A night of passion

By lovely_lady

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She lies there listening to him breathe in his sleep. He is in a deep sleep; his breathing is deep and loud. As she lies there his breathing reminds her of past sexual encounters they have had. As she lies there her mind starts working. Thinking of his hands and his lips working over her body. She lifts her hips a little as she thinks of their love making.

She looks over at him and feels her desire for him growing. Lying on her back she grabs his hand and places it on her stomach. He doesn’t wake even when she pushes his hand down and places it over her cunt. She is already wet and she pushes a finger of his against her lips.

He starts to wake and it doesn’t take him long to realise where his hand is. He starts to move his finger slowly up and down her cunt lips. She is already moaning and raising her hips into his hand. He rubs her cunt and clit with his finger feeling her getting wetter.  

She leans into him and kisses him passionately, her tongue quickly finding his. She is now more on her side then her back and she wraps a leg around his waist as they kiss. He has managed to keep his hand on her cunt and continues to rub it as they kiss. She strokes his back and his bottom, dragging her hands over his body.

Desire continues to grow in her and she rolls over more so that she is now on top of him. Her cunt on top of his cock. She rocks her hips back and forth, his cock against the length of her cunt. He is getting very wet from her juices now. As she rocks back and forth her breasts reach his face and he grabs them and starts to suck and lick her nipples. Working them as she rocks over his cock.

She starts to move down his body. Kissing his neck, shoulders, chest and stomach. Getting to his thighs and sucking at them, kissing them. Leaving little love bites on his inner thighs. He can often feel her breath on his cock now and he is getting very aroused.

She starts to lick the tip of his cock and he lets out an audible moan. She licks faster. Licking the tip and then the length of his cock. She can taste herself on his cock and she likes that. She licks more and more getting faster and faster. Before long she starts sucking him. Grabbing the base of his cock she starts to suck him.

He is moaning a little now, bringing his hips up so his cock enters her mouth a little more. She starts to moan a little as she sucks. The vibration from her moans enhancing the feeling on his cock. She moves her mouth faster and faster. She starts to taste a little precum and she stops.

She wants him to cum just not right now. She moves herself away and he sits up. She lies over his legs and nudges at him to caress her. He runs his hands over her bottom and then reaches from behind and starts to rub her cunt again. His cock is pressed against him and the side of her body. Every now and then she moves her body so he feels it rub against him.

He rubs her cunt like that for a long time. One hand on her cunt and the other on her arse. He feels her getting close to climaxing and he puts a finger inside her and starts to work her cunt. Pumping fast and hard with his finger. She screams as she climaxes over his hand. She moves off him.

“Lay down on your back” she instructs him.

He does so and she lies over his body, her mouth at his cock. Her cunt at his lips. He licks a little but she doesn’t want just a little licking and so she pushes her cunt into his face. Feeling his tongue deeply explore her cunt makes her moan and scream loudly. He starts to lick her clit while she starts to suck his cock. Her mouth moves faster and faster. He inserts a finger into her cunt and starts to finger fuck her while he licks her cunt. She is so overwhelmed by pleasure that she is finding it hard to continue sucking. He pumps his finger in and out fast. Soon he enters another finger and he feels her go into a new sense of pleasure.

He wants to please her. To give her an amazing climax. With his fingers pumping her he decides to play with her arse. He drags a finger over the line of her arse and feels her body write a little. He then places a finger at her arsehole and she moans incredibly loud. He pushes his finger into her arse a little, not yet penetrating. She moans very loud now and has no way of sucking his cock; she is enjoying this all too much.

He pushes his finger into her arse anxious to see her reaction as he has never done this to her before. She moans like he has never heard before and this encourages him to push it in a little further. Her whole body is moving from pleasure now.

His finger in her arse pushes in a little more, it’s raw and it hurts her a little. But the pain is soon turned into pleasure and soon she is wrapped up in this amazing feeling. She isn’t in immense pain but it is raw. Though it seems the pain and rawness of it only adds to her pleasure. He has two fingers in her cunt and one in her arse. Pumping fast in both holes. Her mouth is over his cock but she cannot concentrate enough to suck him long.

Fucking her cunt and arse with his fingers he tries to lick at her a little however he finds it easier to just work his fingers in and out of her. Hard and fast. She soon climaxes over his hand, drenching his hand with her juices. She gets off him and lies on her back.

He moves over her and positions himself between her legs.

“Fuck me” she tells him.

He is already beginning as she tells him this. He pushes his cock straight into her cunt and begins to fuck her fast and hard. Her moans fill the room. She has never been quiet and tonight she is exceptionally loud. He continues to fuck her and he goes for longer than he thought he could.

“Are you ready for me baby? I am coming baby, are you ready?” he asks her.

“YES OH YES” she screams.

He climaxes loudly and fills her cunt with his juices. He stays there a little while before moving off her. She stays on her back and looks at him.

“I am still not done.” She tells him.

He looks at her in amazement and wonders how she can want more. She begins to rub her clit.

“You going to help me?” she asks.

He pushes his finger into her cunt and starts to pump her with his finger. Adding one more then another so that now there is three fingers inside her cunt. She continues to rub her clit. He leans over her and licks her nipples. Feeling them harden under his tongue. She rubs her clit faster and he pumps her harder. Soon she feels herself starting to climax.

“I am cuming baby.”

She climaxes and covers his hand. Exhausted now she lies there trying to catch her breath. They kiss passionately and he tells her he will be back after he cleans up a little. She lies there letting her breathing return to normal, she is too exhausted to care about cleaning up.

When he comes back into the room she is already asleep, breathing softly. He lies next to her and embraces her.

“I love you” he whispers before drifting off too.