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A Mid Summer Night's Swim

A Mid Summer Night's Swim

After a long day of surfing, I take to the pool for some wet fun with my boyfriend.
After spending an afternoon with you trying to teach me how to surf, we walk up the beach, my arm around your waist and your hand planted firmly on my ass. I am in a low cut bikini bottom and a white tight rash guard. You are in your swim shorts and looking very sexy.

On our way back to the car, we pass a large community pool, and I am reminded that I have to live up to my side of our deal and teach you how to swim better. It is late in the evening, and we practice until the sun goes down. The waves crash along the water only feet away.

Standing at the shallow end of the pool, you pull me closer to you, as I move closer to you I count quietly almost in a whisper, "One." The space between our hips disappears.

"Two," our lips are inches away.

"Three," our lips are so close you can feel my breath on your lips, electricity sparking between them.


Just before our lips touch I look into your eyes, and you lean in to complete our kiss. Before our lips finally touch I take off swimming down the other end of the pool. I am half way to the other side before you realize we are racing. Your height and application of my critiques of your stroke allow you to catch up to me and touch the wall on the other side as I am pushing off and racing back to start.

I am on the home stretch when I feel you grab at my ankle and pull me back. My shouts of protest are simply bubbles under the water. You zoom past me. I get to the wall seconds after you. We are both breathing heavy, our chests rising and falling deeply. You give me a cheeky grin, and I can't help but laugh and I pant out, "Cheater."

As we catch our breath, our eyes are locked on each other, and as our breaths slow we move closer together and kiss with an intense passion. No one else is around, and the warm water feels so good on our skin. People pass the pool on their way to and from the beach. You pull me into a dark corner so we won't be seen. We are in a deeper part where I cannot stand, but you touch the bottom with ease.

I wrap my legs around your hips, and I can feel your hard on through my tiny suit bottoms. Your hands are resting confidently on my ass as we kiss, our tongues swapping back and forth between our mouths. We moan in sync, our body’s' natural responses taking over.

Untying your shorts, I am breathing so deeply. Your hands are caressing my entire body. Your cock springs out under the water. I hold onto you with my arms around your neck, and you take my legs from around your waist and lower my bottoms, taking them off completely and tossing them on the side of the pool. In one motion, you take my hips in your hands and lower me swiftly onto your cock, guiding me up and down along your shaft. I throw my head back in ecstasy. Your cock feels so good inside me. We both moan with satisfaction. I have never experienced anything like this. The warm water is so relaxing, and the sound of the ocean as darkness falls is incredible. Your cock goes in and out faster and faster. My lips find yours once more, my hands holding your face as we embrace, and I run my hands over your back and chest. I can't control myself.

My hips move into yours with perfect rhythm. One hand now finds its way to my supple breast and you squeeze one as you kiss the other, burying your face. Our movements create waves in the water and the ripples carry to the edges and slap against the pool wall.

“Oh babe, this is amazing,” I exclaim, unable to find any other words.

“Babe, you know just how to move.”

The heat from our conjoining bodies permeates around us as your thick cock stretches my tight pussy with each thrust. I wrap my arms under yours and around your back, my boobs squished to your chest as our bodies seamlessly become one. Your soft lips kiss down my neck and shoulders sending a shiver down my spine. I slow my motions on your hips, taking your cock in deeper to mine, intensifying the feeling between us. You groan at this change of pace and adjust your hands on my ass.

As the sun sets behind the buildings in the west, the sky over the ocean is already in twilight. Our shared pleasure escalating as the sun sets, and we are left in darkness. Your cock is still moving deep between my legs. Our bodies thrust into each other. I can no longer maintain composure. I move wildly as I bounce on your cock; water splashes around us. My lips find yours and our tongues move in sync to the rhythm of our bodies and waves. Your breathing picks up, and you moan into my mouth. I seal my lips harder over yours kissing you with a deep passion that I have never felt for anyone else.

I can feel my orgasm building with each thrust of your hips.

"I'm going to cum baby," I whisper in your ear taking a soft nibble.

You thrust into me with such intensity. My eyes close as I let you take me completely. Our breathing gets faster and deeper as we both approach climax. We both moan so loud and I lose my self in orgasm. I feel your cock contract inside my pussy as my pussy tightens around your delicious cock. I ride you until my deep contractions stop. Our breathing slows, and I rest my head on your chest.

Your chest rises and falls with each breath. With one hand you touch my chin gently and bring my face to your face. My eyes meet your beautiful blue eyes, and you softly kiss my lips. We stay that way and barely pull our lips away from each other. Our noses side by side, starring into each other’s eyes once more. I never want this moment to end.

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