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A Merry Kyla Christmas

My pussy began to ache for him. . .
Winter had finally arrived and the snow was falling generously outside. It looked so serene as the white fluffy specks fell graciously to the ground as I looked out my kitchen window. The fresh coffee brewing sent the aroma through the air of the kitchen and brought my senses more to life as I waited for the dark liquid to finish dripping so I could pour some in my awaiting mug on the counter. I knew it would warm me up. It had too. Looking out the window made me feel the coldness surround me as the snow fell.  

I always loved this time of year. Once the snow started falling, Christmas was just around the corner. However, I was not feeling the same this year as I was in the years past. This would be the first time I will spend Christmas alone. Having gone through a rough divorce this past year, everything has not been the same. I lost who I thought was the love of my life. At the time, I did not know what to do with myself. I thought I would go crazy, but I have seemed to hold it together. Better than I thought I would have. At least I still had my job. That was a plus. But still, the thought of spending Christmas alone still unnerved me. 

Finally, the coffee stopped dripping and I got up from the kitchen table to go to the counter and reach for the pot. It was steaming as I began to pour the brown substance into my mug. I let it sit for a minute before taking a sip and I looked out the window, again that was in front of me, and saw how white the ground had become. The thought of driving to work in this type of weather did not make me feel any better, but I had to earn a living.  

I was already half dressed as I stood in the kitchen drinking my first cup of joe of the morning. All I really needed to do was remove my robe and put my pantsuit on and from there, be on my way to work. At least I loved my job and what I did for a living. All I had to do everyday was sit in my office and read over manuscripts that I either passed as suitable for publication or marked for rejection. I always hated that aspect of my job, but it came with the profession I chose. However, I did have a good view out of the glass enclosure and often found myself looking, ogling, at the man that sat in the desk across from my office. He did not hold a position as high as I did, but he sure made the day go by fast. He also brought other things out in me that I thought I had lost due to the divorce. Let’s just say that I was still glad to be a woman. Being divorced at thirty and now alone and entering the prime of my life, I could not see myself as being alone forever. When I looked at him, I knew that I was still intact as a sexual being. 

I finished off my coffee and went down the hall to my room to finish dressing. After thinking what I just thought, I was ready to get there and see him sitting across from me. I put on my pantsuit and walked out the front door to my car. The snow pelted me lightly on the face as I made it to my car. The coldness of it felt good on my face however. I guess it felt good because I was in a semi-aroused state. It helped cool me off some. I knew when I got to work though, that would be a different story.

I traveled down the highway with the snow falling, passing other motorists every now and then. The Christmas decorations were prominent as I eased onward. The bright colored lights that surrounded houses and the plastic snowmen and Santa Claus’ decorated almost every front yard in the neighborhood as I drove out of it and to the main road that took me to my office. As I looked at the festive decor, I did think back to the last Christmas that me and my ex had shared together. It was a good Christmas and I did truly love him, but somehow, we had fallen out of love and all I was left with was memories. Now, I am working on making new memories.

I pulled into my reserved space at the office complex and shut off the engine. I saw that he was already here, as his car was parked in his usual spot. I smiled to myself one of those girly smiles that I often had when I was a teenager. It felt good to know that I could still feel like my once young self. I grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and opened the car door and exited to head into my office awaiting another day of editing.

As I entered, everyone that worked in my department was standing around listening to the CEO of our company. He saw me and yelled for me to join them. I walked over and listened to what was being said. They were all talking about the Christmas party that was being planned. The CEO wanted our input as to where it should be and what food should be brought and if anyone was willing to take charge of the arrangements and so forth. I knew I was not going to volunteer for anything. I think the others knew that also.

The CEO finished and we all went back to our respective offices or areas. I entered mine and found a new stack of manuscripts waiting for my approval or denial. As I sat down at my desk, I had a clear shot at him. He was dressed so professionally and his features just called out to a woman, especially me. I sat there just looking at him. His dark combed straight hair, his handsome expressions he made, his overall mannerisms and as I did, everything inside me began to quiver.

My pussy began to ache for him. There was not a day at work that went by when I saw him, and every time I saw him, I would get hot and flustered and feel the wetness start to form in my pinkness. It was a natural reaction I could not help. He could be sitting across from my office like he was now and I would feel the moisture slip from the depths of my inner crevice. It did not matter where I was or where he was, when I saw him, the thoughts of him laying me started and the moisture just seemed to arise out of nowhere. I almost wanted to spread my legs then and there and invite him into my office to fuck me.

 I finally picked up one of the manuscripts that blessed my desk and opened it. I read the first few lines and I was already turned off. I could tell that it was going to be boring. I usually could just by the first few lines. That is one of the things I really did hate about being an editor. I had to sit here and read some of the most boring things written. At least I did have him to look at across the way. That definitely killed the boredom of this job.

I was gingerly reading with my head down, really not absorbed in what I was reading when I heard a strong clear of a wonderful voice. I looked up, and there he was, standing in front of my desk. I stiffened as I felt the same feeling travel. I hoped that I did not show any signs of the stimulation that was passing through me.

“Why hello Julian,” I said, as he stood tall in front of my desk.

“Sorry to bother you Kyla,” he answered in his rich deep voice. As he spoke, I felt the wetness move farther down.

“No, no, not a bother. Always happy to take a break. Especially from this thing that I am reading.” I countered, wanting to do something else I thought to myself.

“Well, I was just wondering, since the Christmas party is coming up and I have volunteered to help, I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions on where to have it, if you know of any good spots?”

I leaned back in my chair away from my desk. I wanted to stay clear of helping out with the Christmas planning, but his voice and his mannerism just pulled me inside. What could I say, I was weak.

“You were more roped into it than volunteered. I know how it works in this place. You forget, I was in your place at one time!”

“Yeah, yeah, you are right. But help me out some will you. I can never plan things.”

“Julian, just suggest some places and go from there. I am sure what you suggest will be okay.”

“I suppose you are right. You are going to come to it, aren’t you Kyla?” Julian asked me with a very peculiar look, but yet sexy look at the same time.

After all that had happened to me this past year, I really did not want too, but I did not want to be a party-pooper either, so I looked at him and answered, “Yes, I will be attending it. An excuse to get out of my lonely house is as good an excuse as any.”

“Kyla, you don’t need an excuse to leave your house. You can leave at any time you know,” Julian responded.

He was right. I had become sort of a hermit since my divorce, only traveling to the store to get needed items to sustain life and to work so I could have the money to purchase the needed items to sustain life. I knew that I needed more than the life I had recently assumed. I was trying, and I guess, attending the company Christmas party could be a new start. 

I looked at him and smiled and let that be my answer. Julian noticed and turned to walk out. I watched him walk across to his area of the complex. As he walked, I almost wanted to stick my hand down the front of my pantsuit and massage what I knew wanted attention on my body. It was amazing just how aroused I got just by Julian being around. Especially inside my office.

I went back to my reading and before I knew it, it was time to go. I started putting things away and marking what I needed to do for the next business day. I was putting the last thing in my bag when Julian came to my office door.

“Kyla, would you like to go out for a drink?” 

Taken by surprise, I did not know what to say. I just looked at him. Combined with how he always got to me and what he said to me just now, I felt the flood begin again. This time, I felt it run out of me and pool on the liner of my thong. I began to think to myself that I would either have to start wearing pads or tampons, even when it was not that time of the month, just to keep the wetness from showing.  

Finally brave enough to say something, I said, “You know what, I’d love too.”

“Great! Let me get my coat and I’ll walk you out!” 

As Julian went to get his coat, I stood there just looking at him. Wondering. Almost wanting to ask him why he asked me for a drink. I thought better of it and put my coat on and walked out of my office to meet him in the space between our respective offices.


“Uh hmm.” I mumbled and smiled.  

 Julian walked beside me out to our cars. The snow was falling and we both could hear Christmas music in the distance. I proceeded to my car to get in to follow him, but Julian grabbed my arm and pulled me to his. He opened the passenger door and motioned me inside. I did not hesitate. All the while, I could feel the dampness flowing.

Julian backed out of the spot and headed out. Christmas music was on the radio and the mood in the car was solemn. I saw Julian tap his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove. I could not help but smile.

He turned into the lot of a small diner just a little outside of town. I had seen it before, but never been inside. Julian parked and got out and I saw that he was walking around to open my door, so I waited. I said to myself, “I could get used to this.”

We walked inside and over to the booth against the window. We sat down and the waitress came to the table and asked what we wanted. He looked at me and smiled and ordered himself a beer and a glass of Chablis for me. I was impressed. I could not believe he knew what I liked. I was even more impressed that the little diner had wine.

The waitress brought our drink orders over and took our food order as well. I had a simple salad and Julian had the soup of the day. We sat and had our dinner and drinks and talked about all sorts of things. I began to feel really comfortable with Julian. I believed he was beginning to feel comfortable with me as well. And that felt good to know, or feel, I should say.

We had finished our dinner and drinks and before I knew it, we were on the way back to the office so that I could get my car. Julian was a perfect gentleman, which did wonders to the way I was feeling. It was safe to say that by the time I was home, the liner of my thong was soaked. I knew that I had to get out of them, so I immediately went the master bathroom and started the water for a hot shower before I took my clothes off. While the water was running, I went back to my room and removed everything. I took the elastic band of the thong in my fingers, and pulled down. I felt the liner of my thong stick to my pussy lips a little as I slid them down. As I felt that small stickiness tug on my sensual spot, I felt myself quiver with desire. From that point on, I knew that I was going to have an eventful shower, in more ways than just one.

Since that point, three weeks have gone by and Julian and I have had our share of drinks and dinners. Nothing more. Not that I would not mind more happening. I sure would not complain. He still gets to me like always. It finally felt good to be able to go out and enjoy life once again. I was enjoying life, but it sure was better now that I was spending some time with another man. It finally felt good to be a woman once again. I would feel even more like a woman if Julian ever gave me a chance to share myself with him.  

Once again, I got ready for work and this time, as I traveled the snow covered roads and landscape, I passed much more holiday decorations. It was only two days away from Christmas and tonight was the company’s Christmas party at the inn down the road. Julian had rented the inn’s conference room and with a little help, he and some others said it was decorated nicely and all festive to bring holiday cheer. I was feeling much better about the holiday season now and I really did look forward to going. But first, there was work to be done.

I got into work and the whole office was decorated with Christmas trees, garland, lights, and the smell of cinnamon and apples. It was very festive to walk in and see the scene and smell the aroma. It did get one into the holiday spirit.

I began my days work by reading behind my desk yet once again. I glanced up every so often and saw Julian sitting at his. He caught me a couple of times and smiled back. I could not help but smile in his direction in a return favor. It was obvious that he was feeling the same way about me as I was about him.  

About an hour before work was officially over, Julian popped into my office. I was looking at the computer reading an email from a prospective writer, so I saw him come in.

I said, “Hey Julian. What’s up?” 

“Oh, just wanted to say, I’m off to get things ready for the Christmas party tonight. I’ll see you there, right?” Julian asked, just to make sure I had not changed my mind.

“I’ll be there. Don’t worry.”

“Great. See you then!” Julian answered and I smiled and waved to him as he literally danced out of my office.

I went back to reading my email and as I finished, I decided to shut down and freshen up a bit before I went to the Christmas party. I went to the corner of my office where there was a mirror and started fixing my hair, making sure it looked right. I then put a little more blush and eyeliner on and finished off by spritzing on some of my perfume. I did not overdo it though. Just light enough to be noticed.

I walked into the inn and the sign pointed the way to the conference room for our company’s Christmas party. I saw a few of our employees standing out side of it and they all acknowledged me as I entered. The room was all festive, decorated with lights and garland and there was a Christmas tree in the middle of the room with all kinds of ornaments and fake presents wrapped under it with names of every employee in our department on them from Santa Claus. It was just the thing to put people in the holiday spirit.  

I walked over to the table and poured me a cup of the Christmas punch and took a finger sandwich and started nibbling. I was greeted by a couple of co-workers and we talked for a bit and then went our separate ways. I saw a vacant chair over in the corner of the room and decided to take my punch and sandwich and sit for a bit. I sat there watching everyone mingle and listening to the chit-chat. I was not in the chair maybe ten minutes when Julian found a way to surprise me from the back.

He leaned down and whispered into my ear, “What do you say we blow this joint and enjoy some Christmas cheer at my place?”

I was startled by his quiet appearance as his breath blew on my ear as he whispered into it. I could not say anything right away. I was too busy feeling the same feeling travel through me and down between my legs. So stimulated, I was glad that I was prepared by having a pad on because I felt the gooey liquid of my sexual stimulation run out immediately.  

I looked at Julian over my shoulder, smiled, and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

He took my hand and I followed him out of the room and out to his car we went. He sat me in the passenger seat as he always did and I enjoyed the ride to his house. I knew that I was going to enjoy the other ride later.

His house was very simple, but very homely. As I walked inside, it was hard to believe it was a bachelor’s house. It was very clean and immaculate and so pristine. It looked as if a woman lived here with him keeping everything in order. He showed me into the living room where Julian told me to sit and he would be right back. He already had his Christmas tree up in the corner and garland lined the mantle over the fireplace, and there were the remnants of a fire still burning slightly in it.  

Julian came back with two glasses of wine and sat them down on the coffee table in front of the couch where I was seated. He moved to the fire that was still slightly burning and started putting more logs onto it. Sticking a few kindling in, he struck a match and lit one. It was not long before we had a nice cozy fire to enjoy. It all seemed so romantic.

Julian came back over and grabbed the glass of wine he had placed on the table and sat down beside me. He did not say a word. He just looked at me, sipped his wine, and as he place it back on the table, his other hand stroked the side of my face softly and his lips came to mine. It was a moment that just happened and began to linger. I did not pull away from him. I was more than ready to accept his advances. More than ready.

As he kissed me deeply and tenderly, the feelings that I always had around him really came with a flood. I was getting hot and I could feel the tingle inside me travel deep within me. I could feel my pussy quiver even more than it had when I just looked at him. It was ready. More so, I was ready.

Julian kept kissing me and I just moaned in delight under his supple lips. I felt his hand start to explore around my body and I generously gave into him. I let him feel whatever he wanted to feel. I felt him tug on my blouse at the bottom where it was tucked into my pants and I let him pull it free. I knew what he was searching for and I was going to give him access to them.

I pulled away from him for a moment and said, “Here, let me help with the buttons,” and I began unbuttoning my blouse from the top down. I went all the way until my blouse flopped open to reveal my breasts covered by only my bra.

Julian watched as I flicked each button loose. Once I had all of them loose, he reached up and pulled my blouse from my shoulders and made me come out of it. Julian then tilted my head back and started caressing my neck with his lips, moving down ever so gently, lower and lower, until I could feel his breath on my cleavage formed from my bra pushing my breasts up and together. Then I felt it. His tongue. He was licking there between my breasts. Now my senses were going into overdrive.

“Oh God, Julian,” is all I could mutter.  

“Uh uh. Don’t say anything. Just savor it.”

I was doing more than savoring it. I was drowning in it. I was becoming a woman again and Julian was taking me there. My desires were filling up and I had to let them out. I was ready once again.

Julian slipped off his shirt revealing his tanned skin and huge muscles. He was gorgeous. What was more, he was a man. After flinging his shirt on the floor beside the couch, he pushed me down onto it, gently, like a man on a mission. Not a man after just sex. No, Julian was after more than that. He wanted to make love. And I was the woman he chose.

Julian’s body felt wonderful on mine. I could feel his chest muscles bulge on top of my breasts as he embraced me, kissing me in places that had not been kissed in so long. His hands ran across what bare skin I was showing. They felt wonderful. And the heat of the fire emblazed more passion in me as he made his tender touches land so softly.

His hands went lower and I could feel him undoing the button on my pants. He wanted to be in them. I wanted to feel him in them. I wanted to feel him inside me. I was ready. Before I knew it, my pants were on the floor next to his shirt and I was laying in my undergarments on his couch.  

Julian leaned up and reached down to his belt on his trousers and began unbuckling it. I could see the outline of his thick shaft trying to bust through the zipper. But he had the zipper loose before it could (if it actually could) and when he slipped out of them, his cock was barely covered by the silk boxers he was wearing. I was surprised it was not coming out of the fly.

Once again, Julian came down to my level, but in one swift move, he had me turned over on my stomach and he began caressing my shoulders. In a massage like manner, he worked my shoulders, moving down slowly between my shoulder blades. I could feel his thumb dig into the muscles of my back and they felt wonderful. Suddenly, I felt Julian use his fingertips to trace over my hot skin in places that sent even more tingles through my body. I felt him glide his fingertips all over until he came to the clasp on my bra and I knew what he was going to do. With one snap of his thumb and finger, my bra strap came loose and Julian slid my bra away from me and threw it to join the others items of clothing on the floor. I remained face down as I felt his hands move lower until he got to my thong. I could not help but arch up a little as his fingers slid between my flesh and the waistband of my thong and then I felt the slide of the fabric down my legs. I knew that he had to see my pussy drip a few drops of sexual release as he removed my thong.  

I knew for sure that he did, in fact, see how wet my pussy was. As I lied back down on the couch, face down, I felt his hands massage the cheeks of my ass and then I felt his finger glide over my now plump labia. Julian used some of my luscious liquor to lubricate his moves. He tenderly touched my sexual lips, running his fingers up and down the contour of them, slowly, taking control, and making sure that I could feel him linger there. I moaned from his touch letting him know I enjoyed it. My body also wanted to buck from his caressing upon my sexual place of entry, but I resisted the urge to do so. I did not want to mess up this hot moment.

Neither one of us said anything. We let our body motions talk. I just lied there and let Julian take control. He was still feeling me, moving his fingers over my wet pink spot. I spread my legs a little and as I did, I felt him slide a finger inside me, slowly. I moaned a deep sexual moan to let him know I was with him all the way. Little by little, Julian started to move his finger in and out. I could feel my pinkness surround his finger and grip it as he slid it in and out.  

I could not help it and I had to turn over to face him. I wanted him to see what I truly looked like down there. I wanted him to see me spread my legs and show him exactly what I had. So, I turned over and faced him. His finger was still inside me as I did. Once on my back, I spread my legs a little more for him. Julian removed his finger and looked at me. I knew my pussy was pulsating. I also knew that my clit was poking out of its hiding place. I could feel it. I could also feel the hairs of my landing strip start to raise. It was very safe to say I was well stimulated.

I watched Julian lean up and stand. I could see his hard cock make a tent. It was ready to come out. Julian reached for his boxers and pulled them off and as he stood back up, his cock was rock hard. Long and thick, it stood out and thumped with every beat of his heart. I could not wait to get his Christmas present inside me. I knew it was a Christmas present I was going to truly enjoy.

Julian did not get back on the couch with me. Instead, he moved the coffee table then grabbed a blanket that draped over the chair on the opposite side of the couch. He spread the blanket on the floor in front of the fire that was still blazing. It was not the only fire blazing in the room. Afterwards, Julian walked over to the couch where he could grab my hand. As he walked, his cock bounced with every move. I let him take me by the hand because I knew where we were going. He led me to the blanket and he laid me down up on it, back down to the blanket. I was ready. I was more than ready.

He kneeled down in front of me and I spread my legs for him. Suddenly, as I thought he was going to climb between them, he surprised me by lowering his head. I felt his tongue come in contact with my clit and I was suddenly on cloud nine. I moaned so deep that I knew I was going to orgasm just from his tongue flicking my engorged clit. God, it felt so wonderful. I started to breath deeper and heavier. I was trying to hold it inside. I did not want to let go so soon. I did not want him thinking I was easy to get off. But I could not help it. It had been so long since I had had a man go down on me. I was just ready to explode.

Julian could tell also. He knew I was almost to that point. He could tell how I was reacting and how my body was becoming rigid and he could feel the spasm as he licked my kitty. There was no use holding it either. I felt the urge go and I had no choice but to follow it. The spasm came hard and before I could stop it, I tensed up and let it go. My release was more than I could imagine. For the first time in a very long time, I actually felt my cum flow out of my hot canal. What made it even better was that Julian was licking me as it flowed out. I felt his tongue glide over my pussy and I could hear him slurp my love juice into his mouth. I literally had another orgasm just hearing him do that.  

Then, Julian crawled up between my legs. His massive body now hovering over my hot rushed one. I looked in his eyes as he looked into mine. With a smile, I let him know I was ready. He smiled back and as he did, he shoved his hard cock inside me, slowly. I felt the head of his cock glide all the way inside as he pushed his hardness into my supple walls. When he stopped, I felt like I was filled up with fullness. His cock fit inside me perfectly. His Christmas gift to me was everything I had imagined.

Julian started to rock and I fell into rhythm with his movements. I felt him just as much as he felt me surround him. I was enjoying every minute as he pounded, first slowly into me and then with movements that became rhythmic like a song, he played his notes very well. He was never off key; always in tune. Our bodies were the lyrics and our motions were the music.

Julian suddenly broke his tempo and stopped, but he did not pull out of me. He let his hard cock stay inside as he came down to kiss my neck and fondle my breast. I felt him inside and wrapped my inner walls around him like I was pulling him inside even deeper. As he kissed my neck and felt my already rigid nipple, I moaned in satisfaction. Julian then pumped in and out of me again, and I felt a little more dampness escape. He continued to kiss my neck and then made his way down to my breasts, letting the tip of his tongue glide over my skin until he had taken my left nipple in his mouth and began to suck. He was still stuck deep inside me, but this time, instead of trying to plunge more, Julian reached down with his hand and I felt his finger upon my clit. That was all I needed. As soon as he touched my clit, I had an instant orgasm. More love sap leaked out and I gripped him with my hot cavity even harder. He reacted in a deep moan.

He pulled his arm up and put both of his hands on the floor over my shoulders and braced himself. We looked in each others eyes and I felt him slide deeper into my interior. I felt him get even harder than he was and I could feel the pulses of his firm sexual appendage as he plunged. I clutched him even harder now. I felt the walls of my elastic core pull on him, making him groan. I knew that it was inevitable for him to hold out much longer. I did not want him too either. I wanted to feel him spill his hot fluid into me. I wanted to feel the splash of it coat my inner recess. I wanted to count the spurts he released and know that I truly pleased him.

Julian slowed his pace in and out of me almost to a crawl and I knew why. But it did not bother me none. I was enjoying every minute of it and I had already had my share of orgasms, so I was already on cloud nine. It still felt good feeling him inside me though. Julian felt wonderful there.

Suddenly, I felt him begin to pull out. I knew why he was doing so, but I did not want him too. I wanted him to finish inside me. I looked up to him and said, “No, inside me. Please”

Julian looked at me with a stunned look. I looked at him and smiled and nodded yes. Slowly, Julian slipped his cock back into my wet dripping crevice. I arched my body into him, feeling him glide in all the way. With a heavy sigh of delight, I waited. Julian thrust once, twice, three times and deep inside, I felt his cock throb and I felt the stream of his cum inside my hot box. Mentally, I counted the spurts. The first hit my hidden bull’s-eye, the second did the same, and all the other emissions from his hardness just filled me up, each hot with desire.

Julian was all wet with perspiration and his body glistened. His body was beautiful as it shined. Mine, I was all hot and I knew I was glowing. Julian removed himself from me and collapsed on the floor beside me by the glowing fire. He turned his body to mine as I lied there on the floor, still back down. As we came down from the sexual rush, Julian slid his fingers over my erect nipples and tweaked them just a bit. I bit my tongue from the feeling and felt the surge of afterglow travel my whole being. I was coming down from a high that felt so great and so wonderful, that I hated it had to end.  

I turned to face Julian. He looked at me and smiled. Julian was all aglow also. His body a temple that I could not wait to have again. Our naked sexually rushed bodies came closer together and Julian wrapped his arms around me. Feeling his hot and satisfied body against my hot nakedness was wonderful. The warmth of him enveloped me with more desire than ever before. Even more love than I had felt from any man I had ever been with.

Julian stared into my eyes as I did his and he kissed me, gently. Pulling back, he said, “Merry Christmas, Kyla.” I kissed him back in a thank you. It was at that moment, in front of the fire, we both closed our eyes and drifted tenderly into a very silent night.




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