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A Married Affair 2

After meeting in the bar for a drink, we adjourn to the bedroom for some privacy, almost
The lobby of the hotel is busy. But at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday evening, I should have expected that. Groups of people standing around chatting and laughing, as they wait for reception.

Your hand rests at my lower back as you guide me towards the lift. You press the button to call the elevator and pull me closer towards you. Your left hand comes across and I feel you give a light tug my pendant necklace. I look down and realise you are undoing a fourth button on my blouse. My cleavage is even more exposed, the tops of my bra-less breasts proudly on display for you; the nipples barely covered. My blouse has parted to such a degree that too much movement would expose at least one nipple. The blouse is fairly tailored, so it nips in the waist.

I look up at you, as you lean in to give me a kiss and you whisper, “That’s a bit better!”

I glance around nervously, but we are the only ones waiting for the elevator and quietly wish for it to arrive quickly, before anyone else comes across.You run your hand up and down my back and then move lower to cover my arse. I shiver as your movements remind my body of the pleasure your hands can provide.

The door opens and you give my arse a squeeze urging me forward. You guide me to the corner by the buttons, as you press the button for our floor. We are now hidden from view and, although the doors haven’t yet closed, you pull me in close to you.

Both of your hands are now on my arse, and, as you pull me tightly against you; I can feel the hard bulge of your cock pressing against my tummy.I move my lower body sinuously against you. I love knowing the effect I have on you, I look up at you and smile.

Yours eyes dilate and now it’s you, who is biting your lip, and I feel a heady rush of power. It is very rare that I get an opportunity like this, and although, we are in the lift and know, that we could be interrupted at any time, I know I have to take advantage of the situation.

It’s my turn to tease you now, and my hands move to your chest brushing against your nipples as my lower body continues to undulate against you. My hands move to undo the buttons on your shirt, but as I undo the second button the doors reopen.

I continue to release the buttons on your shirt, but, you move your hands down to my thighs lifting me up. My hands automatically move up around your neck. I lift my legs to grip your waist, thankful now for the split in my skirt that doesn’t impede the movement,

You move us into the corridor, which thankfully, is empty.

Your hands squeeze my arse pulling me even closer to you. I am reminded of my lack of panties, as my pussy brushes against the button of your trousers causing delicious feelings to course through my body. I groan and you laugh delightedly out loud.

You are back in control.

You move so that I am pressed against the wall, holding me there with your lower body, as your hands move up to my boobs. The palms of your hands pressing them together as your thumbs brush over the nipples. The silky feel of my blouse adds such feelings to course straight to my pussy and I shuffle myself against you, feeling the button press against my clit.

I can feel the slickness of the juices flowing from me. Feeling it pulse as the muscles contract and expand. I am helpless, my whole body burning up. I am in the throes of a passion that hadn’t fully abated from the bar. I throw my head back which pushes my boobs closer to you, and then, the feeling of your thumbs over the nipples isn’t impeded by the fabric of my blouse and I know that I am fully exposed to you.

But I am too far gone to care now, right on the verge of another orgasm, as I undulate against you furiously trying to get relief. Then it hits me as my body shudders and my head falls forward resting on your shoulder. The juices from my pussy tickling my legs, as it flows away from the core of me. My eyes are closed, my nose against your neck, inhaling the scent that is you.

I feel movement, but feel too replete to wonder what is happening. It could have been a minute, or ten, who knows! The next thing I am aware of is the feel of my skirt being lifted exposing my arse, and I look up and around realising we are now in the privacy of your room.

You place me on the counter and move away slightly, as my arms fall and land beside me.

I look at you and see that your eyes are averted lower. I follow your gaze and see myself as you do. My blouse open, with my boobs out in the open pushed up and together, my blouse acting like one of those three quarter push up bras. My breathing is laboured from the climax that I am still recovering from. My breasts jiggle in the confined space they have.

My nipples are hard and more extended than I have ever seen them. My skirt is hitched up around my waist, and my legs have stayed where they fell when you put me down, wide apart, giving you and me a view of my glistening pussy. My legs and pussy are soaked with the juices I have released. My pussy lips appear red and swollen, and I can feel the muscles inside retracting and releasing pleading in its own way for more.

I look back at you and your expression causes my nipples to tighten even more. Your eyes don’t leave my body, as your hands finish what I had started in the lift with your shirt. Then you shrug out of it, causing the muscles in your arms and chest protrude and swell with the movements you make. I will never tire of looking at your physique. You have always kept yourself in good shape.

You move around the room, putting on some music, pouring us both a drink- Mmm champagne- but I remain motionless, aside from my eyes which follow you avidly. As if you have put a spell on me! I feel that you would be disappointed if I had moved, and after a week away from you, I wish to do whatever you want, anything that makes you happy.

There is a knock at the door and a voice calling out Room Service. My whole body tenses and I quickly look to you, hoping that you will allow me to cover up, but I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I see a glint of mischief in your eye and you raise you eyebrow in challenge. I close my eyes and rest my head against the wall.

You chuckle and call out that you will be just a moment. I feel a tug on my skirt and open my eyes to see you stood over me. As you walk away to answer the door, I glance down and see that you have moved my skirt, allowing me a small amount of privacy, although my boobs are on display.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes again. Cowardly! Maybe, but I really don’t want to know if I am being looked at, even though I know you love to show me off. You have never shown this much of me before, usually it will be a suggestion of what is beneath the clothing never on full display like this. You really have raised the stakes in our game.

I hear you open the door and greet the waiter inviting him in, then the rattle of the crockery, as the trolley is wheeled into the room. There is a small silence, then the rattle continues.

Did the waiter pause when he saw me?

You tell the waiter to place the trolley by the window and that we will serve ourselves.

I concentrate on my breathing, resisting the urge to move my hands to cover myself with great difficulty. I can feel how proud of me you are, and I smile. I feel apprehensive about someone else seeing me, but with you there I know that nothing will happen and I feel my body responding. In my mind I can see the two of you stood there looking at me, liking what you see.

My nipples pucker and stiffen and the breathing, that I am concentrating on, becomes laboured. I feel my face getting warm knowing this small show of exhibitionism is turning me on. I want to open my eyes to confirm what my mind says it sees, but they feel glued shut, and I don’t force it.

What are you doing to me? I can’t really complain though, our love life had become rather staid and boring. The lovemaking had become stale and always the same, becoming less and less frequent as time passed. Both of us had known that something was wrong although neither of us was brave enough to open the discussion for a long time.

No way, can I say that now! For our tenth anniversary you had booked a weekend away for us where we had finally been honest with one another to try to repair our failing relationship. That had been four months ago and during that time things just seem to be getting better and better. It really is true that communication in a marriage is all too important.

Then there is a flurry of movement and I hear the door close. Are we alone again? There is no sound for what feels like ages. And I begin to feel apprehensive! But, then your voice breaks the silence.

“Well there goes someone who needs to find somewhere private to get some relief.”

You are stood near me and I can hear the humour in your voice. I open my eyes to see you smiling.

“You did really well my love! I know I have forced this upon you, but you and I both know that your body betrayed you. We both know how much you secretly enjoyed that. I watched him sneaking covert glances at you! No wonder he made a sharp exit. I don’t think I have ever seen your nipples so beautifully displayed. How does it feel to know that you have made a young man’s day?”

I close my eyes again, as my mind conjures up an image of the unknown waiter going into a supply closet along the corridor rubbing himself through his trousers on route, and then in private, opening his fly to pull out his cock. Imagining him moving his hand faster and faster with a picture of my body on display in his mind. I groan out loud at the image.

You chuckle and I feel your fingers on my prominent nipples, pinching them gently between each finger and thumb, rubbing and squeezing them as you tug gently.

You pick up the glass of champagne and hold it up for me to take a sip. My head lifts up as you tip the glass and hold it to my lips. I manage to get some, but it also dribbles down, I feel it slide down my chin, and onto my chest. I am watching you and I can see you watching the escaped liquid travel down towards my boobs. You get me take another sip, and then another each time pouring a little too much, deliberately now I feel, so that I can feel it over my chest, on my nipples and dripping onto my thighs.

You keep going until the glass is empty. I watch you place the glass to one side and then you lean down and then use your tongue to lick my chest clean. You pay particular attention to the protruding nipples, before taking one of them deep into your mouth sucking noisily. My whole body feels as if it is on fire, as I feel a jolt of pleasure pass straight to my pussy.

I hear you groan, before releasing me and taking a step back. I feel your hands on my thighs as you push my skirt back up, once again exposing me. Your finger rubs very lightly over my pussy causing my muscles to tighten involuntarily, as a butterfly touch catches my clit.

“We should eat before our dinner gets cold,” you say. I stare at you in disbelief! How can you expect me think about food when my whole body feels as if it is just about to burst?

You move away and keeping eye contact with me. You sit on the bed take of your socks and shoes and then stand, as you release your belt and undo your trousers. I am unable to stop my eyes from moving away from yours, to watch as your wonderful body is revealed to me. You push your trousers and boxers down together and your cock springs free bouncing gently as you let gravity drop your clothing down, so that you can just step free. I feel my body responding to the sight, my pussy muscles contracting convulsively as I feel more of my juice slip free.

I start to do the same and begin to undo the final buttons on my blouse but you shake your head and I halt with my fingers on the button just below my swollen breasts.

You pick up a camera that I hadn’t noticed on the bedside table and take a couple of pictures of me. “A little memento of what the waiter saw,” you say, as you put the camera back down and walk back to me.

You move towards me like a predator! Your slow measured steps back to me, and the look in your eyes holds me in place. My hands still frozen on my buttons waiting for your next move. You are keeping me in such a fevered state my brain seems unable to function. I am drunk on the passions you have aroused in me.

You stand between my spread legs and I feel your cock teasing me lightly. My pussy feels the light pressure of your cock and seems to go into spasm. I need you so badly. My breathing again becomes laboured, as I whimper at the sensations pulsating through me. You lean in to kiss me as I feel your cock pressing against my very wet centre. Your chest rubbing erotically on my nipples, causing an electric jolt straight to my pussy.

Your hands slide down my back slowly, tenderly as you draw my lower lip into your mouth and suck. Then your hands are at my bare arse, gripping and squeezing me as you finally give me what I need most. You thrust your hips and plunge your cock in quickly and violently, before going still. I can feel you deep inside my core. My body stretching to accommodate you. I am on the brink of something wonderful, knowing from recent experience that fulfillment is but a moment away.

My muscles grip you and I see the strain on your face. I can tell that you are holding onto your control by a single thread. I wrap my legs around you and feel you go even deeper. We both groan in unison. Our bodies move in tandem as we travel towards the ultimate goal. And then the explosion hits as we climax as one. My back is arched pressing me close to you and your hands grip my arse. Then I am aware of nothing but the feelings flowing through me.

You are kissing the top of my head and murmuring sweet compliments in my ear when I come back to earth. You are still rock hard inside of me, by body still shuddering from the intense climax.

Then you lift me up, my legs still wrapped around you, your cock still embedded deeply inside of me, as you walk towards the table and our dinner.

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