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A Lucky Break

A Dream Come True
Where should I start??

Well I just turned a young 46 and have been divorced for a little more than two years. I was married for eighteen years and we never had children (my fault according to the doctor).

After my divorce I didn't get back in to the dating mode for almost a year.

Once I felt like starting over I dated guys around my age whom I met through friends and family but it seemed like they all had baggage or issues. That lasted for maybe six months then I went back to hanging with gal friends for entertainment.

In March one of my friends wanted to fix me up with a cousin of hers who was 27 saying it would just be someone to do things with.

At first I refused due to the age difference but finally gave in. We went to dinners, movies and hit the bar scene a few times but I didn't consider it really dating although I enjoyed his company.

Then the middle of April he invited me to take a trip to Key West with him. At first I declined but my friend (the cousin who had set us up) convinced me that it would be good to get away for a nice trip so I excepted his offer. He told me that we would have a two bedroom condo which I was comfortable with that.

We arrived on a Saturday the last weekend of April and the condo was beautiful as well as the area.

As the week progressed I began to get more comfortable around him even cuddling after a couple of days.

On Wednesday evening we went out for dinner and a few drinks then returned to the condo.

We cuddled on the sofa and watched TV.

When it came time for bed he didn't say a thing he just took me by the hand and started to his bedroom. I had just enough to drink that I finally let my guard down and went with him.

Once in bed after two years of abstinence it didn't take long for the foreplay to have me more than ready for love making.

He respectfully produced a condom, then we made beautiful sex for what seemed like forever before he did his thing bringing me to a climax despite the fact he was using the condom.

We made love the next afternoon and again it was fantastic.

That night I was extremely aroused as we had sex. When I could tell he was coming I had a massive climax. At the same time he said "oh crap!"

I was confused but then he told me that the condom had broken. Apparently the depositing of his sperm in me was the cause of my intense climax..

I laughed telling him not to worry then proceeded to tell him that I couldn't have children explaining that my Ex and I had had unprotected sex for years.

Still the rest of the week he continued to use condoms and I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

We returned from our trip and things went back to normal.

He had to go out of town for two weeks after we returned on business so we didn't see each other.

He got back the 18th of May and we had a wonderful evening ending with him staying the night.

On the following Monday I was checking my calendar to see when my hair appointment was scheduled.

All of a sudden I noticed the red dot on the 16th indicating the day my period was due. I had not given it a thought but suddenly realized I was five days late with none of the usual signs that it was coming.

I immediately went over to my friends house.

I told her I was late and knowing I hadn't been seeing anyone else she knew if I was her cousin was the culprit..

Once I confided in her that the week in The Keys had turned out to be more than just a getaway she suggested that it might be stress from that fact that I had not had intercourse for some time and I should give at a few more days.

I waited until this Monday (the 28th) then took an EPT digital pregnancy test and sure enough it came up "pregnant".

That evening my friend and I drove to his house. 

I guess he figured we were just out driving around and had stopped by to visit.

He fixed us a drink and when he gave me mine his cousin said "You probably shouldn't drink that in your condition".

He got a stunned look on his face and said "What condition?"

Being half embarrassed half scared I said, "I'm pretty sure we made a baby."

He grabbed me hugged me so I knew he was OK with it.

I am thrilled that I'm finally going to have a baby. I don't know what the future holds for the two of us because of the age difference but what ever happens we will both be involved.
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