A hot night

By anth9012

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A night filled with hot sex
I press you against the wall, lost within the passion of our kiss, tongues dancing around each others. My hands begin their exploration of your hot young body, gently rubbing and squeezing your breasts through your top and bra, before quickly taking your top off over your head and slowly beginning to lick down your neck. I run the tip of my tongue across the top of your bra-covered breasts as I reach around behind you and unclasp it, then let it fall off your shoulders and to the floor.

I move back slightly to get a good look at your now fully exposed breasts, seeing your nipples harden from both the excitement and slight chill of being exposed to the air. I thrust my head forward and start to kiss and bite them all over like a wild animal, sucking both your hard nipples as you feel my hands slide down your hips.

One hand cups your firm tight ass, pulling your body closer to mine as the other slides beneath the waistband of your loose trousers, slowly sliding lower and lower, until you feel the tips of my fingers against your panty covered pussy lips.

A slight groan escapes your lips as you run your hands through my hair, slightly spreading your legs more to allow me better access to your young shaved pussy. I slowly, teasingly, rub the tips of my fingers lightly around your panty covered pussy lips, starting to push harder and faster each time, until I take you by surprise and thrust two fingers right between your wet lips as deep as I can through your panties. As my mouth continues to lick, suck and bite your firm breasts all over, I begin thrusting my fingers back and forth between your pussy lips, using my thumb to stimulate your clit.

You reach down and slide your trousers and panties down to your knees and then reach for my hard cock. You groan at the feeling of my thick hard shaft in your small hands through my trousers.

"In time, baby, but first I want to please your body," I tell you, grabbing your hand lightly and moving it above your head. I use one hand to pin both of yours above your head, my other hand returning between your legs.

You writhe with pleasure at finally being able to feel my fingers against your exposed pussy, as I begin to slowly thrust two fingers all the way in up to my knuckles as my thumb continues its assault on your clit. I begin licking down your flat, toned stomach and you feel my lips gently brush your clit, causing your body to suddenly jerk as you groan. I grab your legs and place them over my shoulders. Your pussy is now inches from my face as I see your delicious juices running down my hand. My fingers continue to thrust in and out of your tight hole faster and harder.

I breathe in the smell of your sweet juices before moving my face closer and closer and the next thing you feel is my lips clasping around your clit and sucking it gently at first as my tongue flicks against it. You can feel my fingers circling now as they thrust deep into you, circling round and round as they go up and down, grinding against your wet hot pussy walls, and the feeling of that plus my lips and tongue against your sensitive clit are too much for you to handle. Your legs quickly clamp around my head as you grab my hair and push your pussy harder against my face as you scream, your orgasm rocks your hot body as your cum gushes into my face and open mouth. Not wanting to waste a drop I clamp my lips as tightly around your pussy and begin to furiously suck and lick swallowing all your addictive nectar, pushing my tongue as deep into you as I could, ensuring I get every last tasty drop.

Once your orgasm subsides and you gasped for breath, I looked up and couldn't help but stare at your chest heaving up and down, noticing the reflection of light off all saliva I had covered your tits with. I kept your legs over my shoulder and quickly stood up, making sure not to bang your head on the ceiling as I carry you over to the bed, I lean forward and slide you off, as you land on the bed bouncing up and down you let out a slight giggle. "Fuck me that was amazing babe!" You exclaim.

I look down at your body, taking in the beauty and sexual sight in front of me. Your firm tits covered in my saliva from where I had licked and sucked them like a hungry baby, and your tight wet pussy sucked dry of your cum and yet it glistens with excitement, your clit seems to be sticking out and looks pinkish from when I had sucked it.

I quickly undress and as my boxers slide down to my ankles, you gasp at finally being able to see the object of your desire, my big thick hard dick. You think it must be at least 10' long and as thick as your wrist.

I move up the bed and kneel next to your head, slowly starting to rub it against your lips back and forth until I feel you stick your tongue out. You can taste my thick tool and you feel the veins and warmth of it before you open your mouth to accept the tip. I groan at the feeling of your hot wet lips around the head of my shaft as I continue to thrust back and forth.

I move closer and slowly start to fuck your hot little mouth, pushing more and more of my dick into your mouth until you gag as it presses against the back of your throat. You can't believe you finally have it in your mouth, and I too am lost in disbelief that this is finally happening, after years of dancing around it, lightly flirting and teasing one another.

Within minutes, I can no longer wait, I MUST feel your hot young pussy around my thick dick. I pull out of your mouth and quickly move between your pussy lips. I can't help but think how this will soon with luck become a regular thing, having you naked in my bed waiting for my cock to fill you.

I smile wickedly at the thought as you look into my eyes, my cock slightly pushing right against the entrance of your waiting womanhood.

"Hope you're ready baby, 'cause you are in for one long wild ride," I say in a slight devilish tone as I wink, and gently grab your hips to stop you from moving. I begin to slowly push forward more and more until you groan loudly, feeling my thick hard cock push its way in between your pussy lips working its way deeper and deeper, stretching you with each thrust. I thrust one last time burying my cock up to my balls, as we both groan.

I can't believe how hot and tight your pussy is, as you groan feeling it being filled and stretched so suddenly. You grab onto my shoulders, slightly digging your nails into my back as you grind yourself up and down against my thick dick.

I reach under you and grab your tight firm ass and slowly start pumping in and out of you, gaining speed each time as I kiss you hard on the lips feeling your hips move up to meet each thrust. Both of us are groaning as you flex your pussy lips to squeeze my cock more and more. Sending me over the edge, I squeeze your ass cheeks hard as I force my cock once more balls deep into you. You groan as you feel my hot thick load empty into you over and over again, my cock deep inside you shooting my cum, causing you to climax hard, your pussy squeezing my cock tighter than I have ever felt as you scream loudly.

I stay deep inside you as our climax calms down, yet my cock somehow manages to stay rock hard. I once again start to move in and out of you, loving the feeling of your cum filled pussy around my dick, feeling a mix of our cum dribble down my balls and thighs as I kiss you hard, my tongue massaging yours. I then get an idea and pull out turning you onto all fours as you look back, trying to determine what I am thinking. Your question is soon answered as you feel the tip of my cum soaked cock pushing against your tight little ass.

'Oh god, please. Be gentle, I have never had anal before baby, and I'm not sure my ass can handle that beast cock of yours.' You groan as you feel your ass stretching around the tip of my cock, a slight crack of a smile noticeable on your face.

Firmly grabbing your hips I slowly move back and forth easing my way harder and deeper into your ass, liking the feeling of inch after thick inch of my dick working its way into your virgin ass, stretching you more with each thrust.

'Fuck, your ass feels even more amazing than that cunt of yours!' I exclaim, giving you a sharp spank on your bare ass cheeks.

Once I am balls deep into you I stay there once more, enjoying the feeling of your ass pulsing around my thick shaft. I immediately and without warning start to fuck your tight ass fast and hard, almost like a wild animal being let out of its cage. I hold your hips tightly so you can't move off. Your screams of pleasure and pain echo off the walls as your tits graze against the bed. You are completely under my control and lost in the pleasure of feeling your ass being well and truly pounded.

We manage to keep this fast and hard thrusting up for another 40 minutes, and you have lost count of the gushing orgasms you have had. The bed and both our thighs now soaked with your cum, and yet you find yourself always craving more.

But soon I feel my balls tighten more and more, as you feel my cock twitching in your tight little ass. And I groan loudly, you feel my grip tighten almost painfully on your hips. And then you feel it, another hot thick seemingly endless load of my cum shooting deep into your ass.

We both collapse on the bed next to each other, my dick now limp after the long fuck fest we have just had. Both our bodies glowing with pleasure and afterglow, my eyes fixed on your body, watching your chest move up and down as you attempt to catch your breath.

I wrap my arm around you, and we cuddle like true lovers, and soon fall into a deep well deserved slumber.