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A Lovely Afternoon

We made the most of a brief afternoon
I didn't know her before we were sitting in class together. She was about my age and we both found ourselves sitting in a crowded classroom finishing our mandated class time for insurance licensing. We had stolen a few glances at one another, grinning back and forth when one caught the other. So when lunch came, we found ourselves sitting together, joking at the lack of maturity we both had. It didn't help that in no time our conversation pushed the boundaries of appropriate conduct as double entendres and sexual side bars overtook our lunch.

Her name was Jesse. She stood about 5'6" at probably about 130 pounds, give or take. Her hair was long and dark, falling to the middle of her back. She had a cute and seductive smile which would automatically make anyone believe she was up to no good...which was probably the truth of most matters. Her legs looked lean and strong, even in the jeans she had on. But it was an impressive set of tits that got me in the most trouble as she kept catching me staring longer then I should have. She didn't mind in the least. In fact, she tended to squeeze them together when she caught me, making them look even better and coyly asking if something was wrong. We weren't done with lunch before we knew we were going to fuck.

Back in class, we found ourselves sitting next to each other in the back of the room, writing dirty notes on a notebook between us. Occasionally she'd reach down and place her hand on my cock, or I'd rest my palm inside her thigh.

"Can't stop glancing at my tits, can you?," one of them read.

"No. I can't," I wrote back.

"Wanna touch?"

"Sure. Bathroom break?," I inquired honestly.

"No, now," she scribbled.

She leaned towards me as if she was reviewing my notes, and I snuck my hand up along her chest, caressing her left tit as non-chalantly as I could manage.

"Very nice," I wrote when I was done.

"Better be. They cost a lot," came her response. "Want to see them?"

I've always known women with fake breasts to want to show them off. But in the middle of class seemed more then somewhat blatant.

"See them...suck on them...shoot cum all over them," I wrote back.

"My house right after class."

Stupid class couldn't end fast enough. She continued to paw at me, giving life to a rapidly growing and somewhat uncomfortable erection. The last 20 minutes took roughly the equivalent of two days to end. Finally we were finished, and I walked her to her car. Opening her door, I put her in and asked where we were headed? Her house was only a few miles away, which felt as though it took another two days to get to.

It was a small, modest home she lived in. Impressive enough for someone in their early 20's who lived by herself. She welcomed me in like nothing had ever happened in the past two hours. Nothing my ass. She had worked me up and let my hard on die four or five times over. I was dying to get inside her.

"So, this is my house," she said politely as we entered. "You want the quick tour?"

"Not even a little bit," I told her with all seriousness.

"Good," she said turning on heel to walk away. I was left standing there rather confused for a minute. I wasn't sure what to do? Then two steps away with her back to me she had stepped out of her shoes, unbuttoned her pants and dropped them to the floor two steps later, and peeled her shirt off throwing it to the ground and leaving her in an immodest pair of pink panties with a bunny logo on them and a thin, lacy bra. "You coming,?" she asked grinning over her shoulder as she turned into her bedroom. Fuck yes I am.

I hurried down the hall, doing my best not to trip in my haste. But I was past the point where I felt the need to be smooth or suave about what was going on. As I turned into her room, she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me and forcing her tongue into my mouth as we kissed violently. My hands ran up her bare legs and found their way under her panties, cupping her bare ass. It was firm and smooth, a pleasure to hold on to. Taking a few steps forward, I put her down on her back on her bed, and shifting my grip from her ass, took her panties off, throwing them somewhere that I didn't care about. I then fell to my knees, and with no regard for manners or tenderness, placed my hands behind her knees and pressed her legs back and open. Her pussy lips were firm and tight with a small landing strip of hair perfectly trimmed just above. After taking a moment to appreciate what was before me, I knelt and kissed her violently, full on her soaking box. She clawed and my shirt, eventually managing to pull it over my head and tossing it aside and my tongue fired relentlessly into her. Her hips bucked in rythym and she moaned as I ate her, bringing her to a small orgasm.

"Oh fuck," she gasped as her legs squeezed my head and shook with a small tremor. "That was nice. Now get your pants off."

I stood up, unbuttoning my pants and dropping them to the floor. I hadn't stepped out of them before she slid of the bed and was kneeling before me, taking my cock in her hand. She pointed it up towards my chest and pumped it with expert control as she took my aching balls in her mouth, sucking them like a newly found treasure. Her mouth was amazing. Before long, she let go of my cock, and taking my ass in both hands, pulled me forward taking it into her throat. She moaned like a whore as she bobbed up and down on it, making me beg for release. But before I could cum, she relaxed her pressure, and took my dick from her mouth standing up again.

"Wanna fuck me?," she asked. What a stupid question.

"Like you would not believe," I stammered somewhat.

"Here, put this on," she said, slipping a condom into my hand.

I fumbled with it for a minute as she reached behind her to liberate the tits I'd been staring at all day, and lay down on the bed. "Take your time," she said sweetly as she began to rub her fingers around her swollen clit.

Once securely on, I took my place between her legs, pausing for a moment to take her tits into my mouth. They were just a bit too big for her frame, but perfectly round, and she was more then proud to show them off. Then sliding farther up her body, I kissed her, flicking my tongue over her lips as I rubbed the head of my swollen cock over her equally swollen pussy. Wanting to wait no longer, I smoothly pressed the entire length of myself into her until my balls pressed against her ass, causing her to arch her back and gasp in agreement. I pumped long strokes into her as she panted hot breath into my ear and cussing as she bucked back against me.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Take that pussy. Mmmm...oh fuck. Take that little cunt."

Hearing her sent me into a small tizzy. No one I'd been with previously was so apt to sound so dirty. I reached under her back and knelt back, scooping her up to me. She wrapped one arm around my neck and the other she ran over her own tits, up her neck, and into her own hair. He mouth was open as though she wanted to speak but all words had left her and her eyes were shut tight, giving a look that almost looked like pain. I eased my strokes slightly, but hers became more aggressive, begging me not to stop what I was doing. Before I knew it, my thighs were suddenly wet, and a small stain of moisture was collecting on the bed beneath us.

"Did you cum already?," she asked with a slight look of disappointment.

"No Jess. That's all you," I told her.

"Oh...I've just never been quite this wet," she whimpered as I began to thrust into her again.

It wasn't long before sweat started to bead on her porcelain skin. Small drops ran down her neck and between her tits making them look better with each passing minute.

"Lay on your back," she told me, nearly out of breath.

I pulled out of her against my will and nearly fell over onto my back as my head spun with intoxication from her sex. She straddled my waist, and grinning down at me, licked her hand and rubbed it about her pussy. It wasn't necessary. She was well enough wet with her own juices. It was all about the effect, and it was perfect.

She mounted me again, taking me all the way in. She threw her head back, moaning with passion as her hands gripped my chest. My hands took her by the hips, grinding myself deeper inside her. My eyes closed, enjoying the feelings that were pulsing through my body. When I looked up again, she was cupping her tits, and staring oddly ahead of her. As I glanced up, I realized I had overlooked a huge mirror at the top of her headboard. her face clashed through various poses as pulsed back and forth.

"I like to watch myself when I fuck," she told me, almost apologetically when she realized that I was watching her.
"I like to know what I look like when I take a cock in me. I want to see what you see when you fuck my pussy. Is that weird?"

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Didn't matter. It turned me on either way, and I began to buck harder into her. She took my hands from her hips and moved them to her breasts, then ran her own hands up her face and into her hair again, moaning louder with each movement.

"Suck my nipples," she demanded. I sat up, bringing her tits to my face, and took one into my mouth, tenderly caressing it between my lips and with my tongue. "Harder. Suck it harder," she whined. I increased my pressure, not wanting to hurt her. "Suck it harder, fucker," she yelled at me. By now I had it between my teeth, and was not sucking, but nearly chewing. "Mmm...that's it. I like it that way. Suck the other one too." Dutifully, I did.

Suddenly, she pushed me back down and dismounted as if she'd had enough. And there I was, confused, naked, sweaty and unsatisfied wondering what was wrong?

"Fuck me from behind," she hissed at me, brushing the hair from her face. "Fuck me like a little bitch. And I wanna watch," she said, gesturing to the mirror over her bed.

I never considered myself to be straight laced or uptight. But the way this girl talked made me look like a nun. But I was so turned on by her filthy conviction, I was afraid I might cum right then. Taking my place behind her, I eased my cock back inside her, trying to get a grip on my reaction, and not blow right there. I began to pump in and out, working back up to speed, but apparently, it was not to her liking.

"I said fuck me," she spat at me over her shoulder. "Fuck me hard with that cock. Make me cum. I'm you little bitch for now. You better start acting like it."

I brought my hand down with a crack on her bare ass, leaving a red mark, and taking a handful of her hair, pulled her back to me.


"Oooh...yeah. Smack that ass!"

It was then that she knelt back, no longer on all fours. She took my hands and guided them to her tits once again, and reached back to put her arms around my neck. She was looking into her mirror again.

"Look how good we look," she said breathing harder. "See how my titties bounce when you fuck me?" She leaned back kissing me full on the mouth. "I want you to talk dirty to me. Filthy. I'm your little whore, at least until you cum."

"Fine you little cunt," I whispered into her ear. "I'm gonna pound this pussy until my cock swells. Then I'm going to take it out, and blow cum all over your fake tits," I said, pinching her nipples. "Then I'm going to get up, and get dressed, leaving you here covered in my cum. You understand me?"

"Ooohh...oh yes. Give me your cum. I want it!"

Abruptly pulling out, I flipped her on to her back again, and pounded my shaft back into her. I sat up, holding her legs apart by her ankles. I began to sense a familiar feeling rising in my balls. It wouldn't take much more.

"Moan you little slut. Moan like the little whore you want to be!"

"Oh...oh...oh fuck me. Fuck that little cunt! Please! Cum all over me. I want all your cum! Give it to me, please!"

I let go of her legs and braced my hands on the bed, pounding for all I was worth. She lifted her ass off the bed slightly, offering a new angle into her sex, which finally threw me over the edge.

"I'm gonna cum all over your tits, you little cunt," I nearly yelled as I pulled out. I tore the condom off just in time for the first wave to explode from the head of my dick. I was only at her stomach, but managed to coat her from her chin to her tits, the bulk of it pooling between them. It was the longest orgasm I'd ever experienced as waves of cum continued to erupt forward.

Once done, I knelt above her, spent and satisfied with what had just happened. True to my word, I stood, and dressed to leave, all the while stealing glances at her covered in my seed. It was a fantastic image to take with me until the next time we would fuck.

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