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A hot night in

After a hectic long week, we were planning a night in the living room with our quilt and toy box. My wife Liz had been away on business all week and we’d been texting each other pictures every night and bringing each other off on the phone which as I’m sure you can imagine although bringing instant relief just served to build up the horn we’d both been developing all week. All day shopping with the kids we’d both been tactile with each other, kissing and cuddling, I’d made Liz wear her short tartan miniskirt and kept slipping my hand up her thigh when we were in the shops until she playfully slapped my hand away.

By evening you could feel the charge between us, looks and glances like static electricity.

We put the kids to bed and set up camp in the front room, quilt and pillows, wine, candles, massage oil, lube, wipes and towel.

I went to shower and when I came back just in my towel she had everything set up, she’d lit the candles, put on a movie and got dressed (or should I say undressed)

She is 5’6” with long strawberry blonde her and a tiny waist, she was wearing sheer black stockings, a black corset and a near see through lacy thong, and I could feel myself getting hard just looking at her.

We cuddled together on top of the duvet, drinking wine and caressing, letting the mood build. I was stroking her all over and kissing her neck and lips when she reached under my towel and started to stroke my balls which she knows I love, as my breathing quickened she would pull firmly stretching them from my body and getting me fully hard.

I sat up removing my towel and straddled over her, using my hand I guided my now hard cock to her lips. She looked at me smiling and gently kissed and licked the head teasing me before taking me in her mouth. I groaned as she held me still in her mouth liking the underside of my sensitive helmet, I started pushing a little and she started moving, bobbing half way down before almost letting me go sucking me harder as she played with my balls. It’s not my time yet I told her its time for you to have some fun.

I kissed down her neck and pulled her delicate small breasts from the corset licking and nibbling her long nipples, she groaned pulling me to her until I had nearly her whole breast pressed in my mouth as I firmly licked over and around her nipple, making her groan and clutch me as I did the same to the other breast.

I kissed down over her corset and nuzzled at her silky flat belly before heading past, down her thighs, I love the feel of her beautiful legs in sheer stockings and stroked and kissed my way Back up the inside if her legs. When I got to the top I paused looking at her in her thong, her hairless puffy lips and hole peeking out either side the thin material. She had her hand on m head and pulled me to her; I pressed my face into her panties and breathed deep, savouring her smell. I kissed and licked around her hot pussy, pressing and nibbling her clit through the material until she groaned “kiss me now”. I pulled her thong to one side and started using my tongue, exploring her folds and on up her lips to her hard clit, when I touched it she gave a jolt and whimpered as I sucked it into my mouth and starting licking circles round and round, as her breathing increased so did my tempo pressing harder and harder as she fucked my face, she was moaning fervently and heading for an orgasm so I slowed down letting her pleasure build I slipped one then two fingers into her as I licked her clit and pressed my fingers into her rubbing her sweet spot and making her groan. I started fucking her harder then the pads of my fingers pulling against her g in a come here motion, harder and harder I licked her clit as she started her orgasm, crying out loudly grabbing my head and holding me on her clit with both hands as she screamed out, reaching her peak. I kept my fingers in her and very slowly licked and nuzzled her clit letting her calm down and lose the over sensitivity then as she relaxed I sat back and resumed fucking her with my fingers. She tilted her hips back allowing me to put full pressure on her g spot as I finger fucked her, she was crying out again and I could tell she was close. Using my other hand I thumbed her clit sending her over the edge she screamed as a g spot orgasm exploded in her, squirting out her hot girl come all over the quilt and me, I kept going, her cum fountaining over us both till she begged me, panting, “enough, please ohh god yes put me down”. Grabbing the towel I wiped us both down and licked her gently, teasingly till she pushed me onto my back “come her and fuck me now”, she straddled me and I held my hard cock up as she lowered herself down with a loud moan. She lifted up again and held just with the tip inserted and looked at me sexily. She started moving up and down, fast and hard no holding back and I could see she was still ready from her last orgasm, her juices were flowing out her hot pussy and I could see them coating my cock as she rode me her lips pulling up and down my length. She was getting louder and louder cumming again and again as she worked herself on me, as she peaked I pulled her forward onto me and started to fuck her hard, pistoning into her as I played with her breast “fuck yeah, fuck me, oh go baby fuck me harder, I’m Cumming” she yelled and with that I couldn’t hold back slapping into her I erupted, spurting my hot thick cum into her as I felt myself bottoming against her cervix, the walls of her vagina gripping me in her orgasm, we clung to each other our bodies bathed in sweat as we came down in a haze. I kissed her hard then slipped out of her, our combined juices flowing out her sweet pussy onto the quilt.

I poured us both another glass of wine and we cuddled up to start the movie again ready for round 2.
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