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A Morning Workout

As I moved through my Sun Salutations, he decided the show was more interesting than his phone...
It's a nice lazy morning for us. We have nothing planned for the day, so we take our time getting going. I'm already up and moving around, while he lounges on the bed, playing with his phone.

I'm still feeling a little sore from my previous day’s workout, so I set up my yoga mat and began to stretch out my overused muscles. I warm up pretty quickly when I start moving, so I dress lightly, wearing only a t-shirt with a lacy bra and panty set underneath.

I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then I begin.

When I stretch up towards the sky and bend to touch my toes, my shirt slides down around my arms. I tug it back into place before moving into Plank position, and from there into Cobra pose. But when I transfer into Downward Dog, my top rides up again. It slips down over my arms, revealing my see-through panties.

I work my way through another Sun Salutation before finally yanking off the shifting garment in frustration. Now, unhindered, I progress through the movements more smoothly, my lithe body easing from pose to pose.

After one transition from Cobra to Downward Dog, when I push up from Plank and end with my ass way up in the air, I am surprised by a hand on my bare thigh. I startle and he chuckles.

“Shhh…” he whispers, “it’s just me. Keep going.”

I protest and he laughs again and tells me to focus, while his hands stroke my body.

“But you’re distracting!”

“No, I’m not,” he replies, all innocent. “I’m helping.” Then, he firmly grasps my hips and guides me gently into a deeper stretch.

I frown. I have to admit that it feels good. I can’t stretch that deep on my own. I can feel my tense muscles loosening. I sigh and move into the next pose.

His hands continue to drift over my body. He grabs and kneads and massages, before easing me deeper into the next stretch. He strokes and gropes my ass in Downward Dog, and lets his fingers brush my pussy through my panties. He caresses my arms and my sides. It’s very distracting. My body begins to vibrate under his touch.

“Shhhh…” he soothes, as he adjusts my form as I go up into a shoulder stand. He helps to stabilize me, then his fingers slip under the waistband of my panties, and he glides them over my hips.

“Hey!” I nearly lose my balance and collapse.

“Focus!” he snaps. “You’ll hurt yourself, if you don’t control your movements.”

Then, he maneuvers me down into plow position, with my legs piked over my head, and slides my panties off my ankles.

“Somehow, I don’t think you’re interested in helping me stretch…” I grumble, as he modifies my pose again.

“Squeeze your abs,” he says in answer. “Now, spread your legs…”

I giggle.

“Shh! Stay focused.”

“I’m trying to!” I protest, “But my perverted trainer keeps taking off my clothes and feeling me up!”

He laughs and adjusts my position slightly, reminding me to keep my core strong while I ease open my legs.

“Very nice,” he murmurs. And I’m not sure if he’s complimenting me on my form, or if he’s commenting on the view of me lying on my back in a shoulder stand with my legs spread above my head.

I slowly lower myself in a controlled manner while his hands stroke – uh, “guide” – me down onto my back.

I work through another few poses while he continues to fondle me. When I get onto my hands and knees for the Cat Stretch, I feel him behind me, his hard cock bumping against my leg. He runs his hands up and down my sides and hips as I round my back, and then arch and stretch. He caresses my ass and lets his fingers graze my pussy. They come away slippery and wet.

I continue with my Cat Stretches as he runs his fingers along my aching slit. He gently rubs my clit as I arch and round my back. I moan, and push back against his hand.

“Shhhh…” he says, as my body trembles.

I do one more round of Sun Salutations. In Downward Dog, he pulls me back so I can feel his rigid cock against my leg. I am shivering. I want him so bad.

I finish up my routine and stand on shaky legs. He laughs and steadies me.

“Are you okay? Do you feel better now after your nice long stretch?”

Saying nothing, I step back towards the bed and pull him with me. I push him down and take his hard cock slowly into my mouth. He groans as I tease him with my tongue, running it firmly down the underside of his shaft. I suck him deep into my mouth, swirling my tongue up and down his length. His cock throbs between my lips.

I sit up and look at him seriously. “Yeah, I suppose it was a good stretch. But you know… We missed this one spot… It’s really tight and aching…”

I take his hand and lead it to my wet pussy.

“Right here,” I say as his fingers skim along my cleft. I guide his finger to my opening. “Feel how tight this one spot is…”

He presses his finger into me, easing it in and out while teasing my clit with his thumb. I nearly explode.

I climb up onto the bed and get back into Cat Pose. I arch my back. My pussy is wet and swollen.

“Mmmm,” he says. “You look so inviting.”

He climbs up behind me and slides the tip of his cock along my slit, teasing my clit with it, getting it wet with my juices. Then he pushes slowly and firmly into me.

My pussy spasms and shudders around his rigid length. He presses deep and strokes into me. Then he pulls out and starts thrusting. I arch my back and lean into his strokes, letting him go deeper and deeper, my pussy clenching around his cock.

He pulls out, and I moan in frustration. When he reaches around and rubs my clit, I let out a whimper. He sinks back into me, plunging long and slow and then short and fast. I press back against his cock and start to come.

He grabs my hips and pulls me hard against him as I grind against him. My pussy tightens around his cock as I gasp. He eases out of me when my body relaxes and I collapse weakly on the bed, shivering through the end of my orgasm.

He stands beside me, stroking himself. I lean up and take him into my mouth, and lick and suck and swirl until he comes. His fingers tangle in my hair as his hot cum fills my mouth, and he gasps and sighs his release. I lick and suck and swallow, and he groans as I lap the last of his cum from the tip of his cock. I roll over, and he tumbles onto the bed beside me, spent.

“A lazy day in bed,” I think as we both fall asleep. “Nothing wrong with a mid-morning nap after a good long stretch and some vigorous exercise…”

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