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A night at the bar

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Hey, the names Gabriel, I'm 22 and I stand 6 foot 1 with an average build and a six pack. I don’t really stand out in a crowd, or at least I wouldn’t if I didn’t have red hair. Yes, I’m a ginger, my hair is kind of shaggy, but has a stylish look about it; I have freckles going across the bridge of my nose and some on my shoulders. Other then my hair I blend in pretty good with the crowd, but the one thing that makes me stand out is also my greatest feature. My hair has helped me win over a few ladies thus far and will in times to come.

I tend to go to the local bar with my friends and play pool and have a few drinks. Although what sometimes happens is we go as a group and I end up leaving with someone who wasn’t there when we came. Today though, I came to the bar alone to relax and play some pool. After having a few drinks and shooting a few games of pool I was getting ready to finish my beer and leave, but then I notice this girl sitting at the bar. She was wearing a skirt that showed just enough leg to give that sexy tease every time she moved too much, a shirt that showed just enough cleavage to taunt anyone that took interest. Her auburn hair was a little longer then her shoulders and had the slightest of curls at the ends, and she wore glasses that gave her the look of a naughty librarian. I decided to stick around a little wile and see how things played out.

After playing a few more games of pool with the girl still sitting alone at the bar I decided to send her a drink. After casually telling the waitress to send the girl a drink from me and slipping 10 in her hand, I went back to playing pool and drinking my beer. A short time later I looked over at the girl and saw her looking at me with a tiny smile, I smiled back and winked as I took my shot, sinking the 8 ball and ending that game. As I started to wrack the balls up for another game the girl came over and sat down at the table I was using, I noticed this and asked if she’d like to join the game.

“Care to play, miss?”

“Sure, if win I'll tell you my name.”

I smiled. “I’ll take those odds.”

As I finished wracking the balls she went and grabbed a cue for herself, I followed her ass as she walked, sly smile on my face. “You can break.” She said as she came back to the table, “Why thank you,” I said as I began to take aim for the shot. We played for a while, I took it easy for the first couple shots then as she began to play better I decided to kick it up a bit. We took our time shooting and after a close game the final shot was sunk. We looked at each other for a few moments, nobody saying anything.

“Maria, the name’s Maria.”

“Good game Maria, I'm Gabriel.”

I lifted her hand to my lips. “Pleasure to meet you.”

I kissed her hand and as I started to let it go I felt a light squeeze right before our fingers separated. We spent the next couple hours talking and drinking, a round of pool or two thrown in. Then finally came time to leave, I invited her over saying the night was still young and the fun didn’t have to end here, She agreed and we set off.

After arriving at home we indulged in a drinking game. After the game we went to relax on the couch, I sat down while she lay down with her head on my lap.

“You know something, tonight was fun, don’t you think Gabriel?”

“It has been fun,” I said as I began to gently run my fingers through her hair. “But, the night isn’t over just yet.”

“Mmm, this is true,” she lifted herself up a little bit and looked me in the eyes, “What did you have in mind?”

I gave a sly smile and said, “Well, I was thinking we could play this game –

I leaned in and kissed her, before getting the chance to pull away I felt her lips press towards mine. We stayed kissing for a few moments before she got up and sat beside me on the couch, and then we began kissing again.

We kissed for a while, then slowly my shirt began coming up from my waist heading to my head. I raised my arms and Maria removed my shirt, as she threw it away she looked at my chest then leaned in began sucking on my neck. I began to untie the shirt at the back of her neck as I felt her give a light nibble, teasing me and urging me to go on. As the knot came undone, the back of her shirt fell away, exposing a red bra strap, shortly followed by a red lacy bra as the rest of the shirt followed the back straps. I looked right at her breasts, and as she leaned back to stretch I pulled her closer and began sucking and nuzzling her breasts. As my mouth was focused on her breasts, my hands focused on the bra strap, popping the clasps with ease the bra began to fall from her shoulders, landing in between us but quickly being moved out of the way. I leaned back to look at her exposed breasts then as my right hand took one breasts and began messaging it, my lips found the others nipple and began to tease it with my tongue and teeth. A gentle moan escaped her lips as my teeth released her nipple; I gave a sly smile before moving my lips to her dry nipple and began teasing that one. More moans escaped her lips as I worked over her nipples, my hand slowly working their way up her legs, tempting their way to her sweetest spot. My hand worked its way past the small piece of cloth from the g-string she was wearing, and I began to slide a finger inside her as I began to kiss her at the same time. As my finger slid deeper inside her she began to breathe deeper and her moans were getting louder, then as my finger was in as far as it would go, I began to take it out slowly, teasing her as it left her tight pussy. Before I took it all the way out I stopped, then pushed it back in, continuing the motion, slowly at first, then began to pick up speed.

After a small taste I removed my finger from her pussy, pulling her g-string with it. I dropped it on the floor with the shirts as I began to kiss her again. Her hands then began to unbutton my jeans and then unzip them as well; I felt her hands slide my pants down and then one hand slide its way into my boxers and wrap around my cock. She began to stroke it, and little by little it began to grow bigger and bigger, until it was forced up against the button on the front of my boxers. She took her hand out of my boxers, leaned back and smiled. “Looks like these gotta come off now.” I smiled back and said “Tug away” urging her on. After a slight pause, she moved down to the floor and began to tug my boxers down, pulling my pants with them and then tossing them on the pile. My cock sprang up as soon as its restrictions were removed, and when Maria saw the size she had a look of surprise mixed with excitement before she wrapped her hand around its base and then licked up the bottom of my cock from the base to the tip. It drew a moan from me and she took notice, she smiled then slowly took its head in her mouth, sliding her tongue around the tip and teasing the rest of it. After I moaned some more she began lowering her head onto my cock, taking more in until she couldn’t fit any more. She then began to slide her tongue up and down my cock as her head bobbed as well, slowly at first, teasing, then began to pick up pace. After I was moaning for a short time she lifted her head, looked at me sinfully and began to rise to her feet, keeping my gaze as she went. Once she was on her feet she began to slide her skirt down her legs, bending over as she slid he skirt off her feet then rising and straddling me. She lowered herself until the tip of my cock was pressed against her pussy, her juices dripping down onto my cock, coating it. As we looked at each other we kissed, and as we began to kiss my cock slid deep inside her, drawing a moan from us both, a deep, lustful moan. She began to rise up, off my cock and I began to lift up, trying to stay inside her. She chuckled and lowered herself again, moaning as my cock went deep inside her. Our rhythm was slow at first, quickly picking up pace as I thrusted quicker and harder as we went.

As we continued to have sex,I managed to lift us both up and then I laid Maria down on the floor and began to pump into her harder and faster. Her moans became louder and came more often as my cock made its way in and out faster and harder, she also began dragging her nails down my back, drawing moans and more from me. As she reached up to drag her nails down my back again I leaned down and began to nibble on her neck, the harder I bit the louder the moan. As we continued I began to feel the end coming, I could tell she was nearing the end as well, so I gave her everything I had in one last burst. As we came we both moaned, hers a lustful moan of pleasure, mine strong and commanding, after which we began to kiss again. A lustful surge of energy emanated from us as I continued to plunge deep inside her, her pussy clinging tightly to my cock.

As things began to die down I withdrew my cock and then collapsed beside her on the floor. We were both breathing heavily as Maria turned and curled up against my arm. “Mmmm, that WAS a fun game, we should play again sometime.”

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