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A night at the gym

A chance encounter to share a workout
It's late at night in a strange hotel room. You can’t sleep, so you make your way to the gym. You need to work of some stress. You feel tense, pent up energy inside you, so you get on the treadmill.

You run fast, uphill, for longer than you normally do, feeling the power in your legs work off the stress. You step down off the treadmill and move toward the dumbbells, some weights to finish you off before you try to sleep again.

You body is slick with perspiration. Your skin is flushed and your muscles primed, pumped with blood as your heart is still pounding from your run. Your white exercise top follows the curves of your back and breasts beautifully. Your tight black short pants, very short pants, cup and hug you butt, you tight and perfect butt. Your legs, lean and smooth, slip into your white gym shoes. You glance at yourself in the mirror. You like what you see. You look like an athlete, a hot athlete. Your body feels good, fit, healthy, pumped and alive, really alive.

As you consider which weight you want to try you hear a noise and I enter the gym. We don't make eye contact, two strangers in a gym late at night. I move to the weights and pick up two large dumbbells off the rack. You pick up your dumbbells and start to do some light weights. As you lift the dumbbells above your head you glance in the mirror and watch me lift my weights.

You look at my arms lift the large weights of the floor and the flex of my muscles as they take up the strain. You see my shoulder muscle shift as the weights go above my head and my biceps bunch under strain. My gym top is tight and you lose yourself watching the muscles of my body move the heavy weights, easily moving the weights up and down. Up and down, you can feel the rhythm of my movements as you watch my body flex and move.

After two full sets on my weights you look up. Our eyes meet, and you realize I've been looking at you looking at me. An embarrassed smile flashes across your face. You look down at your weights hoping to concentrate on your own exercise but you see me walk over to you.

I stand inches in front of you; large, strong, pumped from my exercise. Your weights are still in your hands.

My hand reaches out and touches your cheek, slowly lifting your face up so that your eyes meet mine. Inches apart, you gaze into my eyes. Face to face, the blood still rushing through your veins, you feel yourself inhale a deep slow breath. My mouth moves closer to yours, our lips meet, brush against each other. So softly at first you think you imagined it. That touch becomes a long slow lingering kiss. You taste me on your lips. You taste the salty sweat of my exertion. You taste your own moist skin. You taste the warmth of passion on your lips.

As you stand still lost in the gentle passion of our first kiss, my arm slides around you, cradles your lower back and firmly pulls your body to me. Your hands instinctively reach up and touch my shoulders. You can feel the powerful muscles across my shoulders in your fingers. Your chest is pressed against mine and you feel our bodies embrace each other. My hands slide down your back, over that perfect butt of yours, lingering just a second to caress its wonderful full round shape, and then lower to your thighs.

You feel my shoulders tense and my muscles bulge slightly. In one swift and easy movement, I lift you into the air, suspended high above me. You gasp. Your legs instinctively wrap around my waist for support. Your arms entwine around my neck. You look down into my eyes and our mouths meet again. This time with hunger. Our tongues entwine as we kiss with fury, hungry to devour each other. The heat of exercise gives way to the heat of passion. Your feel your heart begin to pump even harder. You feel your nipples grow hard as they press against my chest. You feel your legs squeeze my torso as we kiss deeper into each other mouths.

My hands grab you tight, tight, shorts behind your back and tear the Lycra apart, pulling them off you in a mad frenzy. You let your arm drop from around my neck and reach below your now exposed butt. You touch my shorts, feeling the hardness of my cock beneath you. You let your fingers free my long and aching erection from my shorts. Your hand feels the heat of my stiff cock as you guide it to you. Still held in the air you feel me lower you, slowly onto my cock. Your lips resist, tight against me, but I let your weight pull you on top of me and then suddenly you open and I am forced deep inside you.

I groan. You gasp.Our eyes meet again as you slide down onto me, pushing me deeper into you. God you're beautiful. You look in the mirror and see yourself; your firm fit body wrapped around me; me holding you in the air and my cock deep, deep inside you. I lift you again and let you fall even further onto me. You groan again and again as I lift and let you fall onto me. Each time I let you fall I slide deeper into you. Each time you feel my cock rub harder and harder against you. Your heart is about to explode. You can feel the muscles in my shoulders lifting you and you can feel my cock sliding into you. You can feel yourself start to shake. Your muscles moving uncontrollably as the first wave of orgasm starts to build.

I sense it too and begin to move you harder, faster, keeping the rhythm of our love making. You start to cry out. Your voice is cut off each time I slide into you. Your body starts to shake even more. Your legs wrap tighter and tighter around me, squeezing me into you, deeper and deeper into you. We kiss hard, very hard, as I push my cock inside you. Then, with one loud cry you release. Wave after wave of orgasm floods over you. You moan and moan as I keep sliding inside you. Your wetness floods over my cock. Warm, hot wetness runs out of you onto me and the aroma of your juices sends me over the edge. My cock lets go in final thrust, emptying my semen inside you, flooding you with the hot stickiness that mixes with your own wetness. You scream again as you feel me cum in you. You scream as one final orgasm shakes you to the core and you collapse.

I lie you down upon the bench, me still deep and hard inside you, lying my body gently on top of you. You are on your back looking up at me. Your arms have dropped down by your sides and your legs are open and loose over the edge of the bench. Your body is exhausted. You are soft and malleable after wave and wave of release. You are hot and flushed with blood and covered in sweat, some of it yours., some of it mine.

You look at yourself in the mirror, enjoying the view of two lovers after sex.

I slide out of you, and standing, I look down at you. You lie beneath me. You face is flushed and your breathing is still rapid. Your chest rises and falls as your heart struggles to slow down after our love making. Your body is totally exposed to me and flushed red from the sex. Your lips are swollen, still engorged, and covered in my semen.

You are beautiful, stunningly beautiful. A good night for the gym...

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