A Night in the life of a Call Girl

By Holliexx

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Find out about Belle's naughty life..
Belle was as usual in a luxury hotel suite paid for a client and sipping the champagne. This is the life she thought to herself. Simple sex, no confusion. Just two people looking for pleasure.

The client that was meeting her, was a regular. Regular as clockwork, every second Wednesday for two years. Ben was a executive businessman and worked all around the world. He didn't have time for a relationship and that was fine for Belle as she wasn't in a perfect state for a relationship either. Belle was a high-class London escort, she worked for a top agency and was at the top of her game. She had many clients that were regulars and she loved her work. Sometimes she even loved the sex too!

Why did she sell herself to men? Because she loved sex and money that's why and she did she loved sex it was one of the things she was good at. Ben was a perfect client, he was respectful and always looked after Belle. He had brought her many lavish gifts, she had even been away on holiday with him a couple of times. Obviously there wasn't a lot of sight-seeing done.

Belle was sat at the dressing table and gave her hair a quick brush, she then glanced at her silver diamond watch, it was 6:55pm. She grabbed her black clutch bag and made for the door, she walked down the corridor and made for the lift. She had never been in this hotel before, and that was saying something!

As the lift doors opened she headed for the bar, as she walked in she could feel all eyes were upon her which wasn't unusual. She was wearing a black, backless dress and high heeled shoes. She jumped up on a stall at the bar and ordered a glass of wine, she never usually drank at an appointment but tonight she was doing an all-nighter and needed something to boost her energy. However the big pay packet at the end of the night gave her a lot of enthusiasm, £1,500 of enthusiasm actually.

She sat and sipped her wine and waited for Ben to arrive.

Ben arrived moments later, looking as smart as ever in a dark grey suit and blue shirt and tie. He stood next to Belle and handed over a small brown envelope, it's always best to get the formalities out the way and Ben never held back about that. He ordered a round of drinks and they chatted for a while about general things. How Ben's work was going? Whether he was getting to old to settle down. He was only thirty-two but all his mates were married with children which sometimes scared Ben.

Ben took the last mouthful of his drink and took Belle's hand he led her up to the room where he opened the door and pulled her into the room. She smiled, he was a man that knew what he wanted. They stood in front of the bed and he slowly unzipped her dress which revealed a gorgeous sight. 32D sized boobs and a well toned body. She had black lingerie on and black stockings... it was practically her uniform. Belle bent down onto her knees and unbuttoned Ben's tight trousers. Movement in his boxers had already started and having Belle so near his bulge was turning him on like mad.

She pulled down his trousers and sat him down on the bed he laid back. She started playing with his big, hard cock. She stroked it fast and slow, then started to give it little kisses. After caressing it with her hands she put it all fully in her mouth. She sucked hard, her tongue licked up and down slowly.

Ben had started to breathe very heavily and let out loud moans of pleasure. He was close to coming and Belle knew it. She slowly joined him up on the bed, climbing over him she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled off his tie. He was naked and looked gorgeous. A tanned muscly man, these were the sort of the clients she loved. She climbed on his throbbing cock and started to ride, it felt amazing, she could feel Ben's body tensing. He closed his eyes and came.

He relaxed and pulled Belle close to him and gave her a passionate kiss, that was Belle's first job of the evening done! The first long hard fuck anyway......