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A New Meaning to Go Take a Hike!

Jane and Benjamin start out for a hike, but it leads to much more than a casual outing.
It was a beautifulhot summer day in sunny California and Jane and her boyfriend Benjamin were leaving for a long day of hiking along the coast in Big Sur. When they get to their favorite trail head they notice there is not a single car, odd for a summer weekend like this. They park, gather their stuff and Benjamin grabs a blanket and puts it in his backpack along with a few other things and they set off.

Jane walks a few steps ahead of him, knowing that he can not help but stare at her perfectly round ass as she walks. She glances over her shoulder and he jets his eyes to hers, shes caught him in action. With

this in mind she purposely sways her hips back and forth causing her ass to move trance like.

Benjamin keeps his distance and allows this show go for about 10 minutes. He lets out a sigh, Jane stops turn around, “Is there any thing wrong babe?”

He shakes his head , eyes now flowing up and down her body. Even though they haven’t gone, less then ¾ of a mile into the trail, but her skin is glistening from perspiration in the sun. Her bright pink sport top is low enough to show off her perfectly naturally sculpted 36DD breasts and her black skin tight capris show off all of her curves in her hips ass and legs. In one motion he pulls her close, hugs tight and whispers how much hes just been admiring her walking in front of him.

“It is the best view in the world.”

Pulling away and Jane makes sure her butt brushes up against his package. When it does she can tell he is already turned on. She bushes up into him again pushing her butt up against his package and his already throbbing member pokes her back, as if saying “hike on me!”Just the thought of riding his cock gets her juices flowing and she lets out a slight moan and bites her lip.

With out saying anything both of them know what must happen. As they pull apart holding hands they start to walk at a quickened pace, looking left and right for somewhere they can throw the blanket down and connect. About five minutes later Jane notice a small clearing beneath some low laying trees. It was perfect, flat grass and slightly off the trail so they would have some privacy, just encase there are any hikers behind them.

Benjamin takes the blanket out and lays it down. He lays down on the blanket and stretches letting out a breath and turns toward Jane who is sitting next to him. She smiles they begin to kiss. Slowly and passionately. He pulls her closer leaning over him. Things are getting really heated now and they are kissing harder and harder, he begins to massage her breasts through her shirt and Jane slowly lowers her hand down to his package. She can feel the tension on the zipper of his shorts as his cock presses against it, like an animal in cage wanting to be let out. She squeezes him through his shorts and he lets a quick moan out while they are making out. He wants it so bad, but Jane already knows shes going to make him wait.

After much anticipation Jane begins to undo his zipper and pulls down his boxers just enough for his cock to spring out of his pants pointing straight up in the air. Placing her hand around his thick member she begins to slowly pump up and down. Pumping a little faster just how he likes, she uses her other hand to cup his balls and massage them. Pulling away from his mouth she focuses both of her hands and her eyes on his cock.

Only to torture him she gives the head a kiss and a blow of air. She pumps him a few more times with one hand while the other is reaching into her bag gets out her favorite strawberry flavored lube and squeezes a small stream on his head, the cool liquid makes him flinch, but no sooner does he react to the cold does Jane begin circling her tongue all over the head of his cock and he lets out a deep animalistic like moan of intoxication.

Jane begins to suck slowly, swirling her tongue around his head and along his shaft while cupping his balls with one hand and gently squeezing them in rhythm. He begins to rub down arm while she sucks away at his sweet tasty throbbing cock. She starts to go faster, up and down and around swirling him around with her tongue and pumping his cock at the same time.

He pulls her off kisses her hard and tells her its her turn. He lays her on her back head on his backpack. Tracing with his fingers up along her inner thigh , passing over her mound that has seeped her luscous liquid through her panties and on to her pants. He grabs them and pulls them off and brushes a finger on the outside of her lacy leopard print panties. Slipping one finger under the lace he traces the out area of her freshly shaven pussy, he places his whole hand now over her mound and massages and squeezes her love box.

He pulls off her underwear with his other hand. He then glides his hand back up her leg and spreads them. With a quick yet gently squeeze he massages her and and with one finger enters her soft slit and begins to do his magic on her clit. Rubbing it in a special way that can never reproduce with her own hands, her body is now squirming with joy. She is on an immortal high. Just when she doesn’t think it could feel any better he lowers his head, parts her with his fingers and begins to flick her clit with his tongue. She is really wet now and he is lapping up her juices.

Jane can no longer take it she pulls him off of her and tells him to enter her now. He pulls his shorts off and gets in to position, his head slowly enters her warm throbbing pussy and once he is fully in and he is filling her up he starts a methodical rhythmic pump. Going in and out and in and out. They go on like this for what seems like and eternity and then with out words they get up and get on all fours and he enters her from behind. As he continues pumping Jane begins moaning louder and louder. Benjamin playfully slaps her ass as he pounds with a fury in to her tight warm dripping pussy.

With every pump he lets out that anamalistic moan while Jane begins to yell “ Yes, yes oh harder baby harder!”

Midaction they turn and Benjamin lies on his back he helps Jane lowers herself on top of his rock hard cock. His hands on her hips he helps her ride him. Up and down, front and back and in circular motions, rubbing up on spots of his cock he didn’t know he had, that send him flying high in pleasure.

With one more pound Jane is spent her body shudders, and Benjamin can fell the walls of her pussy tensing up around him, causing him to begin to feel his load coming on. He pulls her off of him, they both get on their knees and Jane bends down and rubs his cock on her breasts and nipples, while jerking off the length of his member. His face stiffens and he explodes on to her chest .

Her breasts are now glistening in the sun with his white cum all over them. She swipes some up like its frosting on a cake and puts her finger in her mouth, smiles up at him and leans in for one last passionate kiss. Both collapse on to the blanket, after a few minutes both regained their energy, pick up their stuff and head back to the car.

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