A mid day snack

By Reco696

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I love you on your knees
Fresh from the shower and squeaky clean from head toe. I call to let you know I'm almost there as you sneak away from work for an afternoon treat. Opening the door I see you in your skirt, white top, and sandals. I love that the spaghetti straps fall over your shoulders as I begin to kiss you before the door is even shut. The anticipation, and excitement building with each of us as we continue to kiss. Me pressing you against the door with my mouth and body. Your panties starting to moisten up as you hear the door lock behind you.
Pushing me back with a devilish grin across your face. Leading me backwards to the bathroom. Tugging at my shirt, and belt. Finally hearing the zipper fall, and you start to drop down taking my pants with you. Taking me in your mouth aggressively just one time on the way back up. Pushing me back on the stairs leading up to the sunken tub. Kissing me deeply, and passionately as you take one of my hands and have me grab myself. Telling me to hold it as I watch you undress in front of me.
The full length mirror behind you showing me all of your incredible body. Every inch of you seeming to want me. I can see how wet you are when you bend over to get into your purse. O my, you've brought your favorite toy. Very good girl! I want to watch you so bad, and you know this. But only if I will please myself in the process. I eagerly comply and begin to lightly stroke myself as you lay on the floor in front of me.
Your eyes locked with mine as you slip it inside yourself for the first time. Then again. Making me watch you is such a turn on. And the same goes for you. Watching me touch myself is driving you crazy as well. I can hear you moaning under your breath. Trying to remain calm, but slowly loosing control. You can see the drops forming on my tip, and begin to crawl over to me as I sit on the stairs.
Putting down a pillow as to not hurt your knees, your legs open wide making sure that I can still see you from behind in the mirror. With one hand braced behind me and the other with a firm grip on your toy, you tell me to take my hand away because you want to taste me. Kissing on the tip, and circling the head with the end of your tongue forces my toes to curl, and body to tense. Opening up just enough to take in the head and lick on the ridge. My hands running up and down your back, and occasionally giving you a light smack on your ass.  By now your taking me to the back of your throat again, and again. Slow, and then fast. The slow strokes involve your tongue stroking the underside of my throbbing shaft. While your nose is pressed against my belly I trickle a little bit of baby oil over your back and begin to rub it in. Running my hand down your back and letting my middle finger rest between your cheeks, I lightly stroke the opening of your ass. And hold just enough pressure to make your body tingle with excitement at what I might do.
Gently I apply more, and more pressure until I can feel in break the rim, and pop into your tight little ass. First just the tip, and the first knuckle, then another. Continuing with the pressure as I watch it slip farther and farther into you disappearing all together. The whole time you never stop thrusting your toy in and out of your sweet hole. Your fingers wet, and slick from your increasingly leaking juices. Holding your ass firmly with both hands and with all of you filled from top to bottom, I begin calling out your name as I cum! Begging you not to stop, and please don't take your sweet mouth off of my exploding cock until you've gotten every last drop of me. 
I can hear you swallowing me! I can feel your mouth tighten around my base and I know that you're gushing as well. Dripping from your finger tips now, and running down the inside of your leg. Soaking the pillow below you.