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A Little Afternoon Fun

My lover comes over for a little afternoon tryst...
Drying the last droplets of water from my skin, I discarded the towel and donned a simple cotton robe. I switched off the light and made my way to the small living room and sat down on the couch, basking in the light of the early afternoon sun. Reaching across the coffee table for my cigarettes, I lit one as I crossed my legs.

The warmth of the shower began to seep from my body and my still damp hair chilled the nape of my neck, making me shiver. I stubbed out my cigarette and leaned back against the cushion. I slightly parted my thighs and rubbed myself through the smooth fabric of my robe.

I was beginning to relax, all thoughts of the cold fleeting, when the doorbell rang twice and I heard the door open. I sat up and re-crossed my legs. His footsteps were a soft staccato on the carpeted stairs. When he saw me sitting on the couch, I smiled at him invitingly, and he returned it full force.

He strode across the room and cupped my face bending to kiss me. His tongue tangled with mine as he sat on the couch, bringing me closer to him.

His right arm came around my back while his left hand brushed aside my robe and slid down to cup my breast. I immediately responded, my nipple tightening between his pinching fingers.

I broke the kiss and slid down to my knees before him. I slipped off the robe completely and smiled, biting the corner my lip.

I slid one hand between my legs, the other going to the breast he was just toying with. He leaned back and got comfortable. He liked to watch me play with myself.

I was already a little wet from earlier, and I spread my cream up and around my clit, not yet touching the little bundle of nerves. My other hand tweaked and pulled my nipple and I moaned, tilting my head back. I moved my hand to my other breast and repeated my ministrations.

I lay down on my back and spread my legs wider, sliding my little nub between my middle and index fingers. I heard him rustle and when I looked at him, his eyes were glued to apex of my thighs. I took my hand from my breast and used my fingers to spread my nether lips, exposing my core.

With my other hand, I took one finger and circled my opening slowly and then slipped the digit inside. I curled my finger like a hook moving in and out. Soon I had another finger inside myself and I lifted my hips in time to meet my own thrusts. I closed my eyes, falling prey to pleasure.

I heard him stand up but didn’t bother to look as I was focused sweet feeling of fucking myself. Then I felt his hands on mine pulling them away. When I opened eyes he was kneeling between my legs, completely naked, his hard cock straining against his soft belly.

He hooked both arms under my knees, spreading me wider, and positioned me so my ass was resting on his bent thighs. I tried to wriggle, but couldn’t escape his grasp.

I whimpered and he smiled. He moved his hips and slid himself along my sensitized pussy, wetting his cock. He did this until I couldn’t take it any more.

“Please, Alex…” I begged, my voice strained. It had been almost a week and I needed him to fill me.

He pulled back, his grip still inescapable, and nudged my opening with the tip of his shaft. “Tell me what you want, babe,” he said, as he teased me more.

“Fuck me,” I whispered, trying to move my hips forward.

“Say it louder, baby.” He pushed in ever so slightly and I almost lost it.

“Fuck me, please.” I said, a little louder.

“Come on, baby, I know you can do better than that.” A little bit deeper…

“Alex! Fuck me!” I practically screamed. He grunted and seated himself fully in one quick drive. I almost came on the spot.

After a moment, he began to move. I sat up on my elbows and watched as he pulled almost all the way out and then disappeared inside me.

“So tight,” He murmured.

Then, without preamble, he picked up the pace and began to move vigorously. I tried to match his thrusts, but he still held me in a vice grip. So I fell back helplessly and took what he gave me.

My breaths became short as he pounded into me and my breasts shook with the brutal force of his thrusts. The walls of my pussy clenched and contracted against the fullness and it was pure bliss.

I could feel it building. My entire body tingled with the anticipation of the sweet release to come. He knew I was close, and if it were possible, fucked me even faster.

“Alex...Alex...Alex…” I repeated his name like a mantra, not sure if I was actually saying it or if it was only in my mind. His thrusts became somewhat slower, but deeper.

“Yes, baby. Come,” Thrust. “For,” Thrust. “Me.”

And I did. Hard.

“Alex…” his name slipped from my lips one last time.

With a few more shallow thrusts, he followed me into the realm of ecstasy.

We both lay there, a heaving sweaty mess. He pulled out gently and our mixed essence gushed from my pussy onto my thighs.

“Damn, babe.” He purred, sliding his index finger through my folds and inside me. I trembled, still highly sensitive. “Is a week too long to go without me?”

Even if I could form words, I still wouldn’t have responded to his question. Partly because it was arrogant. And partly because it was true, which I would never admit. That would give him too much power. Power I wasn’t willing to give. I may be cock-hungry, but I wasn’t weak dammit!

As if reading my thoughts and wanting to prove me wrong, he slid another finger inside me, making me tremble further. He gave me that cocky smile, but perhaps taking pity on me, his smile softened and he removed his fingers. He brushed my hair back and captured my lips in a sweet kiss. He nuzzled my neck and whispered, “Well, it’s definitely too long to go without tasting you.”

I gasped as his lips travelled down the skin of my neck and latched onto my left breast. I thrashed, trying to pull away.

It was too much, too soon. My body was still burning. He suckled my nipple, setting the subsiding embers once again ablaze. He moved to my other breast and gave it the same amount of attention. Despite being overwhelmed by sensations, I found myself holding him to me.

He let my nipple go with a wet plop, replacing his mouth with his hands as he shimmied down my body. He massaged my breasts and dipped his tongue into my navel. I let my legs fall open, spread-eagled. His hands glided down my body, applying pressure on my belly, because he knew it made me quiver.

He put my legs over his shoulders and not delaying this time, licked up my slit, lapping at my cream.

“Ahhh…Alex.” I whimpered, looping my ankles around his shoulders.

He sucked my clit, using a little teeth and I responded by letting out a long groan and squeezing him with my thighs.

He dipped his head and slipped his tongue inside me. I was delirious, completely on fire. I loved when he did this and showed it by shamelessly grinding my pussy against his face.

I was getting close again when he abruptly stopped and sat up.

Before I could protest, he bent to kiss me, stealing my words. He scooted over me so that his knees were on either side of head and he was stroking his semi-erect cock.

He guided it to my lips and I licked lightly licked up and down his shaft. He groaned when I took the tip in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the little slit, sheathing my teeth as I took him deeper.

I did this slowly and lightly until I felt him growing harder and bigger in my mouth.

He took a fistful of my hair and thrust in and out of my mouth harder. He stared intently into my eyes, grunting every time he hit the back of my throat.

“I love fucking your mouth,” he breathed. “But I want to come in your sweet little cunt again.”

He slid out of my mouth and I inhaled heavily. He pulled me up and flipped me over, positioning me with my ass in the air. He nudged my thighs apart with his, and caressed my skin from my knees up to my ass. Then he slid one finger up my slit and moved to rub my puckered asshole.

I tensed as he pushed his finger inside and then ever so slowly slid it out.

He bent over me and I could feel his thick erection between my butt cheeks. “One day, baby, you’re going to let me fuck this tight ass.” He squeezed my cheeks apart for emphasis.

I pushed back against him, sending an obvious message, but he continued to play with my ass.

“Alex, please. I need you to fuck my pussy.” Stressing ‘need’ got him going. He grabbed onto my hips and placed the tip of his cock at my entrance. He gradually slid into me and I let out my breath when he reached home.

He didn’t go as fast as before, but rather moved inside me with deep hard thrusts. The build up was slower this time, but just as sweet. When he pulled back, I moved forward and then pushed back when he plunged back in.

Soon, I was covered in a light sheen of sweat and my breathing became heavy. He let go of my hips and reached around to fondle my tits as I kept up the pace.

I sighed as his large warm hands moulded my breasts, squeezing my nipples between the lengths of his fingers. I started to move faster, craving the upcoming orgasm more and more.

He moved from my breasts to wrap one arm under and around my waist while his hand reached for my clit. He upped the pace I had set and fucked me hard from behind as he pinched and played with my little nub.

I loved this angle. He got in so deep. And the way he was playing with my clit would send me over the edge.

“Uhhh…Alex. Yes...oh God. Alex…don’t stop…fill me…please,” I moaned out between ragged breaths.

And then it came. It hit me in a crashing wave of colors and white noise filled me ears. I have no idea why it hit me so much harder than before. Maybe it was being denied earlier when he ate me out, or just being fucked so good at this angle. It didn’t matter. It was glorious. He came with me this time and I could feel his spurts of cum deep inside me, prolonging my own orgasm.

When he pulled out, I collapsed to the floor and rolled away onto my back. I don’t know how long I stayed like that.

I wasn’t pulled back to reality until I heard the bathroom door. He came out a few moments later and walked towards his neatly folded clothes I hadn’t noticed earlier.

After he got dressed, he knelt on the floor and gave me one last bruising kiss before saying goodbye and leaving.

When full feeling returned to my limbs, I finally stood up and went to take my third shower of the day.

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