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A Hotel Encounter

Two strangers meet and have an instant steamy connection in a Las Vegas hotel.
He arrived at the hotel earlier than he had planned to. There was less traffic on the way from the airport than he thought and the taxi driver knew the city’s streets well. He walked up to the entrance and surveyed his surroundings, noticed the hustle bustle usually associated with Las Vegas at night, people coming and going from the hotel and the plethora of casinos. He dragged his suitcase behind him as best he could, as one of the wheels was slightly damaged from his previous vacation, and walked up to the front desk to check in where he was greeted with a smile which he couldn’t tell was genuine or not.

“Welcome to the Riviera Hotel and Casino, sir. Are you checking in?”

He nodded and she gave his room. He then turned around to look at the lobby and that's when he saw her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. He knew he had to talk to her, to get to know her if only for the duration his short trip.

The bellboy asked if he wanted his bags taken up to the room right away, to which he agreed but said he would be up later. He had to talk to her. He worked up the courage and then made his way over. She was wearing a summery white dress with roses on it, with two beautiful long pale legs protruding down to the floor and black leather high heels. Gorgeous. He could feel himself getting hard just by looking at her.

“Hello,” he said shyly,” Are you lost?”

She turned round, at first startled by the sudden interaction but smiled as soon as she looked at his intense blue eyes.

“No," she replied, "I’m just waiting here for my friend. She’s supposed to be meeting me here for drinks after she has a shower but she always takes longer to get ready than she says.”

They both laughed.

“Well how about I buy you a drink while you wait for her?”

She thought intently for a moment, giving him a look up and down in an exaggerated fashion as if to say, “Can I trust you?” before agreeing.

They made their way over to the hotel bar and the usual getting-to-know-you chitchat ensued.

“I’m Sarah,” she revealed.”

“I’m Gabriel,” he returned.”

20 minutes passed and still no sign of Sarah’s friend.

“She must have headed off to one of the casinos; she’s not the most cautious of gamblers.”

“I know the feeling; I lost a lot of money the last time I was here.”

He had already grown fond of her enough to reveal such a personal thing.

“Oh? You’re not one of those gamblers anonymous patrons, are you?”

She snickered and he snickered back.

“No! I just got a bit carried away and put a couple of grand down on Black 22. Turns out it was Red 17. Typical,” he said as he downed the last of his whisky.

“Well it looks like I’ll have to find a way to keep you from throwing those dice again,” she said seductively.

He noticed her rubbing her foot against his leg. Even through his thick jeans he could feel her touch. He wanted her and she wanted him.

After staring at each other for a few seconds Gabriel said:

“You wanna’ get out of here? I haven’t checked out my room yet.”

She agreed and the two of them made their way from the bar to the hotel elevator. They got inside and thankfully no one else was there. They stood in anticipatory silence as it moved from floor to floor. They both knew something wild and exciting was about to happen but neither wanted to say anything before it commenced.

They walked along the corridor to Gabriel’s room, giving each other sly glances as they went. He opened the door to reveal a beautiful suite with a dazzling view of Las Vegas which was perfectly aligned with the soft white bed against the wall. He shut the door but not before putting the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside.

“Another drink?” He asked.

She shook her head slowly as she removed her high heels. She then sat on the side of the bed and waited for him to make the first move. He walked slowly over to her, pulled her gently towards him and kissed her. They kissed with the passion of two people who had known each other forever and were just now getting around to taking it to the next level; the physical level.

He ran his fingers through her soft yellow hair and kissed her neck. Her breathing started to get heavy as she felt his hot breath on her and groaned when she felt his saliva wet her skin. She reached her hands down to the front of his jeans and she could feel his bulge through them as she began to remove his belt. She undid them and let them drop to the ground, followed by his boxers. This revealed his huge cock which was dangling there half hard waiting for her to claim it.

Gabriel then slowly pulled Sarah to her feet and pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her perfectly formed medium sized breasts that fit so brilliantly in his hands. He lent down and kissed her left breast, swirling his tongue around her nipple which made her moan and groan wildly. He then moved onto the right breast to do the same. They hadn’t actually spoken to one another for a few minutes now but it didn’t matter; they seemed to be one with one another, knowing exactly what to do.

After he had played with her now insanely erect nipples he pushed her softly onto the bed upon which she looked like a golden-haired angel. He pushed her legs apart to reveal her sweet pussy which was already moist and ready for him to take. He moved his face down to it, kissing the inside of her thighs as he went, causing her to moan and writhe. Then he reached her opening and buried his face into it, causing waves of intense pleasure to rush throughout her body. He carefully separated her lips so that he could find her clit, half fingering her pussy as he did so. Once he had it delicately between his fingers he began to gently massage and lick it. This felt absolutely incredible; she hadn’t felt pleasure like it before in her life. She had plenty of sexual partners before but no one as confident and accurate as this man whom she had only just met not an hour before.

He fucked her with his tongue, jabbing it in and out and swirling it around. Sarah was writhing around on the bed, her hips jutting up and down to the movement of his tongue inside of her. Just as she felt she couldn’t take it anymore she felt an explosive orgasm, one more powerful than she ever thought possible. She grasped his hair as she came hard. Her heart was beating so fast and she tried to catch her breath. She looked down at him and he looked up at her with adoring eyes.

She grabbed onto his hips and flipped him around so that he was the one now on his back, his cock pointing straight up and waiting for her to return the favour. She grabbed onto it firmly but gently with her right hand and lowered her soft red lips onto it, taking him inside her hot mouth. She could taste his pre-cum and she liked it as his beautiful shaft slid in and out of her. He could feel the same sort of pleasure she had minutes prior; her mouth felt fantastic on his throbbing hardness. She moved up and down again and again, occasionally gagging as she tried to take his entire length.

After a few minutes she lifted her head and knelt up straighter, lifting one leg over his body until she was straddling him. She then arched her back as she guided his cock into her pussy and as she rested back down the two of them let out a mutual groan of ecstasy. It felt so right; the two of them fit together like a pleasure puzzle that had just now been solved. He grabbed onto her waist and pulled her up and down on top of his hard cock, waves of pleasure coursing through both of their bodies. Her cunt was so tight around him; every part of it alive with pleasure.

They looked deep into each other’s eyes as they moved together in tandem. Suddenly he flipped her back around so that he could take more control. His cock fell out as he did so but he promptly yet gently put it back where it belonged and started to thrust. He knew just by her look that she wanted to be fucked hard but at the same time he didn’t want to hurt her. He judged his speed perfectly, evidenced by the way her hips moved as he slid in and out of her. As he fucked her he rubbed her pussy with his fingers, giving her two types of pleasure at once which caused her to moan and groan more than ever before. He loved to see her in so much ecstasy as she lay at the mercy of his hard cock and biting the pillow to stop from screaming the place down.

After a while they could feel the pleasure build, as if the point of pleasure exclamation was somehow perfectly aligned between them. He thrust even faster than before and could feel his load building up inside him like a canon.

“Cum inside me,” she gasped,” I want to feel your hot load fill me up. Please!”

Who was he to deny her that? He could hold on no longer and he thrust into her one last time, shooting his massive white creamy load which was accompanied by the single greatest orgasm of his life. She screamed in mutual enjoyment as he lay gently down on top of her, the two of them breathing heavily in recovery.

Eventually he slid off her to lie on his back beside her. The two of them lay there in amazement of what just happened, not just because of how fantastic it felt but how right it felt, too. The two of them turned to each other and stared. After what felt like an eternity they both sat up, moved off the bed and got dressed. Neither of them thought of taking a shower; they liked the smell of one another.

They made their way back downstairs, utterly satisfied with their experience and smiling at each other in silence as they rode the elevator back down. Once they reached the lobby, Sarah spotted her friend Lucy.

“Hey you!” she shouted and then ran over to her. Gabriel watched on, being careful not to show this Lucy that they had just been together. As the two women walked towards the bar, Sarah looked back over her shoulder and smiled. Both she and Gabriel knew what they had just shared was special and neither of them would forget it. She continued to walk with her friend and Gabriel turned around to hit the elevator button back up to his room. He smiled and the doors closed.

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