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A Long Time Coming

surprise sexual encounter

  This had been a long time coming.


  Would he feel the way I wanted for him feel would he experience the

  rocking pleasure that I had fantasized for him... for us?

Would he think badly of me for having this fantasy? These images of

  us? I have after all been somewhat reserved in the past.


  I had made all the preparations according to the lustful fantasy I

  myself had cum to many times. The isolated warehouse, the music, the

  chair, my dress and the blindfold.


  I had sent the email with directions to our soon to be location of



  Now I waited in the room with it's rough brick walls that seemed

  beautiful in the candle light. The sent of ylang mixed with sandalwood

  and patchouli permeated the air. Each sent caressing a different sexual



  As he walked through the door my heart raced and standing close to the

  door in the dark as to shut and lock the door behind him, he was

  unsure of what to expect and he seemed unnerved. Why wouldn't he this

  was not the woman he was used to.


  He immediately took me into his arms but   I pushed away licking my

  finger putting it to his lips and whispered shhh.


  I walked him to a chair and told him to sit down. I had contemplated

  staying anonymous to him but opted to allow him to see me the way I

  has dressed for him and the painful lust in my eyes.


  I turned on the music that was Hauntingly sexual and made me move the

  way I wanted to for him. I approached home from behind taking the

  scarf from my hair and blindfolding him. Definitely something we had

  never done before. But that's what I wanted for him.


  I kissed his neck taking bites along the way as I rubbed my hands over

  his chest. Never taking my hands from him I walk to the front of him

  leaning down kissing his lips with a soft mouth turning a different

  direction each time.

  Down his neck my lips traveled as I removed his shirt. As I caressed

  his body with my hands my lips traveled to his nipples circling each

  one with my tongue followed by tiny bites.   I replaced my tongue with

  my hands as I buried my face in his crotch breathing in the scent of

  him and feeling just how hard he was for me.


  As many times as this man had brought me to orgasm to depths

  impossible, I found myself dripping for him!


  As I stood I removed my bra and turned my back to him. I wanted to

  tease him to the point of explosion! With his pants still on I lowered

  myself to his lap and began to give him my first lap dance.

  As my hips circled and moved to the music, I reached for his hands and

  moved them to my breasts. I moaned at his touch as he squeezed my

  nipples and played with my breasts.


  I continued to grind on him and as he moaned I turned to face him.

  Straddling him a serge of new and even more intense feelings rushed

  through me leaving his pants wet with my juices.


  His mouth found my nipples and oh   the magic in that mouth! His hands

  began to explore the crevices of my body. His fingers moved from my

  front to the back time and time again to the point I could no longer

  take it. I had to taste him!


  I unzipped his pants leaving him naked before me. As I lowered my self

  to the ground I wrapped my hand around the base of is throbbing cock

  followed by my mouth. Mmm his musky smell enveloped me as I circled

  his cock with my tongue. I took my time making luscious love to him

  taking him completely in my mouth time and time again. I wanted to

  bring him to the edge but not over, not yet.


  As I licked him he rubbed my nipples soft then hard depending what I

  did with my mouth.


  I scooted him forward and rubbed his balls and anything else that came

  to mind. This was too much as the blindfold was ripped off and I was

  thrown to the floor. His mouth was on me, his tongue in me. He had

  reached the point I wanted for him not realizing what splendor it

  meant for me! There was no part of my body he did not lick, suck or



  I wanted to excite him more so I begun to struggle and try to get

  away. It worked as he pinned my arms above me and kissed me as he had

  never before.

  A little more struggling sent him out if control! He spun around and

  got on top of me to not only pin me down but to lick me, devour me!

  He spread my lips and made love to ever inch of my clit. His fingers

  circling ever hole and descending into me. I didn't know how much more

  I could take! I bit him, sucked

  him, felt him!


  In one move he was in me pounding me with all he had! His tongue in my

  mouth, mmm I treated it like his cock. Sucking and stroking it with my

  lips and tongue.


  He made love to me in ever position imaginable and I him. I could feel

his pace change and my muscles contract as we exploded at the same



  We lay there letting our orgasms flow bathing in the ethereal

  waves. kissing, loving and caressing each other back to earth.



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