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A Midnight Surprise

Stacy's night is turned around by a surprise visitor.
It was the middle of summer yet the house was cold and something was missing.

For a few days now it had felt dark and gloomy, cold and almost damp. Stacy had been hiding in her cave now for almost a week feeling pretty low, only leaving for work . All she wanted was her fluffy PJs and a bar of chocolate but she hadn’t done any washing and she couldn’t be bothered to go to the shop.

To make herself feel a bit better she had a soak in a bath overflowing with bubbles and shaved. Her logic being if she looked better, she would feel better. She straightened her hair and looked in hope for at least the PJ bottoms but was out of luck. All she had was a red silk nighty that clung to her curves and barely covered her rather round behind. As the nighty slid down she caught a glance of herself in the mirror and began to laugh. All the times she had tried to look sexy and failed, tonight, when she was home alone she liked what was staring back at her in the mirror. Her hair fell just above her breasts, her eyes had a glaze that gave the illusion they twinkled and her smile was so wide from laughing at herself. It felt alien as she hadn’t smiled for so long. The silk red nighty’s left strap had glided down her shoulder and brought her attention to her firm breasts. She couldn’t see any fat just the curves outlining her body and her newly shaved legs that felt as sleek as the silk.

Stacy looked at herself for a while and realised if this was a film she would have lush red lips. As she had nothing else to do she applied an apple red to her lips . Suddenly she felt really silly and reached for her fluffy white dressing gown. It wasn't much longer than her nighty, but kept her warm as she headed downstairs.

She peered around the empty looking house hoping something had changed since she went for her bath. Nothing had, she didn’t know what she was expecting to find. She put on her film and went to the kitchen, taking out her largest wine glass. She filled it to the brim with her favourite white wine, not bothering with any lemonade.

She settled on the sofa and pressed play, stealing a glance at her phone. She kept checking it, every day but still no message appeared on the screen. Every time she checked she felt worse, slightly more distant. Stacy took a very manly size gulp of her wine and lost herself in the film wishing she could step into it and stay in it forever. Just at that moment there was a rustling outside her house and the front light came on.

She bolted up right, a thousand scenarios playing through her mind. Who the hell was outside? Nobody she knew just came round, not without texting first. She paused the film and listened but could hear nothing more. She waited a while after the light went off. Must be a cat or something, she thought, and pressed the play button.

Only seconds later came a loud hammering on the door, then low voices and muttering. There was a short break, then a knock she thought she recognised. But it was still the middle of the night! She wasn’t going to open her door, it could be anyone!

“Who? Who is it?” she stuttered, barely loud enough for them to hear.

A voice she knew replied, “You’re supposed to open the door and find out.”

A mix of emotions ran through her body, anger first, then excitement. She reached for her glass and took a much slower more refined sip and took steady steps towards the door.

As she unbolted the deadlocks and pulled back the chain her anger melted away. She opened the door wide, so she could see every inch of him.

He stood there in a black shirt and jeans, freshly polished black shoes and navy socks. His gaze was fixed on the floor when she opened the door. What she would have given to know what he was thinking at that precise moment. But the thought was gone as he looked up and met her eyes. She could look into his eyes all day, those lovely piercing blue, innocent eyes. A smile crept up his face and she found herself staring at his inviting pink lips.

He went to speak but she couldn’t resist him. She wrapped her arms around him pressing herself against his body, pressing her lips onto his, feeling his tongue dancing with hers. She didn’t care that someone might see her. All she knew was that this felt so right her body couldn’t lie.

There was a feeling deep in her tummy and her hips gravitated towards him. The sensation down below was something she didn’t fight against. She didn’t want to and she couldn’t if she’d tried. She ran her fingers out from his hair, down his neck, across his shoulders and faster down his arm. She took hold of his hand and pulled him inside.

As she did her dressing gown slipped down from her shoulders exposing her nighty and how little there was between him and her naked body.

He let go of her hand, stepped back and just stared. Stacy could see him mentally undressing her and took a moment to enjoy it, enjoy feeling desired.

He kicked the door shut behind him with a big bang. She worried about scaring her neighbours, but those thoughts swiftly flew from her head as she took hold of his hand again. She started up the stairs, heading for the bedroom. The bed was calling for them, his clothes asking to be torn from his body, his penis begging to be freed from those tight jeans. But she’d only climbed a few steps when he tugged her hand. I’ve read it wrong, she thought, he doesn’t want me. Her worried expression told a thousand words. But he simply took her other hand.

“The bedroom’s too far,” he said, pushing her down onto the carpet and kicking his shoes off. Stacy heard them hit the floor. Her legs were already apart, she was ready for him and could feel his erection through his jeans as it rubbed against her naked vagina.

Her sex flooded with her own juices and her body erupted in tingles as he lowered his mouth to her neck. His hand was tight against her left breast, squeezing gently at first, then slowly getting harder. His right hand travelled to her arse, keeping the same pace. His body rubbed against hers over and over again.

His kisses moved down her neck and she adjusted herself to release her breasts from their silk prison. He turned his attention to her nipple, sucking and biting it. All the while his grip on her bum increased. Stacy wanted him out of his shirt, out of his jeans and inside her. She couldn’t wait. She’d managed to undo the top two buttons when his teeth nipped her nipple and an ecstatic feeling flowed through her body.

She couldn’t believe she’d orgasmed already and it just made her want him inside of her even more. She pulled at his shirt until it ripped, exposing his upper body. She tossed it one side as his chest met her and their lips locked. Her frustration was getting the better of her and she took it out on his lower back, by his hips. Her fingertips quickly hooked onto his jeans, unbuttoning them and forcing them down his toned legs. She reached for his boxers, her body jolting out of her control as he laid a gentle touch at the top of her leg. He moved his hand around her hip and tickled just above her line of pubic hair. She tried to continue removing his boxers when his thumb rubbed against her clit. She was so wet from the anticipation that two fingers slid inside easily. She released a little moan and ran her hands through his hair, pulling on it gently, anything to keep her fingers occupied. Every time his fingers entered her, her hips thrust to meet them. She could feel another orgasm starting to build. She looked up into his piercing blue eyes and saw a different smile on his face, one she’d never seen before, a smile filled with sex and desire.

She delved her hand inside his boxers, not bothering to pull them down and moved her hand quickly. The smile on his face never faltered and he let out a grunt of appreciation. Another orgasm overtook her body and she felt her cum running down his fingers. She felt her juices against her leg as he removed his fingers and took a small step back. Stacy released his firm cock from her grasp, hoping the time was now.

She was resting her head on the step above her, trying to catch her breath back from the orgasm that just skyrocketed through her, when she felt his warm breath against her thighs. Then she felt his fingers either of her lower lips and held her breath, waiting for what was to come next. His tongue touched her clit and she let out a loud moan. His tongue on her was a feeling like no other, his tongue moved at different speeds, his fingers rubbing against her, constantly teasing. Then his tongue slipped inside of her and she let out a louder cry, briefly worrying if the neighbours would call the police, before her own orgasm stole all thoughts away from her. She couldn’t bare the teasing anymore. Nobody had ever made her cum three times before sex. She had no idea sex could even be this good! He moved his way towards her face, pushing his boxers to the floor.

His lips met hers once again, their tongues entangling. Her arms wrapped around his warm body as his penis rubbed against her clit, teasing. She couldn’t take the waiting, she wrapped her hand around his erection once more moving it towards her vagina.

“Please,” she murmured quietly.

He looked at her directly. “What? What do you want?”

“You!” she screamed. “I want you, now!”

He silenced her with a kiss, entering her with one motion. He let out a deep moan and pushed himself as deep as he could go, their bodies working together. The room filled with the sound of their moans and cries of enjoyment. They shared heavy kisses, bites to the neck, their hands trying to touch every part of each others’ body. Then he changed the pace.

He started to slow down, with every thrust inside he would push deeper, hitting all the right spots. He gently groped her buttocks, pulling them apart, lifting her hips from the step to get even deeper still. God only knows how many times she had cum, how many marks she had left on his back. All she knew was it was feeling better by the second. Another orgasm was starting to emerge and she was losing control of her body rapidly. It had grown from a tingle to feeling like she was on fire.

He leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “Only you! I want to finish with you.”

He started to speed up again and she could hold in it in no longer. She screamed out his name as he released himself inside her and let out the longest moan.

The orgasm flowed through her body, from her head to her toes and each and every finger. He thrust once more and then his chest met hers. One handed rested on her neck, the other in her hair as she wrapped her arms around him, tickling his back. She took a moment to lay like this, enjoy his skin next to hers. Not that she would be able to get up if she wanted to. Her legs were like jelly.

He gathered up his clothes and dressed himself, doing the same for her, then placed one arm under her legs and the other under her neck. He lifted her from her position on the stairs and took her outside for a much needed cigarette. He didn’t smoke, but lowered her to his lap and played with her hair. Neither of them spoke, but they didn’t need to, the way he held her, the way she touched him said it all.

Once she’d stubbed out her cigarette he turned off the TV, still paused on the film. She definitely didn’t want to be in the film anymore, she wouldn’t trade tonight for the world. He led her upstairs and they crawled into bed. It didn’t take either of them long to drift off to sleep.

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