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A Grocery Store Adventure.

A man and his wife have sex in a grocery store.

Me and my wife have been married for ten years. We are still very much in love with each other. That is because we are very compatible with each other, and we have a fantastic sex life. Me and my wife are very opened minded about sex and we are not afraid to experiment with and try new things. Now my wife is a very beautiful women with long black hair, big luscious tits, offset by a slender lean waist, and a fantastic ass that sways seductively when she walks. Me and my wife believe that sex should be fun and we like to make it as adventurous as possible. One of the things we like to do is to have sex in daring places. For us,  just running the risk that we might be discovered is part of the fun. One time we had sex at a park. She was sitting on my lap in a long dress as i fucked here while people walked all around us. Our orgasm was terrific.

About two weeks ago, we did something even more daring.  We had sex in a grocery store.  This really took a lot of planning.  After looking over a number stores, we picked one that would be opened late at night, to reduce the risk of being discovered. We also picked a spot inside the store where we could conceal ourselves from the eyes of security guards and video cameras. We chose the meat department. There would be no one back there, and since it is in the very back of the store, we would be well hid from prying eyes.

We arrived at midnight.  As we passed the checkout lanes, we noticed only one clerk with a vacant look on her face. We did not see even one customer.  After looking over the whole store, we decided that it would be alright to continue with plan. My wife went in first, and after looking around to see that no one was coming i joined her. My wife was dressed in a very low cut blouse, and a short mini dress with nothing on underneath. I suggested this, so that we would not have to be bothered with pulling down her under panties, and since we were going to fuck anyway she did not need them. Of course this was not to mention the that it drives me wild. At first my wife seemed a bit nervous. As we kissed she kept looking at the door. I told her to relax and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She responded by deepening the kiss and melting into my arms, and soon our tongues were exploring each other's mouths and intertwining. We kissed continuously for ten minutes. We were getting hotter and hotter. I worked my hand between her thighs and started frigging her pussy.  After all, without those damn panties in the way, her love box was so much more accessible to my fingers.  As i frigged her she begin to moan into my mouth and i could tell she was getting really steamed up. It was at this point that i decided to take things a bit further. I reached up, and with my hand loosened her braw strap so that it fell, revealing her lush melons. My mouth left her's and licked slowly down her neck and shoulders. I licked and sucked her breast, taking as much of each one into my mouth as i could, and running my tongue around the areola. Her moans were getting really loud now, and she started to squirm and writhe against me. I thought it was time to get out the heavy guns, so i pulled out my cock. My cock was rock hard, and stood erect its entire eight inches. When she saw my cock she completely lost her self control, and started begging me to fuck her.
 "Oh honey," "i want it so bad she said." "Damn baby,you have to fuck me now." "Honey i am so hot." "Fuck me now honey."
 "Get it baby," "get it in," she pleaded.

There was a table next to us used for cutting meat. I picked my wife up and sit her on it. She spread her legs out wide. I moved up and placed my cock right at the entrance of her pussy. With one thrust i was half way in and with another thrust i was in to my balls. She yelled when i entered her, and then she begin to moan deeply as i thrust in and out of her. I fucked her harder and faster as her moans grew louder and louder. She was getting so loud in fact that i thought someone might hear us, so i crushed my mouth to hers and kissed her deeply just to quiet her down. I fucked her with long deep strokes, pulling all the way out of her and then plunging all the way in to the hilt. She was going wild, squirming and writhing her ass in a circular motion and arching herself up to meet each one my thrust. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders, and begin to fuck her even harder, pulling her toward me, my balls slapping against her ass. I think that she had completely forgotten that we were in a public place, as she had completely given herself up to abandoned, her body writhing like a go-go dancer, as she moaned, sighed, and yelled profanities and incoherent sentences, as she begged me to fuck her harder. And fuck her harder i did. In fact, i fucked her so hard that she had to brace herself to keep from being knocked off the table, and then the table itself actually turned over, with a loud resounding noise, leaving me holding my wife pole vaulted on my cock, and her legs locked tightly around me. My wife didn't seemed to care, and she was beyond caring. I started bouncing her up and down on my cock faster and faster, as she yelled louder and louder. I don't think that either of us was worried any longer about getting caught as we only wanted to consummate our passion and to hell with anyone. I could tell my wife was coming as she threw her head back, her mouth opened, and her face a picture of ecstasy, her long auburn hair trashing. She was starting to yell and scream loudly, and she was no longer making any attempt to keep her voice low. My wife is always extremely vocal when we are having sex and she will bring the house down when she has an intense orgasm. I kissed her and thrust my tongue down her throat as i pounded into her with deep hard thrust. She moaned into my mouth and she was going wild with passion. I could feel her orgasm coming.

We went down on the floor, as i mounted her and started fucking her missionary style, her favorite position. We were now fucking like we were alone in our own bedroom. I fucked her with wild abandoned, my cock ramming her relentlessly, as she writhed and heaved her ass, trying to get me even deeper inside. I could tell that she was building up to a major orgasm. I thrust my tongue in and out of her mouth, imitating what my cock was doing in her pussy. My wife loves getting it from both ends this way, and even as we kissed she was moaning out her passion and begging me to fuck her harder. She came like a volcano as waves of passion hit her like a bolt and even my kisses couldn't keep down her yells. She threwed head back and screamed so loud that i put my hand lightly over her mouth to quiet her down. I felt her body stiffen and jolt against mine as i came, spraying my  load into her. We both came together with moans and yells, throwing all caution to the winds.

When it was over i noticed a security gaurd looking right at us. I told her about him and we quickly pulled our clothes backus. I thought we were in some trouble until i noticed that he actually had his cock out and was masturbating as he watched us. We laughed as we hurried out of the store. We were soon in our car and headed back home. When we got there and we were  in the privicy of our bedroom, we practically tore each other's clothes off. We jumped into the big king sized bed and fucked like rabbits the rest of the night. It was absolutely fantastic. Right now we are thinking of another daring sexual adventure. 

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