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A Locked Door

Jon and Chelsea discover a room they haven't been inside.
Taking his headphones off, Jon put his coat and backpack onto the coat rack. Silence took the place of the music as he walked further into his family’s house.

Even though it had been a year since his parents had passed away, the silence of walking into his house was one thing that Jon would never get used to.

Back then, there was normally either yelling or the booming noise of a crowd cheering from some sports event on TV. Jon instinctively looked towards the living room to see the TV off with the couch vacant and clean.

A small wave of sadness filled his heart for a moment as he remembered his mother, a wave which had decreased in its power every time it hit. No thoughts of his father ever occurred. It was a blessing to have his father gone. Sure, it could have happened better, but that drunk only made life miserable for Jon, his mother, and his sister Michelle.

Jon had to take a lot of responsibility over the past year. Thankfully his parent’s life insurance covered the car accident, and had given Jon and Michelle a fair share of wealth for their age.

Michelle was still in middle school and arrived home daily later than Jon, who was finishing his last year of high school.

Jon knew he only had a half hour until Michelle got home, and made the most of it every day. He ran upstairs to his room, turned on his computer, and navigated to his favorite porn site.

Routinely, Jon got his tissues ready on his desk as the video began to load. This particular video featured a girl having sex with her teacher. She had long, auburn hair and giant, fake tits that shook as she bent over the desk.

Jon pulled down his pants and boxers and sat down in his chair. He began to stroke his cock to the rhythm the couple in the video were fucking. After his cock became hard, he grabbed the lotion to help increase the pleasure. After about fifteen minutes and five or six different positions, the man on the screen finally came inside the girl. Jon finished right along with them, shooting cum with accuracy into the tissues he had nearby.

As Jon cleaned up, he looked out the window to see Michelle walking up the driveway from the bus. Coming up the driveway with her was their neighbor, Chelsea.

Chelsea had known Jon and Michelle since they were very young. A year older than Jon, Chelsea was like an older sister to both of them, and over the past year the three had become close.

Jon’s mind for the past year had been too preoccupied to realize how attractive Chelsea had become. She used to be a tiny girl with no figure, but now she had a fully developed chest and an impressive ass. For a moment, Jon was hypnotized by the flipping of her golden-red hair.

The two walked inside to be greeted with a hug from Jon. Chelsea came over many days after Michelle was finished with school to help tutor her and hang out.

Jon smiled as the two went up the stairs to Michelle’s room. He didn’t have time to help Michelle, which made him thankful that they both had Chelsea to help.

The following day, there were people coming to change the carpets in the house. Jon hated the smell of smoke that filled the house permanently and was glad to finally see the carpet gone.

Unfortunately, this meant that Jon was going to have to spend the remainder of his day moving furniture and boxes from the basement into the areas that didn’t have carpet in the house. Manual labor had become a normal task for Jon.

Before the accident, Jon was just a scrawny, nerdy boy, scarred from the violence that inhabited his home. Over the past year, Jon had begun to turn into a man. He was eighteen now, and doing all the chores around the house everyday had changed his fragile frame into a muscular one. The responsibilities that came had forced him to take charge of his sister’s and his own life.

The next hour was relatively uneventful as Jon began moving boxes. Eventually, Chelsea came downstairs and asked if Jon needed help.

Truthfully, Jon could have moved everything except the couches on his own, but he appreciated the company. Chelsea was one of the last friends he had since he didn’t have time to go out on the weekends and devote effort into relationships other than his sister’s.

The two talked about assorted topics for a while, some about the future, some about the present. The boxes seemed to disappear quicker as conversation had successfully distracted Jon. Chelsea spent most of the time smiling and laughing, something which Jon only dreamed of being able to do.

As they moved the last box from the basement, all that was left was the couch. The two moved it with relative ease into another, uncarpeted area of the basement.

As they began to go upstairs, Chelsea stopped Jon.

“Where does that door go Jon?”

He paused for a moment. What door?

They both looked where they had moved the couch from to see a door that had been blocked by it. Jon had almost forgot that there was even a door there. Since he was little, his parents had told him that he were never allowed inside.

“Time for a little exploring I suppose!” Jon said, walking back down the stairs.

Chelsea laughed, but the two had no idea about what they were about to find.

Jon found the door to be locked, but knew exactly the key for it. A few months ago while cleaning out his parent’s room, he found a key. At that time, he didn’t know what it was for.

Jon ran upstairs for a moment and grabbed the key. He came back down the stairs to see Chelsea staring back up at him. He stopped for a brief second as she stared at him with her big eyes.

He continued after a moment as he shook it off. He didn’t have time for a relationship and Chelsea seemed to have little interest in him outside of being a friend.

As he unlocked the door, the two stared into a dark room. After a moment, Jon found the light switch.

Flipping it on revealed to the two an entire room filled with crazy sex toys, machines, and all forms of crazy S&M things neither knew what for.

Chelsea laughed loudly as Jon became disgusted, now knowing that his parents were into this.

“This is crazy!” Chelsea said as she ran up to a table with shackles on it.

“Eww don’t…” Jon started, but Chelsea seemed excited by all of the stuff around them.

She lay on the table, and pretended to be shackled up for a moment.

“Oh Jon! Fuck me!” she moaned, sarcastically.

“Knock it off Chelsea. This is stupid.” Jon shook his head and laughed.

Great, he thought. Now he had to figure out how to get rid of all this stuff before Michelle had to have her mind scarred yet again by their parents.

Chelsea continued to lay on the padded table.

“Chelsea get up we should get out of here. I’ll move this stuff when Michelle goes to bed.” Jon turned to head out the door.

“No!” Chelsea responded, which made Jon stop and turn around.

Chelsea was now sitting up on the table with her shirt unbuttoned. Jon was caught off-guard by the cleavage that stared back at him.

“Chelsea… what…” This was all Jon could mutter before Chelsea continued to unbutton her top. Apparently she had quite the kink for this kind of stuff. She had never made a move on Jon before.

Jon had no idea what to do other than watch as Chelsea’s top and bra dropped to the ground. Two large breasts stared him right in the face. They were much more beautiful than the fake ones that the internet was full of.

He quickly ran and closed the door as Chelsea began to remove her pants. By the time Jon locked the door, Chelsea was standing in front of him completely naked, motioning with her finger for Jon to come closer.

He did as directed, removing his shirt on the way. As he moved into range, Chelsea stood up and grabbed his waist. They kissed passionately for a few minutes as Chelsea slowly unbuttoned Jon’s jeans, and pulled down his boxers.

“Impressive.” Chelsea said seductively as she took Jon’s cock into her hand. It wasn’t incredibly long, but thick. Exactly what she liked.

She kissed Jon down his chest, and then stopped as she came at level with his cock. She stared at Jon an moment, smiled, and then kissed the tip. After teasing him a moment, she began to slowly lick down his circumcised cock.

The wave of pleasure Jon experienced was more than he ever had experienced while masturbating. It was incredible. Enough so, he had to brace himself against the table to prevent falling over.

After gently kissing and licking Jon’s cock for a minute, Jon suddenly grabbed Chelsea and lifted her up. She was taken back for a second and then was comforted by staring at Jon’s large biceps. No man had ever picked her up like this before.

Jon laid her gently on the table, and Chelsea smiled. She shackled one of her hands and motioned for Jon to get the other one. Jon was hesitant, but proceeded to lock her hands and spread her feet into place, revealing to him a nicely trimmed, red bush and a dripping wet pussy.

Jon began to kiss Chelsea’s breasts and nipples. They were pink, small and hard after only a moment of licking and sucking. Eventually, Jon moved towards her stomach and past her pussy to her legs. As he kissed her legs, he gently grazed his fingers across her inner thigh towards Chelsea’s pink clit. When he poked it, her entire body spasmed at the pleasure.

Jon laughed, and then began to lick around Chelsea’s clit and lips.

“Stop teasing Jon!” Chelsea moaned, this time serious.

Jon then proceeded to put his tongue deep into her hole and lick her clit. He had never done this before, but had watched enough porn to get an idea of what to do.

After only about thirty seconds, Chelsea’s body convulsed. She began to shake and tried to move her legs and arms together, but were blocked by the shackles holding her in place. Jon continued to rub her clit with his fingers to help her orgasm continue.

When it subsided, he stood up and unshackled Chelsea’s feet and hands. He pulled her legs close to his cock and began to slide it against the outside as they kissed.

Time seemed to go by so slowly as they kissed, but eventually Jon’s cock found its way into Chelsea’s pussy. They both moaned in pleasure as his cock went in as far as it could. He moved out and then back in slowly, then began to increase in speed from that point on. Eventually, Chelsea began to moan loudly in pleasure as she stared at the sweat dripping down Jon’s chest and abs.

The two suddenly locked eyes and Jon couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled out quickly and sprayed cum all over Chelsea’s stomach and chest.

Chelsea smiled as she dipped her finger into some of the cum and licked it.

The two laughed as they realized what they had just done, staring at each other naked.

“Does this mean we are together, or is this going to be awkward?” Jon asked after catching his breath.

“I don’t know, but I think if we keep this room your chances are better!” Chelsea said winking back.

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