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A Little Fantasy

A little something inspired by a hot chat session the other night
Maybe we could start out sitting together on the sofa, snuggling and cuddling and kissing.... As the kisses get deeper and longer I can feel the heat building inside. I give you one last kiss and then stand up in front of you and slowly remove my clothes....

Slowly slipping open each button on my blouse you can see my cleavage, then my lacy black bra, then my belly below the bra until my blouse is hanging open completely. I reach up and slide it off my shoulders and let it fall down my arm then off to the floor...

Then I turn around with my back to you I hook my thumbs in the waist of my skirt and begin to pull it down - slowly revealing the black panties. (what little there is of them - only a thong from the back) beneath. When the elastic of the waistband has reached below my hips I let my skirt drop to the floor and step out of it.

With my back still towards you, I reach up and unhook my bra - one hook at a time, then let it fall open in back. I turn to face you again and slide one strap, then the other off my shoulders, then lower my arms so the bra falls away and my breasts are free and exposed to your eyes caress.

I move closer, between your legs and lean over to kiss you as you reach up your hands to cup and massage my breasts. We kiss deeply and long as you move your fingers to my nipples and roll them between your fingers making them even harder and making me moan in pleasure. I then move a little closer so you can enjoy my full breasts completely; burying your face in my soft flesh, then sucking and nibbling my nipples until they stand out like points and my cunt is soaking wet.

Then I straighten up and turn again so you can watch as I peel off my panty hose, then hook my thumbs into the waistband of the panties and begin to slide them down - bending over with my legs spread so you can see all my charms as I strip off my last piece of clothing.

I move to kneel beside you on the sofa and then lower myself so my knees are on one side of your legs and my head and shoulders are on the other side of your legs and my bare buns are sticking right up in front of you. My knees are spread as far as I can and I shiver in anticipation as I feel you reach over to the table beside the sofa and pick up the paddle you had placed there earlier.

I feel your hand caress first one cheek then the other and then a quick touch between my legs - sliding into my cunt and feeling the moisture already beginning, then fingering my clit just enough to bring a moan from deep in my throat. Then you pull back and I can feel you touch my buns with the cool wood of the paddle . You start to spank my butt - slowly, and not really hard because pain isn't the result you want, but to generate heat.

At first I am quiet and still but as the heat builds and my cheeks turn pink I begin to moan and move my hips and butt. You stop and caress my cheeks again - testing the heat, then again testing the wetness in my cunt which is now much wetter. Then you begin to spank me again, perhaps a little harder, but still taking it slow so I can savor every stroke.
And I do......

When the heat just approaches the level of pain (and it takes much longer than you thought it would) I rise back up on my knees and kiss you with all the heat and passion you have brought me. I move back a little on the sofa so I can unbutton you shirt. You stand and pull me up with you. I slide the shirt off your shoulders then slowly begin to pull your tshirt out of your waistband. When I have worked that loose, I take the bottom and pull it up over your head. I lift my hands and slowly caress your chest with my palms – feeling the texture of the hair, the hardness of your nipples. Can’t resist – I lean down and lick and nibble lightly on each nipple and you moan slightly in response

Then I kneel before you, unbuttoning your pants and slowly sliding the zipper down – being sure to rub against your hard cock as I go. I slide your pants to the floor, then rub your hard cock through your shorts. Pulling your shorts down just enough to expose the head of your cock, I start kising and licking your swollen head until you moan with pleasure. I then slip the head of your cock into my mouth and suck on it as I pull your shorts to the floor. You step out of your shorts, then lean forward a little as I slip off your socks, sliding your cock further into my sucking mouth as you do so.

Once you are naked, I release your cock from my mouth; and start kissing and licking the head, running my tongue around the rim, then I alternate between licking up and down the length of your cock (stopping every so often to lick your balls) and sliding it deep into my sucking mouth - just like you were an all day sucker. ;-) When you begin to get close to cuming, you lift on my head so I move back up to kiss you again.

You tell me to turn around and spread my cheeks - that you have something for me. I grin and bend over the arm of the couch with my butt in the air. I shiver a little as I feel your tongue licking my warm buns then a gentle bite on each cheek and then I feel your finger circle my asshole. I can feel the gel as you lubricate my tight hole and gently loosen it with your finger. Then I feel the plug as you slowly push it in - I moan loudly as it stretches me wider and wider until it slips into position.

I wait, shivering with anticipation, as I feel your hands carressing my buns, then you slide them forward to squeeze my aching breasts before moving back between my legs to check for wetness. My ass is filled, my buns are warm and my cunt is soaked and dripping. I am so ready as I feel your hard cock enter me from behind. I rock my body backward against your thrust, moaning with pleasure as you fuck me.

When both of us are ready to come, you pull out of me and tell me to lie on the floor. I lie on my back with my legs spread wide and you move over me, kissing me first on the lips, then moving slowly down my throat to my hard nipples. There, you to stop to carress my soft flesh, sucking and nibbling before biting my nipples just hard enough to get a little whimper of pain from me, then you go back to sucking and licking. When you decide you've sucked my nipples enough, you move downward, and place a hickey on the bottom side of each breast, where no one but the two of us will ever see it.

Then you move down between my legs bringing that talented tongue of yours to my cunt.
I moan and squirm as you lick then slide your tongue into me, then lick some more; all the while squeezing and rolling my nipples with you fingers. You slide a finger deep into my cunt and begin to lick my clit - circling it with your tongue as I hump against your mouth and then I begin to come - shuddering over and over and over as I cry out my pleasure (rather loudly, I'm afraid)

You lie down beside me and hold me close as the after-tremors continue.
Then you lie on your back and pull me towards you so I am straddling your body as I lower myself onto your hard member. Your hands spread my cheeks wide as I feel your cock buried deep in my cunt with the plug still in my ass I am totally filled. I start slowly fucking you - moving up and down and circling my hips too - pulling you as deep into my cunt as possible. I ride you to another climax for me and a deep shuddering one for you as you cum deep inside me.

When I can move again I slip down to lie nestled in your arms, secure and content to be there....

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