as he now fucked her. Jessica moaned loudly into the back of the couch. He was making her feel so good. She gripped onto the cushions of the couch. The pleasure he was making her feel fired up with every single thrust. Every time his dick hit the depths of her tight pussy she moaned loudly, the thrusts gave her a sexual thrill every time. Alex could feel the signs that she was going to cum again and he sped up, allowing himself the equal thrill he wanted to cum with her.

With the faster fucking, her moaning got so much louder and she came again, her juices running down her thighs. Alex moaned very loudly that he was about to cum. She gasped that she wanted her cum in him and he obliged as his orgasm overcame him. His dick shot his sticky load into her wet womanhood. Her back was rising hard with every gasping breath and he gasped in air, hard. Both of their hearts raced hard. He turned her back over and leaned down kissing her as he slipped out of her.

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