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A memory to keep the cold away

As I sit here staring out into the winter wonderland, the cold is seeping through the window into my skin. I recollect a sexual encounter during the last summer.

His head glistening in the sun as my lips capture his cock. The taste of pre cum tantalizes my tongue. His moans fill my head as I twirl my tongue around his circumcised head, kissing down his shaft as my lips capture his balls. 

The hot sun pouring its lovely summer rays down to my body, while we are in our secluded area within the bushes. Quickly he pulls out placing me onto the picnic table as I go spread eagle. His mouth capturing my pussy lips while his tongue twirls around my clit. I arch my back as an orgasm rushes through me. Two then three fingers slide inside my pussy, sliding in and out as his tongue tantalizes me.

" to....cum” I said panting as orgasm after orgasm rushes through me.

His head popping out from between my legs as a smile flashes across his face. "Enjoying, are we?" He says smiling.

"Definitely, now why don't you and your big cock come over and pierce my pussy and make me cum more."

Laughter fills the air when he utters, "As you wish."

Teasing me as he slowly pushes his cock inside and then slowly pulling out. It sends shivers throughout my body. Thrusting his cock inside me, I moan loudly with pleasure as his cock hits deep inside, his balls smacking my ass. I moan with pleasure of being filled as he groans. 

Grabbing onto my thighs he starts pumping in and out so furiously. He thrusts harder and faster as my pussy walls convulse and contract and orgasm after orgasm rushes through.

His moans get louder, as loud as mine. I feel his cockhead moving so fast and hitting deep down onto my cervix. “You so big and fat,” I utter moaning. He slides his finger over my clit and I shiver with sensations travelling down to my pussy oozing so much of my creamy cum. His other hand’s thumb is rubbing my clit. My legs shiver and I tremble as my legs feel as if they are made of rubber.

Our moaning and grunting attracted a couple passing by the bushes where we were. Hearing crackling sounds in the bush does not bother us, I think as I look over to see a young couple stunned yet grinning. The man pulls his girl back into the bushes as my lover’s balls tighten as he shouts loud.

“Cummmmmming,” I yell as the feeling of fullness again sends me over the edge. He leans over me placing his head on top of my breasts. We both enjoy the afterglow of a wonderful and so fulfilling sex.

As our breath becomes normal he asks, "Was that good?"

"We had peeping toms." We both laugh.

"Oh really?"

“Yep they went away. You wanna go find them?"

“Nah. I want to take you out into that lake and fuck you against the rocks."

Sliding off of me he grabs me placing me on top of his shoulders.

“Put me down." I can't stop laughing and giggling.

He takes me to the lake by our camp and crashes me into the cool water of the lake. Refreshing in the water and enjoying the coolness is such a blessing. His lips capture mine as he leans me against the rocks.

His hands caressing my buttocks while he nibbles my neck, I feel his hardness pressing against my tummy again. Staring into his eyes, he pushes his hard cock inside me. We both move our bodies splashing the water splashing against the rocks. I rub my nipples as he fucks me slowly in the lake.

Boats speed by as we feel the excitement of being watched. I place my arms around his neck and hold onto him as he continues pounding my pussy with the rocks at my back. Another orgasm hits me again as a boat slowly speeds by. And again, we giggle as we are being watched.

I bite his neck creating a love mark and dig my nails into his shoulders and whisper, "Faster baby." 

As he cums he does not let go, the splashing intensifies and so do my moans. Our tongues entwine as the water calms around us, and he pulls his flaccid cock out of my pussy and tastes our mixture. "You taste good" he murmurs with the taste of my cum still in his mouth. I kiss him and taste our mixture. Walking out of the water, I head for my towel and lie down exposing my breasts to the sun soaking the rays, as his naked arse gets covered up by shorts.

"I was enjoying that view."

"Were you?" He says as he grabs a cold beer. Walking over to me sitting beside, he rubs his cold beer on my breasts and nipples.

“Bugger, that is cold." I said and slap away his beer. Laughter flows from our throats. Grabbing his balls with my cold hands I ask, “How do you like that?"

Pushing my hands away, he makes a face and shakes his head. I smile and say, “That is what I thought."

Our laughter fills the air as we lay down in the hot sun warming our bodies.

As I sit here surrounded by snow, I snap back from the daydream. Yet still, my body becomes hot and bothered at the beautiful memory.

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