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A Hot Summer Afternoon

It's 104 degrees in New Mexico... That's not the only thing that's hot!
My very first story! I'm so excited :) please rate and leave comments!

I stepped into the cool, forgiving water of my in-ground pool. My lack of sex from my recent breakup with my boyfriend had me in an almost constant state of horniness, so obviously the "water" was the force gently pulling down my bikini straps, revealing my perky B-Cups with rock-hard nipples. I was just pulling down my thong when a knock on the door jerked me back to reality.

"Stef? Anyone home?" A male voice called.

I thought, reluctantly covering my tits back up, I can't get privacy in my own home! I quickly put on a terry cloth robe and ran upstairs. It was my longtime childhood friend, Mason.

"Mason, hey!" I said, with a warm but slightly forced smile and a flip of my platinum blonde hair. "What brings you here?"

Mason smiled a glimmering white smile. "Nothing, just to see my best friend AND swim in her nifty little pool!" With that, he ripped off his t-shirt. My pussy tingled at the sight of him; broad, muscular shoulders, leading down to a defined 8-pack and a small stream of hair leading down to his covered crotch.

"You have the same idea as me, I was just about to go down there myself! Come join me!" I giggled nervously, shedding the terry cloth robe.

Years of being a personal trainer had earned me a juicy ass and a tight, toned body. Mason seemed to be thinking the same thing, as I could feel his eyes ripping off my scarcely decent bathing suit and fucking me right then and there. When we got down the stairs, I could already see his erection poking against the almost see-through material of his swim trunks. He caught me staring and nervously ran his fingers through his curly brown hair.

"So…" he stammered as I bent down to get a towel from the caddy, wiggling my ass a tiny bit for his pleasure. I stepped into the pool.

"So, how are you and Caroline?"

Caroline was his ex-girlfriend. She was cute in an innocent way, with bright green eyes and chocolate-brown hair. Naturally, I hated her. "Ahmm…we broke up about two days ago."

My heart sank and rose at the same time. I was happy that he was now available, but hated myself for taking pleasure in his pain. "Why? You don't have to tell me, I'm just curious. Don't wanna be nosy!"

Mason shrugged. "Naw, it's okay. I've known you forever, I can trust you with anything. She was cheating on me with Josh Thompson."

Josh Thompson. "HE WAS MY BOYFRIEND!!! How long were they going out?"

Mason sighed. "About 4 months."

I was instantly steaming mad. "That bastard! We were going out for 4 months!"

Mason took a deep breath. "I think that because both of us are single…Maybe we should start something."

I waded over to him slowly. Lining our heads up close, lips barely touching, I whispered, "Maybe we should."

With that, we began kissing. We started slow and passionate, but after a while, our tongues were intertwining between our lips, our hands groping all over each other's bodies.

"Mmmm," he groaned when my hands found their way down to his erect dick.

"I think I can help you with this one, Mason," I whispered as I slid down his front, lining my head up with his cock. I gently pulled away his swim trunks, and his monstrous 10-inch cock sprang out. "Ohhh.. FUUCKKK… Mason it's huge!" And sucked it into my mouth. I licked the whole shaft, then sucked it in again. I repeated it a couple times, then began deepthroating like a pro.

"Oh… oh YES… ohh, Stef… Deeper, take it deeper." Mason groaned as my mouth worked relentlessly on his cock, my hand fondling and gently tugging his balls. Soon he grunted, "I'm cumming!" and with that he shot his monstrous load down my throat. I greedily swallowed every drop.

Mason began to lick down my chest, sucking on my nipples, making me gasp. He went down further, keeping his head just outside of my pussy. His hot breath on my outer lips made me squirm, giddy with anticipation. He snaked his tongue out, gently pressing my clit with the tip.

"OHHH…." I gasped, making him start sucking on my clit. He brought his fingers into my pussy, massaging and tweaking my g-spot, making me scream out in pleasure. "OH YES, YES, RIGHT THERE, DON'T STOP!!! AHHHH!!!" I hollered, squirting juices all over his face. He used pool water to wash my cum off of his face. Remind me to call the pool cleaner when this is over.

"Stef. Get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck you."

Happy to oblige, I flipped over onto my stomach, giving him full access to my pussy. He spanked me a few times, making we moan. "Oh yes, spank my ass. I've been a very bad girl. Mmmmm…oh yeah."

His already hard cock slipped easily inside my wet pussy. I was very sensitive because I had came so short before this, so I almost came just when he started fucking me. "Oh yeah, bitch, you like that." Mason grunted.

"MMMM… yes, I like that."

Mason started saying stuff like, "That's right, I love watching your pussy swallow my monster cock. Do you like my big cock inside of you?" He began spanking me with each thrust. "Yeah, you've been a bad girl. I'm gonna have to spank you. Listen to the slap of my hand over your ass. And the slap of my balls on your ass." He began thrusting faster and faster.

"Ya, ya, ya, ya," I repeated with every thrust. "AHHH! MASONNN! FUCK MEE!" I screamed as I came yet again. Soon, I felt his balls tighten up.

"I'm cumming!" he yelled and pulled out, jacking off furiously over my ass.

I wiggled it and said, "Ooh, yeah, cum all over my body!"

And with that, he shot at least 5 spurts all over me. He then took me into his arms, cradling me and kissing me tenderly all over my face and neck. "I love you… So much," he said, taking my face in his hands.

"I love you, too."

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