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A Great Start To Summer

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A Beach Day HJ

Summer has made a triumphant return to New England, and I expect to enjoy it while it lasts, which isn't very long up here. We've had quite a bit of rain over the past week, and temperatures have been, for the most part, seasonable. On the first weekend in June, we had four days of temperatures in the mid nineties, that's where this story takes place.

On the Saturday of that hot, four day stretch, Deb and I decided to go to the beach. Normally, on days that hot, we sit by her pool, but it had just been opened and wasn't ready for swimming yet. We packed up our coolers, beach chairs and umbrellas, and arrived at the beach early, anticipating that it would be busy. Within an hour of arriving, it was very crowded, and where we were sitting, there were a large group of young people, college age.

Even in the shade of our umbrella, it was brutally hot, especially so early in the year. There was no way that a person could stay in direct sunlight very long. I love to people watch when I'm in a crowd. The beach was full of younger guys and girls, mainly college and high school age. The first thing that I noticed are the bikinis that younger girls wear today, even high school girls. They don't cover much. Deb and I chuckled about it, stating that our parents would never have let us wear bikinis like that. I also noticed that almost every girl now has at least one tattoo, some have a lot. I didn't get mine until I was in my early thirties, after my divorce.

After a couple of hours of sitting, reading my book, and people watching, Debbie brought to my attention that there were three young men, in their early twenties, glancing at us. I had noticed it as well. With all of the barely naked college girls on the beach, it was us that they were looking at.

"Maybe I should flash them." Debbie said.

I replied, laughing "Knock it off, there are kids around, slut."

Debbie peered over her sunglasses, looked them right in the eyes, and squeezed her tits together. I couldn't believe that she did it. The guys laughed and high fived each other, still looking at us.

"That got their attention." she said.

"Alert, alert, horny cougar on the beach." I replied, shaking my head while chuckling.

After about ten minutes, we decided that it was time to go in the water. To do so, we had to walk by those three young men. They watched us every step of the way. Just as we got to their blanket, Debbie had to open her mouth.

"Good morning, boys." she said, looking down at them. "Care to join us for a swim?"

We introduced ourselves, and then walked toward the water, the guys following us like puppy dogs. By now, the beach, and water, were full of people. One of the guys was very cute, and very young. Well, young for me anyways, he was nineteen. His name was Robert, but he liked to be called Chip. I introduced myself, and we walked into the water together. Debbie was talking to the other two guys.

Although it was very hot out, the water was very cold. It usually doesn't warm up until late June or early July. Chip and I slowly walked into together, trying to get use to numbing cold. At that time of year, the surf is high too, and it produces large waves that break hard. We walked in to about our waist, when a large wave knocked me on my ass, as I tried to get up, another one knocked me back down again. I was wet from head to toe, and I'm not really a salt water fan.

"Are you having some issues there Sara?" Chip said, as he looked down at me, laughing.

"I could use a hand here." I replied.

Another wave crashed into both of us and he helped me up. We decided to walk out past the break area, to a spot about chest deep. Every time a wave came, we'd stop. At one point, a large wave came and knocked me backwards into Chip. I was on my way back down on my ass when he wrapped an arm behind me to catch me. In the process of lifting me back up, his arm and right hand made contact with my right tit. I don't know if it was accidental or deliberate, but I didn't care. We finally made it beyond the break point, in water just over chest deep.

We both turned around and faced the beach, the water level was up to my breasts, but not over them. You could still see the curves. Though cold, we had got used to it and it was very refreshing. We were quite a ways out and the tide was coming in, making the beach get further and further away. I could see our beach umbrella off in the distance, and noticed that Deb wasn't there. I scanned the beach, and saw her standing in water that was knee deep. She was talking to some guy.

Chip and I spoke for a while. He was a college student who lived with two other guys right on the beach. He said that he wanted to be a financial consultant. As we talked, we would dunk our heads into the water for a bit to cool down. After around ten minutes, I noticed that the water had risen to above my tits, and I could feel a current. The tide was coming in quickly so we decided to walked back toward the beach. He complimented me, more than once about how hot I was. I asked him if he'd ever been with an older woman, he said the oldest was twenty eight.

I mentioned to him about where I worked, and I saw his eyes widen. He told me that he had heard about our spa but had never been there. I told him to come visit and to call first and ask for me. He asked if I saw clients outside of the spa. I told him that I do, once I get to know them. I was getting very hot again, so we stopped walking.

We stood in chest deep water and continued chatting.

"Have you ever dated a college guy?" he asked.

"Dated" I replied, "Define dated?"

"You know." he said.

"Well," I replied, "If you mean a relationship, no." I said.

"Oh, so you're a cougar?" he asked.

I looked down the beach, pointed toward Debbie, and said "No, she's a cougar."

"So you've never been with a college guy?"

"Sweety," I replied, "I've been with lots of college guys, but only at the spa. I don't date."

Now, of course, that wasn't exactly true, I've fucked college men before. As most college men do, Chip was starting to think with his dick, and I could tell that he was trying to get me out of my bikini. He was very cute, and I was horny, but I really didn't have the time. Deb and I agreed that we'd leave around noon because she was working that afternoon. I teased and flirted with him for just a bit.

"I'm going for a swim." I told him.

I dove under the water and swam away from the beach.When I emerged, the water level was just above my tits. My nipples were hard, partly due to the cold water and partly because I was horny. I asked Chip to come join me. Again, we were quite far from the beach, in deeper water where there were no children. I knew that we were far enough away where no one could see us well. Debbie was on the beach, still chatting with some guy, probably planning a future fuck.

I could feel the current hitting my legs, so I asked Chip to get behind me and hold me so that I wouldn't go under. At first he just grabbed my waist, that's when I told him to wrap his arms around me. I lifted my legs and floated for a bit as he held me, it felt good. As I floated, my body moved away from him, and he had a handful of tit for a moment.

"Oh, I'm sorry." he said.

I replied. "I'm a big girl Chip, no need to apologize."

I put my feet back on the beach bottom, Chip continued to hold on. He began to gently rub the bottom of my right breast with a finger, a move that has always driven me nuts. He knew what he was doing, and realized that I wasn't stopping him. My tits were under water, and the beach was probably more than one hundred yards away. He did this for a few moments. Our bodies were together, his chest up against my back as he gently rubbed. It felt good.

"Mmmm," I said. "You can go under the bikini if you want, but be discrete."

With his left arm wrapped around me, he gently slipped his right hand under my bikini top. He gently rubbed my bare breast, occasionally touching a nipple. If I didn't have to leave soon, and had come alone, I'm almost certain that I would have gone back to his apartment with him. I wanted to fuck him right there, but couldn't.
I felt something hard rub against my back, and knew exactly what it was. I asked Chip to move to his right a bit. I reached down with my right hand, through the hole in the front of his swim suit, and pulled his cock out through it.

"Someone's excited!" I said softly, "Let's see if I can take care of that."

I began stroking his cock, which felt quite big, and rock hard. I had to do this with out anyone knowing what I was doing. As I stroked, Chip squeezed my right tit. The tide began moving out, and the water level began dropping slightly. I needed to remind Chip to be discrete. I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and gave it long, slow strokes.

"Do you like that?" I asked.

"Oh yes." he replied.

We stood there, in chest deep water. Chip was rubbing my tit, I was stroking his cock, and nobody knew we were doing it. I had to finish quickly, so I stroked hard. occasionally rubbing his head.

"Cum for me." I said softly, as I tightened my grip.

I picked up the pace, stroking faster, my whole arm was under water, so no one could see. Hard, fast strokes combined with rubbing the under side of his erect cock, I could feel it stiffen.

"Ooh, someone's going to cum shortly, isn't he." I said.

"Yes" He replied, softly in my ear.

After a few moments, it happened. His body pressed against mine, I felt his hand squeeze my tit harder.

"Do it baby," I said. "Cum."

His cock throbbed in my hand, then I felt it pulsate as he shot a huge load of cum into the sea water.

"God." he said in my ear as his hard cock erupted.

I teased it a little after he came, it must have been very sensitive because he pulled away. I chuckled a bit and removed his hand from his tit. I told him that I had to go, and we started walking toward the beach like nothing happened, we talked on the way in. I knew that he knew where my spa was, and that if he made an appointment to see me, he'd get a topless massage. He said that he would.

I got back to the beach, Deb and I packed up, and went home. he didn't say a word about it, so she didn't know it happened. She told me that she made a date with a guy named Brad, and gave him the address to the spa. I got home, took a cool shower, and went about my day.

This would have been the end of the story, but it took me a long time to write it because I've been busy with my boys , and working. There is an update to this story.

Last Friday, Chip and one of his friends from the beach, a guy named Brad, both came in for two hour VIP massages. Those are three hundred dollars, and include a nude two hour massage with a double release, which means that you cum twice. They pre-tipped Deb and I one hundred each, so we did them both in the same room, and they included blow jobs. I won't get into the details except that Debbie swallowed twice, and Chip had two, pulsating, stream shooting, volcanic cum shots.

 This is it, I promise I'll write again soon. I recently took part in a threesome at my service so that's next in a few days. Stay cool, and horny. Happy Summer.

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