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A Little Night Music

Two new lovers come together to make night music.
You have retired to bed, your muscles a bit achy from the day. It is warm and you decide to lie back on your soft mattress on top of the bedclothes. The room is mostly dark, but illuminated with a silvery glow from the remarkable full moon shining through the sheer curtains. Everything seems to give off a magical warm glow from within. You give a deep, body cleansing sigh and close your eyes, willing your body to relax.

You are in the ephemeral zone between sleep and wakefulness when you sense a presence in the room. You feel the mattress compress with the weight of another. You open your eyes with a start and see my face barely lit in the moonlight. I smile softly and put a finger to my lips, letting you know it is alright, calming you. You relax and smile in return. We have never been together in such an intimate way, but it has occupied both of our minds from time to time. You decide to go with the moment, to enjoy and experience what closeness may be in store.

My eyes take you in slowly. Your hair framing your face on the pillow; your graceful neck; your slightly oversized t-shirt outlining your breasts and draping your torso; your knickers veiling your mound and displaying the emergence of your thighs in stark relief. Neither of us speak as I lean down and gently kiss your lips, very lightly. I smell the combination of your shampoo and your natural essence. My lips travel slowly to gently kiss your jaw line as my hands touch you for the first time. I lightly stroke your arm, and when I caress just inside your elbow I detect a slight shiver from you.

Bringing my lips from your skin I softly place my hands on your shoulders and encourage you to turn over on to your tummy. I appraise you again briefly, admiring the curve of your lower back, the nip of your waist, your knickers stretched over the rounded curve of your ass, the lovely crease where your thighs stop just below your derriere, and your tapering legs. I run my fingertips lightly over the back of your neck. Your skin is very soft and I feel a slight dampness caused by the warmth of the evening and your hair having covered this sensitive spot. My hands slowly make my way to your shoulders where I firmly rub your muscles, hitting all the right spots. I feel your body gradually relax and you emit a soft murmur as my massaging becomes more adept and deeper. Any apprehension you had is softly drifting away on the force of my touch.

I kneel astride you, my knees holding your legs together as they rest on the outsides of your legs. My hands drift lower down your back, stroking lightly over the soft cotton of your t-shirt. Occasionally my hands stray to your arms, my fingertips just lightly stroking the backs of your arms. My hands lower to the hem of your t-shirt, just above the elastic waist of your panties, and then slowly slide back up your back under your t-shirt. Your skin is so very smooth, and so very warm. I massage deeply the muscles of your back, my thumbs running slowly but firmly up either side of your spine.

I become impatient with the constraints caused by the presence of your t-shirt, and I slowly lift the hem and slide it up over your back. A thought crosses your mind as to whether you should cooperate and go this far, but it is fleeting as you find yourself lifting your arms above your head and toward the headboard to help ease the shirt over your head, up your arms and off. With the offending garment gone, I gently stroke the entirety of your naked back. My hands cup the front of your shoulders as I lean down and place a soft kiss on the nape of your neck, my fingers moving your hair to the side. The tip of my tongue traces a line from the back of your neck to your earlobe, which I gently bite. The feeling of my teeth after my soft touches is a contrast that brings you back from your floating reverie. My tongue now traces the outer shell of your ear, my warm breath against your ear once again causing you to shiver.

Still leaning over you, my mouth trails down your back, leaving a path of alternating kisses and licks down your spine. In this position you can just barely feel the presence of my aroused cock against your panty-covered rear cheeks. My hot mouth reaches the hollow of your lower back and lingers. As it does, my hands reach underneath you to softly cup and caress your breasts. I can feel your sensitive nipples harden against my palms as I gently caress the swell of your breasts. As I lightly run my fingertips over your erect nipples, I faintly detect your hips moving back against me, rising from the mattress almost imperceptibly, seeking out my hard cock, which I teasingly move away from you.

I remove my hands from your breasts and scoot back towards your feet. After gazing at your lovely ass, I decide to raise the stakes as it were, and I grab a pillow and, guiding your hips up, I place it under you, raising the swell of your ass up in a manner very pleasing to my eyes. That accomplished, my hands begin to stroke the soft skin of your thighs. I love the feel of the taut and toned muscles lying just underneath the soft smoothness of your skin. My hands move on down your calves to your ankles, making long smooth strokes on your skin. I take each of your ankles in hand and flex your lower legs, bending your legs at the knee. You feel my tongue slowly, very slowly trace over the sole of each of your feet in turn. You are surprised to feel me take your big toe into my mouth, my tongue swirling around it, my mouth lightly sucking. With your lower legs flexed up like this, I have a clear view up between your thighs to where your knickers cover the lips of your sex. I am satisfied to see a wet spot developing in your knickers, and I imagine how slick and tight you are inside.

After I have sucked each of your toes, my mouth and hands make their way back up your legs, spending some time on the backs of your knees. I kiss and lick up your creamy inner thighs as my hands caress and knead your ass cheeks. My teeth lightly nibble various spots along the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. My tongue arrives at one of my favorite spots on a woman - - the indentation dividing where thigh ends and the curve of the bum begins. My tongue traces that crease, and then goes on to lick around the edges of your knickers, touching the bordering skin and fabric equally.

My patience and attempts at slow seduction are waning - - I must get at you now. My fingers pluck underneath the waist of your panties and I slowly attempt to lower them. You raise your hips off the pillow to ease my efforts. You look back at me over your shoulder and smile wickedly as I slowly roll your now very wet knickers down your thighs, legs and off. Your expression shows me that you are anticipating what is to follow as much as I am. My hand immediately travels to the naked flesh of your ass, kneading your cheeks. I lower my face to your exposed sex, propped up nicely by the pillow for my access. I take in the sight of your beautiful pussy, pink lips swollen and slick, opening up to reveal a deeper salmon within. I can see your clitoris escaping from its hood, engorged and asking for attention. Your lips glisten with excitement, and your womanly scent, the aroma of an aroused woman, makes my cock throb inside my briefs.

My hands on your rear cheeks, holding you open for me, the tip of my tongue lightly touches your clitoris. Your body jumps from the long awaited touch and I chuckle. After circling lightly around your clit, I draw my tongue slowly through your pussy lips, gathering your juices. You taste musky and salty, like the sea. My tongue lingers over the tight opening to your sex before slowly pushing its way inside you. Feel the hot velvety wetness of my tongue as it enters you. I swirl my tongue inside you, massaging the inner walls of your pussy. My tongue slowly moves in and out of you, wetly fucking you. You buck your hips back into my face, trying to get my tongue deeper inside you. My hands move to hold your hips up from the pillow, arching your back, your weight resting on your elbows. I take the opportunity of this wanton position to run my tongue slowly from your clit, through your lips, over your tight rosette, to your tailbone, and then slowly make the return trip.

I quickly urge you over onto your back. Moving again between your legs, I place your legs over my shoulders as I cover your sex with my mouth. I lick you quicker now, my tongue making broad strokes over your engorged clit. I gather your slick fluids on my finger and slowly enter you as I continue to lick and lightly suck your clit. I feel your hands move to my head, your fingers lightly running through my hair, using slight pressure to guide my mouth and tongue to the rhythm you want and need. I hear your breathing become shallow and quick, your hips hump against my face, soft moans of pleasure escape your lips. You fall over the edge, your climax overtaking you. I feel your sex clench around my finger inside you as you come, your fingers wrapped tightly around my hair, grinding your wet sex into my face to wring out every last bit of pleasure from your orgasm.

As you recover, I kiss and lick your inner thighs, my hands softly stroking your belly. The taste of your pussy, your arousal, has increased my desire ten-fold. I kiss my way up your body to your mouth. As we kiss, you taste yourself on my lips, your tongue meeting mine and tracing my lips. You lean forward on your elbows and pull me to my knees. You want to see my hard cock straining against my briefs. Your fingers dance lightly over the cotton covering my shaft. You feel the wetness of my pre-come soaking the fabric, and you lean forward and place your lips around my hard shaft through my briefs, sucking lightly. You carefully pull down my briefs, releasing my cock from the confining briefs. Your cool soft fingers encircle my shaft, sending a tremor of pleasure through me. You dip your thumb in the large drop of pre-come I have produced for you, and you swirl it around the velvet-like texture of my cockhead.

You lower your head to my straining cock. I can feel your warm breath on my cockhead as your fingers lightly stroke my shaft. Looking up at me, meeting my eyes, you extend your tongue and swirl it around my mushroom cockhead. The soft velvety texture of your tongue against my sensitive skin and the way you are looking up at me drives me wild. Your lips part and you take my cock into your mouth, sliding your lips halfway down my shaft. The smoothness of your lips, the wet heat of your mouth, the feeling of your tongue on the underside of my shaft, feels heavenly. You bob your head slowly, wetly. You remove my cock from your mouth, and we both see it glisten from your saliva and my pre-come in the moonlight. I whisper that I want to be inside you, that I want to feel your tight sex surrounding me. You lie back as I situate myself between your thighs.

I take your hand and place it on my cock, asking you to guide me into you. You first slide the head of my cock through your wet lips, then lead it to your clitoris, rubbing yourself there. Finally, you center me on your opening. I slowly push into you, feeling your lips flow over my head, feeling the pool of hot wetness just inside you. I enter you slowly, my girth spreading your walls apart. Slow, shallow thrusts, each thrust inward going a little deeper, until I am completely sheathed inside you. I hold myself still as deep within you as I can, my weight supported by my outstretched arms. I lean down to nuzzle your breasts, licking and lightly sucking upon your nipples as I feel your hands running over my back. I have the urge to move within you now, and I slowly withdraw, watching the lips of your pussy cling to my shaft as I do so, as if they do not wish to let go.

Your hips begin to move under me, urging me to a faster pace. I slide in and out of you more and more quickly. I alternate between shallow and deep strokes, grinding my pelvis into yours at the end of each thrust, as you rub your clit against me. You lift your legs and wrap them around my back tightly, your heels resting on my ass. I love the feel of your legs around me, your legs rubbing my back as I thrust into you. With your legs around me you are more open to me, and I can get deeper into you. My hands slide under you, cupping your ass, pulling you onto my cock as I thrust into you. Your hand reaches down to where we are joined, and you rub your clit in time to our fucking. I can tell you are on the precipice of another orgasm. I want to feel you come with my cock inside of you. I want to feel your tight pussy clench around me as you come. I urge you on with my words, “Come, Sarah. Come for me. Come around my cock.” With a loud moan, you reach your climax, biting my shoulder hard as you do.

Your orgasm spurs me on. I can feel the need to come, and I want to come deep inside you. You wrap your arms and legs around me tightly, whispering urgent words in my ear, telling me how much you want to feel me spurt within you, how much you want me to fill you with my hot seed. It is all too much, and I bury myself deep within you, as deep as I can get, and hold myself there. You can feel the spasms of my cock as I erupt inside you, my hips struggling to get even deeper. My head is thrown back as I gasp for air. Finally, I am through. I have no more to give.

I lay down on top of you, feeling your breasts against my chest. Our bodies exhausted, wet with sweat, as we pant from our exertions. I can feel your accelerated heartbeat, as it matches time with mine. I kiss your neck, taste the salty perspiration on your skin. I roll off of you, my cock pulling from you. I lay on my back, still breathing deeply, as you hook a leg over mine, your face nestled on my chest. I stroke your back, and together we listen to the night birds singing for their mates in the inky darkness. And, together, we lightly recede into sleep.

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