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A lil adventure

Tags: oral, spanking
I feel the bark biting into my hands, as I lean into the tree. With each stoke delivered, he leaves fiery streaks across my thighs and ass. In this stance, I know he sees my skin quivering, hears the deep breaths I take as they pass my lips, and senses the true meaning of my pleading.

I look behind me every now and again, but will knowing what to expect help ease the pain of every slap? It never does, but it gives me the chance to catch a glimpse of his desires, burning brightly in his eyes. I can tell he enjoys inflicting pain on my body, and for some reason that I’ll never be able to explain to myself, I enjoy when he does, every stinging slap against my skin. Wincing, I look back at my hands as I accept what he delivers. I cry out as he pulls my hair back, before giving me one final slap across the ass.

Feeling his breath across my neck, as he leans into my ear, making me thank him and beg for more. Knowing my own desires, I hear the words coming from a distance, never believing they’re really coming out of my own mouth. I can’t take much more. I want to feel him inside me and to have his hands roaming my body. We both know that I’ve been begging the whole time, raising my hips up to meet him, and exposing more than he requires of me.

As I open my eyes, I get the feeling that we’re being watched. I look around, and not far away, there’s a guy leaning up against a tree smiling. I’m the only one who seems to notice him, and I get the feeling that he’s been standing there for quite a while, enjoying this, as if it was his private show. I concentrate on him as I feel the spankings start again. Licking his lips, I can tell he likes what he sees.

Suddenly the spankings stop, and he bends me over more. I moan with great pleasure as he slips a finger into my ass. Sliding in and out, faster and faster, getting me right there on the edge. Just when I think I’m about to burst, he slows down. Coming down off a high, I begin to catch my breath, feeling him start to push deeper into my ass.

Just as my eyes slide close from the pressure of the pleasure, he slams into me, balls deep. Thrusting hard and deep, making me cry out in pure ecstasy. I don’t care how he’s inside of me, or about the pain and humiliation he inflicts, as long as he just doesn’t stop. I only care that I get more. I hear myself begging for him to go harder, but a part of me can’t believe it’s me saying this. I look up to see the other guy still watching, waiting, as if he’s next. I make myself ignore him, not a hard task under the circumstances of having my hips gripped, and being pulled back harder and harder onto a raging dick.

I feel every inch of him in me, making me want to scream from it all. I feel myself cumming. Oh god. It feels so amazing. My juices are sliding down my thighs from the intensity. I want him to stop, but I know that if I ask him to, it will only be worse for me in the end. I feel like he’s never going to stop. Which is exactly what he does, shocking me, and leaving me unprepared for him to turn me round and push me to my knees.

Slapping my mouth with his dick, telling me to open up for him like the good little girl I am. Never having tasted myself before, I’m shocked at how much I like the taste. I grip him and slide the tip into my mouth, as he braces one hand on the tree and the other on the back of my head, he keeps moving my head down until he knows I taste every last inch of him. I run my tongue over him, flick it, as I add a little bit of pressure with my lips, circling the tip of his dick like I can't get enough. Sliding my tongue down to his balls to suck on them, knowing that would do the trick for him every time. As I feel him grow a little more and the spasms start, I slide him all the way in my mouth, not leaving out an inch. Enjoying every single drop he pumps into my mouth, as he grips the back of my head, demanding that I don’t waste a single bit.

He pulls me up off the ground, fixing my clothing. Need to make you presentable, he says, as he brushes his hand along my ass and pulls my skirt down. Slapping my ass, as a reminder that he isn't done with his naughty little girl yet. My need for more forces me to be obedient, as we continue our walk through the park toward a taxi.

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