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A Holiday, The Perfect Cure To A Heartbreak

Heartbroken Chloe Sanders is forced on a holiday by her sister and her friend
Chloe Sanders grabbed her bag as she heard her flight being announced. Finally, it was time to board the plane. She walked to the gate and joined the queue as the security checked the boarding passes and their bags. She looked around, noticing happy couples, families and some group of young people. She checked her watch impatiently as she waited.

Chloe was in her late twenties. She was a lovely woman, quite tall but neither skinny nor chubby looking. She was the usual girl next doors. She was dressed casually in a red t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans and sneakers and her hair was pulled up in a ponytail. She was not keen on making this holiday trip anymore but upon her friends and family’s advice, she gave in and now she was started to dread the holidays more than ever.

Half an hour later, she was on the plane, in her seat as she grabbed one of the magazines and flipped through the pages while people were still boarding and finding their seats. The magazine was not distracting her. She glanced outside the small window and sighted as she recounted the past events that forced her onto this lonely trip.

Everything started when Jeremy Dawn, Chloe’s boyfriend since high school proposed to her one night at a posh restaurant around the month of June, asking her to marry him. Chloe had been so shocked and after a few minutes, she was finally able to gather herself and said yes to him. Chloe and Jeremy had been together for around 8 years and marriage seemed to be the next logical step.

As from that day, they started to plan things. The wedding would be on Valentine’s Day which was when they first met eight years ago. Setting that date seemed so romantic to Chloe and Jeremy agreed with her. Time went by quickly, Chloe’s wedding dress was nearly ready by mid-January, the wedding venue and reception area were already arranged and the invites had been sent. Everything was going on smoothly. The preparations were certainly stressing for the couple and their families. Jeremy had also booked the tickets and the hotel for the honeymoon but wanted to surprise her and refused to tell her where they were going, only hinting out that it was going to be a tropical island.

A week before the wedding, Chloe was at work and received a call from Jeremy and he insisted on speaking to her as soon as she could. Chloe left the office as early as possible and went home where Jeremy was already waiting for her. She noticed his tensed expression as he turned to look at her.

“Hi honey, are you alright?” she asked, concerned about him.

He shrugged and told her to sit down as he needed to talk to her. She sat down on the couch and waited.

Jeremy took a deep breath and suddenly blurred out, “I can’t marry you Chloe.”

Chloe flinched as she heard him and looked at him in shock, unable to speak. “Tell me this is a joke. It must be a joke!” she thought to herself trying to stay calm.

“What do you mean?” she asked confused as she tried to remain composed.

“Look Chloe! I can’tdo this”, Jeremy muttered as he ran his hand into his blonde hair, forcing himself to face her, “I don’t love you Chloe!”

Chloe stared at him in shock as she tried to digest his words. She could not believe her ears. She hoped it was just a silly nightmare and that she was going to wake up soon.

“Chloe?” Jeremy asked as he kneeled down in front of her and grabbed her hand, “Baby I’m sorry about this but…”

“Tell me it’s a joke”, she whispered as she met his eyes, “Jeremy, please tell me you’re not serious.”

“I’m serious Baby”, he replied to her, unable to face her.

Chloe stood up shakily, feeling as if someone had just slashed a knife into her. She took some steps away to the window and looked outside.

“Baby please”, Jeremy started to say.

“Don’t Baby me Jeremy!” she shouted suddenly as she spun around and glared at him, her eyes filled with tears, “Why? Why Jeremy?”

“Chloe I … it’s complicated”, he tried to explain.

“Why did you propose to me Jeremy?” she shouted as the tears fell down her cheeks, “Why did you fucking propose to me if you did not love me! How can you do that to me?”

“Darling! I am not ready for a wedding”, Jeremy said in an exasperated tone, “Chloe baby, please understand me”

“Understand you?” she yelled at him, “Understand you? Do you know what you’re doing? Ditching me just a week before the wedding?”

“Chloe.. I…listen to me…Baby”, Jeremy stammered as he attempted to talk.

“My wedding dress is ready! We invited all our relatives and friends! We spent so much to make this wedding!”, she yelled at him.

“Look, don’t worry about the money, I will pay you back”, he said to her.

She glared at him furiously and pulled off her engagement ring from her finger and threw it at his face and shouted, “Get out of here! Go away! You fucking bastard!”

Jeremy wanted to calm her and took a few steps towards her and she turned and grabbed the nearest object around, a photo frame that had a picture of them when they were younger and threw it at him in anger.

“Jeremy Dawn! Get the hell out of my house!” she screamed at him and watched as he turned and walked away without saying a word.

A sudden sound got her back to reality. The air hostess was demonstrating the usual security and safety measures in case of a crash. She knew it was almost time for the plane to take off and fastened her belt. She looked around, glad there were not many passengers in the plane. She looked out as the plane started to move. Soon they were high up in the sky. Chloe’s mind was now on the past 2 days.

Jeremy had ditched her and she had been crying for hours. She had finally called her sister Carrie and her best friend Florence. Both came by her apartment and she told them what happened. Carrie had phoned their mom who had panicked and was more worried about the scandal than how her daughter was going through.

“No mom! You’re not talking to Chloe!” Carrie had said on the phone sternly, “Mom! It’s over! I don’t care about what the neighbors will think!”

Chloe snatched the phone from Carrie and hanged up and unplugged the machine. Florence grabbed an envelope and looked at it while Chloe sank back on the floor and hugged her knees. Carrie was next to her, consoling her. No one could believe that Jeremy could have done such a thing to Chloe.

Florence looked at Chloe suddenly and handed her the envelope, “I think you need to make the trip.”

Chloe stared at her friend and said nothing.

“Flo is right”, Carrie added, “Look Chloe! Why don’t you go there? You always wanted to visit the Maldives.”

“That was supposed to be my honeymoon”, Chloe mumbled as she glanced at the tickets. Jeremy had always known that she wanted to discover this place that always fascinated her. It hurt her now that she saw the tickets, remembering how he would refuse to tell her where they would be going.

“Take some time off, new place, discoveries”, Florence continued, “no chores, no work”

“No mom”, Carrie added with a small smile on her face.

Chloe smiled at Carrie’s comment. Both girls kept insisting and even offered to come with her. Finally Chloe gave in but insisted on making the trip on her own. She wanted to be alone. She was not up to facing her family and friends.

She was now in the plane, on her way to the tropical islands of her dreams, by herself. She noticed a headset that must have been handed out by the hostess when she was looking away and grabbed the remote control. She could watch some movies or shows as the trip was going to be a very long one.

The first channel was showing a romantic movie. Chloe changed the channel and ended up on a teenage show where a young couple were making out. She groaned and changed the channels again and this time ended up on a fashion show and cringed as she saw a model wearing a bridal dress making her way down the runway. She pressed the button again thought she would settle for some cartoons until she saw 2 cartoon pigeons standing next to each other on a branch and it seemed like they were cuddling or something. She fumed and changed the channel again and ended up on an animal documentary. She watched 10 minutes of it until she saw some monkeys fuckingeach other and gave up. She was now wishing she brought a book but had just thrown some clothes at random in her suitcase, grabbed her camera and left to the airport. Carrie had somehow managed to rearrange her bookings so she could leave a week after the breakup. 

Half a day had passed and Chloe had reached her destination. She was feeling tired and just wanted to go to sleep. She had finally found her suitcase and all her things were sorted. She soon stepped out of the airport and found a man who had a huge sign bearing the logo of the hotel she would be staying at and her name written on it. The man took care for her luggage and she got in the car.

They soon arrived at the hotel and Chloe thanked her driver and walked into the reception. She could see some couples and families all around and wondered how she was going to survive a whole week in this place. Yes it was the perfect holiday place with the beach, the sand, the tropical trees but Chloe did not feel excited. She was sure that she would probably not step out of her hotel room. Chloe approached the reception desk and within a few minutes, she was given the key to her room.

She noticed a poster at a booth and stopped. It was a tour operator and they were proposing a half-day trip on a catamaran to explore the ocean and there was a high chance of seeing dolphins. Chloe had always wanted to see a dolphin since childhood and forgetting about her resolve to stay in a hotel room during her stay, she walked to the booth.

“Hello, I would like to take the ocean tour tomorrow”, she said to the man at the desk.

“I’m sorry miss but we are full”, the man announced.

Chloe stared at him, looking very annoyed and asked, “When is the next ocean tour then?”

The man consulted his computer and said, “Well we do these tours once a week but I am sure you will enjoy going to the local bazaar and the traditional glass-making factory. We can book you on that tour for tomorrow”

Chloe scowled at him and left without a word. She looked at her key and walked to the elevator where the bell-boy was waiting for her with her luggage. She was still irritated at the tour operator. She did not want to see the local bazaar or any factories. She just wanted to see the dolphins and visit the isolated small islands which were only accessible by boat. She read that there were rare birds living there and she was hoping to take some photographs. At least that would have taken her mind off her off Jeremy.

An hour later, Chloe was stepping into a bar. She had unpacked and decided she needed a drink. She ordered a chilled beer and sat on the bar stool, observing the crowd. Some people were on the dance floor moving to the local tunes.

She heard someone clearing his throat and turned to find herself facing a handsome man. He turned to the barman and ordered a drink and sat on the stool next to hers. Chloe turned her attention back to the dance floor as she sipped her drink.

“Hey, I’m Tom Ryan”, the man said suddenly.

Chloe looked at him and introduced herself, “I’m Chloe Sanders”.

She noticed that he had jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing khaki shorts and a white polo shirt. She had to admit that he looked pretty good. She eyes scanned him and she noticed the huge tattoo on his right arm and she gulped. She was not a fan of tattoos and always thought they were awful.

They talked for a little bit and Chloe found that she had nothing in common with him. She was finding him quite arrogant and annoying. He told her that he came to the Maldives almost every year for holidays. She told him that it was her first time here but that it was the place she always wanted to visit.

“And do you always have such a gloomy expression on your face?” he asked her all of a sudden.

“I’m just tired”, she replied, looking away, “it was a long flight.”

He chuckled and told her, “I think there’s more than jetlag.”

Chloe took a deep breath but said nothing. She felt his hand on her arm and pulled away immediately.

“Goodnight”, she said as she stood up abruptly forcing a smile on her face, “I am exhausted.”

“No need to act with me Chloe”, he muttered as he stood next to her, “I figured your story”

Chloe stared at him, not amused and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Let me guess”, he said as he watched her face, “someone broke your heart and now you’re here hiding from reality.”

Chloe turned and walked away without a word. She was starting to wonder why she even started a conversation with Tom Ryan. The man was getting on her nerves. She stepped in the elevator and was punching her floor number on the number pad when Tom got in the elevator and grinned at her as the doors closed behind him.

“Now what?” she asked in an exasperated tone.

“I was by the reception when you checked in.” he stated as he watched her, making her feel a little nervous.

Chloe was suddenly very aware of him.

“Well, I have my own yacht and I am going at sea for the day and would like to invite you to join me”, he continued.

Chloe shook her head and replied, “I already booked the ocean tour at the hotel”

“I saw that you did not find a tour for tomorrow”, he commented before adding, “I can take you tomorrow and besides you would see much more than with the tour boat”

The elevator stopped and Chloe got out and Tom followed. She was wondering if she should take his offer. She did not enjoy his company and at the same time, she really wanted to go.

“If we leave early, we may even spot some dolphins”, he added as he waited for her answer.

“Alright”, Chloe replied, “what time?”

“6 in the morning?” he asked, “Meet me in the lobby”

Chloe agreed and made her way to her room as Tom waited for the elevator.

The next morning Chloe was up early. She checked her things, making sure she brought some suntan lotion and camera. She was feeling excited. She was going to see the dolphins and explore the islands. She checked the time and grabbed her backpack and her sunglasses.

Within a few minutes she was in the lobby and Tom was already waiting for her.

“Hello gloomy face”, he said with a grin making Chloe glare at him, “ooh I like that dark stare, it turns me on!”

“Shall we go?” Chloe asked suddenly wondering if it was a good idea to take this journey with this man.

He grabbed his things and motioned for her to follow him. They walked for a little bit and soon reached the beach. Chloe stared in amazement when she saw the yacht. It was quite impressive. It was a white cruising yacht, it was quite big.

“Never been on one before?” Tom asked her as he gave her a quick glance.

Chloe shook her head and kept staring.

“Come'on! Help me so we can leave!” he called out as he approached the yacht.

Some hours later, Chloe was busy taking photographs as the yacht moved. They had been to sea for a while now. They could not catch any dolphins yet and Tom mentioned that they should have set out earlier for more chances of seeing them but Chloe did not really mind now. She was enjoying being there, in the middle of the ocean, she felt free. She was actually sporting a smile on her face and relaxed. She was almost on her own as Tom was navigating the boat.

She felt the boat slow down and spun around to see Tom turning the engine off. She looked around, still trying to spot the dolphins. She saw Tom throwing the anchor in the sea to secure the boat and he walked away. Chloe could feel the burning sun and decided that she would sunbathe. What was the point of coming here if she did not get a good tan anyways? She pulled off her shirt and shorts, revealing a teal bikini. She dug in her bag and found the suntan lotion and started to apply it on her body carefully.

She had not noticed that Tom had been watching her from behind the wheel all that time. She heard him saying something and turned in his direction and gulped as he approached.

“What the…” she stammered as she saw him.

Tom was standing in front of her, naked. Chloe felt her cheeks reddening as she stared at him. He moved closer to her and their eyes met. She stared at him in shock as he stood there in front of her. She could see his muscled body, that perfect chest. He looked so strong and sexy. Her eyes darted to his manhood and she could see that he was hard. She suddenly realized that she had been staring and that he was very well aware of it. She turned away, her cheeks reddening and cursed herself.

“Chloe, what are you doing?” she thought to herself, “You don’t even know him.”

Tom did not say a word as he stared at her. Chloe was feeling very embarrassed by the situation. Here she was with a handsome naked stranger on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no place to hide or escape.

She yelped in surprise as he suddenly pulled her against his muscular body. She tried to pull away but in vain. Tom was much stronger than her.

“Whaa…what are you doing?” she asked panicking as he somehow managed to pull her down till she was lying on her back and he was over her, pinning her to the floor. Tom did not reply. He smirked at her as she still struggled to free herself from him.

Without warning he kissed her hard on her lips. Chloe tried to resist but soon, she was kissing him back. She could feel his hands running over her body, making her whimper against him. She attempted to push him away but his caresses were making her vulnerable to him.

Chloe did not know what to do. She knew that this was not right, not after what she has been through but her body was not agreeing her mind. She wanted him, even if she could not stand him. She heard him groan and his hand was cupping a breast, squeezing it gently through her bikini top, making her gasp. She could feel herself shaking. Was it because she was with a stranger or because they were in the open, in the middle of the sea and any boat who would come around would see everything? They could even get arrested for this but yet, she could hardly resist. She found herself lying on her back with Tom above her.

He pulled away a little, staring into her eyes. Chloe could not speak. Part of her wanted him to touch her again while a smaller part of her told her that she had to tell him to stop. She opened her mouth but no sound came out.

“Take the top off”, he muttered as he watched her face. Chloe shook her head to say no and he moved his hand to her bikini bottom and ran his fingers against her covered pussy, making the young woman jump and take a sharp breath at the sudden touch.

“Don’t fight it, Chloe” he whispered in her ear as he continued to glaze his fingers over her sex as she tried to stifle her little moans, “We both know that you want me.”

He pushed her bottoms to the side and ran his fingertips over her pussy lips. Chloe dug her nails into his shoulder as she felt his touch but he ignored the sharp sting. He continued to tease her relentlessly, feeling her growing wetness. She suddenly cried out as he pushed a finger inside her and started to wiggle it. Chloe was breathing heavily and letting out little cries as he tormented her little pussy.

She withered under him as he finger-fucked her. Chloe was sobbing and moaning at the same time. The sensations were quite intense and the thought of doing it right there on the boat in the hot weather was also exciting her even more. He pinched her clit, played with it till she started to scream out and he knew she was close to orgasm. He pulled his hand away and could not help but chuckle as she let out a frustrated moan.

“Take the top off and the bottoms too”, he said sharply as he watched the pretty sight under him. Her hair was all tousled around her face, her body sweaty and her eyes were filled with desire. He knew that this time, she would obey him. He pulled himself off her as she tried to sit up and smiled as she undid the knot behind her neck and the bikini top slipped off. Next came her bottoms, leaving her completely naked. Chloe stood there in front of him, knowing that his eyes were on her.

He pulled her around till she was on all fours and admired her in that position. She glanced over her shoulder, her eyes begging him to take her and he kneeled behind her, positioning his hardness against her entrance. He rubbed his cock against her pussy lips a few times before ramping into her with such a force that it made her scream. He grabbed her by the hips as he started to fuck her, her cries and sobs urging him to go harder. She was so tight, her body so responsive to him. His right hand was on her clit, squeezing it gently as he fucked her.

“Oh ooh!” she moaned out loudly, her eyes closed as she felt the intense sensations as he fucked her pussy. He was so hard, so big; she could not believe how amazing that felt. She was so close, so desperate, her body shaking with every thrust. He grunted as he pushed even harder and kept playing with her engorged clit, setting her off into one of the strongest orgasms she had ever felt before. Chloe’s body bucked and Tom kept holding her and fucking her as she continued to cum. He was going to blow a huge load of cum soon.

He pulled out of her and turned her around till she was facing him, on her knees. Before he had the chance to tell her anything, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and stared to pump it. Tom groaned, grabbing the railing of the yacht for support as she worked on his cock. He closed his eyes as he felt her lips around his manhood. She was licking the head while her fingers were playing with his balls. He was in heaven. He threw his head back as she started to take him deeper in her mouth. He opened his eyes and looked down. She was sucking on him hungrily, looking at his face with her big eyes. That was too much for him to handle and it set him off. He started to cum so hard that she had to pull away at first, unprepared for it. She was soon back to sucking him, lapping the salty cum, trying not to miss a single drop. Her right hand slipped between her legs and she finger fucked herself as she kept swallowing his cum. Sucking his manhood had made her wet again and she needed to cum again.

His cock went limp and she released him. Tom was still a little breathless as he watched her. She had given him such a good blowjob that he wanted to make her cum again. He pushed her down on her back gently and pulled her hand away. He spread her long legs and stared at her wet sex. He brought her close to his lips and blew on her sex gently, making her squirm. He hooked her legs over his shoulders and started to lap on her pussy juices, making her moan in delight. Her hands were holding his head against her pussy, squealing as he licked her. He grabbed her hips as he continued to pleasure her. He could feel her body shaking so much and he was trying to hold her into place as he kept sucking on her pussy.

She cried out as she came and he lapped her juices eagerly, loving her taste. She released her grip on his head and was still panting heavily. He released her and watched her as she laid there. Her eyes were closed and it seemed like she could hardly move.

Chloe was still shaking as she regained her composure. She suddenly realized that the yacht was moving. She looked around for her clothes and pulled them on quickly. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and walked around the yacht and found Tom behind the wheel maneuvering. He was already dressed and she was not very sure what to tell him.

“We’re heading back to the harbor”, he said as he saw her coming over, “It will take long to reach the islands. It’s wiser to go back. I’ll take you later.”

Chloe just nodded and watched the sea as the yacht sped. None of them were speaking anymore.

It was dark when they were back to the hotel lobby. Chloe stepped in the elevator and Tom walked in behind her. They were alone and Chloe was feeling uneasy. She felt ashamed of herself, realizing that she had been fucking a total stranger and she had just broken up with her ex. Yet, this has been like the best fuck in her life. Tom was not saying anything either but he looked so composed. It seemed as if nothing had happened and they were back to being mere strangers.

The elevator stopped at her floor and she walked out and turned to look at Tom but he was avoiding her. She was about to say something but he pressed a button and the doors closed in front of him. Chloe just stood there for a few moments, as if expecting Tom to appear in front of her. Finally she walked to her room and slammed the door behind her and walked to the window staring at the stars. She closed her eyes and for the first time since the breakup, it was not the face of Jeremy that emerged in her mind but that of Tom Ryan.

She opened her eyes, knowing what she had to do. She ran to the door, opened it, determined to find the man with whom she had shared the most amazing sex in her life. She ran to the elevator and waited impatiently before finally giving up and took the stairs. She ran to the reception desk and asked the lad at the desk for Tom’s room number but the woman responded by saying that Mr. Ryan had asked not to be disturbed. Chloe walked away and realized that the next place to find him was near his yacht. She stepped out of the lobby and ran towards the beach and suddenly heard someone calling her name. She turned and saw Tom jogging towards her.

“I managed to find which room you were in after bribing the bellboy but you were not there”, he explained quickly as he stopped in front of her.

“I was looking for you”, Chloe replied softly as she met his eyes, “I was thinking that you did not want to see me again.”

“I did not know what to say”, he answered, “since you walked into this place, I could not take my eyes off you and I was convinced that you would not want to be with me again but that look you gave me when you stepped out of the lift, it meant something and I just had to find you again.”

They stared at each other, none of them saying a word and finally, Tom pulled her against him and kissed her, this time tenderly and Chloe melted into his arms. Both of them knew that they needed each other badly and the night was far from being over as they finally walked back to the hotel.

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