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A hard day's work

A hard day at the office
I imagine you coming into my office, walking over and picking up paperwork off the floor. I see the split in your skirt part to show your lacy black panties as you then sit on my desk, crossing your legs so your skirt rides all the way up, revealing your hold ups.

Watching you tease me with brief glimpses of skin and panties I find myself feeling hot and flustered. In my mind I want to ravish you there and then but I contain myself.

Slowly I pull my gaze from your soft skin exposed between your stockings and skirt. Raising it up slowly, to be sure I appreciate the way your skirt is slightly raised so your cheeks peek out at me, the way your shirt drapes from your body, the way your curves flow on to your breasts. I feel my heart start to race. My blood begins to rush downwards.

My eyes reach the soft skin of your cleavage and move up your neck to your lips. Images of my lips and tongue tracing the lines of my eyes flash in my mind. Our eyes meet and I snap. My arms reach out frantically and pull you onto me. Your skirt rides high onto your hips as your legs are astride me.

I feel my pants start to swell as your body falls to mine. I let out a little groan as I run my hands up your naked thighs, slipping them under your skirt as I reach out and kiss you deeply. Our lips part each other’s, as our tongues explore our mouths, slowly at first but not for long. Our breathing becomes heavier, our lips locked in a violent but passionate embrace. My hands seize the bare skin under your skirt and pull you closer as you start to grind, against my swelling bulge.

You start grinding on me harder, clearly wanting to feel me inside you. I pull my lips from yours and focus their attention on your neck, my warm wet lips gently nibbling at it, sucking, letting my tongue taste your soft skin. You arch your head back and wrap your arms behind my head, pulling my hair in pleasure. As you moan into my ear, I start to swell beyond control, pressed hard against the confines of my pants and trousers it aches to be released... to feel your wet panties rubbing against it.

I slip my hands under your blouse and unhook your bra, letting it fall loosely. I stare at you, your eyes dulled with pleasure. I pause for a moment then rip open your blouse quickly, popping the buttons to the floor. You let out a little whimper, slightly surprised at my burst of instinct.

I take a minute and run my gaze over your milky white breasts, before cupping them with my hands. We lock in a violent kiss as I massage your breasts in slow circles. We grind against each other harder, and deeper, in anticipation. Again I pull away and start my lips down your chin, then your neck, then over your breasts. I hover them just over your nipples making sure you feel the warmth from my breath. I kiss around them, never actually touching them, seeing them harden into sharp little points. You moan loudly as if begging for my lips to taste them. I oblige taking them between my lips, pinching them softly, pulling at them, then flicking my hot wet tongue over them until finally I wrap my lips around them sucking and gently biting at them…

You moan loudly with my lips and teeth focused intently on your hardened nipples. You pull away and dive for my lips, kissing them frantically, then my neck, sending shots of pleasure through my body.

Soon you are standing over me, staring at me with your ravenous eyes, peeling open my shirt just before your hands rip away the buttons. Again you sit yourself astride on me, leaving enough room for your hands to explore. I watch your eyes as they look over my naked skin, your hands never far behind.

Your fingers start from my neck, make their way down to my chest, every now and again stopping to feel the contours of my body and muscle. I writhe around at your touch, motioning my hips towards you in the hope that your wet panties will again be over and rubbing against my confined and aching bulge.

Your fingers work their way down further, but as you go you drag your nails a little harder till you reach my trousers. You pause and look up at me, staring at me with teasing eyes, as you methodically unbutton me then unzip my trousers…

Your lips hone in on my neck kissing, sucking, and they make their way down. Your warm wet lips send shots of pleasure down my spine, making me twitch. You reach my chest and focus your attention on my nipples biting them, twisting and pulling at them with your teeth. My head falls back in pleasure and I feel a need to be inside you crawl under my skin.

Your, hands work their way down before your lips, peeling open my trousers to expose my boxers bulging and soaked with precum. The temptation to taste me is too much. While one hand reaches between my thighs and caresses my balls, squeezing them gently, tugging on them a little, your tongue runs over the ridges of my cock, through my shorts that cling to my precum soaked head. Your lips kiss the tip of my cock before your teeth tease and nibble on it gently. You know how I like the feel of teeth on my head, especially when you lick and suck on it, tasting my precum through my tight white shorts.

I moan and with with pleasure arching my back, forcing my cock toward you, begging you to release me from the entrapment of my shorts. My hands frantically run through you hair, nails lightly digging into your scalp with pleasure, resisting the urge to just grab you hair and force your head down onto my cock.

You fall to your knees, never letting go of my stone cock. Using your finger nails you circle my wet head, causing me to writhe in bliss. As you move off me your hand moves into a grip and motions down my shaft, twisting as you go. With your other hand you guide my hands and trousers to the floor. I sit up and take my shirt off, then sit back naked eagerly awaiting what you have in store for me.

I feel you hold it tighter as it pulses under the pressure of your grip. Slowly you pump my cock, up and down again and again, feeling every groove of the muscle in your hand. You reach over with the other and start to pump at my stone shaft with both hands, twisting and tightening your grip on it.

You look up at me and without parting your gaze you slowly lower yourself so your lips hover over my soaking head, teasing it, flicking your tongue over it. You then take my head into your mouth sucking while staring at me. You drag your teeth over my pre cum drenched head as if trying to scrap every bit off for yourself. I arch back and moan, my hands taking grip of your scalp.

Again and again you tease my head with your mouth, tongue and teeth, till I again snap. I grip tight and force your mouth open with my cock, whilst gently thrusting my hips in the hope my whole shaft will feel the warm wet pleasures of your mouth.

I moan loudly and continue to drive your head down onto my cock. Pushing a little harder each time.

You remove your hands from my red hot cock and run them over my thighs and up my body, letting my hard cock stand completely upright as I guide it into your mouth. The harder I thrust the deeper I go. I can feel the vibrations of your moaning on the tip of my cock and hear you moan as my cock reaches the back of your throat. You dig your nails into my body and moan louder, the frustration of me thrusting my cock so deep is testing your patience. Secretly you love that I'm in control and fucking your mouth is giving me so much pleasure. The louder I moan the more I writhe with pleasure and the wetter you get.

Staring up at me while I drive my cock in and out of you warm moist mouth, I lay back, eyes closed, just focusing on every tiny little movement, pulse, vibration, scrape of you tongue or teeth on my shaft, feeling the soft flesh of your throat stroke my head. You can feel the precum dripping down my cock, hitting your tongue.

I pull your head away and take my cock in one hand. Slowly, teasingly, I run my head across your lips, wiping the precum off. Do you want to taste it? But I don't let you. I inch away ever so slightly but before you get a chance to taste I grab your hair, thrust my hips and slide my cock across your tongue one more time. I moan loudly with pleasure as I do. I look down and the sight of you taking to my dripping cock drive me crazy…again.

Images of what I want and need to do to you flash through my head but soon subside to the pleasure of your mouth. I let you take control of my cock for a while. You take it in your hand again and frantically lick and suck at it, lapping up every drop of precum…then tracing a line down my shaft, to my balls.

I moan loader feeling your tongue slide over every ridge on the way down. I look down to you and hold your hair back taking in the sight of the little smile you have enjoying the time I let you have with my cock, sensation of you tongue and mouth on my balls. ‘Mmmmm, god.’ I groan loudly as I writhe towards you, barely able to contain myself…

The images start to flicker through my mind again, images of you bent over my desk, legs spread before me, riding me on my chair again over and over. I now find myself in a battle, be greedy and lay back, or be selfish and take control. Take control of what I let you feel, what sensations I let you experience.

I turn, and out of instinct pull you up to meet my lips. We lock in a ferocious embrace, our tongues twist and tease deep within our mouths. My hands pull you close, and I run the tips of my finger firmly down your spine, making you arch, exposing your neck to the exploits of my lips and mouth. My hands reach your ass and I slap one cheek hard before gripping them both firmly, pulling you onto me, my rigid shaft easily slipping in to place between your lips, with only your soaked panties between us.

I watch your eyes dull over in pleasure as we rock back and forth in time, the ridges of my shaft, inching forwards and back again between your lips. I can see us getting carried away, and I think to myself, I'm not done with you yet.

I snap myself out of this hypnotic pleasure, take hold of your thighs and pick us up from the chair. With one arm I clear the desk in one swoop, and sit you down. Kissing you deeply before pushing you on to your back. I lean forward, my cock standing upright again easily slips into place between your lips and I feel your soaking panties warm on my rigid shaft. I start from your neck, kissing, sucking, biting, my way to your nipples, I pause and play with them for awhile, sucking, flicking my tongue over them, biting, twisting.

My hands take over cupping and massaging your breasts from the sides. My mouth continues its journey down your soft milky skin. I reach your waist, where your skirt remains. I look up at you locking your gaze to mine. I let out sinister smile as I hook my fingers under your skirt, slowly pulling it down, keeping as much of my hands on your skin as possible. I put your legs together and raise them to the ceiling, making sure your skirt continues its journey.

My lips follow, and I let my tongue trace a line up your right leg, till your skirt finally falls to the floor. Leaving your legs on my shoulder, our eyes still locked, I run my hands up your thighs, and slip my fingers under your soaked panties. I sneak a glance and see that you have been drenching them with your juices, I feel my cock spasm in anticipation at the sight them. You eagerly raise your bum as I start slipping your panties upward. As they pass my face I catch a brief hint of you. I close my eyes and savor your scent, salivating at the thought of getting to taste you soon.

I lower and part your legs again, running my hands up your thighs, kissing and teasing your skin with my tongue. You moan and writhe to my touch and I notice little goose bumps forming the closer to your thighs I get. My hands part your legs further, holding them in place as I kiss and nibble my way up the inside of your thighs. My hands hone in and now sit where your thighs met your hips.

I let my thumbs fall to either side of your pussy, firmly massaging them down and then up again, over and over. I watch you bit your lip, moan and wriggle, drawing my gaze down to your dripping pussy I lower myself, hovering my lips just over you. your scent fill my nostrils, firing shots of pleasure through my straight standing cock. You grind towards me wanting the touch of my soft wet lips. I blow my hot breath over the creases of your lips and feel you writhe frantically. I steady you with my hands and again blow deep hot breaths up the length of your lips, making sure my lips occasionally graze your now dripping pussy.

My lips move to your clit, kissing it letting my tongue rub it side to side, my saliva and your juices mixing making it wet and warm. I look up and catch your eyes locking them to mine as I massage your clit with the tip of my tongue. My tongue flicks from side to side, then small controlled circles, making you moan and grind. My lips finally take hold of your clit sucking and pinching at it, my tongue continuously circling while I slip two fingers into you.

I slide them in curling my fingers upwards so to scrape the ridges of your spot. I start at a slow but steady pace, pushing my fingers in and out. As I hear you moan louder and wriggle down closer I start pushing my fingers in deeper, faster knowing you are closer to cumming.

I feel your legs start to shake, your pussy starts to clench, your moans turn high pitched and I know you are at the brink. Just as you start to lose control and start to cum, I quickly slip my thick wet tongue into your soaked pussy circling it so every inch of your pussy feels its warmth as I taste you. You lose control and orgasm around it driving me so crazy that I cannot bear it longer. I take hold of my cock, soaked with precum, and pump it hard as you convulse, I stand, still pumping at my cock, watching you writhe in pleasure.

I see your eyes start to clear and just as you come back down I position my cock ready to enter. With one long methodical thrust, my cock forces apart your lips, stretching your pussy wider as it goes. The contours of my head rubbing against the folds of your lips, the walls of your soft tight pussy. Inch by inch I drive my cock into you, pulling out just enough to ease the pleasure before driving it back in all the way, each time groaning in pleasure at the sensation of your hot pussy engulfing every inch, every ridge of my hot cock.

Each time I slide it deeper into you, you moan, your hands reach up to your breasts pinching your nipples as they bounce to our rhythm. I feel you wrap your legs around me and feel your heels dig into my cheeks with every thrust. I take hold of you at the waist pulling you down harder on to me, trying to delve even deeper. Again and again, I push my thick cock into you, stretching you wide with every thrust. I lunge for your lips, and kiss you, breathing violently, trying to contain the pleasure drawn from you wet hot pussy.

You wrap your arms around my neck, taking grip of my hair. You moan loudly to every stroke, every inch my cock moves inside you, as the walls of your pussy rub together. We keep this up for a few more minutes, before you slow our rhythm, pushing back and heavy breathed your hot pussy swallowing my cock.

You grind your hips slowly with my cock inside you staring at me with pleasure dulled eyes and tell me to turn you over, and fuck you from behind. I smile as I pull out my soaked cock, seeing a string of precum stick to your pussy as if not wanting to let go. Your pussy weeps with juices and I can help but move in for another taste, my tongue starting from the bottom, slipping deep into your before my lips suckle on your clit again. Your taste is sweet, and I lap up every drop.

You stand and bend over, taking a grip on the desks edges. My cock standing at attention seeps precum seeing your round bottom, bobbing around in front of me. My hands grab both your cheeks pulling them apart, my mouth and tongue diving in, as instinct takes over again.

You moan and push back hard, feeling my tongue tease your holes, you rock back till you feel it soft hot and wet penetrate your glistening pussy. Wanting to feel my cock inside you again. I gladly oblige, gripping my cock I guide it from your moist ass, down to your pussy, using the tip to trace the line, as I admire your slit and the way it glistens around the head of my cock. With one deep thrust I push it inside you.

My head falls back in pleasure hearing you moan loudly. I pull out leaving the tip inside you before driving it back in, deeper this time, again and again I push deeper inside you, in long melodic strokes, feeling the your pussy grip at each inch of my cock. Squeezing it as it slips out, sucking at it as I push it back in. My hands at your waist grip you and pull you down on to my hard cock.

You rock back in time with my thrusts, and we quicken our pace.. I run my hand up your spine, as you buck on my cock. My hand runs up the back of your neck taking a grip on your hair. I pull your head back, turning it so I can lunge for your lips, kissing violently, in between our moans and heavy breaths. My other hand reaches for your breasts cupping them from underneath, pinching and twisting your nipple. My body now arched over you, my cheeks clenching as my hard cock gets driven in and out of you.

I move up right again and take hold of your hips again. Admiring the way your body arches and caves in with each thrust. The sound of your dripping pussy and my soaked cock gets loader, as I succumb to my pleasures and start pushing into you, harder.. faster.. deeper.. again and again… the warmth of your pussy engulfs my cock, sending pleasure through my body.

I feel your pussy start gripping harder, your moans become erratic as with your rhythm. You moan, then scream making me thrust harder, faster still. I hear your moans loader and I feel your pussy start to convulse, and I feel you a about to cum.

I let myself build up now wanting to cum with you. your arms drop and grip the ends of the desk your face flat on it as I start pounding, harder and deeper…I feel my body tense and feel a build up from my legs, through my body, moving toward my cock…

Your moans and screams pause, your body tenses and freezes, your fingers go white from your grip… knowing you are so close I keep my strokes long and deep.. feeling your pussy grip and start to spasm. Finally your body releases from its tense and stiffened state. With it waves of pleasure run through your body and you finally let out moans and whimpers of pleasure, your body rocking and convulsing erratically as I continue my long deep strokes. Feeling your pussy grip and spasm around my cock, I finally let myself go to the point of no return.

Hearing you moan and wince I pound hard and fast, letting the pressure off, and feeling my body release through my cock. I feel my hot cum moving through each inch of my cock, and with one final thrust deep into you it explodes, my hot cum erupting inside you filling your pussy with its warmth and engulfing my cock as our cum mixes and starts to escape your pussy. We moan loud as our bodies spasm out of control. Your pussy milks every drop of hot cum escaping my cock. I move to a slow rhythm, my legs still spasming, pulling my cock out and slowly slipping back into you. Your pussy drips as a mixture of our cum escapes. I feel you shake each time I slip it back inside, till we finally collapse. My cock still buried deep inside, you…

Finally I pull out and turn you over kissing my way from your breasts and nipples to your neck and up to your lips, kissing your soft skin covered in goose bumps, letting my hands explore your body.

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