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A Night at the Club

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After a tough break up, Skylar ventures out into a fun night of dancing with naughty intentions...
After the terrible week I had, I was ready for some release. First, my boyfriend of five whole fucking years decides he’s bored and dumps me, then a couple days later I was caught chugging some cheapo wine in my underwear by my best friend, and just to top it all off my dog that I’ve had since I was 10 years old died. I mean, that dog was super old, and I saw it coming, but the timing could not have been worse. I was broken, shattered into pieces and thrown to the wind, but I was determined to have a good night out with my girls. Maybe even do something I had never been able to do on account of my long term relationship (that crashed and burned) and just be a total slut.

To be truly honest, I had felt our relationship dwindle in those last few months. He became distant, and I became unsure of what it was that I wanted from him. Marriage? I was only 22 and just finishing up college. Neither of us even had a stable job yet, and I know he wasn’t ready for it. We had started dating in high school and now, here I was in the prime of my life, and I had no idea how to be single.

My friends, Anna and Stephanie, talked me through it though. Bless their souls they are the best friends a girl could ask for. After a week of sobbing and drunk calls at 2am they convinced me to go out. I know it was kind of jumping the gun; one week is still a bit fresh from a five year relationship, but I’m not the type to stay cooped up and depressed for weeks on end. I needed a little bit of a refresher before I got back into my feelings. Just one night of fun. They had planned an entire night of dancing and bar hopping; I was so ready.

I put on my little red bodycon dress, nothing too fancy or bold about it, but it hugged my curves just the right way. I thought my body was pretty average, but I know for a fact that my ass is world renowned. Perfectly round and plump. I try not to be vain, but when you have an ass that won’t quit it’s hard to not flaunt it. I quickly curled my long blonde hair and put it in a simple half-up style, put on a little more eyeliner than I normally do, slipped on my black pumps, and I was ready to go.

The first bar we hit was pretty dull, but we started sort of early at 10pm. It wouldn’t be until midnight when all the fun and music would start up in all the clubs. So we just sat and talked for a bit, enjoying our girl-time with a few martini’s. It was nice being out with them, not constantly worrying about checking my phone to see if Justin (the ex) was texting me. I felt surprisingly relaxed without him.

When 11:45 rolled around we headed to our next location. It was a very popular club in downtown called Full Moon. When we arrived, there was already a line that led out of the front door, but I knew that with my sexy red head friend, Stephanie, around we would have no trouble at all getting in. We got the go ahead from the muscle head outside and slipped into the club. Music pumped through the building, sending rhythmic vibrations through my body. The whole place was jam packed with writhing bodies on the dance floor. Lights flashed in and out making everything look almost like a stop motion film. All three of us pushed our way onto the floor and joined in moving our bodies to the beat among every other sweaty person out there; it was pure bliss.

I never really got to party much when I was with Justin. He always got jealous and thought I would drink too much and cheat on him in my inebriated state. But now I was free to do as I pleased. I could grind up on anybody here, and no one could say a damn thing to me. I loved the thought so much I started to look around for a potential dance partner. I did a few laps around the floor, wiggling my way through the sea of people and saw a few possible prospects, but no one really stood out to me, so I returned to my place next to my friends. We must have danced for twenty minutes before someone behind me grabbed my hand and spun me around.

I looked up, prepared to have to shoo away some horny looking hump-monster, but instead came eye to eye with the perfect specimen for a dance partner. He stood tall at about 6’0, he had stunning stormy gray eyes that paired with his half smirk, half smile to hint at mischievous intentions. He had tan, olive skin that glistened with beads of sweat under the violent lighting of the club, and a chest that I could see was clearly sculpted by angels, with his pecs and biceps pulling at the material of his simple white T Shirt.

I returned his playful smirk, placed my hands in his, and let him pull me further onto the dance floor. At first, we danced face to face, locking our eyes with every movement of our bodies to the beat. I couldn’t help but look him up and down. His muscles twitched and flexed as he swayed, and I began to feel hot and a little light headed. After a few minutes spent just watching each other move, he suddenly stepped in closer to me, closing any space between us, placing his hands around my waist and pulling me in so our bodies were pressed together. I could feel the hard contours of his body against mine and couldn’t stop myself from running my hands down his arms while we danced in time with one another.

I felt his hands shifting slowly down my spine and smiled. I knew what he was going for and figured I knew something he would like a little better. I whipped around so my back was pressed against his front and started grinding against his crotch, which I couldn’t help but notice was already rock solid. He grabbed onto my hips to give himself better leverage over the momentum of my hips against his, and leaned in so his lips were by my right ear. I pressed my ass hard against his raging boner, heard him moan a deep, almost growl, and his fingers tightened around my hips.

That was it. I turned back around to face him, keeping our bodies pressed together and leaned in so he could hear me.

“Wanna get out of here? Maybe go back to your place?” I yelled over the music, hoping he at least got the gist of what I was trying to say. He locked his eyes with mine and his face lit up, giving me another one of his playful smirks. He grabbed my hand, pulled me through the crowd and out of the front door. My ears almost popped from the instantaneous silence outside of the raging club.

“Do you have a car?” I was still sort of shouting because I couldn’t quite hear myself just yet after the blasting music died away.

“Yeah, it’s just around the corner here.”

He had a nice voice. If he sang, he would have had a rich baritone voice. Deep and masculine… This man’s list of positives just kept growing. He stopped in front of a simple black car, nothing fancy, but it wasn’t a piece of mobile trash either. Also a positive.

As he went to unlock the passenger side I asked, “What’s your name?”

“Alex. What’s yours?” He opened the door for me and I slid into the seat.


He slipped into the driver side and put on his seat belt matter of factly.

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you, Skylar.” He gave me a wink before turning on the engine and backing out.


As soon as we were in his apartment and the door closed, he had me pushed up against it. His lips met mine. Our hands wandered each others bodies as our tongues explored each others mouths. He pressed his entire body weight against mine, pushing me further into the door. He wrapped his fingers in mine and shoved them high above my head, pinning me down while he continued to grind his pelvis against mine. His lips strayed from my mouth, and he trailed kisses down my neck and collarbone. I was completely out of breath and panting like a dog in heat. Every kiss he left on my skin was electric. I had never felt this wired with a guy before; it was a drug I could get used to.

He released me from the wall, lifting his weight off of me, but still had his arms wrapped around me, planting kisses everywhere his lips could reach and backed me into his bedroom. I felt his hands search my back for the zipper of my dress. Before I could try to assist, he already had it undone and started peeling it off of my body. As soon as my arms were out of the straps I dropped my hands to find the bottom hem of his white tee, and lifted it off of him. I barely had time to take in how perfect his chest and abs were because the next second he had my dress on the floor along with his shirt. I kicked off my heels and dropped to my knees in front of him. I was determined now; I couldn’t wait any longer.

If there was one thing I was good at it was oral, and I so desperately wanted to see his face as I sucked him. I undid his belt and zipper as fast as my petite hands could, yanking his jeans down. The bulge in his boxers was definitely bigger than I was used to with my ex, and I suddenly became hyper aware of how soaked my panties were.

I stared up at Alex, who was now biting his lip in anticipation, and I wrapped my hand around his bulge. Alex tangled his fingers into my hair and moaned softly as I worked his member up and down, just teasing him before I got down to it. Finally I shimmied his boxers off, and they fell to the floor to join his pants. His rock hard dick sprung out of the confines, and I immediately wrapped my hand around the base, taking the tip into my mouth. I worked my mouth around his dick, flicking my tongue around it as I went.

Then, right when I had gotten him used to that rhythm, I took it as far back in my throat as I could handle, eliciting a little gasp from Alex and causing him to tighten his grip on my hair. He started thrusting in and out of my mouth, slowly, trying his best not to choke me with his dick, but I knew what I could handle. I placed my hands on his hips and sped up my pace.

“Oh, fuck. Sky, stop, I’m gonna come.”

I pulled my head back and gave his tip one more little lick before standing up to face him again. I smiled at him triumphantly and bit my lip.

“Oh, you’re so smug,” he teased. “Maybe I can humble you a bit.”

Before I could protest he picked me up and threw me onto his bed. He crawled on top of me and pressed his lips firmly against mine. He flicked his tongue in and out of my mouth as he reached behind my back and undid my bra. Once he had it tossed to the side, his hand inched it’s way up from the top of my knee to my breast. He began to massage it and tease my nipple between his fingers. Soon, his lips wandered down to join in.

While he massaged one of my breasts with his hand, he licked and sucked on the other, causing me to moan loudly and buck my hips up to try and meet his. My hand wrapped into his lush, brown hair, pulling his face in closer to my breast, but then he started to move his kisses lower, passing over my rib cage, my belly button and ending at my pelvis. He wriggled my lacy black panties off and onto the floor, gave me another wink, and dipped his head between my legs.

As soon as his tongue made contact with my clit, I had to dig my nails into the bed covers. He flicked his tongue over and over around my sensitive spot, making me writhe and moan in torturous pleasure.

“Alex…” I heard myself mutter his name breathlessly. I felt his hand make it’s way down to meet his tongue, and he slipped his middle finger inside me.

“Fuck, you’re so wet, Sky,” he whispered before continuing to lick my pink lips.

I tangled my hands in his hair again, pushing him closer to my mound. I felt the orgasm building up, like an explosive lit at the end. He flicked his tongue faster around my clit and moaned into it as he moved his finger in and out of me.

“Oh Alex!” I yelled as I felt my muscles tighten in absolute bliss.

His hand grabbed onto my leg, holding me still as my climax dwindled down. My chest heaved with every breath I took, now tired from the exertion.

“Damn, that was hot. I’ve never been with a girl as loud as you before.”

I looked down and saw Alex staring at me with his lustful grey eyes. “Mmm,” was all I could manage to reply with as I tried to regain my thoughts.

“Please tell me you’re on the pill. God, I wanna fuck you.”

“Yeah. Yeah I am,” I said, finally recovered and ready to go again.

Alex kissed my inner thigh, but now there was something more gentle about it. Still desperate and lustful, but… gentler. He slowly trailed kisses all the way back up my body until he reached my mouth again, kissing me deep and slow. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him in closer to me.

“I want you inside me, Alex,” I whispered in his ear.

He pulled his head back to look at my face now, both of us in a breathless trance. With our eyes still locked, he situated himself at my entrance and slowly pushed inside of me. We moaned in unison as he began to rock back and forth, in and out. He grabbed onto my upper thigh and lifted my leg up higher on his side for a better angle, thrusting a little faster.

Obviously out of his gentle and slow phase, Alex flipped me over so I was now on top and he was on the bottom, giving me control. I rocked back and forth on his dick, grinding our pelvises together. At some point Alex sat up so that he was eye level with my breasts and started sucking and biting at my nipples as I rode him.

“Alex, oh fuck, don’t stop,” I whimpered.

Alex moaned in reply before flipping my back over and pulling my hips to the edge of the bed. He now had a determined look in his eye as he slid his dick back inside of me. He thrust harder, faster, deeper than before. I dug my nails into the sheets as he fucked me.

“Oh Alex, you feel so good.”

“You like that?” he growled.

“Yes! Oh fuck, Alex,” I screamed before he flipped me over again, so I was face down on the bed with my legs hanging off of the side. He grabbed onto my ass and started fucking me from behind.

His moans turned more animal and guttural. I fucking loved it. I felt his hand lift up and fall back down on my ass with a satisfying SMACK and I yelped in mock pain. This was the kind of dirty sex my ex never would have agreed to.

“Sky, fuck, I’m gonna come.”

My hand flew down to my clit, and I started rubbing it in circles as Alex continued to thrust in and out of me.

“Alex…” I moaned again.

“Sky! Oh Fuck!” Alex yelled as he came inside me with his twitching cock.

I climaxed for the second time right as he came. We both slumped on the bed together in absolute exhaustion and breathlessness.

“So…” Alex said after a moment. “Do you go to that club often?”

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