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A Moment of Learning

Sex with my favorite math teacher
The first day of college I saw him from behind; 5'9" with short black brown hair and a sky blue collared shirt.

He was a little deaf in his left ear and thought my name was Jenny instead of Jamie. I didn't care, I liked the pet name, people always give me one.

Most of the girls in class just took it for the sake of seeing a young, fresh out of college, male teacher. I took the class because I needed the credit for my major...

He taught math differently from most teachers, and his method flowed much more smoothly than anyone else's. Immediately, a lot of the girls dropped the class when they found he was all about his subject, and we got along very well together because I was actually interesting in the subject too.

I started to stay after class to get some extra help on a few points that were bugging me, as I had always needed a little extra help to get by on new subjects. It went on like this for about a semester before we started to get to know each other; he liked blue, so did I. He thought some of the ideas my classmate Shelly was spewing today were idiotic, I did too. I was more individualistic and selfish and kept to the liberal/independent parties, so did he. The one thing we disagreed on was music; he like country, and I liked anything BUT country.

It wasn't until we got to know each other better that I realized he was actually a fairly handsome young man, even half deaf with a slight speaking issue because of that.

His name was Jim.

I had stayed after today to learn just a few basics we covered in high school before we were to move onto the more complicated applications. We had finished a few example problems and I was taking my time to put my papers away, enjoying the Texas sky outside the long windows that lined the wall just underneath the ceiling, sniffing the smell of freshly cut grass and humidity, feeling the humidity lightly coating my skin...

I was about to leave but then I decided to walk over and see what he was looking at. Friends could do that, right?

I watched him type up some papers on lesson plans and schedule changes until he swiveled around in his chair to face me. I always liked the way he dressed, it was so casual, yet flattering to his body. I liked when he wore his jeans and white t-shirt, it complimented his slightly tanned skin and his brown eyes.

I never noticed how he smelled before. Did I have to smell every person I came across? I asked myself, but then realized he smelled particualarly good, almost a citriusy smell but in a manly way.

He smiled at me and seemed to invite me to his lap with his eyes, so I took a seat on him. He wrapped his arms around me and I looked down at him, taking his face in my hands. This is wrong! He's your teacher! But does that really matter if I like him so much? I could take a different math class, and he would understand that by doing that we could stay together without trouble! Oh shut up and pay attention!

I leaned in and kissed him, ignoring the feel of his hearing aid when my left hand ran over it. I shivered, despite the stuffiness of the room, when he ran his hands up my back. He kissed me back slowly, in a way that builds. I felt so relaxed here in this moment, so safe in his arms. Soon he had his hands secured around my back, pressing me into him. He stood up and pulled off my knee length shorts, while he pulled off his jeans.

I sat back down on his lap, with my legs wrapped around the back of the chair. We also hated wearing underwear, how convienent! I could feel him getting harder underneath me as we continued to makeout, and soon he lifted me in the air with both hands, lined himself up underneath me, and let me fall back onto him.

With a moan, I fell into his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. I could feel him as he started to bounce me in the chair. Soon he took us to the floor, where he gave me a kiss and held onto my hips. He slowly took me, and then became more intense as he thrusted harder and then slowly built up his speed. I started to moan every couple of thrusts, and he would lean down and kiss me every time I did.

I ran my hands down his back, feeling the tensed muscles and then felt his arms. My hands ran up his back to his neck, and then down his chest. Soon he was flat against me, building our orgasms, chaffing our bodies together. I moaned again and this time he started to tongue me as we both got close to our climax.

I felt the rush of heat through all of my limbs when I came, and my moan blew right into his face, just a few seconds before he sped up, paused and came. He fell against me and kissed me between gasps, while I massaged his back.

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