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A married affair

A rare weekend Together
I hadn't seen you all week as you had been on a business trip in LA and we agreed that I would join you at the end of the week. It had been ages since we had had a weekend away, just the two of us. And we were going to make the most of it.

I got to the hotel at 4pm and walk into the lounge to wait for you. I got my phone out to read the text you had sent me to ensure I had remembered everything. “Get to the lounge of the hotel for 4pm. You don’t need to bring anything except your toothbrush. Ensure you have showered and shaved your pussy to my liking. Wear your white blouse with the flower design on the left side with the top three buttons undone. No Bra! The pink skirt that goes to just above your knees, that has the slit at the front. Plus white holdups with you three inch pink sandals. No Panties! Wear the matching pendant set with the diamond of the necklace just above the undone button to draw attention to your fantastic boobs. Sit on a stool at the bar and order yourself a glass of Pimms and charge it to room 408. I will be with you as soon as I can.”

Mmm sitting on the barstool without revealing everything was going to be a challenge, but I guess that was part of your plan. I am sure you knew that, after ten years of marriage I know that you leave nothing to chance. The skirt in itself is not indecent, but with the slit as I sit down anyone who is looking would be able to see the bare flesh above the holdups. I shuffle onto the barstool keeping my legs together and feel my unbound 34C boobs jiggling around. I get comfortable and notice the barman at the far end of bar, just watching me. I try to adjust my skirt unobtrusively to cover the tops of my holdups but realize the barman is watching so decide it would be better to not draw attention to my legs by shuffling around too much. I glance down to see how much leg is showing and see that more of the tops of my legs are showing than I thought, and curse the fact that I chose to sit on one of the high barstools. The blouse you asked me to wear is very pretty but it clings a bit too closely for my comfort and it would be obvious to anyone looking, that I am not wearing a bra. You have always loved my body and will take any opportunity to show me off. The outfit you have chosen for me to wear, does look good and I am sure you knew that, but I feel very exposed sitting in the lounge all alone.

There aren't many people in the lounge at this time of the day. So I pretty much have the barman’s undivided attention. I smile hesitantly as he walks over, his eyes glued to my chest. I feel heat rise in my cheeks and am thankful that the area I have chosen to sit, is in shadow. I order my drink and when he brings it over I gulp half of it down. I will never be comfortable with overt displays of exhibitionism but you like to push just a little. The lounge is still fairly well lit with a glass wall overlooking the pool area. I put my drink down and rub my hands down my thighs to remove the clamminess. I hope you don’t leave me here alone for too long. Not dressed like this anyway.

I look out of the window and watch a group of young people cavorting near the pool. They are laughing and squealing as they run around each other. Not near enough to hear specific words but I can see they are having fun. Watching them helps calm me down. I pick up my drink again and sip it slowly. But with nothing to do but watch and wait, my drink is soon finished. I put my glass back on the bar and continue to watch the group by the pool, my finger subconsciously sliding around the top of the glass.

A voice by my ear startles me and I nearly knock the glass over. It is the barman leaning right over the bar asking if I would like another drink. As I look at him I can see him looking me over and I shift uncomfortably, knowing he is able to see the top of my legs. I wish I had continued to try and cover my legs a bit more, but it is too late now, far better I think to pretend that I haven't noticed. At least he is on the other side of the bar. Even with my legs close together I am sure someone would get a glimpse of my pussy if they were at the right height. The lacy tops of the hold ups are showing, and a couple of centimetres of bare skin. Not going to check but I am convinced that where the slit ends there would only be a few centimetres to my bare pussy. I should be mortified but is all I can think about is that soon, we'll be together again, you know how I hate when you have to go away!

I glance at my phone to see the time and realise I have already been here 15 minutes. I frown as I realize you have been held up; surely you won't be too much longer. I am starting to get really tense and that is not a good start to our weekend so I order another drink. The barman brings it over and tells me his name is Greg, I smile nervously at him which I realise is a mistake as he takes it as an invitation to lean against the bar and start trying to get me into conversation. His eyes are moving over me, mainly between my boobs and the tops of my legs.

I explain that I am waiting for you and that you shouldn't be too much longer. I continue to sip my drink and look at my phone once again, only a couple of minutes have passed but the barman is starting to make me feel uncomfortable. I try to ignore him and go back to my observation of the group outside.

I glance towards the door and see you standing there, watching me and I have to wonder how long you have been standing there. I smile but don't move, just in case you are coming in for a drink. The thought of trying to get off the stool and then climb back onto again, does not bear thinking about. I breathe a sigh of relief as you come over and stand behind me putting your hands on my shoulders and brushing them down to my elbows and slowly back up again. Your fingers brush gently against my breasts each time. I feel my nipples pucker up but don’t look, I am sure they will be pushing against the fabric of my blouse, and sticking out obviously for anyone to see. You slide your hands up and down as you place a kiss on my head and ask if I had a good trip down, I finish my drink and put the empty glass on the bar. I am beginning to feel mellow; a lot more relaxed now that you are here and I lean back against you and tell you it was uneventful. But my mind is more on what your hands are doing than thinking about the question you've asked. You have pushed my arms closer to my body and now your fingers are sliding over my nipples, not with any pressure but enough for me to know it’s happening, enough to cause a short circuit in my brain and juice to start flowing in my pussy. The movement of my blouse brushes intimately against my nipples. I shift on the barstool as I break out in goose bumps, I shudder and close my eyes for just a moment. I am enjoying the feeling of once again being close to you, but wanting to forget that we are in such a public place.

It has been a long week without you! The bed is so big and cold when you aren't there to cuddle up to and I relish the closeness now.

You order a drink for yourself and another Pimms for me, and I realise that the barman is back. I hadn't noticed his arrival. I open my eyes but don’t look up. I know where he will be looking. Your hands and fingers continue to manipulate me, Your hands no longer go from shoulder to elbow but are brushing over my nipples now more obviously, barely moving up my arms. I enjoy the feeling but wish we were alone and again close my eyes. If people are watching I don't want to know. But that doesn't work as you tell me to open my eyes and watch the barman bring our drinks. I can feel my breath getting laboured, feel my pulse beating as heat rushes to my cheeks. But I do as you ask, and as I suspect the barman again has his eyes on my chest, watching the way your fingers dance over my nipples, as he walks back to us with the drinks.

And then your hands are gone, you have moved around me to sit on the barstool next to me and push my legs apart to that you can press your knees between mine. I feel the air against my damp pussy and wonder how much you are able to see. Your knees slide up and down slightly as you lean in and give me a kiss telling me how much you have missed me this week. Saying how wonderful I look, thanking me for wearing the outfit you asked of me, and telling me how much fun we are going to have over the weekend.

I look into your eyes and smile freely for the first time since I arrived. It is such a pleasure to look at you. It is something I will never tire of. You take my hands in yours and bring them up to your lips for a kiss. A light touch of your lips on the palm of each hand and then you move our hands to my legs, moving them slowly up my thighs. I look into your eyes and see the twinkle of mischief dancing there. I shake my head slightly trying to deter you from your goal but you smile and the hands keep slowly moving upwards, nearer and nearer the top of my skirt and the bare skin I am sure you have noticed on my upper thighs; on display just for you. For your pleasure!

I look around and notice the lounge is getting busier now. Several of the tables have people sitting at them. Greg is too busy now to pay any attention to little me and I breathe a sigh of relief only to catch my breath as I realise one your hands has moved between my legs against my bare skin. You release my hands and pass me my drink. I try to move my legs together, but your legs are in the way. I take another gulp of my drink and let my legs drift further apart.

The other groups around the lounge are too busy catching up with each other to notice the two of us at the bar.

You lean over and whisper against my ear "good girl" and I feel myself leaning into you wanting more of you. You nibble my earlobe as your hand reaches its destination.

I am floating on sensation, I have missed you and my body has missed you. My legs start to shake as the feelings that you evoke take over. Your fingers slide over my pussy, spreading moisture all over me. My clit is swelling and pulsing as you tease me, touching, but not touching enough. I am nearly there, I can feel it building I can feel myself trying to get closer to your hand and I am aware of nothing but your fingers, and your breath against my ear. Then you have another nibble of my earlobe and your fingers have gone. I move my head away to look at you, to see you slide your fingers into your mouth and lick them. I groan as I sway in place, needing completion, but knowing, that for now the game has been postponed.

"Finish your drink love" I hear you say as you smile at me. My body still craving release, my need for you blots out everything else.

You know what you have done! Oh you are so clever! You know my body so well. You knew I was close yet you pulled back!

You push my legs together as you hail someone from across the room. A business associate, you just need a few minutes to discuss something with him. You smile wickedly at me and I know that you don't really need to discuss anything, but you just want to torture me a little more. I shake my head and give a rueful laugh as I realise your game. What can I really do?

You chat with him for a few minutes, I don't know what about, but your colleague, like Greg the barman, is unable to take his eyes off my boobs, he is just being a little more discreet however, so it is a little better to tolerate, and because you are there I know nothing will happen.

You are happy for others to look but you don't like to share. Do you!

And then he has gone and we are alone again, you press another drink into my hand. I hadn't even been aware of you ordering anything. You have scooted your barstool closer to mine so that when you push open my legs with your knee this time, your knees are in contact with my barstool.

The lounge is much busier now, with people bustling around the bar and the noise level has risen as people laugh and joke and relax at the week's end.

You make eye contact with me as you scoot me forward slightly closer towards you. This pushes my skirt up higher and I quickly look around to ensure no one is too close to us. You lean in and tell me quietly that you can see my glistening pussy. I glance around again but you put your hand up to my cheek preventing me from doing so. You slowly move your hand down my body, circling my breast and pinching a nipple on the way. You put your hands on your knees so that your pinkie fingers are brushing the bare part of the inside of my thigh and your knuckles are brushing the core of me.

The drink in my hand shakes and you remind me to drink up. I drink up the last of it a bit too quickly, and as I put the glass on the bar, I feel a little woozy. I lean forward and put my head on your shoulder, My over sensitised nipples brush against your chest, and I let out a whimper. Your fingers are doing dangerous things to me, I feel you push a couple of them inside, and you whisper to me that I am so wet. Your breath against my ear is so delightful, and you nibble my earlobe as your fingers start to move faster. My breathing is becoming fast and laboured as my whole body starts to shudder. And then I am there, you send me over the edge. I bite my lip to stop from being too loud but my body shudders uncontrollably as waves of pleasure pulse through me. You remove your hand and then I feel you wiping and cleaning my pussy, I presume with your hanky. Distantly I am aware of the noise again as I come back to earth.

How after 10 years can you still have this effect on me?

You then share with me that you have ordered dinner to be delivered to our room for 6pm so we need to get moving. I glance at my phone and realise the time is now 5:35. Where has the last hour gone? I am still spaced out from your little bar game, but I know the evening is far from over.

You stand and help me off the stool, keeping me facing you as I try to find my legs and straighten my skirt. You put your arm around me as we walk towards the exit. I don't make eye contact with anyone as we leave, but you are chuckling beside me. Are you laughing at my embarrassment? Or has someone made eye contact with you that knows what you have just done to me?

I don't want to know, but I hold my head up high as I walk beside my man.

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